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2021-02-08 09:41 28071967 Anonymous Link bros, I am literally shaking right now (6F030EA2-9C6C-47A8-8401-B7639A6AF5C9.jpg 573x535 26kB)
What i’ve just found out has made me shake in anticipation. Dubs and i reveal

0 min later 28072002 Anonymous
>>28071967 No fuck off

3 min later 28072110 Anonymous

3 min later 28072122 Anonymous
>>28071967 You got approved for bottom surgery! You finally get to have a hair filled open wound that you have make sure to dilate daily! Congrats OP! You will never be a real woman I am sorry to remind you. But GL!

4 min later 28072157 Anonymous
>>28072122 Debating whether to reveal or not to someone who has tranny fantasies like you

5 min later 28072198 Anonymous
>>28071967 Oh and there are my dubs >>28072122 ..so reveal

5 min later 28072201 Anonymous
>>28072122 top of the kek

6 min later 28072253 Anonymous
>>28071967 Anyone who still holds LINK is absolutely pants on head retarded. t. OG Linkie who sold for GRT and AVAX

6 min later 28072261 Anonymous
>>28072122 KEK Reveal your secret and also your mangina, OP

6 min later 28072270 Anonymous
>>28071967 And call me Daddy..like my ID says too. Now, reveal

7 min later 28072281 Anonymous
Kek. There goes your thread OP

7 min later 28072301 Anonymous
>>28071967 >>28072157 its ok man we all support you

7 min later 28072304 Anonymous
I don't even care anymore

8 min later 28072329 Anonymous (1610345436433.jpg 732x814 109kB)

8 min later 28072342 Anonymous
Rolling baby

9 min later 28072373 Anonymous
Yea whatever man

9 min later 28072386 Anonymous (1612261717422.jpg 453x311 32kB)
if i get dubs you STFU trannie

9 min later 28072394 Anonymous
single digits and I'll tell you what Polkadot & Cardano having native decentralized oracles in their blockchain means for LINK

9 min later 28072398 Anonymous
LARP detected. Will OP ever not be a faggot?

9 min later 28072401 Anonymous
Rolling once again

9 min later 28072402 Anonymous
>>28072253 KEK.

10 min later 28072443 Anonymous
Ok i will reveal in 15 minutes when i get home. Phone posting atm.

11 min later 28072451 Anonymous
What's the reveal faggot?

11 min later 28072454 Anonymous
>>28071967 You reveal now OP. Don't me get dubs again.

13 min later 28072548 Anonymous

13 min later 28072563 Anonymous
>>28072454 Will shortly. Theres quite a bit to cover and doing it on phone will be awkward. All i can say is... Gosh im excited for you kids. 2 weeks...

13 min later 28072567 Anonymous (opdeliveryfactory.gif 321x223 2090kB)

16 min later 28072669 Anonymous
>>28072567 haha that's a funny gif anon, where did you get that from? 2012 4chan ifunny compilation?

17 min later 28072723 Anonymous
>>28072669 2013 according to the properties.

17 min later 28072728 Anonymous (pengugang.jpg 950x633 99kB)
>>28072563 Is it the fact that huddle.finance will be using oracles soon? Game changer if you ask me

19 min later 28072843 Anonymous
>>28072728 wtf are you on about cunt

21 min later 28072888 Anonymous
>>28072843 trying to make you money cunt https://pengutoken.medium.com/how-h uddle-finance-will-grow-with-a-uniq ue-distribution-and-real-defi-b09eb 3cce43f

22 min later 28072933 Anonymous (1610074308964.jpg 225x225 6kB)
>It's another OP leads us on so he can get more (yous) episode

22 min later 28072945 Vitalij
he goes down this will make u reddit bastards weep OMG it grow then LOL it dumps why you cry like a lilboi?? ar u lose again with your shit algorithm for trading? > be genius use bot ocean for cex and dex trading, forget about scam strategies

23 min later 28072993 Anonymous
>>28072888 lol talk about over promising...

24 min later 28073048 Anonymous
>>28072888 lmao wtf is this shitcoin

25 min later 28073095 Anonymous
Op here. I suck dicks Haha i cant believe you all fell for this.

30 min later 28073313 Anonymous
If my ID ends in Wu as in the "Wu-Tang Clan", OP is a fag. dr;ns $1000 EOY

32 min later 28073372 Anonymous
>>28072993 But but... just what if.. they deliver... Telling you anon, you gonna miss a rocket and cry to mama when the bullrun is done and you're down 2 house deposits.

33 min later 28073423 Anonymous (D6B0BDE7-10E8-4448-8340-87DB8BF7DFCF.png 2359x1390 169kB)
Ok reveal time. Please load up ETH/BTC on trading view, go to the exact start of the last bullrun (late 2016) and look at what Eth did, and what it did just before that in 2016. Pay close attention to exact dates. Then load up LINK/BTC on Binance and look.

33 min later 28073453 Anonymous
>>28073313 Oh boy

34 min later 28073483 Anonymous
>>28073423 dumb it down for me im retarded

34 min later 28073488 Anonymous (A913BC9F-2781-4658-985A-12FB8C0EA758.png 2359x1390 148kB)
>>28073423 Pic related is the place to look on LINK

34 min later 28073489 Anonymous (22.png 114x32 0kB)
>>28072443 hopium running low

34 min later 28073497 Anonymous
>>28073313 Wtf

34 min later 28073502 Anonymous
>>28071967 Surgey owns 60% and can dump at any time

36 min later 28073588 Anonymous
>>28073423 >>28073488 line go down then up mean line go up by a lot

36 min later 28073598 Anonymous
>>28073313 LMAO are you a lizard?

37 min later 28073636 Anonymous
>>28073423 >>28073488 >Seeing Fractals on charts Time to take your meds.

37 min later 28073637 Anonymous
so ur saying eth and link are going up?

37 min later 28073673 Anonymous
>>28073372 pfft, dont need a house, just a flat and hookers for me

38 min later 28073691 Anonymous
>>28071967 fuck this retarded thread, everyone get the fuck into huddle finance and huddle the fuck up, going to the moon

38 min later 28073692 Anonymous
>>28073488 >>28073423 Very cool. Supports my idea that most/all crypto behaves the same.

39 min later 28073752 Anonymous
>>28073483 ETH/BTC went up a shitload summer 2016 before bull started. It bottomed end of DEC 2016 violently crashing after BTC started bull. LINK dis the exact same thing and bottomed the exact same week for the exact same reason. ETH then pumped and crabbed the exact same way LINK is now till late FEB.

40 min later 28073783 Anonymous
>>28073313 Nice

40 min later 28073797 Anonymous
They even have very similar behaviour around 50MA and 200MA. Link retested the 50 after failing to break the 200 just like eth did.

41 min later 28073833 Anonymous
>>28073423 >>28073488 not bad. could mean $60k btc and $600 link in june

43 min later 28073898 Anonymous (wu-tang-e1548797138223.jpg 800x566 37kB)
>>28073313 Based

43 min later 28073918 Anonymous
>>28073423 >>28073488 >>28073797 The pics are MA 55, load up MA50 instead. Forgot to change it

43 min later 28073921 Anonymous
>>28073313 Wtf. What kind of witchcraft.

43 min later 28073932 Anonymous
>>28073752 I put off my puppy kicking time to wait for that? for THAT? Oh I am gonna kick those puppies extra hard now..and it's all your fault. Puppies getting kicked really hard...your fault..live with that OP. I gotta put my boots on now. BRB.

44 min later 28073939 Anonymous
it's over

46 min later 28074048 Anonymous
Is it the LTO thing?

48 min later 28074136 Anonymous
>>28073423 >>28073488 just bought cause of this OP ty

48 min later 28074148 Anonymous
>>28073833 if the next person to check this post has the id hu0aV7Fs it's true

48 min later 28074152 Anonymous
>>28073833 Checked

48 min later 28074162 Anonymous (Untitled.jpg 1473x279 81kB)
>>28073220 >>28073313 Nice try. But I see through your trickery.

51 min later 28074274 Anonymous
So what you're saying op is 1k eoy?

52 min later 28074316 Anonymous
>>28072329 >recognised as mental illness >way to reduce mental anguish is self identify as *insert here*, if consenting adult wgaf peace is within. stop being assholes guys. i hope we all find peace.

56 min later 28074499 Anonymous (itsmaaaaaam.jpg 900x1351 480kB)
>>28072122 KEK'D, CHECKED, AND REKT.

57 min later 28074528 Anonymous (1612177321869.png 491x512 152kB)
>>28073313 I will have to take a closer look at these circumstances anon

57 min later 28074531 Anonymous
>>28072122 based

59 min later 28074599 Anonymous
>>28073423 >>28073488 Based tranny

59 min later 28074603 Anonymous (5986486451465.png 546x512 351kB)
>>28071967 At this point you can just use this anon. Way more credible. >https://www.blockchaincenter.net/b itcoin-rainbow-chart/

1 hours later 28074805 Anonymous
>>28074148 >>28074152 ...

1 hours later 28074886 Anonymous (LINKBTC.png 1426x888 127kB)
If you're not in Link right now you hate money. Pic related.

1 hours later 28074910 Anonymous (7485486544651.png 1597x1080 1334kB)
>>28074148 Be aware anon, I know what you're doing. Nico is disappointed and will send all link into eternal damnation.

1 hours later 28074995 Anonymous
>>28074148 >>28074152 What magic this? Are you reading my mind currently. Where is the treasure buried? I need access to your magic now!

1 hours later 28075157 Anonymous (1562133780916.jpg 500x475 35kB)
thanks for sharing op

1 hours later 28075187 Anonymous
>>28074886 >measuring anything in useless buttcoins

1 hours later 28075196 Anonymous
>>28071967 >it happened to eth so it must happen to link kys tranny what a waste of time

1 hours later 28075299 Anonymous
>>28075196 Name one coin with as large a scope of use as LINK, Which also already has a shit load of users? Nothing. Link is in the exact same situation ETH was at the start of last bullrun. Doge coin even pumped to shit while eth crabbed like is happening right now. Fuck off new fag

1 hours later 28075415 Anonymous (boosh_oldgregg.jpg 458x356 35kB)

1 hours later 28076695 Anonymous
>>28074152 >hu0aV7F wait what is going on?

1 hours later 28076704 Anonymous
>>28075299 QUANT (and they build a native oracle too, on the side)

1 hours later 28076757 Anonymous
>>28076704 Nobody is using that. Fucking hell quanties are worse than Holo fags. At least holo fags accepted the end

1 hours later 28076810 Anonymous (1612187218359.jpg 900x675 121kB)
>>28072122 >>28072157 >>28072301 OP devastated

1 hours later 28076909 Anonymous
>>28073423 >>28073488 >I can make patterns match Good job genius the cavemen also matched patterns to the stars. But even they were smart enough to know there's not REALLY an archer spanning his bow up there.

1 hours later 28077080 Anonymous
>>28073932 wtfffff man? not cool

2 hours later 28078006 Anonymous
>>28073833 checked That's like a 25x in 6mo if true.

2 hours later 28078354 Anonymous (8C7E0C9B-32CD-4180-A245-F573709FC6AE.png 828x1792 579kB)
Not gonna lie it does look very similar

2 hours later 28078996 Anonymous
In other words it's time to load up on link

2 hours later 28079203 Anonymous
>>28078996 Between now and the 14th you should be putting fucking everything into Chainlink. Why the fourteenth? They are implementing new code that will DRASTICALLY reduce the cost of the network. When I say drastically I mean by as much as 90%. If successful not only will Sergay not need to dump as many Links, but the project will suddenly become profitable.

2 hours later 28079736 Anonymous (348651846515485.jpg 447x400 42kB)
>>28079203 >Between now and the 14th Is the Chinese new year, Sergay will dump another 700K to go party kek

2 hours later 28079737 Anonymous
another 3 months for a 10x and staking? a 10x is beyond making it for me, i just need to know what staking looks like even if its just the basic bitch staking.

3 hours later 28080539 Anonymous
>>28079736 >he thinks he can fud me out of my golden ticket Move on, retard, never selling.

3 hours later 28081191 Anonymous
>>28080539 DOGE will soon overtake your golden ticket.

3 hours later 28081720 Anonymous
>>28075299 >Name one coin with as large a scope of use as LINK, Which also already has a shit load of users? Dot

3 hours later 28081895 Anonymous
The state of biz these days.... Back in 2018, when there was a thread like this, we would get insider info while the FUD would fight this. Fast forward to 2021 and we have people using meme lines to tell us its going up. Times have changed.

3 hours later 28081926 Anonymous
>>28074048 I think it just might be the LTO thing

3 hours later 28081990 Anonymous
>>28081191 go back you faggot >>28081895

3 hours later 28082296 Anonymous
>>28079737 I seriously doubt LINK will pull another 10x

3 hours later 28082669 Anonymous
>>28081895 This whole site is about to die, as is much of the internet. We're in a bubble within a bubble within a bubble.

3 hours later 28082721 Anonymous
>>28073423 link target fren?

3 hours later 28082747 Anonymous
Bumping because OP actually delivered a good observation. Linkies are about to double and triple their investments this week.

3 hours later 28082770 Anonymous
>>28082296 let me guess you dont have any link

3 hours later 28082814 Anonymous
>>28073423 >>28073488 Anyone who is not retarded already knows this

3 hours later 28083097 Anonymous
How many links need for staking?

3 hours later 28083175 Anonymous
>>28082770 I have 20K+ link

3 hours later 28083281 Anonymous
yes sir yes im getting info phone calling me info is as message follow : rubic stay cubic

4 hours later 28083604 Anonymous
>>28083175 You should sell if you dont think link will 10x I could never hold something I dont believe in

4 hours later 28083727 Anonymous
>>28082814 Yeah but i only realised the relevance nw. Since 2017 there wasnt a real comparison because eth was born after the 2014 bull ended. Link was born during the 2017 bull. Now the charts have kind caught up in time frame

4 hours later 28083764 Anonymous
dude I was comfy going to sleep at 5c and those idiots dumped it as soon as I closed my eyes this burned my brains, seems like I will lose everytime only poolz provides me profit now with their liquidity protocol

4 hours later 28083786 Anonymous
>>28083604 I know, but >selling link

4 hours later 28083903 Anonymous
>>28083786 kek fair enough we're in too deep to ever sell

4 hours later 28083982 Anonymous (1579726954417.png 562x589 635kB)
>>28074152 Hold up

4 hours later 28084125 Anonymous (laughingcheeta.jpg 450x450 30kB)
>>28074148 >>28074152

4 hours later 28084546 Anonymous
Fucking chartfags. Come with some insider info or gtfo

4 hours later 28084756 Anonymous (1612775715663.png 908x888 143kB)
>>28073423 >>28073488

4 hours later 28084963 Anonymous (1612519085963.jpg 384x384 90kB)
>>28073488 BUY BUY BUY

4 hours later 28085513 Anonymous
>>28073488 checked and eth-patternpilled

4 hours later 28085552 Anonymous
If link gets back down to 25 I’ll consider buying more. BTC just roared so I’m gonna back off until it settles. Both look a little too hot still but I am watching for dips so here’s hoping

4 hours later 28085630 Anonymous
>>28085552 it is 25 right now what are you talking about? btw link is absolutely bottomed in sats

4 hours later 28085633 Anonymous
>>28085552 I am in fact a retarded kike and meant 22 fuck the phone hahaha but for real I’m chillin

4 hours later 28085720 Anonymous
>>28073932 hey man, we kill people like you in real life, not in minecraft. tread carefully, friend from the other site.

4 hours later 28085729 Anonymous
>>28074152 >1 post by this id

4 hours later 28085775 Anonymous (1589149193067.png 477x390 456kB)

4 hours later 28086171 Anonymous
>>28085630 I hope this is true. Im kinda anxious that it can go back to 10k sats if btc pumps to like 80-200k. I mean LINK just dumped 10% in sats when btc pumped 10%. Every other alt, even the ones that have pumped like crazy in sats this month obly just dumped 5% max in sats...

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