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2021-02-07 08:03 28017975 Anonymous /poorfolio/ (20210207_203540.jpg 1080x1481 198kB)
So this is muh poorfolio. But i'm a REALLY patient hodler, those ETH have been there for atleast 2 years. If i hodl all of this for 10 years could i realistically get 100k$ profit? I've never been interested about making it. My life long dream is getting my very own basic flat for like 80k. And no longer being a rent monkey.

9 min later 28018805 Anonymous
Too diversified. If any of these coins moon, you'll hardly make a profit with how little capital you have. Pick two, three coins max. Make one of those coins RLC. You will have a considerable sum of money in 1-3 years.

10 min later 28018882 Anonymous
>>28017975 sell everything and buy reef

14 min later 28019129 Anonymous
>>28018805 Smaller gains, smaller loses. Iftheyre all good holds then diversification isnt bad

16 min later 28019260 Anonymous
>>28019129 >>28018805 Depends on if his goal is to try to make a little money or life changing ultra gains. If you want to make it to whale status the risk has to be higher-but a lot of people don't want that

17 min later 28019321 Anonymous
Why the fuck do you have commas instead of dots in your number values?

18 min later 28019434 Anonymous (image0.png 750x1334 362kB)
>>28019321 europe. also, how do I diversify mine >

19 min later 28019548 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-162155_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x1417 313kB)
Am i going to make it?

19 min later 28019556 Anonymous
>>28017975 i think you will have $50k give or take this year.

22 min later 28019720 Anonymous
How to make it with a poorfolio: go all in on a defi Bluechip in the making like Alpha with the rest of your portfolio being in either bitcoin or eth

22 min later 28019721 Anonymous
>>28019260 No it doesnt

23 min later 28019822 Anonymous
>>28019721 Make it here means truly make it to above 100k and beyond

25 min later 28019986 Anonymous (_20210207_192809.jpg 1080x1845 209kB)
Still feel like a poorfag

25 min later 28020035 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-142701_copy.jpg 1440x1549 161kB)
rbc @19 cents > swing made 3x > bought on dip see you at 10k or roped

27 min later 28020178 Anonymous
>>28019434 buy more USDT

29 min later 28020301 Anonymous
>>28020178 that tether is reef now, pic from earlier today

30 min later 28020417 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-203038.jpg 1080x2340 98kB)
i just cost average with 70€/week and have few hundred € set aside to buy potential crashes.

33 min later 28020681 Anonymous
>>28019548 We're both going to make it bro. Atleast we'll get 100k.

35 min later 28020848 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207.jpg 1080x2112 151kB)
Started as a project with 100€ in January. Been buying and selling to accumulate and been as high as 280€ so far. Markets are down today (fuckkk xrp) but I did my research and XTZ, XEM and IOST will go up in the coming two weeks, no doubt about it.

35 min later 28020856 Anonymous
>>28019129 might as well invest in ETF and index fund then you fucking pussy.

37 min later 28020964 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-084925.png 1392x2048 487kB)
Give me your worst

38 min later 28021052 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-084947.png 2048x1010 345kB)
>>28020964 2

44 min later 28021456 Anonymous
>>28019986 >>28020964 >>28021052 Hey lads this is /poorfolio/ please don't make us feel bad dudes.

1 hours later 28022698 Anonymous (nevermakingit.png 680x644 64kB)
>>28017975 Poor? Extremely. Retarded? Most likely.

1 hours later 28023256 Anonymous
>>28020417 What app is this? I want something i can see how much i've got across my uniswap, binance and coinbase all in one

1 hours later 28023325 Anonymous
>>28023256 blockfolio you can import data from exchanges, but i just type stuff in manually.

1 hours later 28023774 Anonymous (85995122-F7AF-438B-BDA8-3862BD7134B4.jpg 750x1180 109kB)
Critical criticism is needed

1 hours later 28024353 Anonymous (poorfolio.jpg 719x1280 61kB)
I have this + $447 of ETH and $381 of BTC. Started in 2017 with $1k but got burned by day trading and shitcoins like Wabi, Quanstamp, etc. Can't fucking make myself stick to a smaller amount of coins. I always buy some new shit for $60-100 every time. Do you have any suggestions anons?

1 hours later 28024834 Anonymous
>>28024353 decide on how much youre willing to invest. put 60/70% into btc/eth or another big boy coin. put rest in shitcoins, that you think might blow up, like link or whatever. and if youre a wagie put a 100 or whatever each month into either big boy coin or another shit coin. once any smaller coin blows up save the profits and put them in the big boy coin

1 hours later 28024890 Anonymous
>>28017975 85k FTM 10k Doge 73k CKB

1 hours later 28025192 Anonymous
>>28024834 I've started throwing $200-300 from my wage cucking at it monthly. But every time I do, I split it between 3-5 shitcoins or blue chips. So you are suggesting buying 1-2 coins per month and when shitcoin grows (x2? x3?) put it into top10? I keep everything on Binance. Not sure if it's a good move.

1 hours later 28025368 Anonymous (IMG_20210207_165939.jpg 1080x1015 134kB)
shill me 1shitcoin

1 hours later 28025546 Anonymous
>>28025192 >So you are suggesting buying 1-2 coins per month and when shitcoin grows (x2? x3?) put it into top10? thats what I do. and I keep everything on binance as well. once I semi make it with btc Ill put it in a wallet.

1 hours later 28025637 Anonymous
>>28025546 what's your goal in usd?

1 hours later 28025797 Anonymous
>>28017975 After this year if you plan on just holding. I would just stick to btc and eth or maybe even just btc. These coins might die after the bull run

1 hours later 28025830 Anonymous
>>28025637 to "make it"? in usd idk, depends how fast btc booms, Id 100% move btc out when I reach ~1BTC.

1 hours later 28025966 Anonymous
>>28025830 good luck, anon

1 hours later 28025972 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-154721_Blockfolio~2.jpg 1440x2633 318kB)
Am I too spread out for how little I have? Don't feel like I'm making any significant gains but don't want to miss out on every rbc/bao/grt out there.

1 hours later 28026002 Anonymous
>>28025966 you too bro

1 hours later 28026263 Anonymous
>>28017975 Where are the stocks?

1 hours later 28026399 Anonymous
>>28025972 hope you have SL on those shitcoins anon

1 hours later 28026433 Anonymous (2021-02-07 (2).png 1260x573 44kB)
>>28017975 >anons, newfag with a poorfolio too. I was at 7.6k yesterday, its dropped pretty hard, do I stay strong and hodl?

1 hours later 28026455 Anonymous (Screenshot from 2020-12-30 23-47-37.png 938x808 77kB)
i am gonna triple my money after this moons

1 hours later 28026510 Anonymous
>>28017975 >no ASKO You okay OP?

1 hours later 28026539 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-134949.png 796x655 100kB)
Was at 6.7k yesterday kek. How long until 10k

1 hours later 28026603 Anonymous
>>28026399 Whats SL....

1 hours later 28026688 Anonymous
>>28026603 Stop Loss, I assume?

1 hours later 28026693 Anonymous
>>28026433 Lurk more before trying to use meme arrows.

1 hours later 28026743 Anonymous
I only own one bitcoin. Nothing else. How fucked am I?

1 hours later 28026798 Anonymous
No XRP in anons poorfolios. WAGMI

1 hours later 28026826 Anonymous
>>28026688 Uniswap doesnt support that, right?

1 hours later 28026877 Anonymous
>>28021456 Not even trying to flex but I'm pretty sure anyone under 6fig hell is automatically considered poor here

1 hours later 28026887 Anonymous
>>28026743 How does one mansion 2027 sound?

1 hours later 28026901 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-102015_Blockfolio.png 1079x721 69kB)
Started with about 3k usd This token will turn me into a whale Unironically the next link

2 hours later 28027230 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-150429.jpg 1380x1322 216kB)
Uh, I have 5 figs. Am I still poor enough for here?

2 hours later 28027971 Anonymous
>>28027230 how the hell is dogecoin rising in price when there isn't even a cap on it? elon musk celebrity tweet power alone. also pretty good portfolio

2 hours later 28028140 Anonymous
>>28026877 Ironic memery isn't helpful for the actual poorfags. At six figures, you have way more options. It just comes across as rude or braggish.

2 hours later 28028241 Anonymous
>>28026603 >>28026688 yeah stop loss, those could dump quickly

2 hours later 28028322 Anonymous
>>28028241 Don't know what exchange uses stop losses but I just make sure to check frequently.

2 hours later 28028354 Anonymous
>>28025368 Asko or Rubic

2 hours later 28028408 Anonymous
>>28027971 I bought all that doge for 90 bucks forever ago so I don't even care how.

2 hours later 28028448 Anonymous
Sorry i dont read nigger what are those symbols

2 hours later 28028530 Anonymous
>>28028322 binance does, also supports OCO which is handy. there is a free bot (or you can write one yourself) that does trailing as well, which is super good

2 hours later 28028661 Anonymous
Pls help. I'm a poorfag college student. This is all the playmoney I have. And about $1k eth on paypal because I'm retarded.

2 hours later 28028853 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-132601184.jpg 1080x2340 387kB)

2 hours later 28029207 Anonymous
>>28023774 if all of these outpeform you might get a 10k at most by EoY I don't want to FUD you but you cant escape the uniswap roulette as a nab I believe

2 hours later 28029230 Anonymous (SENT King.png 600x600 167kB)
>>28017975 Another thread about why OP is poor, and why he does not have Sentinel. Kek

2 hours later 28029268 Anonymous
>>28028530 Binance is banned here

2 hours later 28029316 Anonymous
>>28029268 where is here?

2 hours later 28029342 Anonymous
>>28028354 i know I said shit but not that shit

2 hours later 28029399 Anonymous
>>28029316 NY

2 hours later 28029435 Anonymous
>>28029399 new york? dont u have binance.us or smth?

2 hours later 28029455 Anonymous
>>28028853 too many tokens, stop having any bags below 1k

2 hours later 28029643 Anonymous (Capture.png 1127x749 53kB)

2 hours later 28029737 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-154106_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2220 276kB)
just started 2 weeks ago, got into GRT at .65 should of bought more, also taking a gamble with ASKO. am I gmi

2 hours later 28029750 Anonymous
>>28029643 damn thats terrible, why tho? also can you not just create an account with a vpn from another state?

2 hours later 28029859 Anonymous
>>28029750 Not going to trust my shit going through a vpn

2 hours later 28029952 Anonymous
>>28029859 wouldnt you need that just for account creation? youd be able to login normally afaik

2 hours later 28030006 Anonymous
I mean, you would ideally want to sell sometime late this year, then buy back in

2 hours later 28030050 Anonymous
>>28029952 If its anything like Coinbase it will require address verification and ID

2 hours later 28030266 Anonymous
>>28030050 could be, altho for EU you didnt need to verify to trade, just to buy

2 hours later 28030288 Anonymous (SmartSelect_20210207-131324_Delta.jpg 1080x1790 449kB)
Aped avax in December. It has been a clean ride since then.

2 hours later 28030382 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-07-22-50-59-886_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2400 275kB)
Thoughts ? I'm probably losing up some more reefies next month.

2 hours later 28030410 Anonymous
>>28019434 How does your Blockfolio have stocks?

2 hours later 28030433 Anonymous
>>28028853 Your largest bag is a memecoin

2 hours later 28030488 Anonymous (E36DA52A-2B1E-4F12-AC5C-F8F7288407F5.png 1125x2436 678kB)
We are gonna make it frens.

2 hours later 28030504 Anonymous
>>28025972 Fuck req, I icoed that shit and they spent my ico money for a team vacation then had the audacity to post pictures while their coin was in freefall. Fuck those people.

2 hours later 28030605 Anonymous
>>28030288 Nice. Worth getting into AVAX now using binance?

2 hours later 28030837 Anonymous
>>28030605 It ran up a fuuuucking ton this weekend after getting listed on a legal US exchange so I would wait for a pullback but once it does, I would get in. I think that it has a shot at the top five for sure.

2 hours later 28030847 Anonymous
>>28018805 I'm a poorfag in ETH, LINK, & GRT. I think if you have less than 10k in you shouldn't go more than 3.

2 hours later 28030855 Anonymous
>>28017975 Cardano or stay poor forever anon

2 hours later 28030916 Anonymous
Get som bat, bro

2 hours later 28031012 Anonymous (A46B8F83-EFDF-480B-9B5E-CE7504ACC1AD.jpg 1242x1318 461kB)
What do we reckon lads. Started last month. Get paid in a couple weeks. Which coin(s) here should I put my next paycheque into? Am I gonna make it?

2 hours later 28031037 Anonymous
>>28030410 u can manually add them

2 hours later 28031107 Anonymous
>>28030855 >same post, every day every year since 2017. Every year that goes by with Charles fucking his hand while you shill his bags only strengthens my resolve.

2 hours later 28031159 Anonymous
>>28029455 Just trade and add on to the other coins? Like AAVE?

3 hours later 28031427 Anonymous
>>28018805 Low IQ strat Stay diversified, when a coin is mooning go selectively overweight in that coin When a coin is dumping go selectively underweight in that coin Point is not to wager now that some specific coin will moon by 10y and instead just maximize the upside of the total crypto market cap, which can absolutely 20x in the next 10y

3 hours later 28031592 Anonymous
>>28029207 > you cant escape the uniswap roulette as a nab What's a nab, precious?

3 hours later 28031747 Anonymous
>>28031037 holy shit thanks i had no idea

3 hours later 28031821 Anonymous
>>28031747 youre welcome bro

3 hours later 28031937 Anonymous
I looked through every portfolio and had a couple general thoughts: 1. If you are playing with a few k, stop trying to diversify. Find a few projects, research the shit out of it, and go all in. Diversifying is throwing your money away on trading fees. 2. Stop buying fucking meme coins. 3. Stop moving up layer. Hey, maybe this finance token will work out but if it has the wrong substrate, it is not going to work. I mostly focused on a few layer 1 that I think will do well. 4. Stop buying old shit from 2017, they were always pretty much shit. Fuck req in particular. 5. Get what you want of the current batch and just hold it for the next few years. Trading will destroy you. I had almost 8 btc at one point, if I just held, I would have been fine but no I traded, got behind, kept trading to try and get back up. Now btc is shit but the point stands.

3 hours later 28032031 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-231240.png 1634x2048 837kB)
Here is mine

3 hours later 28032110 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210208_091239_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2340 430kB)
Did I do well /biz/?

3 hours later 28032229 Anonymous
>>28032110 >doge ngmi

3 hours later 28032250 Anonymous
>>28029342 Oh im all ears for your final decision. Please tell me

3 hours later 28032267 Anonymous
>>28031427 You know that each trade costs you money right? If it is uniswap, it is $30 and if it is a cefi, it is probably $3 to $5. If you pick ten coins and replace every quarter with only $1,000. You are throwing away a huge chunk of your gains.

3 hours later 28032291 Anonymous
>>28032229 i made $300 in the last hour on doge

3 hours later 28032360 Anonymous
>>28032031 This is pretty solid. Well done.

3 hours later 28032419 Anonymous
>>28032291 >300$ >Don't need to say anything

3 hours later 28032552 Anonymous (SmartSelect_20210207-141808_Delta.jpg 990x1811 445kB)
>>28030288 Posting new because I wanted green not red.

3 hours later 28032634 Anonymous
>>28032552 Really solid, I wish I could put that much money into AVAX

3 hours later 28032651 Anonymous
>>28032419 sorry we're not all millionaires like (You)

3 hours later 28032763 Anonymous
>>28032651 I'm not, I'm poorfag, don't go into memecoin and ygmi, I wish you the best

3 hours later 28032890 Anonymous
>>28032763 thanks friendo, i wish us both the best

3 hours later 28033199 Anonymous
I am on a mission to get 0.1 BTC, even if it kills me 2/3 of the way there If it goes 100K, 10K cash out could literally be a life-changer Such is the life of a povvo

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