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2021-02-07 07:10 28013656 Anonymous COR (1612706751714.png 768x1024 818kB)
Cor is going back up you did buy the dip right anon? COR... GREAT TEAM, SOLID FUNDAMENTALS. AVAILABLE ON METAMASK. STICK YOUR HEAD INTO THIS ONE. IF YOU WAIT YOU WILL MISS THE PUMP. >fully diluted 1.5 million MC >non-anonymous team >only been out for a few months, has defi features like staking already working >started development back in 2019, not just a cash grab made recently >hasn’t had a major pump yet >still under .01 https://coreto.io/ https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ coreto https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outp utCurrency=0x9c2dc0c3cc2badde84b002 5cf4df1c5af288d835

1 min later 28013761 Anonymous
Wow non anonymous team Wow defi features like staking.... What is the use of this worthless shit coin

1 min later 28013786 Anonymous
>>28013656 >Circulating Supply ? / 500,000,000 >Still under 0.009 What's the catch

3 min later 28013883 Anonymous (1430487517438.jpg 640x662 75kB)
>>28013761 moon for no reason

5 min later 28014058 Anonymous

6 min later 28014098 Anonymous
Quit posting the same picture of this disgusting wench

10 min later 28014413 Anonymous
>>28014098 she’s to die for

11 min later 28014512 Anonymous
Can you get it outside uniswap? Gas pricing this poorfag out

11 min later 28014562 Anonymous
>>28013656 I'm gonna need to see the uncensored version of this image

12 min later 28014598 Anonymous
>>28014512 https://bilaxy.com/trade/COR_ETH

12 min later 28014614 Anonymous
>>28014562 peachjars

13 min later 28014689 Anonymous
>>28013656 sauce please

13 min later 28014692 Anonymous
>>28013786 >didn't had a major pump it pumped 1500% in the last 7 days nigger. fuck off with pre pumped shit already

13 min later 28014696 Anonymous
>>28014598 gonna look into it, thanks anon

13 min later 28014704 Anonymous
>>28013656 Romanian dev team that haven't made a working product even though they started it in 2018 Obvious gypsy scam is obvious

13 min later 28014719 Anonymous
>>28013656 >lust provoking image Still not buying your shit coin Also fuck you

17 min later 28015064 Anonymous
let's play "spot the poorfags who didn't buy in time" in this thread, lol

18 min later 28015208 Anonymous
>>28015064 has so much room to grow and such a small marketcap though

19 min later 28015226 Anonymous (GiftofPepe.png 434x550 228kB)
>>28014598 thank you fren

21 min later 28015382 Anonymous
>>28015064 well how did you spot it in time anon? teach me sensei

24 min later 28015627 Anonymous
>>28013656 literally built to suck and fuck negro penis

26 min later 28015825 Anonymous
>>28015627 the best kind of womans

32 min later 28016260 Anonymous
>>28013656 In for a penny, out for 0.000001 penny let's do this

33 min later 28016334 Anonymous
COR will be beautiful, not only did we get in on the ground floor, but we will get paid for shilling

35 min later 28016515 Anonymous
>>28015627 Kill yourself and make it hurt.

35 min later 28016519 Anonymous
>>28015208 Imagine being priced out at 1 fucking cent lmao

36 min later 28016613 Anonymous

39 min later 28016884 Anonymous
okay anons i bought in with 350k DUMP EET

3.556 0.073