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2021-02-07 06:44 28011758 Anonymous DROPPING OUT OF TOP 100 (5cd5f104f33c7e7d1af3e18b_RSR-stamp.png 600x600 5kB)
is it over?

2 min later 28011957 Anonymous
Not even worth top 1000 app has 10k downloads. RSV volume on coingecko 100k. nevin dumping 4 billion. it's all a scam

2 min later 28011960 Anonymous

5 min later 28012112 Anonymous
>>28011957 This Sounds bearish Bros

8 min later 28012340 Anonymous
>>28011957 This Sounds bullish Bros

8 min later 28012346 Anonymous
>>28012112 you didn't get the memo? everyone jumped the ship in august.

14 min later 28012842 Anonymous
>>28011957 Lets debate bro. Come at me. My uncle in Venezuela can't stop talking about how excited he is to finally get off the apps waitlist.

20 min later 28013228 Anonymous
This looks like it was an outright scam desu. Coinbase listing will never happen and it would have to be during a mania moment for normies to buy bags of this shit.

21 min later 28013293 Anonymous
omg what is so difficult to understand just fucking hold? Mainnet Coinbase Active marketing Let them do these things before you dump on them

29 min later 28013885 Anonymous
>>28013293 This. I keep buying every single dip. Its free money.

29 min later 28013889 Anonymous
>>28011758 Will probably start going up again soon. We're in a bull market right now and even the worst projects are pumping. But after that it will slowly bleed to zero. Take a look at the REQ chart for reference. RSR has zero utility and their product is not getting used at all. They're just burning though their huge VC war chest to try and force some adoption and make you retards think this is actually a long-term hold.

30 min later 28013973 Anonymous
It is an extremely frustrating hold. My 250k stack has an average buy of 0.013 so I'm still happy. Just so fucking slow.

32 min later 28014108 Anonymous
>>28013885 >Its free money There's no such thing as free money. It's just that everyone thinks they're a genius investor when bull market hits. Enjoy it while it lasts and don't forget to take profits along the way.

33 min later 28014184 Anonymous (titanic.jpg 720x458 59kB)
>>28011758 nevin betrayed us. he's going to dump 40 billions tokens in the next 24 hours and the price will never recover. its over.

34 min later 28014311 Anonymous
>>28011758 It needs to dump to 1 cent so I can pick up the million rsr I sold before this bullrun. Coinbase listing is guaranteed at this point and many don't consider this

41 min later 28014870 Anonymous
>>28012842 >My uncle Surely larp

42 min later 28014945 Anonymous
>>28013293 >dump on them They are about to dump on us though

43 min later 28015075 Anonymous (Capture.png 1270x1025 113kB)
>>28013889 >>28013973 They're not even talking to coinbase bros.

44 min later 28015127 Anonymous
>>28014184 yeah.. ok >>28014945 sell then

46 min later 28015296 Anonymous
>>28015075 do you not understand how bullish that is. They can't express relations with coinbase because muh legal reasons. And coinbase didn't even ask to add them to custody they just did??

46 min later 28015356 Anonymous (1612570725625.png 312x312 82kB)
>>28011758 It's 88 on CMC right now idiot. >>28013889 >will slowly bleed to zero >RSR has zero utility and their product is not being used at all Stop being a fag and read up on the latest news, they are starting to push RSV adoption HARD, which is what needs to happen. I'd bet money you have a large bag and are trying to drive the price down. The next leg up will bring us up to $0.06 to $.08.

46 min later 28015361 Anonymous
jesus christ. everyday i wake up in dread realizing i am an RSR bag holder.

49 min later 28015615 Anonymous
>>28015075 Legal reasons

50 min later 28015659 Anonymous
>>28015356 >CMC Get out newfag. 93 on coingecko

52 min later 28015844 Anonymous
>>28015356 >The next leg up will bring us up to $0.06 to $.08. I agree, it's a bull market after all and there's no telling how high it can go on speculations alone. But you better believe it's going back under 1 cent when this cycle ends and we end up in another multi-year bear market.

55 min later 28016022 Anonymous
One of the most FUDded projects out there. FUDders use web crawlers to search the net for RSR on discussion boards and forums

55 min later 28016033 Anonymous
>>28015659 Post bag size

55 min later 28016079 Anonymous
>>28011758 yes, plz dump ur bag sir i need to buy more at lower price

56 min later 28016143 Anonymous
im too lazy to fud this. plz fud for me thanks fags kek

57 min later 28016183 Anonymous
>>28015844 You realize rsr grew to its current levels in a bear market right? The project will succeed or fail independant of a bull/bear market, everything depends on driving rsv usage in Latin america this year.

59 min later 28016397 Anonymous
>>28016183 summer of 2020 was not a bear market

1 hours later 28016836 Anonymous
Sold mine today dusu

36.393 0.112