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2021-02-07 06:19 28009901 Anonymous Rubic (RBC) (1611125694155.jpg 1079x1077 878kB)

0 min later 28009946 Anonymous

0 min later 28009961 Anonymous

0 min later 28009965 Anonymous (outpriced.jpg 1264x110 12kB)

1 min later 28009990 Anonymous
>>28009901 thanks anon, I wasn't looking... but you have brought a smile upon my wary face today

1 min later 28009998 Anonymous
He sold? > Pump it

1 min later 28010006 Anonymous
>>28009965 that was me...

2 min later 28010070 Anonymous
>>28009965 Kek, swingies get the rope

2 min later 28010109 Anonymous (comfyrubic.gif 500x500 322kB)

3 min later 28010213 Anonymous
>mfw bought more at 34c

3 min later 28010239 Anonymous

4 min later 28010257 Anonymous
+80% from the low

4 min later 28010307 Anonymous (Strong-Grip.jpg 770x515 41kB)

6 min later 28010390 Anonymous
>>28010257 now +50% from the low, more sell offs. good signs of demand tho

6 min later 28010451 Anonymous
Hahahahah hahahahhaaha imagine selling

7 min later 28010529 Anonymous
It's tanking my dude. Those candles looking hella organic if you as me.

10 min later 28010747 Anonymous
>>28010529 >if you as me. nobody did

11 min later 28010758 Anonymous
thanks to all you weak handed fucks for getting me an entry point at .26 lmao. When will they learn. BUY THE DIP

13 min later 28010908 Anonymous
>>28010747 Why not :(

13 min later 28010961 Anonymous
Oldfag here and that's not how this works anon. That 50% drop can't happen in an hour and just get corrected within an hour. Like everything else, Rubic is trying to artificially speed run through these important parts of creating a healthy, stable graph just like how it tried to artificially speed run building up a healthy community by appealing to apeing retards. It's incredible how much of a terrible decision the dev team made when hiring whoever is shilling this, they have all the nuance of an autistic teenager playing fucking fortnite. I'm not going to bother to explain it, I don't even know the fundamentals of Rubic - they may be good - but I know charts. There's a reason why smarter protocols want to build up over a longer period of time. It would be hilarious if the core protocol is actually really bullish but the marketing team was actually responsible for tanking this token. If you're smart you'd ride this wave to .5 and sell. But you probably bought the 800% pump, so you're not smart.

15 min later 28011054 Anonymous
>>28010961 >I don't even know the fundamentals of Rubic it's literally just another exchange token that is somewhat unique but is still an exchange token

19 min later 28011361 Anonymous
>>28010961 For someone who claims to be an oldfag and that he knows his shit you surely are seeking the approval of dumber people than you by typing the same shit in every rbc thread /lame

19 min later 28011406 Anonymous
>>28011054 defi is the hottest narrative so

20 min later 28011426 Anonymous
>>28010961 Ah so you copy and pasted that from the another thread?

22 min later 28011556 Anonymous
>recovered >down 40% today

22 min later 28011571 Anonymous
>>28010961 And then there's shitcoins like LINK that built so slowly that they've produced nothing and yet are valued at $20+

28 min later 28012041 Anonymous
>>28010961 Sir I think you're lost, do we need to call your carer to get you back to the stocks threads?

36 min later 28012627 Anonymous
>>28011556 True. People need to stop analysing the graphs in such detail. I like to always zoom out to see the full picture. This 'recovery' is the beginning of what I like to call 'platfoms' on the side of a large spike, which looks like it's going to last less than 24 hours. The new floor is $0.25.

44 min later 28013202 Anonymous
>>28010961 >charts on a 1 month old project the cope in here is astounding. Smells like swingies

44 min later 28013207 Anonymous
>>28009965 save that one for the hall of shame.

48 min later 28013496 Anonymous
When ya all gonna realize the last weeks pumps were gme people who sold, got into crypto, and now selling since they made more money.

58 min later 28014253 Anonymous
>>28009965 holy kek what a loser

59 min later 28014343 Anonymous
I feel bad for who sold the bottom

1 hours later 28014426 Anonymous
>>28009965 WEW

1 hours later 28014635 Anonymous
>>28009965 Hi I’m new here what am I looking at?

1 hours later 28014644 Anonymous (CDDE8556-29FD-4357-AEF0-34848BA94207.jpg 1194x1106 146kB)
>>28010961 Poo in lou pajeet

1 hours later 28014645 Anonymous (1591131885143.png 600x600 651kB)
All the FUD on /ourcoin/ literally comes from priced out fags that are annoyed we make a lot of threads about our glorious 80x coin. I say we 80x the amount of RBC threads we make daily, I will not be fucking silenced by a bunch of nocoiner wagie faggots.

1 hours later 28015032 Anonymous
>>28014635 some dude sold his 52k stack at the lowest of the dip, it recovered immediately after, pricing himself out, also known a panic sell.

1 hours later 28015051 Anonymous
>>28014635 You are looking at a scared idiot selling 305,000 Rubic at $0.26 per Rubic for a total of 52 ETH (around $60k or so) Rubic is easily a $10 EOY hold, so he sold over $3000,000 for $60,000 Even yesterday his stack was worth around $290,000

1 hours later 28015404 Anonymous (13724696_557269697779220_573456168_n.jpg 1080x1349 136kB)
Just woke up, so glad I slept through that dump I might have panic sold lol

1 hours later 28015918 Anonymous
>>28015032 >>28015051 doesn’t it show him buy it right back tho?

1 hours later 28016069 Anonymous
>>28015918 No it doesn't anon, here's the link to dextools pair explorer for RBC so you can understand what you are looking at and what the number values represent. https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap /pair-explorer/0x10db37f4d9b3bc32ae 8303b46e6166f7e9652d28 The wallet addresses are in blue on the right, they are all different wallets.

1 hours later 28016084 Anonymous
>>28015051 Where is this $10 prrice estimate coming from? I think they'd really need to deliver big time on layer 2 and on more chain integrations to get to that level.

1 hours later 28016287 Anonymous
>>28016084 Binance chinks are going to hardcore shill this to the moon.

1 hours later 28016301 Anonymous (1508145150606.jpg 655x527 37kB)
>>28016069 He bought back already and lost 120k Rubic https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa53975aa2 3574484d6c9814cfd29395e4cbe7e2195b5 406cd244a0e8a8ec41df https://etherscan.io/tx/0x4bf149e9e 6be86479fc995c2b5860b1a42deb9e29588 073fa745e6d45b0fee67

1 hours later 28016304 Anonymous
>>28016084 Someone did the math (based on mcap) that if RBC can pull 2% the amount of users of UNI then it will be around $5. I think $10 EOY is a conservative estimate, this is an extremely early and still undervalued project imo. DeFi is blowing up this year.

1 hours later 28016391 Anonymous (1612720187879.jpg 1280x999 94kB)
>>28016301 Nice

1 hours later 28016588 Anonymous
>>28016301 holy shit this is hilarious, it's the epitome of SWINGIES GET THE ROPE

1 hours later 28016690 Anonymous
>>28010908 B L A C K

1 hours later 28016759 Anonymous
>>28016301 lol

1 hours later 28017320 Anonymous
>>28016069 oh I see the column for amount now. holy shit lol

1 hours later 28017481 Anonymous
>>28015404 I sleep through the worst dumps, speaking of which I'd smell hers. Whats her name ?

1 hours later 28018322 Anonymous (1612475286453.png 477x502 407kB)
>>28016301 Fucking kek

1 hours later 28018407 Anonymous
>>28017777 we're gonna make it guys. Praise kek.

1 hours later 28018511 Anonymous
>>28016304 That would make me a millonaire... So there must be something wrong with this estimate.

1 hours later 28018598 Anonymous (1612238136949.jpg 1500x1115 512kB)
Swingies will get the rope when Rubic goes full cubic.

1 hours later 28018666 Anonymous
>>28014635 he just fucked up and sold at the lowest point. either his whale friends dumped on him or he's a super genius and wants the price to go to 0 cents to buy in.

1 hours later 28018698 Anonymous
>>28009965 I tried swinging and fucked up and lost 11k rubics myself, but I didn't fuck up that bad at least. Thanks for making me feel better anon.

1 hours later 28018732 Anonymous

1 hours later 28018753 Anonymous

1 hours later 28019098 Anonymous
>>28018753 the swingies are where all the fud is coming from. You will see the fud go away once the train lifts off..

1 hours later 28019115 Anonymous
>>28010961 >Oldfag here and that's not how this works anon. stopped reading there. you cannot predict what the market does. all that matters is mcap, and if the project is psychologically overvalued or undervalued. RBC is undervalued in the eyes of 6000 wallet holders.

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