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2021-02-07 06:17 28009700 Anonymous (folio4.jpg 1170x2532 192kB)
Rate em

1 min later 28009843 Anonymous
>>28009700 checked and kek'd, there's no moonshots there. invest in ASKO for an easy 10x

3 min later 28009974 Anonymous (1467045425975.jpg 1280x720 123kB)
I only got 500 on GRT and ADA because that's all I could afford without putting myself in the red I just want to make it

4 min later 28010079 Anonymous
>>28009843 >Asko >Has 20xd in 2 days Yeah, no thanks

5 min later 28010188 Anonymous
How is grt a moonshot with a 10 billion fucking supply cap?

6 min later 28010278 Anonymous
>>28010188 Cause most of it is staked. The real MCAP will be closer to 2Bil than 10Bil

9 min later 28010491 Anonymous
>>28009700 needs more reef

10 min later 28010553 Anonymous
>>28009700 First 2 are good. Rest is garbage.

10 min later 28010554 Anonymous
>>28010491 I sold my Reef, forgive me brother :(

23 min later 28011496 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-113707.jpg 1080x2400 404kB)
Rate please.

29 min later 28011959 Anonymous (19F44D57-E1A0-4C56-ACAC-045C4BE0EF41.jpg 1191x2483 626kB)
Counting stocks, I am in six figure hell

30 min later 28011976 Anonymous
>>28009700 6/10 >>28011496 7/10 I’m holding BTC LRC LINK GRT UNI AAVE

31 min later 28012062 Anonymous
>>28011976 Just curious, what's one change you would make to mine?

36 min later 28012415 Anonymous (Screenshot (7. 2.png 1080x2280 162kB)
Started with 200$ a year ago with Dash. During the year most profit were from Cosmos and ADA (DCA cca. 2000$). Sold 60k ADA @ 0,139 from that point its pure gamble... Hodl guys

37 min later 28012520 Anonymous
I have GRT LINK ADA INJ RBC are these sensible holds for the next couple months? Im new to this and todays crash fucked me up for real. I held though

38 min later 28012574 Anonymous
>>28012062 Less QNT

41 min later 28012796 Anonymous
>>28009700 Based ada and grt holder. I dollar eom

43 min later 28012951 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210207-175949.png 1080x2220 95kB)
what do I diversify into?

44 min later 28013037 Anonymous
>>28012951 ada and grt, obviously...

44 min later 28013044 Anonymous
>>28009700 REMINDER * All blockfolio portfolios are fake. You enter whatever numbers you want

44 min later 28013050 Anonymous (04B091D9-FC56-429C-AE24-2C0B2FEFEC6E.png 1640x2360 1323kB)
I’m gonna drop 1k in on the 10th, should I go 50/50 LTO and GRT

45 min later 28013128 Anonymous
>>28013037 Ada has had its moonshot, and graph does seem promising but the tokenomics don't

46 min later 28013153 Anonymous (E766782D-0A35-4CC3-BE04-A4B4CF0DF385.png 1284x2778 1108kB)
I might get some more GRT soon

48 min later 28013342 Anonymous
>>28011959 Why so much in USD?

50 min later 28013488 Anonymous
>>28013342 I have a family and am too paranoid to put all my cash into anything right now. I only put into the market what I can afford to lose each week.

50 min later 28013501 Anonymous
Genuinely, how do I start learning? I'm an accountant who is 60k in debt after my dad was murdered and mom got cancer / spent my entire life savings to help her / then she died anyway. Was gonna kms, but figured I may as well not be a bitch and try other avenues. I am current net negative (59,3488) with 4k to my name. What apps do you all use? Is OP just coinbase? But how do you avoid getting taxed? Ignoring Robinhood's recent retardation, buying coin on there just seems retarded anyway for this reason. Or is my mind stuck in 2015 and you can't avoid it? Feel free to tell me to fuck off, but if so, please at least post a link I can start reading.

51 min later 28013572 Anonymous
>>28013501 Here again, DOGE is a complete fucking dumb meme right? How can I learn to be able to tell?

54 min later 28013756 Anonymous (1612661143683.jpg 496x526 64kB)
>>28009700 Nice dubs but take the AVAX pill.

58 min later 28014076 Anonymous
how is FTM?

59 min later 28014107 Anonymous (1612501306184.png 2048x1473 319kB)
>>28013501 First buy yourself a Ledger or similar wallet. Use a service to exchange your fist money to a coin. I use Binance. Then move that currency to your wallet. Optionally, afterwards delegate your coins and get a return. I delegate my AVAX and earn a bit over 9% a year. Buy your currency and leave it in your wallet, do not look at it for a few months and then take a peek.

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