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2021-02-07 06:13 28009411 Anonymous Mods nuked last thread (download (2).png 1200x873 7kB)
We demand flags now.

1 min later 28009551 Anonymous (4free.png 635x454 294kB)
never ever, nigger

2 min later 28009555 Anonymous (crop.jpg 1440x1280 245kB)
mods are probably pajeets so good luck with that

2 min later 28009610 Anonymous
>>28009411 Even though I know it would lead to more shitposting, I support this idea out of morbid curiosity. Just how many chinks and pajeets are there really on this board?

3 min later 28009661 Anonymous
>>28009411 Mods are Israeli and you're retarded.

3 min later 28009664 Anonymous
>we >>>/r/eddit

4 min later 28009708 Vitalij
they told me - we want to see best nft app after it they show this trash WTF STUPID WITH YOU, DON’T BEG ME TO BUY THIS SHIT > I am smart enough to get how this project works - my wallet is ready for playcent NFT and coins and I am not an idiot who will miss $$$ option

4 min later 28009765 Anonymous
>>28009411 >>>/pol/

5 min later 28009826 Anonymous (1539317441007.png 665x670 180kB)
>>28009551 cope

6 min later 28009871 Anonymous
>>28009411 Never ever, you fucking tourist nigger It would led to stale flag humor and dillute discussion. Besides the scammers are newfag filters. You are stupid if you let yourself fall for it. And newsflash, those scammers would just use VPNS if flags came out.

8 min later 28010045 Anonymous (ADAC30E4-24A8-41DE-B995-4BB62EA25AB9.jpg 1920x1200 437kB)
>>28009411 That’s not the flag you should worry about, /pol/tard

10 min later 28010275 Anonymous
>>28009411 Yes

11 min later 28010345 Anonymous

13 min later 28010439 Anonymous
>>28010045 I believe that scammers are mostly Russian here

13 min later 28010467 Anonymous (1280px-Flag_of_Turkey.svg.png 1280x853 22kB)
>>28009411 TÜRKİYE

14 min later 28010537 Anonymous
sar please it is not needful to include flag next to id sir

14 min later 28010547 Anonymous (britishflag.jpg 1600x1000 333kB)
>>28009411 Agreed.

14 min later 28010559 Anonymous
>>28009411 >flags on /biz/ Either this board would become a ghost town or European and American VPN services would start making record profits, lol.

14 min later 28010573 Anonymous
>>28009610 It would mean the loss of about half of the marketcap of shitcoins. Traffic would fall off a cliff once investors realized this is simply a pajeet nigger kike rug weaving msg board.

15 min later 28010625 Anonymous
>>28009411 also fuck jannies

15 min later 28010645 Anonymous
>>28009411 Let’s see what’s on the list of what 4chan is accusing Jews of *checks notes* Ruining /biz/? Wow that’s new!

16 min later 28010677 Anonymous
>>28009411 go back to pol please and stay there sir

18 min later 28010836 Anonymous
>>28010677 >>28010645 >>28009871 seething poojeets

19 min later 28010873 Anonymous
>>28009411 /biz/ needs flags. Fuck pajeet scammers. Hail Pakistan!

19 min later 28010905 Anonymous
I really dont know why each board doesnt have flags. It's a cool feature and it makes no sense to withhold it.

19 min later 28010912 Anonymous
>>28010836 Straw man argument? Yawn.

20 min later 28010957 Anonymous (4A3F00CA00000578-0-image-a-46_1521195712306.jpg 634x444 69kB)
>>28009871 >It would led to stale flag humor and dillute discussion

20 min later 28010965 Anonymous
>>28009411 Flags are fine, as long as meme-flags aren't allowed.

21 min later 28011023 Anonymous
>>28010965 >Flags are fine, as long as meme-flags aren't allowed. This.

22 min later 28011105 Anonymous

24 min later 28011253 Anonymous
>>28010965 >>28011023 this

25 min later 28011339 Anonymous
>>28010965 This goes without saying.

29 min later 28011619 Anonymous (bizerland.png 225x225 0kB)
>>28010965 based and true

32 min later 28011839 Anonymous
I'm afraid it would redpill too many people tho

33 min later 28011911 Anonymous
>>28010873 ok street shitter... Pakistan is going to get nuked like it deserves

33 min later 28011914 black star
Speaking of flags I am aware that RLC is being shilled by Australia and Brazil btw. I won't throw those posters under the bus completely but it was hilarious seeing them in another board.

33 min later 28011930 Anonymous
>>28009610 >chinks How would you know when 4chan is blocked in china and they all use VPNs to post?

34 min later 28012003 Anonymous (tx.png 796x528 8kB)
>>28009411 rootin', tootin', but most of all be kind

34 min later 28012013 Anonymous (frei.jpg 621x729 71kB)
>>28009411 We need to know who is trying to control the trading.

34 min later 28012016 Anonymous
>>28009411 only low IQ need flags. The only reason you would need flags is to easily decipher between pajeets and nonpajeets, and if you cannot do that without flags you are ngmi

35 min later 28012059 Anonymous
>>28011930 Australian and Canadian flags

35 min later 28012079 Anonymous
>>28009411 Flags are useless thanks to VPNs. Everyone false flags. What we need is KYC.

35 min later 28012094 Anonymous
>>28010965 flags should also be banned from any confirmed VPN IP ranges. show a "VPN" icon and make the tooltip/mouseover the name of the service that owns that block.

50 min later 28013186 Anonymous

52 min later 28013325 black star
>>28012094 Its not because you can't discern them. It discourages pajeets from the 'please buy moon soon sir"threads if everyday someone tells them to poo in the loo. Most of the time they are posting from some cafe so they dont even get to use the vpn

54 min later 28013468 Anonymous
>>28010045 >he thinks jeet scams are 1/100000000th the problem jew scams are stfu you stupid fucking cunt

55 min later 28013551 Anonymous
>>28009610 Agree with curiosity. Even just a flag experiment for a week or month would be interesting.

57 min later 28013712 Anonymous
>>28010645 I just post the flag of my beautiful nation anon. Why so much hate from projection?

1 hours later 28013937 Anonymous
>>28012013 based

1 hours later 28014205 Anonymous (polska.jpg 300x204 27kB)
>>28009411 >>28012094

1 hours later 28014358 Anonymous
>>28012013 pretty based

1 hours later 28014369 Anonymous (1611474253328.jpg 1076x1080 184kB)
>>28009555 no one going to check these digits?

1 hours later 28014411 Anonymous
>>28009661 mods are literally arabs are you insane this place is full of anti israel bullshit

1 hours later 28014506 Anonymous
>>28014411 >this place is full of anti israel bullshit implying you have to be arab to dislike Israel & their practices

1 hours later 28015074 Anonymous
>>28014411 >jewish claws typed this

1 hours later 28016564 Anonymous
>>28009411 no. go back to pol.

1 hours later 28016614 Anonymous (742617000027.jpg 1080x810 116kB)
>>28009555 i knew it

1 hours later 28016646 Anonymous

1 hours later 28016714 Anonymous
>>28014411 fuck israel. all my homies hate israel

1 hours later 28016738 Anonymous
I make money off of pump and dump scams though

1 hours later 28016898 Anonymous
>>28012094 vpn already banned on 4chan u newfag monkey

1 hours later 28017000 Anonymous (Riddle1.jpg 514x719 236kB)
>>28014411 Hiya Schlomo.

1 hours later 28017002 Anonymous
Bump jannies we demand representation!

1 hours later 28017162 Anonymous
>>28009411 No, thanks. ‚We‘ don’t demand anything. /pol/ does

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