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2021-02-07 12:24 27948721 Anonymous (ZrvG3e8Y_400x400.jpg 400x400 22kB)
Sad to say it, but the hype train on Doge this past 3-4 hours is clearly another pump and dump. Hopefully among the last as people get bored and move on. I full expect a significant drop from 0.055 to 0.045 again sometime this evening. Be safe bros.

1 min later 27948858 Anonymous

3 min later 27948986 Anonymous
Just an FYI im hodlin doge myself, not sellin. but it's so clear that this is another hype train. It's a saturday evening and we've gone from 0.05 to 0.056 in just under an hour. the writing is on the wall. Don't buy now guys cause the dip is coming when the whale exits.

3 min later 27948994 Anonymous
You mad?

4 min later 27949059 Anonymous
>>27948994 I would be if i had bought in higher than 0.005 ;)

5 min later 27949094 Anonymous
>>27948721 this shit lost its memepower like 3 tweets ago

6 min later 27949160 Anonymous
So you sold too soon and are trying to buy back in. Got it.

6 min later 27949173 Anonymous
>>27948721 It has a Super Bowl commercial tomorrow, maybe HODL one more day anons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOG 6qDaEODY

7 min later 27949215 Anonymous
I hope musk blows out all you whaleniggers for trying to keep the price down all last week

7 min later 27949229 Anonymous
>>27949160 Bitch i bought in at 0.005 like a year ago and am holding 50k, can you read or is that a little difficult for you

7 min later 27949247 Anonymous
>>27949173 WTF IS THIS REEL

8 min later 27949297 Anonymous
>>27949173 only a severely retarded person thinks dogecoin has a superbowl ad lined up, literal fake news

9 min later 27949396 Anonymous
when threads fill up with moon missioners talking about “killing whales” you know it cant be good

10 min later 27949409 Anonymous
>>27949173 Who the fuck is Slasher news and why can't I see how many subs it has? Oh right, it is a nothingburger.

10 min later 27949416 Anonymous
Lmao one day we’ll see some rappers with doge tatted on there faces and shit that would be hilarious

10 min later 27949441 Anonymous (doge.png 517x365 34kB)
Oh would you look at that, a huge sell wall at 0.06 that wasn't there this morning. looks like i was right faggots, thanks for outing yourselves as the dirty little cowardly grifters you are

11 min later 27949473 Anonymous
>>27948721 Can you explain to me why Elon has an interest in doge? Hard mode - he's not trolling

11 min later 27949513 what happens next
>>27948721 You ok you no coin faggot?

12 min later 27949528 Anonymous
>>27949247 no, and get fucked you stupid faggot

12 min later 27949592 Anonymous
>>27948721 >being salty over a fucking meme coin kek can't make this shit up

13 min later 27949601 Anonymous
>>27949513 I have more than you, x10, guaranteed

14 min later 27949680 Anonymous
>>27949592 come here boy, i want to make you feel like a woman again ; )

14 min later 27949701 Anonymous

15 min later 27949720 Anonymous
>>27949441 I sold all my dogecoin for a total of 50 cents profit. Stay mad poorfags

16 min later 27949793 Anonymous
Okay Sanjay. Go back to shilling #WOLFY

16 min later 27949815 Anonymous
>>27949720 lmao

16 min later 27949837 Anonymous
>>27949473 Elon is so rich money doesn't actually mean anything to him anymore, having fun with a meme is more entertaining than making a few more billions to pile on top of his existing hundred something billion dollars.

17 min later 27949847 Anonymous
>>27949473 Dude he’s the richest man in the world. He obviously accumulated billions before he started shilling it knowing he would easily x10 his money in a few weeks. I can’t wait until he dumps his bags and the graph ends up looking like Bitconnect.

17 min later 27949862 Anonymous
>>27949720 kek reminds me of the guy that sold his 15 btc for 5000$ bucks and killed himself 5 years later

17 min later 27949907 Anonymous
>>27949441 Where do you get this data? It'll be good for setting my limit sell. I'm ready to dump at 0.061 right now. Was at 0.0555 earlier and I'm glad I cancelled that.

18 min later 27949951 Anonymous
>>27949847 >Richest man in the entire world, can have anything he wants > Is trying to flip Dogecoin Something does not compute...

19 min later 27950013 Anonymous
>>27949473 He's having fun and I think he wants all of them. Why dump when you're already one of the richest men on earth? Collect and control.

19 min later 27950014 Anonymous
>>27949907 You don't know how to do this yourself? are you retarded?

21 min later 27950103 Anonymous
>>27950014 Yes. I'd never touched finance, crypto, or any of that until this pandemic nonsense. You can't know what you don't know.

21 min later 27950138 Anonymous
how high is it goin today?

22 min later 27950158 Anonymous
>>27949297 does it means there is a commercial or not? you got me confused here

23 min later 27950258 Anonymous
>>27949701 not now for sure

23 min later 27950280 Anonymous
>>27950158 You can't sign up for a superbowl ad the year of, and you can always see who has the spots well in advance. Dogecoin is not listed. FFS for a message board that prides itself on knowing how pump and dumps work you people miss the most obvious signs

24 min later 27950309 Anonymous
realistically could it go back down to 1 cent?

25 min later 27950365 Anonymous
>>27949951 >meme dogecoin into oblivion >doge ends up replacing all fiat >now he’s the richest man in a clown currency You really think he isn’t going to hedge against that?

27 min later 27950506 Anonymous
>>27950309 No, but def back down to 0.045 or maybe even a little less. it is a big sell wall but not THAT big,

28 min later 27950602 Anonymous
>>27950365 Why would one of the richest, most famous men in the world try to flip a crypto? That's like Jeff Bezos selling CD's in Times Square. Just fucking why bother

28 min later 27950605 Anonymous
>>27950280 How did they add that spongebob Easter egg last year (or two years ago) of him at the bubble bowl before the awful rap song? That was meme’d in a few weeks before

31 min later 27950814 Anonymous
There's going to be a dogecoin commercial at the superbowl tomorrow If you sell bow you'll want to hang yourself next week. Accumulate anons wgmi

32 min later 27950827 Anonymous
>>27950605 Having a spot already purchased is different from producing the content itself. You can swap in any commercial you want at the last minute. Why are you taking me at my word? Just go look it up ffs they publish who owns the spots in advance

33 min later 27950914 Anonymous
>>27950814 literal lies and faggotry perpetuated for a cheap pump and dump. kys in minecraft

34 min later 27950980 Anonymous (1611714418785.gif 485x485 3105kB)

35 min later 27951049 Anonymous
>>27950980 Actually please do, it would help piss off the lazy fucks who set limits at 0.06

35 min later 27951074 Anonymous (memes201.jpg 236x214 10kB)
Wait, is it flagging right now?

36 min later 27951119 Anonymous
>>27950814 Not true

37 min later 27951258 Anonymous (m34.png 586x291 312kB)
>>27951049 >>27951119 Holy fuck wait a second, I didn't realize there was a Elon poll right now 0 , 0

39 min later 27951387 Anonymous
>>27951258 that was most likely what precipitated this. It's the weekend, elons been tweeting, someones been duping all the normies into this superbowl ad on reddit, perfect storm for a pump and dump

40 min later 27951435 Anonymous
>>27950602 Because he can. Maybe he wants to crash the market so he can get high and watch people sperg out of /biz/. Maybe he wants to use it currency when he creates a colony on the moon. Maybe he just wants to see how much money he can make with a meme. Regardless of the reason he’s accumulated a lot of doge and you’d be very naive to think otherwise.

42 min later 27951606 Anonymous
>>27951435 'because he can' is not an argument for anything. you're just romanticizing your hatred for this crypto into a meta-narrative that suits your schadenfreude. straight up. I hate elon mostly, but even I don't think he's pathetic enough to put this much effort into flipping dogecoin. thinking otherwise is just autism

42 min later 27951620 Anonymous
>>27951387 just threw 320 at it, tell me whats going to happen Daddy

43 min later 27951673 Anonymous
>>27948721 thats why you get MCDC

43 min later 27951682 Anonymous
>>27951620 You're going to lose money, because if it hits 0.06 before those limits are removed it's prob going back down to a nickel

43 min later 27951685 Anonymous
>>27951620 what's gonna happen is you'll be rich later this year fag

44 min later 27951754 Anonymous
>>27951685 >>27951620 I mean, also that, assuming you're not retarded and you actually hodl

45 min later 27951780 Anonymous
>>27949160 motherfucker i mined all my doge back before the Jamaican bobsled was a thing

45 min later 27951830 Anonymous (Doge Justed.jpg 720x735 28kB)

45 min later 27951834 Anonymous (555555555.png 1493x331 29kB)
>>27951685 >>27951754 I'm liking the signs

46 min later 27951901 Anonymous
>>27951606 So the richest man in the world is putting all this effort into artificially inflating the value of something for no reason? Yeah...that makes sense.

46 min later 27951905 Anonymous
>>27951830 oh no that poor doggy, he died

49 min later 27952061 Anonymous (1586219657290s.jpg 250x241 6kB)
>>27948721 That's what people sad in the beginning of bitcoin.

51 min later 27952186 Anonymous
>>27952061 I support dogecoin. This post is to warn people of this evenings pump and dump. :) I'll hodl til im dead.

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