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2021-02-06 10:57 27942037 Anonymous TA Post: Bitcoin is double topping (Bitcion Double Top 2-6-2021.png 1825x729 88kB)
Target is way down there bro.

7 min later 27942607 Anonymous
>>27942037 The weekly looks pretty fucked. Wouldn't surpise me, if it came back to 29k.

8 min later 27942689 Anonymous
>>27942037 Yup. Just curious if BTC can close the daily candle above 40K

10 min later 27942830 Anonymous
>>27942607 The thing to watch is the NVT tomorrow at the week close. If that flips bearish then we double top and go back to 20k. Maybe if we are lucky the 20W sma.

14 min later 27943123 Anonymous (677.jpg 598x574 26kB)
>>27942037 BOOBA

15 min later 27943236 Anonymous
>>27942830 Besides, monthly rsi is at 87%. This thing needs to cool off, for real . I'm fearing next week it's gonna be brutal, with the DXY moving up and all.

16 min later 27943284 Anonymous (Crying cat.jpg 700x549 139kB)
>>27943123 You are messing up my serious thread here.

18 min later 27943470 Anonymous
>>27943123 based booba poster

21 min later 27943681 Anonymous
>>27942037 btc to 45k tonight then consolidate at 40, check em

22 min later 27943754 Anonymous
>>27942037 TA is just financial astrology, there's no actual backup for it. But even when it's just a meme, when enough people believe in that it just turns into a self-fulfilled prophecy, especially in the crypto market. I've been feeling way too much euphoria lately, I already tethered all my money and I'm just waiting for it to crash

23 min later 27943827 Anonymous (basedmel.png 640x806 427kB)
First it was return to normal Then it is a double top You meme line faggots are gonna be so assblasted

24 min later 27943884 Anonymous
>>27943754 Ngmi.

25 min later 27943975 Anonymous
>>27943827 Based. And OP didn't even memeline right, there is a triple bottom making this a wedge which already broke upwards. We will test ATH within a day, and after that 45-50k will happen before March.

28 min later 27944148 Anonymous
>>27943827 I have done pretty good inversing the open cuckmouth traders on youtube. MMCyrpo, TheMoon, Foreflies, all those dudes went bearish when was bullish and now they are bullish and I flipped bearish. The hot money has come and gone and right now we are getting a lower high. Strong hands need to set a new floor. >>27943975 You should post your own TA if you want to shit on mine.

41 min later 27945204 Anonymous
>>27944148 thank you! really cool tip.

43 min later 27945366 Anonymous
Thanks just sold my tether

48 min later 27945732 Anonymous
>>27942037 Oh lawd cannu buyme a merxedes benz

49 min later 27945811 Anonymous (ss+(2021-02-06+at+06.09.50).png 1207x528 95kB)
fake and gay

51 min later 27946026 Anonymous (elliot memes.jpg 259x194 3kB)
I will out meme you by stating the obvious fact that BTC is in an elliot wave 4 correction preceding the wave 5 impulse up.

53 min later 27946147 Anonymous
>>27945811 you don't even know what it is you posted

1 hours later 27946787 Anonymous (Log Growth Curve.png 1813x757 180kB)
>>27946147 It is a log growth curve. Different authors will have it look similar but there are some variation. Here is the one I use. We are in the middle so it is an ambiguous signal at this point. You are suppose to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. In the middle it is whatever. >>27946026 Post your TA count with ABC please. >>27945204 Hope this helps

1 hours later 27947187 Anonymous
>>27946787 in other words it's a regression curve taking past data and assuming future trends. I place no faith into them - s2f, hopium curves, they will be invalidated eventually either upwards, or more likely downwards. And then they'll just repaint and redraw the rainbows or curves. It fits, because it's a best curve fit. Has no predictive power.

1 hours later 27947290 Anonymous
>>27943754 Is thether a good way to freeze gainz between two peaks?

1 hours later 27947320 Anonymous
>>27942607 >>27942037 imagine believing this. just how new are you faggots. 50k-90k eom

1 hours later 27947338 Anonymous
>>27942037 Wow you're so knowledgable. Hats off to you

1 hours later 27947356 Anonymous
>>27947290 buy a trezor and use the price lock function

1 hours later 27947383 Anonymous (1612651478440.png 2436x1125 1988kB)

1 hours later 27947911 Anonymous
>>27947187 It contains a lot of the price action... Bollinger bands on the weekly or monthy are great for finding bottoms where you could accumulate. Likewise the growth curves are great at finding bottoms. >>27947290 DYOR. I put my tether into nexo or you could use some other defi platform that gives you interest. >>27947320 50% pullbacks are normal. Going to the 20w SMA is normal. >>27947338 Many thanks. We can all make it (just me a bit more than you). >>27947383 Cropping takes like 5 seconds. Is your point this pump will end up in a bear market or that none the less we will hit new ATH, or both?

1 hours later 27948123 Craig Wright
>>27942037 Text book Golden Arches back to maccas you go wagies

1 hours later 27948233 Anonymous
It's going down hard. Time to tether lol.

1 hours later 27948392 Anonymous (elec.png 331x969 26kB)
>>27947911 i've fished and nailed plenty of macro bottoms on spot. don't need a rainbow for that. my short term trading is how I lose money though. anyway think this is just a long stop hunt right now? I think there might be a push higher before any real fall on monday. BTCBear tokens looking mega cheap right now too

1 hours later 27948489 Anonymous
OP is a fag

1 hours later 27948881 Anonymous
>>27947911 >>27946147 and the point of that post was to say that cycles are evolving and changing and using tools like rhodl, rainbows, pi tops is a good way to get rekt in the short term

1 hours later 27949019 Anonymous
>>27942037 ur mums gunna dobble top my dick

1 hours later 27949040 Anonymous
>>27948392 Price within a few percent of ATH and shorts are scraping against ATL while price has popped up in a big way and is double topping against the weekly BB. This is a shorter wetdream. It could be a long hunt stop but it could be people selling to rotate into undervalued projects. First sell off, bear trap, whatever you want to call it. I think we just got done with Elliot Wave 1 and need to see wave 2. >>27948489 Expound.

1 hours later 27949252 twenty (1536165322247.jpg 331x132 5kB)

1 hours later 27949372 Anonymous
For my amusement. >>27949327

1 hours later 27949504 Anonymous
>>27949252 I do have a TV where you can track how good my TA is. Of course I put up winners and losers. I post here for fun.

1 hours later 27949655 Anonymous
>>27949252 >tripfag

1 hours later 27950206 Anonymous
Do i short the fucker right now? Big balls leave for bed with a 10x lev bear kek

1 hours later 27950376 Anonymous (84C66454-820D-4E19-B3F3-1584079C6962.jpg 831x1326 253kB)
>>27942037 just like rubic it’s over

1 hours later 27950401 Anonymous
>>27950206 I am already in a x5. I would find some sign of strength and short that. Not my problem because I am in a trade.

1 hours later 27950438 Anonymous
>>27950376 check the RBC/USDC pair on uniswap, dextools is being retarded

1 hours later 27950502 Anonymous
>>27943123 BASED

1 hours later 27950517 Anonymous (1612648664734.jpg 1825x729 82kB)
>>27942037 Remember when you were saying the same over here? I do

1 hours later 27950609 Anonymous
>>27949040 This.

1 hours later 27950709 Anonymous

1 hours later 27950724 Anonymous
So ur sayin ... alt season? Aka LINK season? Yeah, LINK season.

1 hours later 27950889 Anonymous (Previous buy box.png 1569x821 63kB)
>>27950517 That wasn't me. I called for a bounce and added to my long trades because my buy box was in pix related. I also longed when price action flipped previous resistance as support at the dotted trendline. Seriously of you have above average visual IQ (men, white, Asians) and take 3-5 years you can do this too. It is a skill most don't know they can learn, or they don't have a visual IQ (Jews, colored, women, etc). >>27950609 Thanks for the good look.

2 hours later 27950983 Anonymous
>>27947383 >doesn't show the current value of BTC at 40k as it doesn't fit the narrative

2 hours later 27950993 Anonymous
>>27946026 Excellent observation. TAs are seething

2 hours later 27951001 Anonymous
>>27942037 what site is that?

2 hours later 27951121 Anonymous (ange i dont get it.png 332x322 158kB)
>>27942037 >not even waiting for it to start trending down before calling it a double top the fuck am i looking at

2 hours later 27951166 Anonymous
>>27950724 no, if bitcoin burns we all burn, typically even more

2 hours later 27951361 Anonymous
>>27951001 It is tradingview. Honestly, how new are you? >>27950993 Elliotwave is basic TA. He didn't post a count so there is no reason to seethe. >>27951121 I haven't shown everything, but OBV doesn't look good, traditionally indicators don't look good with divergence and we are at the weekly BB. There is less resistance to the downside.

2 hours later 27952164 Anonymous
>>27951361 never really used tradingview and didnt know you could show candlesticks

2 hours later 27952495 Anonymous
>>27950724 Link was giving me July 2020 vibes, but if BTC crashes, it's gonna be put on hold, desu.

2 hours later 27952634 Anonymous
>>27952164 what do you use, while deflecting my answer about how new you are?

2 hours later 27953421 Anonymous
>>27942830 >NVT flips bearish are you saying if it spikes up and it turns red into overvalued territory again then it's a sell signal?

2 hours later 27953815 Anonymous (NVT by AAmonkey.png 1825x813 105kB)
>>27953421 This is my favorite NVT. We popped out of the colored bands on the weekly and are just waiting for it to turn yellow again and the dump WILL happen. So yes, when it is out of the red area it will be a big sell signal. That signal closes GMT (fuck UTC) midnight tomorow.

2 hours later 27954015 Anonymous
>>27953815 About 70% of my portfolio is tied up in alts at the moment. 30% in BTC/ETH what is the best play if I agree that the market is headed for a correction? Convert all my coins to tether and wait?

2 hours later 27954072 Anonymous (1601009402511.png 711x623 236kB)
>>27942037 BOOBA

2 hours later 27954121 Anonymous
absolute ape levels of funding for longs right now on bitmex too .1% projected

2 hours later 27954286 Anonymous (short.png 1607x118 24kB)
Am poorfag and too chicken to risk more

2 hours later 27954478 Anonymous (based.jpg 1733x962 153kB)

2 hours later 27954603 Anonymous
>>27949504 can i follow your TA, anon. I'm not a fag and I believe in magic lines

2 hours later 27954789 Anonymous
>>27954015 I tethered up and put like 80% of my stack into a defi account so I can get some interest on my tether. I have about 20% of my stack in usd on an exchange anchoring my short with a stop loss at break even. I don't want to risk to much of my funds. >>27954603 I begin all my post here with TA Post: then the title. I won't be giving out my TV here. Of course it is easy to impersonate me based on title.

2 hours later 27955197 Anonymous (63463466346346.jpg 236x236 11kB)
>>27942037 Crypto TA is so fucking cringe

2 hours later 27955246 Anonymous
>>27954789 ok, i'll keep an eye out for your threads. I stopped coming here since I sold the peak of BTC is 2017 until recently. Thanks for the thread

3 hours later 27955630 Anonymous
>>27955246 No worries. It is only when I see something worth posting and defending bare knuckles for the sheer amusement of it.

3 hours later 27955666 Anonymous (46547745.jpg 1002x1620 167kB)
I hold and DCA/buy dips. Never swing. Am I best off not buying for a few weeks and piling in a couple paychecks worth?

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