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2021-02-06 10:10 27938411 Anonymous /DOGE/ Snoop Doge Edition (snoopdoge.png 1080x1744 1049kB)
>Current value in USD https://dogevalue.com/ >Current value in sats https://www.binance.com/en/trade/DO GE_BTC >Does Dogecoin have an infinite supply? https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/c omments/8dcoa8/dogecoin_does_not_ha ve_an_inflationary_model_we/ • NEWS: >KuCoin soon to adopt DOGE https://twitter.com/KuCoinModerator /status/1356518137236086784 (embed) (embed) (embed) >Crunchyroll accepts DOGE payments now https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/c omments/lb8wme/its_true_you_can_now _pay_for_crunchyroll_with_doge/ >PornHub and Chaturbate accepts DOGE now too https://www.unilad.co.uk/technology /pornhub-now-accepting-dogecoin-aft er-card-payment-ban/ >Robinhood unblocks Instant trades • EXCHANGES Binance Binance.us Bittrex Kraken Probit Poloniex Uphold Exodus • WALLETS Exodus Ledger Trezor Atomic Wallet Guarda Wallet https://dogecoin.com/getting-starte d/ • BUSINESSES ACCEPTING DOGECOIN precizn.com kumaknives.com crunchyroll.com pornhub.com chaturbate.com • ENDORSEMENTS Elon Musk >https://twitter.com/elonmusk/statu s/1357241340313141249 Snoop Dogg >https://www.instagram.com/p/CK8Cjj 7D2qy/ Mia Khalifa >https://twitter.com/miakhalifa/sta tus/1355027076118499329 Gene Simmons >https://twitter.com/genesimmons/st atus/1357873901758390272 Previous bread: >>27932916

1 min later 27938503 Anonymous
does anyone here actually have a real dog(e)?

1 min later 27938539 Anonymous (Chomp.png 350x470 295kB)
>Put $400 into doge a week ago at 3.3 cents >11.5k coins. >drops to negative >Sell when it gets back positive slightly thinking the meme is dying >Skyrockets again Should I even buy back in now? Or do we think this meme is gonna run its course again? Asking again since I wasn't paying attention to previous threads limit.

2 min later 27938550 Anonymous
>>27938503 I have 2 shibas. The red one tells me when to buy dogecoin

2 min later 27938559 Anonymous
i think we are officially at a new floor which is 0.05 it has been above 0.05 for ages this is fucking amazing

2 min later 27938566 Anonymous (1612490798447.webm 720x1280 1911kB)
>>27938503 If I had money to properly care for a Shiba Inu I'd love one...

2 min later 27938583 Anonymous
>>27938550 that's neat

2 min later 27938594 Anonymous
Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRk ax1FYiBI Also, since it was calling their website link spam I'll add KNOS' Twitter here instead. • BUSINESSES ACCEPTING DOGECOIN Kronos Advanced Technologies >https://twitter.com/KronosATI/stat us/1356287308278845440

2 min later 27938602 Anonymous
what is the difference between an exchange and a wallet?

2 min later 27938624 Anonymous
>>27938503 i sold it to buy more doge

2 min later 27938631 Anonymous (1612639402620.jpg 1536x992 357kB)
>>27938503 Can't with my current situation, when I retire at 30 because of this, I will ha en doges, Green Up around them and they are amaze

3 min later 27938637 Anonymous (dogecoin-to-the-moon-302954-1.jpg 600x449 290kB)
It's poomping

3 min later 27938646 Anonymous
>>27938503 If I did I'd put coins in it.

3 min later 27938652 Anonymous (Screenshot 2021-02-06 123254.png 1920x1080 241kB)
pump and dump data

3 min later 27938664 Anonymous
>>27938602 a wallet is where you store crypto. an exchange is where you trade crypto.

3 min later 27938683 Anonymous
>>27938503 >8503▶ >>27938550 >>27938566 I sold it to buy more doge

4 min later 27938695 Anonymous
>>27938559 This. Other shitcoins would KILL for this stability and resilience. Crash will be devastating however,as normies would jump out no parachute, as with GME.

4 min later 27938708 Anonymous
Buy now or wait for 0.052?

4 min later 27938711 Anonymous
>>27938559 5ct doge floor feels surreal. I remember back in 2014 when most people were talking about 1-10ct being the actual moon.

4 min later 27938712 Anonymous (rwh9h7a5.gif 413x228 1848kB)
>>27938411 also checked

4 min later 27938723 Anonymous
>>27938503 Only have crypto doges

4 min later 27938744 ITS HAPPENING
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEc qHA7dbwM

4 min later 27938760 Anonymous (1612391931248.jpg 625x625 82kB)
Waiting for doge go to 0.06 so i can buy the dip and get comfy

5 min later 27938789 Anonymous (4557591.jpg 520x678 70kB)
>>27938411 Dubs checked. Damn just posted when new bread got made... >tfw just bought $300 worth and now own 19.6k Doge Am I gonna make it bros?

5 min later 27938801 Anonymous
>>27938708 Flip a (doge)coin

5 min later 27938802 Anonymous
>bought 500 doges at .054 Did I just buy the top?

5 min later 27938807 Anonymous (1608258838432.jpg 403x430 41kB)
My normie friend just asked me how to buy dogecoin It's over

5 min later 27938830 Anonymous
>>27938760 that dip might only be to .051 -.055

6 min later 27938847 Anonymous (1609609222129.jpg 1280x1278 182kB)
>>27938760 me too

6 min later 27938868 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-07-06-58-57-078_org.floens.chan.jpg 1080x2400 709kB)
Saw this screenshot posted in a previous thread. Dont know how to use twitter, but are more of these whores posting about dogecoin? If so, thats a very encouraging sign. Also just learned about "findom", topfucking kek. How am i not surprised though that such a thing exists.

6 min later 27938889 Anonymous
>>27938802 No, you bought the current floor. Now you just need patience

6 min later 27938892 Anonymous
>>27938695 doge is not a shitcoin anymore show me a single shitcoin that you can pay with DIRECTLY at companies (for example pornhub) show me a shitcoin that gets memed by acutal celebs like musk or that boomer gene doge is becoming legit, we might actually pull off the $1 the only disadvantage is that we are at the mercy of our lord and savior leviathan who can literally completely destroy this coin at any time he pleases by dumping his bag

6 min later 27938895 Anonymous
>>27938664 so if I use an exchange to buy doge but there's no wallet Where does in go?

6 min later 27938907 Anonymous
Should i get 1000 more doge funny rebbit coinz?

6 min later 27938911 Anonymous
massive sell walls coming at .0545 and .0550

7 min later 27938925 Anonymous (1594906297925.jpg 941x799 122kB)
>>27938807 who cares, more pump and dump for me

7 min later 27938964 Anonymous
>>27938695 the crash is inevitable at some point since you can clearly see a bubble forming with all this hype. Hence it is important for people who like this coin to have strategies ready and maybe a solid infrastructure of places that use the coin until then. If people can actually use it for stuff then the crash will be dampened and it can recover way better.

7 min later 27938971 Anonymous
>>27938868 what the fuck is findom?

7 min later 27938972 Anonymous
Using Binance do I buy DOGE/USD?

7 min later 27938981 Anonymous (invested-in-dogecoin-before-it-went-to-a-dollar-3086-1.jpg 600x337 164kB)
make more normie memes faggots https://247memegenerator.com meme magic is real

7 min later 27938984 Anonymous (DOGEdonateSM.png 235x84 15kB)
>>27938868 Encourage OnlyFans and Twitch streamers to adopt a dogecoin donation button!

7 min later 27938989 Anonymous
>>27938411 time to sell when nogs jump on it

8 min later 27939027 Anonymous
>>27938711 it's funny how much this development is copying bitcoin, complete with retards going "well this it it it can't go any higher than this it will fall now" and the 10 years later crying for missing the train, but this time it will be worse because now they know about BTC and how it exploded and even with this knowledge they missed the doge train

8 min later 27939044 Anonymous
>>27938964 My choice is ADA, GRT, and ETH.

8 min later 27939045 Anonymous
>>27938972 You add dollars do your balance, then you trade DOGE/USDT

9 min later 27939082 Anonymous
>>27938971 Simps paying to be verbally abused.

10 min later 27939159 Anonymous
>>27938971 Fins who dominate you for dogecoins

10 min later 27939172 Anonymous (angry dog.jpg 414x400 116kB)
>>27938911 oh shit you are right

11 min later 27939220 Anonymous
>>27938971 "Financial Domination" basically dominatrix but its about simping with your wallet "paypig" and being berated at the same time

11 min later 27939259 Anonymous (61cd4mvp.jpg 590x590 184kB)

11 min later 27939263 Anonymous
>>27938411 Guys, if you think about it. The original doge dog is probably going to die irl at some point and this would contribute as a special thanks for all of the memes over the years as this coin itself would skyrocket. Think about it, it's honoring Kabosu's memory.

11 min later 27939279 Anonymous (1612538791596.png 600x265 33kB)
>>27939027 I guess history will repeat itself in a way

11 min later 27939290 Anonymous
>>27939172 The wall will be torn down! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KI 9eN-AY1s

13 min later 27939409 Anonymous
>>27939172 We the Titans according to a meme one of us made. We make walls our bitches.

13 min later 27939416 Anonymous
>>27939263 True. I hope Kabosu stays alive a lot longer but she's already looking really rough and even when this whole memecoaster started she wasn't the freshest in 2011.

13 min later 27939423 Anonymous
>>27938895 fuck if i know

13 min later 27939435 Anonymous (1603294225440.gif 305x205 445kB)
hey niggers wanna hear something funny? one doge is now actually worth MORE than one peso yes 1 doge > 1 peso das riiiite beaners deal with it

14 min later 27939451 Anonymous (1545102466159.png 317x296 136kB)
>>27939027 This is why I have 100k coins in my wallet and I fucking intend to keep it there until its $1 a coin. Then I'm taking 50k out of it and then keep the rest for more gains

14 min later 27939458 Anonymous
>>27939045 Sorry for the noob questions, haven’t used binance, so say I’m using my debit card to load USD, you’re saying use that to buy USDT? Whats the difference? Never bought any doggies before

14 min later 27939477 Anonymous

14 min later 27939495 Anonymous
>>27938964 If a crash were to hit, where do you think it will hit? Would it be right to predict at .1? Or is stuff like this simply unpredictable and impossible to tell?

15 min later 27939534 ITS HAPPENING
>>27939435 I'm earning a lot, kek

15 min later 27939539 Anonymous (1607545229964.jpg 540x540 109kB)
>>27939435 oof.

15 min later 27939565 Anonymous
>>27939451 well no shit, never sell more than 90% of your bag, because what if the coin does like 10x after that? you would have to kill yourself, but with 10% of your bag left you will still make fat profit

15 min later 27939572 Anonymous (1612623689668.jpg 500x500 99kB)

15 min later 27939574 Anonymous
Best way for a leaf to buy this?

16 min later 27939579 Anonymous
>>27939435 obviously dogs are superior to mexicans

16 min later 27939638 Anonymous (4wzk23.jpg 524x499 61kB)
more oc

16 min later 27939640 Anonymous
>>27939495 I hear .1 being thrown around A LOT but that might just cause a steep dive for a bit. The real crash may happen at some later point after the hype loses steam.

17 min later 27939676 Anonymous
>Meme currency outperforms everything kek

17 min later 27939726 Anonymous (1612642986273.png 381x387 156kB)
>>27939638 >he bought some? >pump it

17 min later 27939728 Anonymous
Should Dogecoin be cap to hit 1 dollar quicker or it wouldn't matter?

18 min later 27939733 Anonymous
>>27939638 Bad advice though

18 min later 27939753 Anonymous (1597686401493.gif 220x147 1379kB)
Never selling

18 min later 27939804 Anonymous
>>27939572 That's the one lol

18 min later 27939806 Anonymous (Doge GAINS.png 1920x1040 64kB)
Thanks for the free money, retards.

19 min later 27939811 Anonymous
>>27939458 USDT is the USD balance trade basically. You should be able to straight up buy doggies after loading up

19 min later 27939817 Anonymous
.054 sell wall broken

19 min later 27939824 Anonymous
>>27938895 The exchange holds it for you. Exchanges have been hacked before though which is why you should use a wallet for long-term storage.

19 min later 27939848 Anonymous
>>27938539 nobody knows but doge is making moves

19 min later 27939876 Anonymous
my mother just called me saying she spent money on doge, if this is not a sign this is just the fucking start i dont know what is

19 min later 27939893 Anonymous

20 min later 27939917 Anonymous
Boys what if this is the next bitcoin. What if we all make millions?

20 min later 27939942 Anonymous (1597535081299.jpg 604x604 40kB)
>>27939733 >Bad advice though Thus, making it perfect for normies.

20 min later 27939949 Anonymous (mcdoge.jpg 300x168 11kB)
>>27939806 >cashing out with under $500 in gains oh, ouch

21 min later 27939970 Anonymous
>>27938971 Apparently there are people who get off on being insulted and ordered to pay money for it.

21 min later 27939986 Anonymous
>>27938539 Wait until it drops back down. Pumps built on hype doesn't last long. It may go up to 8 cents again, maybe even break 10 cents, but just beware that this will more than likely go back down.

21 min later 27939988 Anonymous (HODL.png 500x500 117kB)

21 min later 27939991 Anonymous
Took out a loan for Doge. We better go to the moon.

21 min later 27939999 Anonymous (bogdoge.png 1069x505 102kB)
>>27939638 nevar forgat, there is one final boss standing between us and $1 BOG v LEVIATHAN the final battle will be legendary

21 min later 27940012 Anonymous (1581160806199.jpg 1000x1000 263kB)
>playing with pure profits at this point going to the moon on a free ride, this can't get any more comfy. always play the bottom of a pump and dump, I made a couple thousand on AMC and GME too

21 min later 27940024 Anonymous
>>27938503 My doge is elderly and probably won't last another 2 years.

21 min later 27940036 Anonymous (OOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg 216x234 11kB)
here it comes

22 min later 27940065 Anonymous (4wzkpt.jpg 556x500 67kB)

22 min later 27940079 Anonymous
>>27939949 >$19 in 2017 to $440 in 2021 Kek'd, bagholder

22 min later 27940086 Anonymous
>>27939986 Your single digits say other wise

22 min later 27940098 Anonymous
I'm up 22 cents bros, I'm gonna make it

22 min later 27940114 Anonymous
>>27939999 Checked.

22 min later 27940118 Anonymous (chaddoge.png 1600x936 572kB)
>>27939986 >several big name websites now accepting dogecoin >it's just a hype pump bro >it'll go back down

23 min later 27940147 Anonymous
>>27938566 Weeb

23 min later 27940165 Anonymous (acceptable.webm 300x348 1962kB)
Doge is love

23 min later 27940167 Anonymous

23 min later 27940180 Anonymous (1611953571948.png 528x321 160kB)
>>27940098 >i'm up 2 whole dollars after being -100$ for 4 days

23 min later 27940204 Anonymous
>>27940167 deal

23 min later 27940205 Anonymous
holy shit. we are reaching .06 today right bros??

23 min later 27940206 Anonymous
>>27939999 Absolutely checked. Holy shit. >>27940079 Adamantium paws baby.

24 min later 27940223 Anonymous
>>27939824 can I use the exchange to send it to a wallet?

24 min later 27940263 Anonymous
>>27940180 WE ARE GUNNA MAKE IT BROS!!!!

24 min later 27940276 Anonymous
i've made $228.23 since the start of this

24 min later 27940277 Anonymous (1612641476297.jpg 582x429 47kB)
>>27938411 Hodling and never selling, this is the next Bitcoin

24 min later 27940279 Anonymous (4wzkz7.jpg 596x419 92kB)
more oc this one for all the faggots in doge threads trying to shill against doge

24 min later 27940290 Anonymous
>>27940223 Yes, for a fee.

24 min later 27940305 Sage
>>27939435 >>Gb2 /pol/

25 min later 27940314 Anonymous
>>27940205 maybe, we gotta see what elon tweets after the poll ends.

25 min later 27940341 Anonymous (file.png 828x574 226kB)
based boomereenos and their fat boomer stacks

26 min later 27940414 Anonymous (4wzl8z.jpg 600x471 63kB)

26 min later 27940451 Anonymous
what are some other coins that have previously done what dogecoin has been doing this past week? have any climbed like this and then crashed back down to nothing?

27 min later 27940490 Anonymous
>mfw DOGE stands for Don't Own Gas Engines What did he mean by this anons?

27 min later 27940522 Anonymous
here's the dip?

27 min later 27940531 Anonymous
>>27940165 Looks better than 90% of women these days tbph senpai

27 min later 27940549 Anonymous (images.jpg 220x229 11kB)

28 min later 27940562 Anonymous
>>27940451 The trend is like BTC but the speed of growth is unmatched and unprecedented

28 min later 27940566 Anonymous (1612631159289.png 720x1440 275kB)
>>27940341 >based boomereenos and their fat boomer stacks PRIVATE STACKS???

28 min later 27940586 Anonymous (CloudyGrossHorsechestnutleafminer-size_restricted.gif 500x281 1652kB)
>>27939999 checked and pomped

28 min later 27940616 Anonymous
>>27940368 >its real what the fuck is going on

29 min later 27940620 Anonymous
>>27940549 You ruined it...

29 min later 27940642 Anonymous (8F3C092E-D942-4749-A963-E2A333385024.png 779x900 1038kB)

29 min later 27940656 Anonymous (484d60938f2660bde28aa141f659f8d2--frog-meme-the-morning.jpg 236x236 5kB)
>saturday night watching memecoin chart going up and down ty corona

29 min later 27940670 Anonymous
>>27940451 elon has to dump everything he holds for it to lose sentiment and drop to "nothing". if elon holds forever then I don't see us staying under .03 or worst case .02

29 min later 27940689 Anonymous (Screenshot_127.png 823x626 47kB)
What's whale meat taste like anons?

30 min later 27940699 Anonymous
>>27940566 KEK

30 min later 27940711 Anonymous

30 min later 27940740 Anonymous
>>27940656 it's addicting. i'd be watching it on my phone even if i was out.

30 min later 27940753 Anonymous
>>27940451 the last time something like this happened it was bitcoin

30 min later 27940770 Anonymous (1601447868866.jpg 256x256 12kB)
>>27940566 Holy. The normies are coming...

31 min later 27940775 Anonymous (sh57.gif 500x281 2036kB)
Once it goes 0.055 it's habbiding

31 min later 27940787 Anonymous
is there really going to be a doge super bowl commercial?

31 min later 27940796 Anonymous (1612510636796.jpg 680x729 78kB)

31 min later 27940808 Anonymous
When’s the next dip happening so I can double down?

31 min later 27940817 Anonymous (Chef Armstrong.jpg 858x694 47kB)
>>27940277 Dubs of truth checked, PAMP EET...

31 min later 27940848 Anonymous
>>27940808 i think it's happening now.

32 min later 27940871 Anonymous

32 min later 27940894 Anonymous
going to go paint my niece's nails. i hope it pumps before i get back.

32 min later 27940903 Anonymous
>>27940787 COOMDADDY.CUM

32 min later 27940916 Anonymous
>>27940689 you think whales are dumb

32 min later 27940924 Anonymous
>>27940290 Understood. What about getting it out of a wallet into an exchange?

33 min later 27940966 Anonymous (Kira Boner.jpg 480x656 40kB)

33 min later 27940972 Anonymous
>>27938411 I am so fucking close to buying into the Doge Meme. Is it a good time right now or will there be a dip soon? Elons poll ends in 7 hours will it peak then?

33 min later 27940973 Anonymous
Gonna try to start buying 1k coins a week. It seems like a solid idea. Is it worth it?

33 min later 27940985 Anonymous
>>27940787 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOw IYikCawk

33 min later 27940987 Anonymous

33 min later 27940993 Anonymous (14236458236.png 153x166 42kB)
>>27940770 The Normans are here...

33 min later 27941002 Anonymous
>>27940642 soon the people who are selling will have nothing to sell

33 min later 27941014 Anonymous
>>27940894 post niece's feets pls

34 min later 27941050 Anonymous
>>27940973 As a poorfag I am gonna keep adding 1k every paycheck

34 min later 27941054 Anonymous (biz on suicide watch.png 1500x1500 654kB)
reminder to never listen to anything /biz/ says

34 min later 27941079 Anonymous
Seeing this I'm sad I sold 80% of my initial buy in from when it was .02. Got spooked when it dropped down to .04 levels. At least I still made a stack.

34 min later 27941106 Anonymous (9570274.jpg 546x210 14kB)
https://fintechzoom.com/fintech_new s_bitcoin-price/bitcoin-price-today -bitcoin-breaks-40000-and-sets-its- sights-on-a-new-all-time-high-eth-f ees-spike-as-a-new-price-record-is- set-and-elon-musk-really-loves-doge coin/ “Ur welcome” — DOGE soars after Elon Musk returns to Twitter… to shill Dogecoin To an extent, the surge in crypto prices could be attributed to Elon Musk. For reasons beyond understanding, the world’s richest man is obsessed with Dogecoin. The Tesla CEO raised eyebrows this week when he shared a doctored photo of himself masquerading as Rafiki from The Lion King, with a shiba inu superimposed onto Simba’s face in the famous scene where the lion cub is held aloft on Pride Rock. Musk helped DOGE surge this week, but remarks he made on Bitcoin during a Clubhouse discussion failed to have as much of an impact as last Friday when BTC leaped up by thousands of dollars because Musk added #bitcoin to his Twitter bio. During the Clubhouse chat, the billionaire was quoted as saying: “I am late to the party but I am a supporter of Bitcoin.” New research this week examined six times when Musk had tweeted about BTC or DOGE, finding that his remarks caused price surges and a “significant increase” in trading volumes. But the paper from Blockchain Research Lab warned: “While Musk’s behavior and communication can be deemed positive or funny in nature (and therefore arguably uncritical), similar research has already revealed that negative tweets can also have a negative impact on financial returns.” FintechZoom reporting on dogecoin is big, massive insider community

35 min later 27941128 Anonymous (1581173838117.jpg 333x400 28kB)
>gf gets mad I spent her insulin money on doge >tell her worst case scenario we get it back next meme pump >still mad >"it's over, anon" >tfw actually it's poomping >she fuckin leaves >text her "t. bought at .08" >do a 360 and walk away any major changes today dogebros?

35 min later 27941166 Anonymous (armup.jpg 512x512 65kB)
>>27941054 Why is there so much seething over a cute like doge token?

35 min later 27941182 Anonymous

36 min later 27941193 Anonymous (file.png 1004x1004 1797kB)
Official Elon Musk Anit-Bog Pump/Dump Image Version 1.03 Patchnotes: >increased resolution of image from 387x387 to 1004x1004 >slightly rotated hand/phone clockwise to appear more natural >adjusted ambient occlusion underneath the hand/phone >adjusted lighting on the hand to more closely match the lighting of the scene >stabilized price of cryptocurrency "Dogecoin" to $0.054 Any and all feedback is appreciated. Look forward to the next patch based on valuable user feedback

36 min later 27941206 Anonymous
>>27941050 Same dude. I would love to make something off of this meme. Might as well ride this train and see where it gets off.

36 min later 27941239 Anonymous
What's the rumor about the super bowl commercial ?

36 min later 27941253 Anonymous
>>27941182 >trusting SHIB pajeets You brought this on yourself son.

36 min later 27941254 Anonymous
>>27941193 put text over it

37 min later 27941285 Anonymous
if sentiment changes it will dump hard, since there's no intrinsic value for normies to cope hold for. that's the only way I see it tanking back. like if it came out that elon shoots babies in his spare time. it's so tied to elon at this point that if TSLA starts an actual downtrend doge could too

37 min later 27941299 Anonymous
>>27941239 it's just a rumor

37 min later 27941312 Anonymous (bogdanoff-dump-it-meme-1.png 458x321 263kB)
>>27941166 Altcoin nerds can't deal with meme magic

37 min later 27941314 Anonymous (no fun.jpg 469x512 132kB)
>>27941054 Didn't know this place had so many fucking boomers

37 min later 27941315 Anonymous
>>27938503 i just bought $100 worth today

37 min later 27941323 Anonymous (165468746877.jpg 240x240 3kB)
I have to admit I haven't had as much fun like this in a long time. Watching magical autism numbers with you guys in these chaotic threads is a blast

37 min later 27941325 Anonymous
I need this fucking canine to drop tot 0.050 for a minute so I can cash up on my previous dump loss t. buy high sell low

38 min later 27941356 Anonymous
>>27941285 It's getting accepted for direct payment on major websites. It's gaining a lot of intrinsic value and spendability.

38 min later 27941375 Anonymous (134754.png 1920x1080 212kB)

38 min later 27941377 Anonymous
>>27941254 Version 1.0 of the meme featured the text "Dump it." at the bottom, however it seemed more user friendly to omit text from the image so that users could define their own text in a caption.

38 min later 27941394 Anonymous
>>27941285 So did TSLA when Muskerino smoked a doobie on a podcast Now look at them profits

39 min later 27941407 Anonymous
>>27941182 Just keep buying retard, never panic sell. Buy and hodl

39 min later 27941422 Anonymous
>>27941239 A rumor. Buy the rumors and sell the news.

39 min later 27941436 Anonymous
>>27941166 shitcoiners are mad their shitcoins aren't getting any attention

40 min later 27941488 Anonymous (EtUvm-KVcAI-Xls.jpg 1616x1080 272kB)
Any Anons getting into Doge needing a referral code for Binance? Only asking once just in case.

40 min later 27941529 Anonymous (76b7a8296c3aaba43a2ea344e9dd8344.png 750x990 1202kB)
Holding until $10

40 min later 27941532 Anonymous
https://www.tmz.com/2021/02/06/elon -musk-says-dogecoin-is-the-future-o f-cryptocurrency/ ok wtf tmz exclusive report with elon musk about dogecoin NEW ELON VIDEO mentions dogecoin around 1:10 onwards Share if u want faggots this might be big

41 min later 27941607 Anonymous (file.png 1808x1027 2798kB)
>>27941193 Also available in widescreen format

41 min later 27941615 Anonymous
What could even happen if the super bowl commercial is real?

42 min later 27941678 Anonymous (external-content.duckduckgo.com.png 400x400 35kB)
>>27941607 >>27941193 based anyway keep dogging

42 min later 27941679 Anonymous

42 min later 27941682 Anonymous
>>27941407 I didn't panic sell, I made comfy sell with 110$ profit. Thought nothing could pump eet further, but somehow it's happening. Sorry dogebros for my sweaty paperhands.

42 min later 27941686 Anonymous
>>27941312 Silly altcoiners, it's simple logic though. Most of their "other projects" are overly nerdy and detailed. Yeah, they're tailor-made to catch the eyes of /biz/ anons. And they may be great projects, but they aren't attractive to the public at large though. You try and talk to a normie about the deep technicalities of your super techy and state of the art altcoin, they just get bored. They don't care, that's why the altcoins don't get traction.

42 min later 27941692 Anonymous
>>27941615 boomer invasion

43 min later 27941763 Anonymous
>>27941682 Smell of curry

43 min later 27941769 Anonymous
>>27941166 DOUBLE DUBS CHECKED THEY HATE US CUZ THEY AINT US https://youtu.be/Hp-Xc59rXYo

44 min later 27941792 Anonymous
>>27941002 you do realize the people selling are immediately rebuying they're probably increasing their stack by 10k+ every time it hits the .055 wall

45 min later 27941864 Anonymous
>>27940656 i'm looking at my phone so much my gf thinks i'm cheating on her

45 min later 27941876 Anonymous (2021-02-06-1612648496_709x80_.png 709x80 16kB)
>>27941532 >journalism

45 min later 27941915 Anonymous
>>27941763 No curry

45 min later 27941928 Anonymous
Alright let's blast off while the paper hands are gone.

45 min later 27941938 Anonymous (alexsis faye.png 600x801 1938kB)
The amount of hate this coin is getting only makes me want to see it succeed even more.

46 min later 27941960 Anonymous
>>27941356 I suppose I mean short term. long term it's a grower for certain, it's clear on the 5 year chart. I'm trying to parse out the worst case scenario >>27941394 TSLA could have suffered setbacks, just because it hasn't doesn't mean there isn't risk involved. however unlikely

46 min later 27941961 Anonymous (dancing_doge.gif 240x200 384kB)
>>27941769 Nice jam dude

46 min later 27941964 Anonymous
>>27941876 Brand spanking new! In 2013.

46 min later 27941969 Anonymous
>>27941876 it was probably written by a woman

46 min later 27942006 Anonymous (AINMG_Doge.png 1181x768 1342kB)
Were going to make it bros.

47 min later 27942009 Anonymous
>>27940656 At least I'm not alone.

47 min later 27942042 Anonymous
>>27941166 mad jelaous fags who missed the train and bought into some shitcoin during a pump and dump and now are left with worthless bags while we are comfy cursing at stable 5 cent floor and they can't handle it

47 min later 27942058 Anonymous
>>27939435 My sides!

47 min later 27942067 Anonymous
>>27942006 based and true

48 min later 27942105 Anonymous
>>27942006 Kek'd and saved

48 min later 27942122 Anonymous
i sold all mine at .044, holding 200 on RH and i've been waiting for fucking binance to accept my verification for 6 god damn days now

49 min later 27942153 Anonymous
>>27941938 Success, jealousy, etc, you know the drill

49 min later 27942219 Anonymous
>>27942122 Kek, Binance is cucking burgers hard

50 min later 27942246 Anonymous
Unloaded 200 dollars on this for the memes, I'd say Elon is due another tweet after the poll

50 min later 27942253 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sgu RtrBXWj8

50 min later 27942276 Anonymous
>>27938411 does anyone else get a bad/weird vibe seeing all these celebrities pushing this?

51 min later 27942306 Anonymous
>>27942122 I’m in NY and fucking RH is my only option. I feel that.

51 min later 27942330 Anonymous
>>27942276 yes

51 min later 27942335 Anonymous
SMINEM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1j 5lzT2pVU

51 min later 27942343 Anonymous (2021-02-06-1612648831_242x43_.png 242x43 3kB)
Found some relic https://www.reddit.com/r/DogecoinHy pe That would be quite the prize money now

51 min later 27942360 Anonymous
>>27942219 Yeah I'm Canadian and hopped on around a week ago. A few hours max. All Americans seen to be getting cucked.

51 min later 27942366 Anonymous
>>27942122 I got verified today, registered Jan 28

52 min later 27942432 Anonymous (1575868404703.png 500x279 179kB)
>absolute push and shill from every single major celeb and two fucking billionaires (Elon Musk and Mark Cuban) >still can't go past .055 despite reaching 0.08 without any celeb promotion WHO THE FUCK KEEPS SELLING? DONT YOU WANT TO TURN YOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR PROFIT INTO HUNDRED THOUSAND?

53 min later 27942467 Anonymous
>someone have bought 14888 which one of you fuckers did this?

53 min later 27942472 Anonymous (mememagicisreal.png 862x586 1393kB)
>>27942343 Let's make the mememagic work

53 min later 27942499 Anonymous
>>27938503 I have a shih-tzu.

54 min later 27942507 Anonymous
>>27942432 Whales will artificially keep it down. I feel like worst case scenario this is how elites bring in a cashless society.

56 min later 27942685 Anonymous
>>27942467 i set all my sell wall limits at .x91488

56 min later 27942696 Anonymous (spooked.jpg 301x367 25kB)
>>27942335 Never in my life have I been more terrified of that damn phone buzz...

56 min later 27942714 Anonymous (dogedance.gif 226x396 255kB)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPl QpGeTbIE

57 min later 27942777 Anonymous (1573504010908.png 239x212 35kB)
>>27942507 Whales are just taking the money that you gleefully give them and then rebuy the dips they themselves cause lmao.

57 min later 27942778 Anonymous
>>27942276 no. i just want this shit to get to .10 so i can make some quick gains to put into something that isnt a complete meme

57 min later 27942797 Anonymous
>>27942276 yeah. not a great idea to be "all in" for sure, I'd say only have what you're willing to lose 40% on. or have enough to average down on a massive dump

58 min later 27942817 Anonymous (1604938169241.jpg 479x540 39kB)
>>27942685 >1488

58 min later 27942841 Anonymous (8q0crbndouf61.png 621x500 439kB)

58 min later 27942883 Anonymous
>>27938566 We have one. Cute, Smart dog, but is a handful.

58 min later 27942885 Anonymous (1612575885739.jpg 1340x1080 87kB)
https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/tori-559 45802 >Dogecoin price prediction: All you need to about Dogecoin and why pipo begin rush dis cryptocurrency Di price of Dogecoin [Doge], one cryptocurrency wey start as joke for 2013, don jump go up well-well and rise more than 800% for di year so far. Di increase value of dis cryptocurrency dey happun afta di world richest man, Elon Musk name Dogecoin as "di pipo crypto".

59 min later 27942900 Anonymous
>>27942777 trips of truth

59 min later 27942919 Anonymous
>>27938411 Wow it went up a whole cent

59 min later 27942940 Anonymous
>>27942276 >does anyone else get a bad/weird vibe seeing all these celebrities pushing this? I just hope Elon will save all the clueless boomers and normies that will lose alot when whales dump.

1 hours later 27942977 Anonymous
>>27942696 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y28 Diszaoo4

1 hours later 27942999 Anonymous
>>27942885 what the fuck is this

1 hours later 27943002 Anonymous
>>27942919 >he can't into proportions ngmi

1 hours later 27943038 Anonymous (file.png 600x398 560kB)
>>27942885 Why is this article written this way?

1 hours later 27943068 Anonymous
>>27942885 kek

1 hours later 27943076 Anonymous
>>27942432 The pump scam from reddit of 2 or 3 days ago really broke the momentum for a moment but I'm glad we're past 0.05 again

1 hours later 27943079 Anonymous (1567177760804.gif 200x200 1501kB)
If Elon wants to promote Dogecoin, start by telling retards how to buy them in the first place.

1 hours later 27943091 Anonymous
>>27943038 Classic pidgin.

1 hours later 27943092 Anonymous
>>27942885 oh my fucking god

1 hours later 27943095 Anonymous
>>27943002 It's called a joke. Besides you're the idiots here. Whales will dump and you'll be holding the bags.

1 hours later 27943137 Anonymous
>>27942885 I hate being reminded that pidgin exists like this

1 hours later 27943146 Anonymous (IM_NOT_SELLING.jpg 1278x719 152kB)
>>27942919 Nigga its been up a full cent every day for 5 days now

1 hours later 27943151 Anonymous (bobo-choked-by-green-wojak.png 189x266 60kB)
>>27941532 Fucking based

1 hours later 27943181 Anonymous
>>27942885 The fuck

1 hours later 27943193 Anonymous
>>27943038 It's unironically written for niggers.

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