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2021-02-06 11:58 27902629 Anonymous (Screen_Shot_2021-02-04_at_1.41.29_AM.png 1276x1270 818kB)
dumps? coins increase. moons? coins increase. this thing is the comfiest hold.

19 min later 27903452 Anonymous
>>27902629 Looks like we're about to get out of this dip finally too. I'm excited!

21 min later 27903533 Anonymous
>>27903452 yep... everything dumped yesterday with ETH rising and those crazy gas prices. ready for shit to pump again over the weekend!

23 min later 27903599 Anonymous
Hope the chatter about getting into a conservation partnership pans out.

27 min later 27903767 Anonymous (1612582885931.png 1964x1964 2270kB)
>>27902629 ape mode engaged

33 min later 27904006 Anonymous
>>27903599 It will, that was my idea and I intend to help organize that myself. Realistically I think that's more of a Q2 move but depending on how much this moons I may move quicker with that plan

33 min later 27904021 Anonymous
>>27902629 Comfy AF

34 min later 27904043 Anonymous
>>27903767 Nice edit

37 min later 27904146 Anonymous
I suggest before anyone buys this pnd shitcoin that they go and look at the buy and sell history chart for a few minutes. After that maybe take a look at WORLD token as well. If you're not an utter retard, you should be able to pick out a major RED FUCKING FLAG that will save you from this GROUPS scam coins. NOW and IN THE FUTURE. tldr. IQ's above 90 will thank me when they see it.

37 min later 27904154 Anonymous (FEGtothemoon.png 1964x1964 2168kB)
>>27903767 It's hilarious watching this image evolve today.

38 min later 27904188 Anonymous
>>27902629 >Buy 100 of scam coin >Price dumps 90% >You now have 200 of scam coin >WTF COMFIEST HOLD EVER!!!

40 min later 27904268 Anonymous
>>27904146 I got into crypto literally yesterday and that's the first shit I bought. So I guess I learned a lesson from this at least? Hopefully, although I need to learn how to spot scams.

46 min later 27904455 Anonymous
$FEG is the right now deflationary af + 1% tax distribution to your wallet liquidity locked for a year. Buying again. Uniswap. Check their site out too fegtoken.com The economics are fantastic

46 min later 27904469 Anonymous
>>27904146 What am I looking for exactly? Am I supposed to be autistica with reading account IDs or looking at transaction amounts?

47 min later 27904510 Anonymous
>>27903599 This is absolutely doable. All they need is have the conservation group get a wallet and send them $FEG. Doesn't have to be a large amount either. Just enough so that the rewards can be used in a cycling patter. This shit could be big.

49 min later 27904565 Anonymous
>>27904268 These faggots have released a bunch of these shitcoins recently. >they do absolutely nothing >they promise you shitcoins for doing nothing >their gas fees are fucking outrageous (the group owns the fucking coin so they get a cut of your gas) >no matter how early you get in they have 1000x more than you. >watch the charts, look at the wallets that dump. >Numbers look like faces to me. I see the same faces dumping in those shitcoins. Don't feel bad anon, you paid for a lesson. You can make money from these guys rugpulls, but you have to be quick and have to be both early in and out. >they are literally psychopathic man, they want to bleed you dry.

51 min later 27904625 Anonymous

51 min later 27904635 Anonymous
>>27904510 This is what I'm saying man, this coin was created with an open usecase. I see no reason why it can't evolve from a memecoin into something more serious. >>27904565 Someone has crypto PTSD

52 min later 27904670 Anonymous
>>27904268 Lmao my condolences friend. It can be hard spotting a scam, but this group has done the exact same thing several times already. They'll try again when they're done with this one, so remember to stay away from monkey themed RFI clones. Also keep in mind how the shills wrote because they're not a very creative bunch. Best of luck in the future!

53 min later 27904733 Anonymous
>>27904670 I got in early and out. I noticed the pattern, and then started looking at others. Anyways, better things to do. Those that know, know. Those that see it, see it.

55 min later 27904784 Anonymous
>>27904565 >>27904670 Thank you kind anons, I'll do more research before investing next time, kinda have myself to blame here. Best of luck to you two as well.

57 min later 27904901 Anonymous
>>27904268 Its not a scam. Ask the needed questions in the group. Namely, about liquidity lock and ownership.

1 hours later 27904984 Anonymous
>>27904901 >It's not a scam bro >Just ask the scammers The absolute state of you fucking niggers

1 hours later 27905048 Anonymous
>>27904784 Godspeed anon. I came back to check on you as you seem geniune and not a bot or shill. I will make a suggestion if you want to park something into crypto: GRT or FTM.. both have real world use. Not scam coins or pump and dump. The only /biz coin I'm in on is RBC. And I recommend if you buy it to DYOR hard. I am not comfortable with it because I see a "face" I don't much trust.

1 hours later 27905323 Anonymous
>>27905048 coinbase is holding my eth hostage for a few days because i forgot how fucking slow bank transfers are. GRT looks interesting. Really think it accomplishes something?

1 hours later 27905470 Anonymous
this shit is exact same scam like SHIB macdonaldscoin and WOLFY

1 hours later 27905490 Anonymous
>>27905323 Maybe, maybe not, at the very least it's a legit project and not some streetshitter scam like this.

1 hours later 27905508 Anonymous
>>27905048 Thank you for the advice, I still have some money on Binance so I will look into both GRT and FTM. So these are more long-term coins? Buy and just keep holding and make some small gains over time? Honestly I was just excited by the FEG generals before promising easy x10 and I fell for it. >>27904901 But I don't really know what that means. Liquidity lock.. so the price can't fall to almost 0? Or can it still do it? If it falls to where it started, it will still be a huge loss for me.

1 hours later 27905524 Anonymous
>>27904625 I guess all these youtubers with 416k subs combined are all scammers too? Crypto Pablo 96.5K subscribers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qe DkOoAJoA Alexandrus 39.3K subscribers https://youtu.be/xVitPqHy100 Crypto Shark 31.8K subscribers https://youtu.be/CvgI1TA71QU Zaba 44.2K subscribers https://youtu.be/zQPdt3N6wFc Honest Chain 14.4K subscribers https://youtu.be/qX2DvrFaULI deiseNN 42k subscribers https://youtu.be/-A5Tnc-FxO4 Crypto Jogi 49.9K subscribers https://youtu.be/iENWnZHWMyE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEN WnZHWMyE&t=1s Crypto Skach 89.4K subscribers https://youtu.be/A73EY_0tzBA Crypto Alekso 10.8K subscribers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXA Wl5iq5W0&feature=youtu.be Charlie Gibona 40.1K subscribers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Zn 5UIwZKi4&feature=youtu.be >>27904670 I am not part of any scam group you faggot. I just want to see it succeed and for the community to prosper. >>27904784 I genuinely believe this is not a scam, I respect your caution though.

1 hours later 27905620 Anonymous (monkeyscam.png 962x1428 77kB)
>>27905508 Don't listen to this >>27904901 nigger, he's trying to scam you. What does it matter if it drops 98%, 99% or 100%? Pic related is the charts of two of their previous scams. The pump is over, now it will only decrease in value and eventually flatline.

1 hours later 27905695 Anonymous
>>27905524 >I am not part of any scam group you faggot. I just want to see it succeed and for the community to prosper. Go fuck yourself Ranjeet, I hope a monkey kills your mother in her sleep you curry drenched streetshitter.

1 hours later 27905784 Anonymous
>>27905524 This was what got me interested in it. Obviously, getting down 50% has me annoyed. But, it's also not surprising so see people take quick profits. And I was slow as fuck trying to navigate uniswap and metamask. Last time I actively traded crypto BTC was trying to hit 20k. So this DeFi stuff is a new ball game, along with Uniswap and this situation with GAS fees. Not like I YOLOed big money. Might as well see what happens. Gas fees would bad touch whatever I could take out anyway.

1 hours later 27905817 Anonymous
>>27904565 Yeah look at their last release https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap /pair-explorer/0x2e571b6495a9e0cb52 667a89bc7bbf77110c2802 Do you want up holding these bags? Stay away from copy paste scam coins /biz/

1 hours later 27905849 Anonymous
>>27905620 Oh. That's too bad. Well, time to play some relaxing music and realize that along the way I will make mistakes. Time to pull out then, probably. Next time I need to keep the hype away from getting to my head. Thanks again.

1 hours later 27905885 Anonymous

1 hours later 27905914 Anonymous
>>27902629 I know right, that's why I bought more.

1 hours later 27905936 Anonymous

1 hours later 27906021 Anonymous
>>27905620 these charts dont look anything alike

1 hours later 27906052 Anonymous
>>27905620 Those graphs are not same though, FEG's growth has a been a lot more organic. Goddamn /biz/ really is just a bunch of white people calling each other pajeets. I mean shit it's really not hard to tell if someone is indian, they write in a specific way. >>27905784 I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what happens over the weekend. If I'm wrong then I would still recommend you hold, as I've said before this coin is not just a PnD and has long term prospects.

1 hours later 27906084 Anonymous
>>27906021 >>27906052 not yet they dont, moron

1 hours later 27906127 Anonymous
>>27906052 this guy is right, all these ape rfi scam groups aren't indians, they're worse... they're turks...

1 hours later 27906223 Anonymous
>>27906084 all three charts are over 5 days and feg doesn't look anything like the other 2

1 hours later 27906266 Anonymous
>>27906127 so far iv been told they are indians, africans and now turks, you fudders gotta get your stories straight

1 hours later 27906278 Anonymous
The amount of fud in this group is very bullish desu.. i'm gonna buy 5 eth worth.

1 hours later 27906284 Anonymous
>>27902629 Can't believe I got in at rock bottom and got out with only 2x. What a dope.

1 hours later 27906340 Anonymous
>>27906084 By that logic we'll still get a massive spike pump sometime soon. If that happens I'll see the writing on the wall and sell a percentage of my bags for profit, I'm not stupid. I don't think that will happen though, at least by a coordinated scam group.

1 hours later 27906426 Anonymous
>>27906052 >as I've said before this coin is not just a PnD and has long term prospects. Yeah, the idiots in the R3FI Telegram are still saying that too. >>27906223 Imbecile

1 hours later 27906468 Anonymous
>>27906340 The pump already happened, this is the dump.

1 hours later 27906517 Anonymous
>>27902629 Isn't this a scam lol?

1 hours later 27906572 Anonymous
>>27906517 It most certainly is. A really lazy one at that.

1 hours later 27907226 Anonymous
>>27906426 hey mate its not my fault the charts you posted dont match what your claiming

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