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2021-02-05 10:54 27857829 Anonymous (33441244.jpg 976x850 90kB)
There are unironical 30+ year olds who post pepe frogs on this board

0 min later 27857901 Anonymous
>>27857829 no u

1 min later 27857940 Anonymous (1605595961606.jpg 660x492 278kB)
Apu is superior

1 min later 27857955 Anonymous
>>27857829 And?

1 min later 27857998 Anonymous (kaacqvv73u811.png 346x474 311kB)
I miss these fuckers like you wouldn't believe

2 min later 27858007 Anonymous (pepe glass.jpg 282x178 8kB)
and we wont stop. ol pep is our friend, the chap has been with us since the beginning.

2 min later 27858014 Anonymous (1544463721257.jpg 1508x892 149kB)
yeah, what are you going to do about it zoomie?

2 min later 27858025 Anonymous (1607359176123.png 500x452 246kB)
>>27857829 30 here, my go-to is the doge, not because I do memecoin, I just love this fucking dog

3 min later 27858080 Anonymous (1612550368741.jpg 634x634 125kB)

3 min later 27858100 Anonymous
>>27857940 This. He's relatable and also you want to protect him from all the bad things in the world. He brings out the fatherly instincts.

3 min later 27858111 Anonymous (pepes.jpg 2172x2802 602kB)
>>27858007 Hear, hear!

3 min later 27858160 Anonymous
>>27857829 60+ here I post it on my Facebook to Do something about it

3 min later 27858161 Anonymous (1606575363071.jpg 700x605 72kB)
>>27857829 i'm 30 ama

4 min later 27858164 Anonymous (9831793481.png 1200x1074 996kB)
>>27857829 IDGAF

4 min later 27858192 Anonymous
>>27857998 Dude I forgot about those bad boys, they were fantastic. My list of things that I really miss (excluding when restaurants had better quality food, I'm talking shit like Applebees actually tasting good 2008 and prior) is: >Fizzled Skittles circa 2012 >Hawaiian Punch Jellybeans circa 2014 >Flaming Hot Cheetoh Asteroids (original recipe that came in the tube) circa 2004 >Coke Blak circa 2010

4 min later 27858201 Anonymous (bitch.jpg 540x786 38kB)
>>27857829 >uniroincal

4 min later 27858204 Anonymous
>>27857829 I've made way more shitposting here than wageslaving in my 20s

4 min later 27858229 Anonymous
>>27857829 4chan won't let me post images anymore So as a 30-something I resort to emoticons : D

4 min later 27858232 Anonymous (1609780726380.jpg 240x240 7kB)
34 here

4 min later 27858234 Anonymous
wow feel that hype around bot ocean on twi???? > who uses it? any comments or reviews? try to find new instruments and bots for ez trading with dex read it - tell what u think

4 min later 27858239 Anonymous (1608815873400.jpg 649x489 40kB)
>>27857829 There are actual post-2000 zoomers here who managed to take the cock out of their mouths for 3 seconds to make a garbage thread on this board

4 min later 27858250 Anonymous (1609690246017.png 594x594 233kB)
>>27857829 there's nothing you can do about it faggot >>27857998 these were amazing but in retrospect i cant believe the literally poisonous shit our absolutely retarded boomer parents let us eat

5 min later 27858271 Anonymous (kcy8tzzhpe611.jpg 800x800 119kB)
>he thinks pepe is a zoomer meme

5 min later 27858316 Anonymous (787767227449344040.png 128x128 20kB)

6 min later 27858345 Anonymous
>>27857829 time will come for you zoomer and it'll fucking cut your worthless cock off

6 min later 27858362 Anonymous (1610491134832.gif 460x258 790kB)
>>27857829 Retarded zoomers are retarded

6 min later 27858376 Anonymous
>>27857829 Rickety old niggers are seething

6 min later 27858391 Anonymous (1608654805520.jpg 340x296 37kB)
>>27857829 fuck u stupid zoomer fag

6 min later 27858396 Anonymous (1612516189174.png 334x346 130kB)

6 min later 27858397 Anonymous (l2t0vfsdp4b01.jpg 630x420 50kB)
>>27858192 - squeeze-its - 3d doritos (the big ones and the small ones)

8 min later 27858521 Anonymous (1612262222343.jpg 896x994 85kB)
>>27858161 How old are you, fren?

8 min later 27858541 Anonymous (Doritos3DCrunch_Lead.jpg 1080x720 181kB)
>>27858397 3d Doritos just made a comeback anon. Go pick yourself up a bag.

9 min later 27858596 Anonymous (.jpg 420x418 37kB)
How about 30 year olds posting anime reaction pics?

9 min later 27858621 Anonymous
>>27858397 oh man I fucking loved squeeze its. Don't think I ever tried a 3d dorito, was never a big dorito lover as is

9 min later 27858630 Anonymous (infintehopium.png 1200x675 503kB)
dips fedora

9 min later 27858655 Anonymous
is LTC still the best for sending funds between exchanges?

10 min later 27858672 Anonymous (file.png 1064x931 1216kB)
i'm 42

10 min later 27858689 Anonymous (1603120284088.jpg 450x450 27kB)
>>27858541 oh fuck literally going to order these right now, thanks fren

10 min later 27858716 Anonymous
I’m almost 40.

10 min later 27858723 Anonymous (1612546033929s.jpg 82x125 2kB)
>>27857829 and what are you going to do about it faggot?

10 min later 27858729 Anonymous
>>27858271 zoomers are too stupid to understand anything that happened 5 or more years before they were born

10 min later 27858746 Anonymous

11 min later 27858770 Anonymous
nft staking money stufff fuck it. why would you put it all in 1 dumb thing? you’re dumb as dick. >my portfolio with playcent and you will suck this nibba dick with fucking trash you shill

11 min later 27858807 Anonymous (1612252168721.png 554x400 72kB)

11 min later 27858820 Anonymous (dadpepe.jpg 819x1024 117kB)
I will become this pepe in my 30s, checkem

12 min later 27858897 Anonymous (499.jpg 680x453 73kB)
>>27858723 excellent my good boy just excellent

12 min later 27858898 Anonymous
>>27857829 Shut up, Zoomer.

12 min later 27858913 Anonymous (6785.jpg 656x659 83kB)
36, I made this

12 min later 27858915 Anonymous (pepestrobe.gif 600x764 335kB)

13 min later 27858923 Anonymous (EC37982D-6A6D-4AA0-8F06-30AA678A033F.jpg 399x384 19kB)
>>27857829 You’re welcome for the free money, you freeloading zoomer mutt Your generation initiates nothing and follows instinctively

13 min later 27858950 Anonymous (1593307169724.png 500x508 56kB)
>>27858820 Oh well, no biological liabilities, more gainz

14 min later 27859027 Anonymous (687811CF-2CC6-4568-8106-8C871D02FC3C.png 165x115 22kB)
I’m 26. I turn 27 in less than 3 weeks

14 min later 27859069 Anonymous
im 35 btw, mentally in high school, on my nephews Christening i had more topics to talk with the kids than my peers

15 min later 27859105 Anonymous
>>27857829 Oh no, how will you survive?

15 min later 27859110 Anonymous
>>27857829 I’m 28 and I’ve been here since 20 and I only recently realised the power of Pepe. Pepe is something you are supposed to age into.

16 min later 27859172 Anonymous (CBEF7A01-7B6C-4285-9703-186E842FB5E7.jpg 546x700 54kB)
>>27857998 holy FUCK

16 min later 27859177 Anonymous (216-2161876_pepe-meme-rarepepe-gun-delete-pepe-cheers-hd.png 860x840 252kB)
posting in probably the most based thread on /biz/ right now. what are you guys investing in crypto or stock wise right now? Ironically i trust this thread more than any of the others

17 min later 27859268 Anonymous
>in 40 years there will be 70 year olds posting pictures of frogs on anonymous imageboards

17 min later 27859330 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210205_231117.jpg 1051x1368 367kB)
>>27859177 I became the boomer unironically .75 btc and 10oz gold on top of this shit

18 min later 27859383 Anonymous (1593598256753.jpg 720x762 35kB)
>>27857940 >Apu is superior Can someone tell me the difference? Im fucking dumb as shit and use them interchangeably.

18 min later 27859397 Anonymous (ES2RknrWkAAPs15.jpg 888x894 62kB)
>>27859268 and your grandparents would have done the same thing if they had access to them is my bet, my newfag friend

19 min later 27859449 Anonymous
>>27857940 this would be me if i had a kitty

20 min later 27859539 Anonymous
>>27859383 apu is cuter, more innocent and also mildly retarded

20 min later 27859554 Anonymous
>>27859177 Link

20 min later 27859576 Anonymous
>>27858729 This. What can you really expect from retards brought up on "web 2.0"? When 4ch went down for a few hours and people started talking about IRC these dumb fucks didn't even know what it was.

21 min later 27859651 Anonymous (winning.gif 181x179 221kB)
>>27859539 Ah ok, thanks fren!

22 min later 27859688 Anonymous (images.jpg 227x222 6kB)
>>27859330 I dont recognize a single name here, maybe its because Im from the US or maybe its because you are more knowledgeable than the rest of us. greetings from US my european friend

22 min later 27859708 Anonymous (1602483915382.png 625x657 244kB)
>>27857829 yes

22 min later 27859709 Anonymous
>>27858192 >Flaming Hot Cheetoh Asteroids (original recipe that came in the tube) circa 2004 mother fucker, i haven't thought about these in ages. the first tube i tried was spicy as hell for a mass-market product. kind of went downhill after that

22 min later 27859733 Anonymous (1611618705778.jpg 253x200 11kB)
>>27857829 >gen z thinks current adaptation of Pepe is their creation >okfaggot.jpg

22 min later 27859767 Anonymous
>>27859177 LNK and still holding gme until more data comes out on the 9th. Anyone know if ALGO is worth picking up? It looks good on paper but its ath right now...

23 min later 27859805 Anonymous
i turn 30 in a few weeks and i have been posting pepes on this site for half my life

23 min later 27859810 Anonymous (wmz4qybm9nn01.jpg 590x442 39kB)
>>27858192 how about these fuckers

23 min later 27859818 Anonymous (1611629981639.jpg 1024x709 103kB)
Imagine having a supuriorty complex about how long you've wasted your life shitposting. Its actually sad

24 min later 27859907 Anonymous (1601649501126.jpg 473x472 39kB)
>>27857829 POO POO PEE PEE

26 min later 27860072 Anonymous (1612200669980.jpg 1067x600 48kB)
>>27857829 I was born in the wrong generation. Also fuck society, I've got tendies to eat.

26 min later 27860077 Anonymous
>>27859688 It's a bunch of boomer ETFs American tickers would be along the lines of ICLN, VWCE, QQQ and GDX I guess

26 min later 27860092 Anonymous (1612145383212.jpg 827x791 82kB)
>>27859818 in a world changing as fast as this where one day something exists and the next year its gone, being able to say we have been here for a decade or two feels kind of nice. now my good boy if you are done talking, please open your mouth, i feel the need to excrement. ordinarily i would wait until the butler takes me up to the toilet, but he isnt here, and i cant risk any of it getting on the freshly installed marble floor.

29 min later 27860269 Anonymous
>>27859709 >the first tube i tried was spicy as hell for a mass-market product. kind of went downhill after that you build up a tolerance to shit like that really quick. There's nothing on the market even close to as hot as that shit now. Even flaming hot cheetos (which are SHIT) had to dial back the heat because articles were being written saying they could theoretically burn a hole in your stomach lining and that kids are addicted to them so parents freaked about it, some schools banned them, I used to sub and it was on a list we had of shit that wasn't allowed for that reason. google articles if you want a laugh, but us real ogs eating asteroids out of the tube, we were at the peak of society and flavor, it's all fucking downhill now

31 min later 27860390 Anonymous (1594215313864.jpg 1024x913 61kB)
>>27857829 Damn right faggot

31 min later 27860426 Anonymous (1612316717094.jpg 552x414 45kB)
>>27858229 how the fuck is that possible

33 min later 27860534 Black
>>27860426 His ip could have been used for no no pics

33 min later 27860582 Anonymous
>>27857998 Fuck dude. They just disappeared one day.

33 min later 27860586 Anonymous
>>27858345 assuming he hasn’t already done that himself

34 min later 27860625 Anonymous
>>27857829 I'm 40 years old and i fucking love those pepes

34 min later 27860642 Anonymous (1589467992141.png 657x624 213kB)
I'm 32 and have a massive pepe folder.

34 min later 27860684 Anonymous (1566140039690.png 331x10000 163kB)
>>27858014 Fuck yes. Give em hell.

35 min later 27860725 Anonymous (1599516327411.jpg 1329x1429 982kB)
>>27860642 Ah I see you're a man of culture as well.

35 min later 27860748 Legionary
>>27857829 Funny thing is some of them are rich as shit

35 min later 27860755 Anonymous (risebih.jpg 409x409 37kB)
love you frens

36 min later 27860824 Anonymous (ainttrickinifyougotit.png 887x560 53kB)
>mfw I take financial advice from a frog on a mongolian basket weaving forum, and it's made me half a million dollars Pepe is unironically the reason I'll obtain financial freedom.

36 min later 27860829 Anonymous (10FCDFE3-2BE2-4315-AACC-FC4438A617B6.jpg 227x222 9kB)
>>27857829 I’m 33 Suck my cock

37 min later 27860881 Anonymous (1608505870325.jpg 750x738 374kB)

37 min later 27860930 Anonymous
>>27860758 phone poaster detected

39 min later 27861037 Anonymous (pepe wizard.png 1024x1113 218kB)
I'm 37 but people believe me when I say I'm 23

39 min later 27861059 Anonymous (1599386681069.jpg 423x750 102kB)
>>27860625 >>27860642 >>27860829 please have some shares of my stock men, its on the house.

40 min later 27861094 Anonymous
>>27859810 I was just about to mention those crack-like things. Fuckin loved those.

42 min later 27861284 Anonymous (1584801906258.png 1000x802 30kB)
>>27860930 Not phone, but I have a massive collection there as well. Don't know why that picture was saved like that.

42 min later 27861305 Anonymous (42B432D7-A38C-4F7D-A944-6895E69BFF64.png 396x381 137kB)
4chan is a 30 year old boomer & Gen X board. Fuck off zoomers

45 min later 27861473 Anonymous
>>27857829 And we're here to take your money, Zoomer

45 min later 27861507 Anonymous (1612144414780.png 270x344 57kB)
>>27857829 fuck you

45 min later 27861566 Anonymous (1612365235485.png 640x714 184kB)
>>27857829 yes

46 min later 27861585 Anonymous
>>27857829 Doesnt every board post wojak and pepes? I remember even ripped /fit/izens posted pepes Hell even /x/ has pepes.

46 min later 27861611 Anonymous (1603749922591.png 1146x1089 256kB)
>>27857829 41 here

47 min later 27861635 Anonymous
>>27857829 I’m 39 anon

48 min later 27861728 Anonymous
>>27859177 LINK and coca-cola my good sir

48 min later 27861764 Anonymous (9EF1AB3D-37E7-483C-BCF9-73949F29979C.jpg 594x1500 194kB)
32. Suck on this

48 min later 27861783 Anonymous (Dissapointed.png 512x512 20kB)
>>27857829 Are you mad about it? btw have some high quality pepes.

49 min later 27861822 Anonymous (22F1A739-DCEF-4F6C-AF76-A61B2977BB93.jpg 728x553 75kB)
What are you going to do about it faggot?

49 min later 27861841 Anonymous
>>27860269 hot cheetos XXX (the black bag) is the original recipe. I recommend you grab yourself one. De-fucking-licous

49 min later 27861864 Anonymous (lol.png 512x512 24kB)

50 min later 27861946 Anonymous (pepe.png 1024x1024 31kB)
>>27861783 >>27861864 these have been hand remastered by myself, i may do more if i ever want to.

51 min later 27861954 Anonymous (vg88fgvwrfj51.png 636x637 274kB)
>>27857829 henlo i'm 39 and i luv pepe and all my frens

52 min later 27862017 Anonymous
>>27861611 Fuck biz bro’s this gives me hope. I was thinking i was just this older autistic intelligent fuck with love for memes crypto financial and freedom. And hot bitches. Many people my age have lost all hope and are aiming to wage slave until they can’t. I want to make it so I live to the fullest.

52 min later 27862028 Anonymous
>>27859177 ETH/BTC/LINK/GRT

52 min later 27862034 Anonymous
>>27857940 This, I use him almost exclusively now, he's simply the next step in the evolution.

52 min later 27862041 Anonymous
>>27861841 when did that come out? I've never seen that before, maybe it's a regional thing

55 min later 27862216 Anonymous
>>27857829 >There are unironical <30 year olds who post pepe frogs on this board have sex

55 min later 27862218 Anonymous
>>27862028 This. Stocks QQQ and Emerging markets

1 hours later 27863191 Anonymous
>>27862017 this place is the centre of the world in many respects anon; your age or not, most normal people wouldn't get it anyway

1 hours later 27863234 Anonymous
or, this was a bait to get a folder full of pepe

1 hours later 27863311 Anonymous (1612370219475.png 532x1199 396kB)
I don't save anywhere near enough pepes and I have almost no pink face wojaks. I have never saved a soijak. This is probably why I haven't made it yet

1 hours later 27863504 Anonymous
>>27858316 holy fuck your id

1 hours later 27863708 Anonymous (1612554765201.jpg 249x249 41kB)
>>27857829 I'm a 58 year old boomer and I post frogs all the time.

1 hours later 27863964 Anonymous (Based.jpg 450x450 51kB)
>>27862041 my favorite chip. to bad (((((covid))))) took away my sense of taste or smell.

1 hours later 27864325 Anonymous (1612338501708.jpg 812x800 119kB)
>>27863964 a bit too hot imo ol chap but whatever you enjoy

1 hours later 27864356 Anonymous (1598122818651s.jpg 198x250 6kB)
>>27857829 multi-disciplined 40yo child here

1 hours later 27864365 Anonymous
>>27863504 Yours ain't bad either...something about it...

1 hours later 27864443 Anonymous (1594377741679.jpg 1080x1504 122kB)
>There are normalfag in denial posters who haven't embraced pic related but still larp as if they belong on this website. I know r/The_Donald has been dead for close to 5 years now, but you've got to go back.

1 hours later 27864590 Anonymous (1603759935457.jpg 347x509 30kB)

1 hours later 27864623 Anonymous (incel.png 1841x1786 2403kB)
>>27857829 >There are sub 20 year olds playing around with less than $500 thinking they're big time traders

1 hours later 27864658 Anonymous
>>27857940 Wow, it’s literally me.

1 hours later 27864696 Anonymous (1612550301035.png 590x469 192kB)
>>27863708 based degenerate father figure poster stay safe from covid my good man

1 hours later 27864752 Anonymous (1607915241592.png 622x506 12kB)
>>27863708 Holy fuck based.

1 hours later 27864817 Anonymous (EnF26kTVcAEBAQ6.jpg 707x1000 666kB)
There are 20 year olds who spend all day posting on anime forums.

1 hours later 27864870 Anonymous
36 y/o been here since 2014 now a millionaire thanks to /biz/ unironically

1 hours later 27864884 Anonymous
>>27864443 That post unironically changed my life. Have the image saved to my phone and on my desktop

1 hours later 27864937 Anonymous
>>27857940 I love my /g/pad and I love my cat

1 hours later 27865215 Anonymous (44EA850A-7319-41F3-9812-7BED777D99C6.jpg 600x600 41kB)

1 hours later 27865492 Anonymous
>>27859383 Apu is the eternal child within.

1 hours later 27865555 Anonymous
>>27863191 Based..

1 hours later 27865662 Anonymous
>>27861585 not /a/

1 hours later 27865683 Anonymous
>>27864870 Fuck nice hoping to be next.

1 hours later 27865815 Anonymous (1603220995937.jpg 1078x714 327kB)

1 hours later 27865907 Anonymous (1608319661008.png 640x266 51kB)
>>27858007 >>27858111 Checked

1 hours later 27866014 Anonymous (1431636314414.png 427x450 15kB)

1 hours later 27866121 Anonymous
>>27861059 based

1 hours later 27866132 Anonymous (22733.png 1024x683 912kB)
>>27865555 Checked

1 hours later 27866185 Anonymous (1571465448076.png 456x302 201kB)
>>27865492 Ahhhh, see that makes even more sense. Thank you anon, I always knew I liked him...

1 hours later 27866271 Anonymous (1607431286275.png 1800x1200 328kB)
>>27864870 Thats fucking dope to hear anon. Good fucking job.

1 hours later 27866443 Anonymous (peps.png 1600x948 624kB)
>>27857829 I'm 38

1 hours later 27866554 Anonymous (1609982585520.jpg 240x232 6kB)
>>27857829 yes of course. people like me.

1 hours later 27866645 Anonymous (1521578744157.png 400x372 144kB)
>>27866271 That pic makes me sad. I wish I was there.

1 hours later 27866646 Anonymous (time.png 814x1085 377kB)

1 hours later 27866673 Anonymous (A8994D66-4AAB-4CCB-B8DC-51C175359BBD.jpg 750x1000 96kB)
>Be 14 come to 4Chan >Be 31 forever on 4Chan

1 hours later 27866786 Anonymous (1611596190910.png 640x640 190kB)
I love pepe, especially the tuxedo variant. I never get tired of it. This thread is blessed despite the faggot OP

1 hours later 27866797 Anonymous (this-is-fine.0.jpg 1920x1080 209kB)
30yo boomer checking in frens

2 hours later 27867050 Anonymous
>>27866645 We'll get there anon, just try to stay positive and embrace clown-world instead of trying to change or worry about it.

2 hours later 27867052 Anonymous
t. boomer and enjoy and identify with pepe but not a single pepe saved

2 hours later 27867075 Anonymous
do you think one day we'll all be 80 year old boomers and still posting frog memes?

2 hours later 27867164 Anonymous
>>27866271 Funny enough, it was LINK that made me a millionaire.

2 hours later 27867223 Anonymous
Yup I’m 35. Been here since 09

2 hours later 27867387 Anonymous
>>27858820 I am this Pepe in my thirties ...makes me smile

2 hours later 27867466 Anonymous (1427452137750.png 492x475 24kB)
>>27867075 Fuck yes.

2 hours later 27867468 Anonymous (cheers gents.jpg 680x453 86kB)
>>27858111 >>27858396

2 hours later 27867536 Anonymous (AABC534D-12D0-41D5-BE75-5E0C8AC6B436.jpg 600x824 58kB)
>>27859172 Hahah yes I remember those. These were my jam.

2 hours later 27867543 Anonymous
>>27859177 RUBIC been all in since 10c wanted to buy more earlier missed my shot

2 hours later 27867645 Anonymous (8872DA5C-1BAC-4182-A23E-D37BEE83E357.jpg 980x602 62kB)
>>27859810 Hell yes.

2 hours later 27867713 Anonymous
>>27862017 /biz/ and /tv/ are the two xoomer boards also the most intelligent, go figure

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