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2021-02-05 03:35 27819081 Anonymous 2 years in crypto (IMG_ADFD86EA1372-1.jpg 1125x2436 666kB)
I started as a paid shill & CM, now I have a small team I run and I worked with 25+ projects. Have insides, but will spill them only if you ask me. AMA

1 min later 27819223 Anonymous
>>27819081 so.... nigger tongue my anus?

3 min later 27819388 Anonymous
>>27819081 Which coins will 100x next? I wanna get in on the ground floor. Please give me something that has not pumped yet

7 min later 27819701 Anonymous
Why OGN tho?

7 min later 27819711 Anonymous
just tell me what shitcoin to buy my dude i have 3rd world money in doge,ada and ripple totalling around 100USD. I need to 2x it or more and then play the big leagues. Fucking tired of chump change.

7 min later 27819714 Anonymous
>>27819388 my bet here is OGN. They will announce a buyback program and OUSD fees distribution soon. Other tokens I have pretty much did several Xs, but I'm expecting alt season to start soon

8 min later 27819874 Anonymous
>>27819081 Shill me on Yeti, OP

9 min later 27819898 Anonymous
>>27819081 How do you get clients? You doing the marketing side for crypto projects?

11 min later 27820134 Anonymous
>>27819701 just answered, check below. TLDR; I know their february announcements will move the price HERE >>27819714

13 min later 27820350 Anonymous (1612380153427s.jpg 219x230 7kB)
>>27819874 YETI is great, I except them to adopt DAMM technology after they do it for ASSY. Returns will be even better. Plus ONSEN program from sushi might be live soon - great opportunity to diversify and earn some sushi money >>27819898 Yeah, I do marketing for crypto projects. Usually clients find me

14 min later 27820490 Anonymous
>>27820350 >Yeah, I do marketing for crypto projects. Usually clients find me How? Through Linkedin, telegram, word of mouth? That's ... amazing. I'm sure you have some sort of marketing out reach system finding new clients bruh, don't pull on my leg.

17 min later 27820750 Anonymous
>>27820490 word of mouth: Telegram & Discord. Good pay shills never offer you their services. Moreover they never accept your money without a referral or introduction. If you want to start doing marketing in crypto, I can give you some contacts. But beginners earn pennies

17 min later 27820806 Anonymous
>>27820750 I'm not exactly a beginner in the crypto marketing field but sure, please give me contacts. Thanks

19 min later 27820975 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210205-085305_Coinbase.jpg 1080x2220 252kB)
>>27819081 Like, fucking 0x. Bought in at 1.23, I know way too late. What is a realised scenario for 0x?

20 min later 27821107 Anonymous
>>27820975 Real-life

21 min later 27821226 Anonymous
>>27820350 Why are you doing your job on /biz/ for free then?

21 min later 27821265 Anonymous
>>27821226 More prospective clients I assume

22 min later 27821422 Anonymous
>>27819081 How do I get a position as a paid shill??

26 min later 27821827 Anonymous
>>27819081 spill your insides OP. What's your next buy? Cheers mate

26 min later 27821847 Anonymous
>>27821422 If you are interested in paid shill/ambassador openings, dm my associate in tg: Its_All_good

26 min later 27821867 Anonymous
>>27820750 I would be deeply interested in this also. I am a Director of Marketing and graphic designer IRL

27 min later 27821913 Anonymous
>>27819081 Opinion on RLC? How will it perform?

27 min later 27822001 Anonymous
>>27819081 You don't hold any PRQ. Do you like the project?

28 min later 27822119 Anonymous
>>27821847 Thanks a lot friend, I will do that

29 min later 27822201 Anonymous
>>27819081 I currently have $130k in Crypto. Am I going to be a millionaire in 4 years? Majority is in Chainlink

30 min later 27822279 Anonymous
>>27821847 Message sent

32 min later 27822573 Anonymous
>>27821827 Don't know my next buy yet, but can advise to have a look at OGN. I'm a news/events investor. And they are having 2 big announcements this month. So far I did great with BAL, bought them before v2 announcement and will sell over the weekend I think. Also CVP is preping a big strategy update, you should have a look

32 min later 27822608 Anonymous
>>27819081 How does being a paid shill work - is that for p&d groups? I'm new to this, would like to learn more and get in

36 min later 27822971 Anonymous
>>27822573 Hell yeah, thank you!

40 min later 27823454 Anonymous
>>27819714 >but I'm expecting alt season to start soon what? alts are the ones doing well right now and gas fees are retarded. why would it "start" now?

44 min later 27823912 Anonymous
>>27823454 bitcoin dominance is still very high, needs to drop below 45% to confirm the alt season

45 min later 27823985 Anonymous
Swipe left and show your real portfolio.

46 min later 27824159 Anonymous
>>27819081 How can I tell when a coin is shilled here is scam or really is about to fly?

46 min later 27824202 Anonymous
>>27823912 Can you explain what BTC dominance means? Like, I get it, but where do the metrics come from?

48 min later 27824348 Anonymous
>>27823985 This. Those are incredibly even numbers.

48 min later 27824365 Anonymous
>>27819081 are you just here to shill and dump bags?

49 min later 27824472 Anonymous (1605284075553.jpg 748x828 51kB)
>>27823912 random shitcoins doing X10 everyday & rappers shilling doge on tiktok but we're not in alt season, OK big boy! also >CVP kek

50 min later 27824631 Anonymous
>>27819081 lol. wasnt there a cryptotuber named initforthemoney?

51 min later 27824649 Anonymous
>>27819081 Thought on suterusu?

59 min later 27825514 Anonymous
>>27819081 Do you have any insides on : - Cudos - Parsiq - Mirror Protocol - Bridge Mutual - Butterfly Protocol - OptionRoom Please? It would save me to know things about

1 hours later 27826806 Anonymous
>>27822201 if you have link make it max 2 years

1 hours later 27827031 Anonymous
>>27826806 Then OptionRoom who came out just a few hours ago and is dumping because of bots is a must buy. :) Oracles for Polkadot. Does as well what Synthetix and Kleros do.

1 hours later 27827615 Anonymous
>>27819388 Tellor (TRB) is gonna be 5k soon

1 hours later 27828217 Anonymous (A360B143-2A38-48B3-930C-DCD978482781.jpg 615x409 54kB)
OGN patrol here?

1 hours later 27828326 Anonymous
>>27822608 bump for interest

1 hours later 27829843 Anonymous
Bump bump

1 hours later 27830017 pog
guys fuck this guy he isnt going to give you his inside scoop. check dexxon6 on twitter we have a discord and are going to send altcoins flying. get in early!

1 hours later 27830366 Anonymous
>>27830017 discord info?

1 hours later 27830514 Anonymous
>>27830366 >>27830017 Nevermind, I'm a retard. I see it.

1 hours later 27831048 Anonymous
>>27830017 another fucking discord pump and dump scam.

1 hours later 27831078 Anonymous
>>27819388 look at BOND, INJ, MATIC

1 hours later 27831211 Anonymous
>>27824649 >Thought on suterusu? is that some kind of smentruationu thing?

2 hours later 27832024 Anonymous
>>27822573 >Also CVP is preping a big strategy update, you should have a look For those who care, CVP is an anon team. (OP has PIPT in his bag which is a related token btw.)

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