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2021-02-05 05:25 27786017 Anonymous Show me yours (Screenshot_20210204-202458_Blockfolio.jpg 971x3028 636kB)

3 min later 27786231 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210205-042752.jpg 1080x2160 369kB)
Very yuropoor folio. What do you think I should use the busd for?

4 min later 27786275 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210205-152753.png 1080x2340 151kB)

4 min later 27786312 Anonymous
Why are you so diversified with such little money? Ditch most of those tiny bags and buy GRT

4 min later 27786316 Anonymous
>>27786017 way too spread out bro. wtf

4 min later 27786318 Anonymous (E142F6DD-0DD8-49B6-B561-0712A6305E96.jpg 828x420 134kB)
This shit should be worth 3x link is so fucking suppressed

7 min later 27786505 Anonymous
>>27786017 This is disgraceful, OP. I refuse to believe this isn't a larp.

15 min later 27787103 Anonymous
>>27786505 I got those comp for free, nigga.

23 min later 27787672 Anonymous
What wallet is that?

26 min later 27787860 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204_192305.jpg 1080x1870 284kB)
No bulli plis

40 min later 27788768 Anonymous (D26D897B-422B-44DE-BED7-4DEA7DBCD8DF.png 1125x2436 465kB)

53 min later 27789700 Anonymous
>>27787860 Lol wtf is that?

53 min later 27789745 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210205-001418.jpg 1440x3168 722kB)
Chadfolio coming through, gonna be in and out of 6 figure hell in a month.

54 min later 27789791 Anonymous
>>27787672 Blockfolio

54 min later 27789795 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-04-23-16-39-316_io.getdelta.android.jpg 1080x2400 1870kB)
>>27786017 Focus in less than 10 coins. Moonshots with good fundamentals. >>27786275 I would honestly try and find lowcap gems or get good at margin. First get good and then actually move money lmao >>27786318 Based. I wish I had had money in 2017. Is there any hope se get another LINK anon? >>27787860 Too diversified. >>27788768 Retard. Sell those dice bags next pump and get some bluechips.

55 min later 27789837 Anonymous (39231608-74E5-46EF-BE5F-13D2A607726D.jpg 1125x1876 650kB)
Please help me... I’ve only just recently entered 5 figure hell and I want out

56 min later 27789908 Anonymous (2939AEA2-F605-4966-89E3-5BEEE1B6D4EA.jpg 750x1284 298kB)

57 min later 27789996 Anonymous
>>27789745 Did You seriuously get in 6 figs this month? Damn, you've got some balls.

59 min later 27790074 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210205-002406.jpg 1440x3168 417kB)
>>27789996 Pretty much, I hit 100k late December I think

1 hours later 27790154 Anonymous
>>27789908 Ngmi

1 hours later 27790189 Anonymous
no wonder these poor fags so poor, look at their pf they literally holding 2017 cycle shitcoins, too much diversification..seems no risk takers

1 hours later 27790215 Anonymous
>>27790074 Wow. Congrats bro, I would like to be like you but i'm too much of a pussy lol. Good luck fren.

1 hours later 27790258 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204-195417_WazirX.jpg 1440x2960 387kB)
Saving for .1 eth

1 hours later 27790265 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210205-152523_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x1413 307kB)
people ITT that have made significant gains; did you do so buy buying quality projects and holding, or did you flip shitcoins? >next buy will be BTC

1 hours later 27790302 Anonymous (49128F3F-EDE5-4446-8FC7-44651BF63475.png 1242x2688 662kB)

1 hours later 27790305 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-151133.png 1440x2880 300kB)

1 hours later 27790320 Anonymous
>>27790258 Poo in loo

1 hours later 27790354 Anonymous
>>27790265 For me it was getting into high quality projects early. I'm getting to the point where I might start flipping more. Already moved some badger profits into geyser. Still think that most of my bags have a lot of room to run.

1 hours later 27790479 Anonymous
Pretty low-risk folio OP. Not bad I guess if that's your strategy. Needs more ETH though.

1 hours later 27790580 Anonymous
>>27790215 Thanks man, I get it, I was here during the 2017 bullrun and gave back most of my profits, I completely understand being cautious. Already starting to get nervous/ feeling like taking profit

1 hours later 27790584 Anonymous
>>27790074 Impressive.

1 hours later 27790676 Anonymous (20210205_003232.jpg 1080x1794 236kB)
My ETH is misleading. I dont have much ETH in my wallet, it is either in liquidity pools and I added equivalent value for linkpool and urbit stars. I'm hoping for a 10x this year

1 hours later 27790779 Anonymous
>>27789745 What's your exit plan? I'd want to do something like this but the gas prices being $63627627262 per literally any movement, I'd likely not make a profit. Especially for smaller shit coins, you have to buy eth -30% USD, swap to shit coin -$8k in gas fees, then you have to stake, that's gonna be another $5k and a picture of your asshole. And before you know it you're -389k.

1 hours later 27790829 Anonymous
>>27786017 how did you take the large screenshot?

1 hours later 27790830 Anonymous
>>27790479 The eth is staked in uni pools with comp, sta, link, and dai. The risk is hidden as USD in the portfolio because I don't know the best way to represent staked positions in blockfolio.

1 hours later 27790930 Anonymous
>>27790829 Newest Android updates let you scroll down your screenshots to make them longer.

1 hours later 27791087 Anonymous
>>27790930 How do you do this?

1 hours later 27791094 Anonymous (20210204_234020.jpg 720x394 36kB)
I'm poor and only just got into crypto. Also got about $30 BTC on Sofi.

1 hours later 27791153 Anonymous
>>27790779 Well I bought most of this coins when gas was a lot cheaper. Now I feel that my portfolio is big enough that I can handle the gas fees when I do sell. Ive been thinking a lot about how I might exit. I don't think I'll ever truly cash out, if/when I hit a mil I'm gonna cash at least 100k-200k into stables and lend most of that, probably let the rest of it ride until euphoria starts to get out of hand. Will still keep most of my net worth in stables, btc, and eth, and just lend

1 hours later 27791202 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 12.42.22 AM.png 1534x1520 935kB)
How long until I'm a millionaire i want to skip 6 figure hell all together i already cant take the 5 figure hell

1 hours later 27791203 Anonymous
>>27791153 Be careful with defi lending. Look at what happened to yearn stablecoin pools today

1 hours later 27791206 Anonymous
>>27791087 A small popup shows at the bottom of the screen which gives you a small variety of tools. It might differ depending on what fork of Android you have though.

1 hours later 27791221 Anonymous
>>27790154 Help me

1 hours later 27791292 Anonymous
>>27786017 > 5 figure portfolio > comprised of a billion shitcoins Why are you guys like this.

1 hours later 27791450 Anonymous
>>27791202 how does $2M USD EOY sound?

1 hours later 27791505 Anonymous
>>27791203 yeah I'd only go with the big boys, probably mostly in aave, wouldn't be going for crazy yields at that point.

1 hours later 27791601 Anonymous (0152805C-301E-49E2-A547-C7A31FFBDF9C.jpg 750x1257 264kB)
Wish i had more money in 17’ also, but it is what it is.

1 hours later 27791641 Anonymous
>>27786017 I don't even have to load this massive list of shitcoins you own to know you have too many. Consolidate into 5 or so, get out of majors, and into low caps, and don't forget about Apollo (soon)

1 hours later 27791649 Anonymous (1612412374447.jpg 519x878 67kB)
>>27789908 hint: its not about price but the market cap blue chips are LINK ALBT QNT OCEAN. stuff like that will make you rich

1 hours later 27791659 Anonymous (40CE4FAC-5F94-4BE5-A895-0518C6E1DD84.jpg 739x1334 143kB)
>>27786017 Over diversification is a meme is a meme. Just don’t pick bad projects.

1 hours later 27791729 Anonymous
>>27791601 you'll make it fren

1 hours later 27791771 Anonymous
>>27786017 >No rubic Ngmi

1 hours later 27791880 Anonymous
>>27791094 >over 100 XLM actually gonna make it

1 hours later 27792056 Anonymous (447D374C-9789-4C53-A9E0-DD0111C4660F.jpg 772x1228 123kB)
>>27789745 Retard gambling shit coins get ready to be poor

1 hours later 27792124 Anonymous
>>27791450 if I have 2 million dollars at the end of the year i will die

1 hours later 27792381 Anonymous
>>27791601 absolutely based portfolio the holy quintrinity

1 hours later 27792905 Anonymous (C964FF26-FC82-4938-8B82-BDDC9B5DA98A.jpg 1125x2329 273kB)
Should I add another crypto? Also which one should I invest more in?

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