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2021-02-05 02:34 27772899 Anonymous (1611293357034.jpg 836x1024 136kB)
What do you want? This thread will help you manifest your dreams. I'll start. >I just want to own 10k

2 min later 27773052 Anonymous (1612417444479.png 638x780 491kB)
>>27772899 I just want to make it and use my profit to fund robowaifu and bio-demonwaifu research so I can cuddle with my Charlie and other anons can cuddle with their robomaids.

3 min later 27773157 Anonymous
I want to be able to visit my immigrant parents who worked hard so that I could have more opportunities than they did, and tell them that I'm paying off the rest of their mortgage.

5 min later 27773281 Anonymous
i want to destroy industrial society

5 min later 27773346 Anonymous
>>27772899 he lost tho

6 min later 27773381 Anonymous
>>27772899 $100,000 in stocks/crypto >currently have $8k in stocks and $500 in crypto

7 min later 27773450 Anonymous
>>27773346 I'm not a Trump supporter, the guy is a nonce. The pic just gives me a laugh and therefore embodies the positivity necessary to help make your dreams come true.

8 min later 27773578 Anonymous
>>27772899 holy shit dying at this picture what pathetic faggot made this, my sides

11 min later 27773765 Anonymous
I want to be straight

13 min later 27773990 Anonymous
>>27773765 Anon, i...

15 min later 27774136 Anonymous
>>27772899 I want to go to Alaska and live off the Land

15 min later 27774164 Anonymous
I want to accumulate enough wealth so I can spend my time working on the things I enjoy with people I like without worrying about financials getting in the way First target is $500k net worth

16 min later 27774231 Anonymous
>>27772899 >10k Of what?

16 min later 27774247 Anonymous
Six figures Six pack Six friends

17 min later 27774318 Anonymous
>>27772899 I just want to make literally any money at all in crypto. Even just 1k would be enough. I'm a fucking loser and I need to know there's a way out for me that isn't at the end of a rope.

18 min later 27774348 Anonymous
>>27774231 GBP*** Ideally all sitting in crypto and growing over time. 10k just the FIRST goal.

18 min later 27774349 Anonymous
>>27772899 I dont necessarily want to be mega rich, enough to own a reasonable house and not be a wage slave for the rest of my life. Retarded fucking picture by the way OP.

18 min later 27774366 Anonymous
>>27772899 a cute jew hating wife

18 min later 27774420 Anonymous
>>27772899 I want to stop being retarded >>27773765 >Shy on id not a good sign fren

20 min later 27774539 Anonymous
>>27774318 i'm in the same boat anon. buying rope if this doesn't work in the next year to get me to at least 4 figures back in my bank account after losing everything. i hope we make it.

21 min later 27774647 Anonymous
>>27774539 like 4 figures regularly by the way. not just on payday. i hit 4 figures every two weeks. then it's gone.

21 min later 27774667 Anonymous
>>27772899 i want to b a millionaire i want my based music to slap the industry i want superpowers i want to manifest at will pls fren

22 min later 27774769 Anonymous
>>27772899 >10k Beginner shit I want 10 mil in my account and then I'm gonna use it to buy up my ex wifes parents lands just to fucking dab on her. Also gonna buy multiple sports cars and drive around with young bitches obnoxiously where she lives.

23 min later 27774832 Anonymous
I want to be a multi-millionaire. And I will do what it takes to do that.

23 min later 27774851 Anonymous
>>27774769 This literally sounds like the poorest response ever. And I'm poor.

24 min later 27774936 Anonymous
>>27772899 I want to go back in time and relive my life with the memories of the present intact! Oh, this is /biz/. Well, I'd love to make a million dollars of my own. I hate being a leech to my parents and society - I'd rather be a leech to crypto noobs instead.

25 min later 27775000 belfantom
oh fuck this is real so funny to see how they try to shill fucking shit u should learn one point -NOT ALL NFT ARE GEMSIDE want to check great one - go for playcent - free profit while playing and using apps

25 min later 27775001 Anonymous
Goal is 5 million Currently sitting at 1.9m in crypto 63k stocks 52k precious metals 4K checking account Believe it or not I’m only 24 and I owe everything to browsing biz for thousands of hours since 2016

25 min later 27775021 Anonymous
>>27773765 >Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills

26 min later 27775124 Anonymous
>>27772899 I want to hard carry my tribe in Outside.

26 min later 27775133 Anonymous
>>27774851 Dude I literally have a negative net worth why the fuck do you think I'm on here

28 min later 27775257 Anonymous
>>27775001 Christ, gg be proud If I can hit even half of your net worth by 24, I'll be over the moon >am 22

29 min later 27775384 Anonymous
>>27775133 Who would want fancy shmancy cars if you could have financial security instead? GL eitherway anon

29 min later 27775468 Anonymous
About 700 dollars to cover my losses Another 1k in gains to play with The 400$ crypto that contest promised me and sent to a fake account Long-term bigbucks to pay back my family for supporting me all of these years and then enough to live comfortably in the low-middle class.

32 min later 27775686 Anonymous
>>27775384 I love cars, always have. Money is just a bunch of made up numbers anyway. Its all fiat currency and its all bullshit. Might as well buy something you like with it. The government can print trillions of dollars and your entire life savings can only be worth a burrito overnight. Unless you're buying BTC or something but thats a different story.

34 min later 27775905 Anonymous
>>27775686 That's why we keep our money in assets. I said financial security, not spending money. Buying cars is fair enough if that's what you enjoy, but until you can actually afford to buy fancy shmancy cars and not have that dent your net worth, then there's no point BUT that's why we are here. Manifest it, friend. Best of luck.

36 min later 27776087 Anonymous
i want to move out and get a cat

38 min later 27776225 Anonymous
I just don't want to be out-traded by normie retards buying doge

40 min later 27776322 black star
1 million algorands

40 min later 27776375 Anonymous
I just want to be able to not have to worry about money. I'm out on disability because my job has destroyed my back and I can't take this anymore!

41 min later 27776417 Anonymous
>>27772899 I miss him bros

42 min later 27776520 Anonymous
I want to be great.

42 min later 27776583 Anonymous
I want financial security. I want to make it through college debt free, and be able to get my CS degree, and afford to move out. I just want 2K spending money right now.

43 min later 27776628 Anonymous
>>27773052 >robowaifu Based. >bio-demonwaifu Less based but more power to you anon.

44 min later 27776754 Anonymous
>>27772899 100 mil

44 min later 27776762 Anonymous
>>27772899 I just want to help my parents financially, I don't care if I have to work as wageslave until I die

46 min later 27776863 Anonymous
to be able to continue to help friends and family and not by buying them things, I mean picking up grandma's groceries, bringing in the mail, shoveling great uncle's snow, etc

47 min later 27776977 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204-195417_WazirX.jpg 1440x2960 387kB)
I want to make it to 1 eth

48 min later 27777079 Anonymous
I want more ROOK, AAVE, REN, LINK and LINKPOOL. This is the god stack. Link 1000 eoy

49 min later 27777132 Anonymous
>>27772899 I want to be an engineer and make 500k eoy to 900million and marry the divine sophia

51 min later 27777270 Anonymous
>>27776977 Your portfolio looks like mine! Haha! Now I feel bad for both of us.

54 min later 27777549 Anonymous (bog.jpg 200x232 14kB)
I want financial freedom to avoid wage slavery.

57 min later 27777912 Anonymous
>>27777549 This. I'd be willing to live a frugal life with no wife or family if it meant I can relax and not worry about bills or taxes.

57 min later 27777938 Anonymous (1465001794002.jpg 610x345 62kB)
I just want to know what coins do I invest in order to make 6 figures by next year

57 min later 27777940 Anonymous
I want whatever it would take for all of us to die to happen in an uncontrollable manner.

57 min later 27777978 Anonymous
>>27777270 Top of the hat to you fellow poorfag

59 min later 27778164 Anonymous
>>27772899 i have a bank savings account with 9k in it. i want to make that at least 20k.

1 hours later 27778382 Anonymous
>>27778164 Take it out of your savings account straight away. Even putting it into USDT and getting APY on a finance app like Celcius, Yield, or even fucking Binance would get you more of a return There's also staking coins. Or diversifying your money into a strong portfolio. Literally ANYTHING but savings account.

1 hours later 27778672 Anonymous
>>27778382 thank you anon

1 hours later 27778676 Anonymous (hodler-vs-seller.jpg 1600x900 159kB)
>>27772899 I want my portfolio to reach 100k this year without adding funds to it (right now it's just measly 2k) gib gib gib me universe!

1 hours later 27778804 Anonymous
>>27778672 Best of luck mate

1 hours later 27779147 Anonymous
>>27776628 I am a man of the people anon.

1 hours later 27779190 Anonymous
>>27778676 Feels good to be on the right for once

1 hours later 27779328 Anonymous
>>27778676 Why sell friday when saturday is pump day

1 hours later 27779484 Anonymous
I want to make more then my wonderful mother and pay off all of her, and my own debts. She worked so hard to get us where we are as a family, and all I want is for her to be able to retire and live the peaceful, happy life she deserves to live.

1 hours later 27779742 Anonymous (1576811253216.jpg 800x1024 355kB)
>>27773157 Godspeed in your endeavors. WAGMI

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