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2021-02-04 02:30 27662747 Anonymous For those with poorfolios... (nmsjek_rXgAApWq8.jpg 888x894 64kB)
Some of these portfolios I'm seeing are painful, and I need to give some advice. Maybe others who have made a decent amount here can do the same. My advice is simple: If you have less than, maybe, $20,000, you should absolutely not have more than 3 coins in your portfolio. If you want to make serious money, you need to go nearly all in on a high risk coin. If it was me, I'd be 80% in on a coin with <$50,000,000 marketcap, and 20% in a blue chip. These portfolio threads have people with $1k spread out among like 10 different shitcoins. Not judging anyone's overall stack size, but these allocations are over-diversified for someone with $100,000. I want every anon on here to make it. You stumbled into this shithole at the perfect time, we're nearing liftoff where you can basically throw a dart and hit a 2x.

1 min later 27662882 Anonymous
>>27662747 how do i turn $160 into $20000?

3 min later 27663006 Anonymous
>>27662882 Buy venezuela's money

5 min later 27663201 Anonymous
>>27662882 Personally, I would be all in on 1 coin until I hit 10k. Then I would put 2k into LINK and 8k into another high risk.

13 min later 27663986 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204_014324.jpg 1080x1610 220kB)
I'm poor, if I lost this all gambling on some random shitcoin I think I'd kill myself.

16 min later 27664199 Anonymous
UNI, XLM, LINK will I make it

18 min later 27664422 Anonymous
>>27662747 I considered that, since my shithole country coin is worthless... But I'm way too scared of losing it all. At least most of it (60%) is in a high risk as you said, so I think this is okayish.

24 min later 27664823 Anonymous
How’s this: 50% ETH 30% DOT 15% ADA 5% LTC

24 min later 27664841 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-185356.png 760x1258 139kB)
r8 my wallet

26 min later 27665050 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-04-01-54-01-105_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2400 298kB)
New to this. But I'm prepared to lose everything (admittedly not much) so I decided to focus on low cap memecoins with a project I could at least understand. how am I doing?

26 min later 27665057 Anonymous
>>27662747 How do you consolidate? I have a hard time just going with 6 max Many alts look so tasty and I want them

29 min later 27665301 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-200030~2.png 1080x2119 126kB)
>>27662747 How does this look?

33 min later 27665586 Anonymous (Capture+_2021-02-03-21-00-30.png 1364x1035 158kB)
>>27662747 You make me feel better about my poorfolio. I'm 3wk into crypto, $2250 seeded. I may fuck with other coins in a few months but for now I'm DCA'ing into some holds to get established.

34 min later 27665649 Anonymous
>>27663986 wat app is this anon

37 min later 27665895 Anonymous
How about splitting 20k this way: 15k ATOM 3K ETH 1K LINK remainder UNI, DOT or should I liquidate uni and dot for more atoms?

48 min later 27666797 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-03-18-13-21.png 1440x2560 497kB)
Be honest, how bad did I fuck up? Also have $75 in ETH, then $50 in XLM and LINK each. And yes, this is real poorfag hours here.

1 hours later 27667700 Anonymous
>>27662747 bs advice if you want to make it, you just dont touch bluechip shit. anything over $5mcap is pointless. gamble on real name team projects on under 5mcap, ideally even lower, and you gonna make it.

1 hours later 27667969 Anonymous
>>27666797 >SHIB based af, anon, but I do believe you need more.

1 hours later 27668081 Anonymous
>>27665649 Blockfolio tourist-kun

1 hours later 27668202 Anonymous
>>27662747 I'm all in on LINK and continuing to DCA in until the price goes over $100. I don't care if I'm late or if it's a blue chip or whatever, I like that I can just throw money at it and hold for 10 years without ever having to look at a chart. I can't stand the pump chasing shit.

1 hours later 27668397 Anonymous
>>27665050 You'll be fine in a bull market. Good luck to you. I would say make as much as you can and move to a safer coin

1 hours later 27669168 Anonymous (495.jpg 1080x2400 490kB)
>>27662747 Would love some advise, I'm adding more cash in tomorrow.

1 hours later 27669314 Anonymous
>>27667700 Makes sense.........., but it's hard to decipher what the shit coins are when you get that low.

1 hours later 27669350 Anonymous
I'm sick and tired of being dumped on by big nosed kikes, someone please tell me where I should get "baby's first crypto" Binance or Coinbase? Also what is that Blockfolio app that you are all using?

1 hours later 27669365 Anonymous
Good advice.

1 hours later 27669443 Anonymous
>>27669350 You just manually input what you own and it keeps it all updated for you.

1 hours later 27669530 Anonymous
How is my portfolio bros? I have 65k split across: RBC BAO ETH AVAX LTO PRQ REEF ZERO GRT

1 hours later 27669571 Anonymous
>>27662747 This is retarded. If you have $20 just buy 1/2 bitcoin and in 10 years that will be worth like $5 mil at least.

1 hours later 27669731 Anonymous
>>27666797 Gtfo out of SHIB you idiot! Everything else is pretty good.

1 hours later 27669997 Anonymous
>>27669168 You should hold on all of that and just add more to REEF for the cheapest route to success. Start taking profits in a month and putting them into a stable coin or cash. You don't want a Market Crash to killing your gains. Trust me taking $1k out of everything might pain you in the short-term where you keep on telling yourself "no it can double" but when that market crash happen someday and your $7k goes to $2k, having a nice $1k sitting around will let you buy the dip.

1 hours later 27670149 Anonymous
>>27662747 Imo, been working for me and requires little managment. Don't really look at charts all that much, just more often than not it work. Had 14k last month now it's 27k; though we're probably reaching the peak of a bunch of rallies. Had 50% in link. Had 50% on uniswap split ~3k between 5 coins: pnk, dmg, ocean, open dao, and eth (mainly for gas) The whole point of it and why it's been pretty successful so far is the coins on uniswap are much more volatile than the bluechip link. So what i've literally been doing is just sell close the peak of a small-mid cap, and try to dca in link during a downward trend. In two or three days link would have recovered to an extent because that's just how it normally moves and I sell what I DCA'd for like 1-2% profits after coinbase fees. The thing is, 2-3 days is a really long time for these smaller caps and they tend to go down way more than 2-3% in that same time span. I'm talking like 10+%. So I just buy ETH, send it to uniswap, and then rebuy my original stack and then sum. I don't use TA because I think it's retarded. I just stumbled upon a pattern that I think you guys should know about.

1 hours later 27670155 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-215802_Blockfolio.jpg 720x634 121kB)
I have 5k. My plan is to put 1k on 2 low caps and hope for a moonshot. For the 3k I was gonna day trade stablecoins with a stop loss at 3% and profit taking at 3.5%, compounding from there

1 hours later 27670254 Anonymous (13B73DDB-B085-4254-B21B-A2E42D1EDCCF.png 1170x2532 1064kB)
>>27662747 Hi

1 hours later 27670377 Anonymous
>>27668081 thanks. Started investing today.

1 hours later 27670541 Anonymous
>>27670254 You should round up your ETH to a comfy 2

1 hours later 27670596 Anonymous
>>27662747 this post is based as fuck, thank you anon. I've gone from 5k to 14k in under 2 months thanks to Statera, Link & Rubic.

1 hours later 27670724 Anonymous
>>27669997 >Mzh9UM6P I plan to add $100 to $300 from here weekly, besides reef, which of the stable coins should I hit most? UNI/GRT/LINK?

1 hours later 27670840 Anonymous
>>27662747 new fag here. Why not just 80% into BTC, and 20% into ETC? Is that just too boring?

1 hours later 27671013 Anonymous
>>27662747 this is pretty much the realisation I’m coming to. can I ask you, what are your thoughts on nim?

1 hours later 27671238 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-221129_Coinbase.jpg 1080x2220 419kB)
>>27662747 Got these gifted from a friend and my little bro to get into coins. What should I drop and go whole hog into? I have 2k now to use and will probably have around another 5k after march.

1 hours later 27671417 Anonymous
>>27670724 Are you daft? PRQ

1 hours later 27671453 Anonymous
>>27670840 no shit, they're just trying to shill you their bags. $20k in BTC / ETH will net you a million in the next few years if you just hold and buy more in dips.

1 hours later 27671631 Anonymous (16124086965531625864548470056809.jpg 4032x1908 2606kB)
>>27662882 I turned 2500 into 11,000. My brother called me and told me to get back into crypto. Specifically monero. So I bought 600.00 worth of monero. Which today is worth 1600.00 dollars. If I can just get back into my Cake wallet. I also bought 900.00 worth of ETH When it was going for 216 per. That's worth over 6 thousand now. And one I >>27663006

1 hours later 27671689 Anonymous
>>27671417 You think I should pump PRQ up?

1 hours later 27671736 Anonymous
Listen to OP, it’s carried me to a 100k USD (hit it tonight). I’m all in on LINK and just now looking to add some additional coins (not selling my LINK though).

1 hours later 27671754 Anonymous
>>27671453 ETH will probably eventually be phased out. If you want safe investments just go into GRT or PRQ, but there is really no point to still be in ETH/BTC

1 hours later 27671821 Anonymous (3EFB4008-8296-4D2A-8FA1-DD8BA20314AD.jpg 828x1273 388kB)

1 hours later 27671852 Anonymous (1612208316841.jpg 1014x1024 142kB)
>>27670840 Because you missed the boat on those two coins. Sure it's always a good choice but if you're poor, where's the money you're spending to invest coming from?

1 hours later 27671906 Anonymous
>>27663986 don't do it

1 hours later 27671965 Anonymous
>>27669997 I just put $500 in REEF will I ever see it again?

1 hours later 27671979 Anonymous
>>27671689 Yes. Why do you have so little?

1 hours later 27672017 Anonymous
I just turned 18 and I have some work money to put into crypto. I got a coinbase account but it doesn't support a lot of tokens. What's the best app/program to use?

1 hours later 27672043 Anonymous
>>27664823 Good, drop LTC, get some BTC, lower ETH killers % 20% BTC 50% ETH 20% DOT 10% ADA

1 hours later 27672057 Anonymous
>>27671979 >daft I pulled out and put into QNT. Tired of paying gas fees though, I use Coinbase and Uniswap. Where should I go to by PRQ in the future? Uniswap is killing my profits...

1 hours later 27672058 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-140435_Ledger_Live.jpg 1080x2280 379kB)
>>27668202 This is my logic. Buy and just hold hold hodl...I'm not sure where to go next though. I'm thinking physical silver.

1 hours later 27672171 Anonymous
>>27672057 CoinMetro

1 hours later 27672183 Anonymous
>>27671238 50% Cardano (ADA) 30% ChainLink (LINK) 20% Stellar (XLM)

1 hours later 27672205 Anonymous
>>27672017 Get MetaMask, send some ETH to it that you buy on Coinbase, a lot of the stuff you'll see here is on there. Gas fees kind of suck but so does missing out on the fun. I'm new to it as well and have been enjoying having RBC along with the basics on Coinbase. Tho desu BTC/ETH are obvious places to start

1 hours later 27672277 Anonymous
>>27665050 You're new and only buying shitcoins heavily marketed right now on /biz/ by pajeet shill teams. Be very wary.

1 hours later 27672294 Anonymous
>>27672171 Interesting. I had XCM in my poorfolio last week. I've only been doing this 3 weeks, but I've done heavy research t.physicist, but never invested in my laugh... learn fast.

1 hours later 27672367 Anonymous
>>27672205 what are gas fees?

1 hours later 27672384 Anonymous
>>27672277 >GRT >pajeet shill teams retard

2 hours later 27672461 Anonymous
OP is exactly right. I was all in on ETH for years, with my whole net worth, before I started to make some other calculated bets.

2 hours later 27672465 Anonymous
>>27671852 so you are saying BTC has reached its peak right now? The MSM is saying 100k by EOY.

2 hours later 27672515 Anonymous
>>27668202 You're all in in the worst performing top20 coins. Zoom out a few months and look at the Link/Btc traiding pair. This is a trainwreck, Link lost half its value since last August.

2 hours later 27672558 Anonymous
>>27662747 You’re actually right. I turned my $100 stack into $700 by accidentally being in Doge last week during the pump. Imagine if I actually put all $1000 in...

2 hours later 27672572 Anonymous
>>27672367 dyor you lazy faggot

2 hours later 27672594 Anonymous
>>27672515 I thought about shaving back some of my LINK and converting it to UNI, thoughts?

2 hours later 27672621 Anonymous
>>27672558 >gambling on meme scamcoins you got lucky once, but don't do it again

2 hours later 27672707 Anonymous
>>27663986 i love this stack

2 hours later 27672796 Anonymous
>>27672384 Hello newfag

2 hours later 27672813 Anonymous
>>27663201 How would you identify a pajeet shill coin from one that will actually gain traction?

2 hours later 27672838 Anonymous
>>27664841 insulting

2 hours later 27672918 Anonymous
>>27672796 Imagine having 70% of your portfolio in ETH and BTC in Year of our Lord 2021 lmfao

2 hours later 27672965 Anonymous
>Rule 1 on investing is to diversify >4chan neet says to put go nearly all in on a high risk Sounds like a good idea

2 hours later 27673002 Anonymous
>>27672813 look at the coin's website, if they have one. most pajeets fill it with bad english and buzzwords that don't actually mean anything. the few that do mention the actual cryptography behind it get the facts wrong (AES-512 I saw one say. AES is only in the 128, 192 or 256 bit key sizes)

2 hours later 27673060 Anonymous
>>27672621 Lol I know, was just buying Doge for the lols though, but it was a funny coincidence nonetheless.

2 hours later 27673121 Anonymous (E0241CA1-AA3C-4451-9341-11E80EFB92F4.jpg 1242x943 311kB)
>>27662747 90% high risk, 10% has been EFFORCED

2 hours later 27673125 Anonymous
LINK is a known Indian scam shilled by /biz/ and the fraud enigma known as Sergey Betray Nazarov who is paying shills to scam people with non-product, rugpull by the said Betray VERY soon. Thank you kindly

2 hours later 27673190 Anonymous (2021-02-03 (1).png 1080x2160 191kB)
this is sad, only because i bought my first bitcoin in 2013 for $700.

2 hours later 27673200 Anonymous
>>27662747 Based mentor-chan

2 hours later 27673202 Anonymous
>>27672465 >so you are saying BTC has reached its peak right now? Nah.

2 hours later 27673382 Anonymous
>>27673002 >>27672813 Wrong. Legit project can hire pajeet shill teams to flood /biz/. RbC and GRT are legit yet the chief of marketing decided to be a fucking retard and buy the meme package. It's cheap, has a nice short term result, but ultimately ruin your coin reputation

2 hours later 27673410 Anonymous
>>27671238 >5k from 100$ holding CEX coins NGMI You need at least 1000$, 200$ for fees (maybe more) and 800$ for a project under 10 million market cap

2 hours later 27673411 Anonymous
>>27673125 Dude, the FUD is over. You had 3 years.

2 hours later 27673571 Anonymous
>>27662747 >If you want to make serious money, you need to go nearly all in on a high risk coin went all in on link in 2017 almost at a quarter mil

2 hours later 27673660 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-02-04-13-51-49-487_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2280 451kB)
Can I get this to 7 figures in 10 years?

2 hours later 27673796 Anonymous (CF789BF2-D09F-446C-B8BB-1AFDA33C5147.png 828x1792 395kB)
Help me. I’m so so poor. I wanna hit 5 figure hell pls. How do I adjust this.

2 hours later 27673994 Anonymous
>>27672965 Diversification is for wealth preservation. If you have no wealth, there is no point preserving it.

2 hours later 27674221 Anonymous
>>27673660 shit if you were in on SHIB for example while it was getting pumped super early and all in'd, you would have hit it. There's still going to be many opportunities like that since there's a crypto surge right now so hold tight

2 hours later 27674233 Anonymous (mtl.png 1014x404 32kB)
i have 50% on a potential 10x and 50% on a potential 3-4x

2 hours later 27674276 Anonymous
>>27670724 Look at this stupid faggot with his reddit reply

2 hours later 27674356 Anonymous
>>27662747 Everything on HEX for me.

2 hours later 27674542 Anonymous
>>27673410 I meant ill have 5k cash to invest after March.

2 hours later 27674582 Anonymous

2 hours later 27674761 Anonymous (23020e387906e6410f28dec070124c3b.jpg 2712x3891 1791kB)
>>27672965 Worse than HODL. Slow money won't work for poorstacks. The point of diversification is risk management, anon. This and HODL make every nucoiner that joins in a bullrun both lose all their opportunities to gain, then hold through the fucking crash and lose it all. Neither is wrong, but it depends how you use this advice. HODL is good for keeping you from selling early, diversification is good for keeping you from getting cucked going all in. Both will keep you poor if you let them. Do your research, pick some lowcap you understand and won't sell because you don't really understand it, and just fucking wait. Get past that first pump, set a stoploss, and fucking cruise. There are so many ways to ladder into a shitcoin, this isn't fucking hard. Go look it up. Study charts of shitcoins past. Lurk the daily open and chase pumps on Binance when things get spicy. Understand compounding gains and losses. Don't over trade. Don't get crushed when the majors run, just buy them even if it's not a whole coin, or wait in fiat. When you get five figs, buy a major and keep gambling in the pits with the rest. Don't forget to cash out. Pay your fucking taxes. Don't stay poor. You will make it.

2 hours later 27674847 Anonymous (huuuungh.jpg 700x724 109kB)
>>27662747 Thank you for the advice, have a dank meme

2 hours later 27674915 Anonymous
This guy’s ID is literally ‘C .U. CK’ please come ridicule him: >>27671702 # He needs many (YOU)’s. This is literally history guys. Biz has found the ultimate KEKold of the board. Come drop a (you) to mark yourself in the archive history books.... let’s get this to a record number of you’s don’t give the cu ck a break.....

2 hours later 27674917 Anonymous
>>27674761 Solid advice, thanks a lot. t. newfag who started just last month and is trying to learn more every day

2 hours later 27674921 Anonymous
>>27670377 Checked. Best of luck and keep your head above water.

2 hours later 27675030 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210130-195749_Coinbase.jpg 720x1560 205kB)
I should've listened to you OP

2 hours later 27675163 Anonymous
>>27662747 I started with 10k in January of 2020 and was diversified with 20 shitcoins. I now have 100k. Fuck off

2 hours later 27675289 Anonymous
>>27673125 You're about to be fucking CRUISING you faggot ass I'm happy for you

2 hours later 27675305 Anonymous (1611770502257.png 755x676 890kB)
>>27672838 You're just jealous that RUGZ is going to moon

2 hours later 27675594 Anonymous (2020-07-16 19.39.07.jpg 1082x695 293kB)
>>27662747 I'll also confirm that OP's advice is correct. I got rekt over the summer and made a lot of newfag mistakes but I'm back in the thick of it after only starting out with $300 and now I have $8000 (unrealized at the current price) thanks to catching onto Bao before it took off. I'm going to be riding the Bao train for a while and am farming it, as well, but I now have much more to work with and am not terribly far from five figures. From here, it's a matter of finding another relatively low mcap alt and riding the waves and not having to worry about gas eating into my ability to properly swing trade and make gains which is nigh impossible if with these gas prices if you have a pajeet stack.

2 hours later 27675783 Anonymous (1607585543791.gif 245x180 990kB)

2 hours later 27676132 Anonymous
Be honest mates, what would you do with 5k right now

3 hours later 27676617 Anonymous
>>27670155 Anyone? :(

3 hours later 27676670 Anonymous (1612174430957.jpg 1024x1024 296kB)

3 hours later 27676745 Anonymous
>>27662747 This

3 hours later 27676822 Anonymous
If you are poor then you have no business buying BTC buy other coins and accumulate profits into BTC when you have more than 20k

3 hours later 27676845 Anonymous
>>27662747 Its too bad I have to spend $200 in gas consolidating everything

3 hours later 27677106 Anonymous
wtf is reef and why is everyone shilling it

3 hours later 27677475 Anonymous
>>27670155 No one actually "day trades", those that do lose money apart from a select few. That is not you. Do you care about losing all your money? If not, then look to go all-in on something. DIP is worth a look: https://blog.etherisc.com/etherisc- teams-up-with-chainlink-to-deliver- crop-insurance-in-kenya-137e433c29d c Leave 20% in ETH. This is high-risk though. Lastly, don't listen to anything anyone says on biz.

3 hours later 27677615 Anonymous
>>27674761 thanks anon :)

3 hours later 27677758 Anonymous
>>27669530 Are you me?

3 hours later 27677848 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-204755_Delta.jpg 1080x2005 267kB)
Observe, newfags. This is how you poorfolio. >less than 3k in 2018

3 hours later 27677938 Anonymous
>>27672813 Coins that pop up around here with 10+ threads appearing out of nowhere are the classic jeet flag. Within these threads, sentiment will be overwhelmingly positive, many of the posts seemingly written by 10 year olds who accessed their parents computers. The jeet shills will be tempting to newcomers and those with small bags. This is a good site for monitoring coin mention traffic >https://www.merv.tech/mentions/biz /all Rubic is the most brazen example of a shill that I have ever seen. I could care less how high it goes, I will never buy a single RBC. You can try to catch a rugpull and make some quick cash, but it's dangerous if you're following the advice I originally gave. >>27673002 is good advice as well. >>27672058 Making it through crypto is not for the risk averse. You will get a decent ROI over time, but crypto will not be your ticket out with a strict blue chip hodl strategy. If you don't want to dive in high risk low marketcap coins, my advice is to monitor macro indicators and take the majority of fiat to the sidelines between market cycles. See >https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/ch arts/rhodl-ratio/ I assume you have not been here for true crashes and bear markets, but I am willing to wager you will sell when your bags fall 75%+ and crab for 2 years. I never try to time dips, but it's not too hard to see a crash coming.

3 hours later 27678242 Anonymous (1610476933859.png 888x888 51kB)

3 hours later 27678262 Anonymous
I have 1000 link, .25 ETH, and $30 in my checking account. Will I make it?

3 hours later 27678380 Anonymous
>>27670155 >>27676617 Better yet, put an extra 1.5k in crypto and sit 1.5k in stable. Good luck, with the right coin, you can 2x in less than a week.

3 hours later 27678447 hassan aly
nft staking money fuck this trash. why would you invest it all in one dumb thing? you’re stupid as dick. >my portfolio with playcent and you will suck this nibba cock with fucking trash you support

3 hours later 27678466 Anonymous (5E79AA7E-B94E-4364-A746-0663928B95C0.png 1284x2778 1114kB)
Hey lads, just hit 5 figure hell and would appreciate some advice. Thanks OP

3 hours later 27678544 Anonymous
>>27663006 So RSR?

3 hours later 27678636 Anonymous
>>27665301 Looks incredibly safe. You may 1.5x your stack

3 hours later 27678652 Anonymous
>>27678466 keep ETH and LINK, drop XLM and move into a Defi bluechip

3 hours later 27678660 Anonymous
I have 2 ETH. Will I make it? What should I buy to turn into 4 ETH

3 hours later 27678691 Anonymous (1611166213067.jpg 554x554 35kB)
>>27662747 i had 190 i put in bao but got raped by gas and it became 150 but i bought in at .0010 and now that its .0025 im up at ~350 and touched ~400 dollars worth. Am i doing good anon?

3 hours later 27678750 Anonymous
>>27678652 Am I too late for AAVE? Been looking at Barnbridge too

3 hours later 27678796 Anonymous
>>27662747 But anon if I pick the wrong coin I'm fucking done for

3 hours later 27678929 Anonymous
Holy shit this guy knows what he's talking about.

3 hours later 27679072 Anonymous (79BB45A4-FA3D-4C19-AC79-A9562614753F.jpg 1024x576 35kB)
>>27675030 Jesus anon pull yourself together

3 hours later 27679127 Anonymous
>>27678750 I like SNX currently because it is consolidating and UNI because it just recently broke out. UNI for gains now, SNX for gains later, both (or AAVE) for gains medium-long term. SNX is probably the best value overall IMO.

3 hours later 27679195 Anonymous
i have: 5 ETH 200 LINK and for lowcap 100k AKRO did i fuck up?

3 hours later 27679250 Anonymous
Im 80% ADA 20% BTC. I have about 1k ada and it's my main hope of making it. Should I just keep pumping my cash into ADA or get a third coin? If so which one do you recommend?

3 hours later 27679314 Anonymous
>>27679127 Another Elder anon was talking about SNX the other night, I'll look into it thanks.

3 hours later 27679397 Anonymous
>>27679250 do you even stake the ADA

3 hours later 27679416 Anonymous
>>27679397 yes

3 hours later 27679477 Anonymous
>>27679416 ygmi

3 hours later 27679701 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-221034_Blockfolio.jpg 1440x3040 546kB)
poorfag with 1-2k left to go in with, what should I consolidate on for best chance of making it frens

3 hours later 27679726 Anonymous
I've got 250€ on LINK, 250€ on AVAX, 250€ on Ether and 75€ on GRT My idea was to hold link, avax and ether for long and use the 10% of the portfolio to gamble on coins and keep stacking the hold coins

3 hours later 27679839 Anonymous
>>27679477 thank you sir. which coins to purchase

3 hours later 27679908 Anonymous
>>27662882 buy a suit and a haircut.

3 hours later 27680137 Anonymous
>>27664823 forget ltc. it's a fossil. choose either dot or ada to hedge against eth, no point having both. looks like you believe in dot more. 50% eth 30% btc 20% dot (or 10% dot + 10% defi blue chip)

3 hours later 27680209 Anonymous (helo.png 640x400 158kB)
what do i do bros? somewhat less than 10k i have a few eth, ada, reef, grt, link, xrp also i had some eth disappear after a cancelled transaction.. am i fucked? can i get that back somehow? thanks frens

3 hours later 27680344 Anonymous
I did all in into REEF, was that a good choice?

3 hours later 27680364 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 4.02.19 PM.png 865x546 83kB)
Can I make it with DPI?

3 hours later 27680448 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 1.57.27 PM.png 854x795 118kB)
>>27680364 The token selections are solid

4 hours later 27680696 Anonymous
>>27670254 good. slightly btc heavy for my liking but good choices

4 hours later 27680970 Anonymous
>>27679839 MRPH

4 hours later 27681310 Anonymous (1604462892290.jpg 900x900 143kB)
>>27666797 What wallet is this?

4 hours later 27681348 Anonymous
>>27665050 >>27679195 you did good anon. take profits into btc over the next month or so as not to get cucked when btc starts trending again. things like akro can moon hard but can drop equally as hard twice as fast. take advantage of the pump. t. traded akro in the summer and managed to get out at 0.03 on the way down and use the profits to buy btc at 10k

4 hours later 27681397 Anonymous
>>27677106 The aspiring Amazon of coins, or so they say.

4 hours later 27681587 Anonymous
>>27673796 wtf is shib. gtfo of shib

4 hours later 27681627 Anonymous
>>27675030 invest in a job

4 hours later 27681747 Anonymous (port.jpg 540x1110 53kB)
Any advice for someone that has been lurking for 6 months and started investing last month? I've made around $300 so far. I'm dumping $200 every 2 weeks.

4 hours later 27681862 Anonymous
>>27681747 sell everything below grt for grt

4 hours later 27681892 Anonymous
>>27681747 too diversified. put 30% in a stablecoin like BTC or ETH and the rest in GRT, AAVE, or another shitcoin you think is gonna moon

4 hours later 27681902 Anonymous
>>27662747 this, I now own 4 different coins when I'm at 400k. but all before that were just jumping from one coin to another. learn to hold good projects. traders usually lose money

4 hours later 27681960 Anonymous
>>27681862 Based

4 hours later 27681995 Anonymous (144368681_396947954937535_1863356066767925602_n.jpg 540x961 53kB)
Where did I fuck up /biz/? I plan on hodling at least 2-3 yrs.

4 hours later 27682021 Anonymous
>>27681747 how does someone have 5 dogecoins?

4 hours later 27682035 Anonymous
>>27681995 You're gonna make it

4 hours later 27682139 Anonymous
>>27676132 Uni

4 hours later 27682141 Anonymous
>>27681902 Holding multiple coins doesn't imply trading, it is just diversification. Diversification is only bad for small stacks or if you have more coins for the sole sake of diversification without actually ensuring that they are all quality projects.

4 hours later 27682272 Anonymous
>>27673796 >>27673190 >>27671821 >>27670254 >>27670155 WHAT PLATFORM IS THIS?

4 hours later 27682373 Anonymous
>>27682272 botfilio

4 hours later 27682381 Anonymous
>>27682272 blockfolio, read the thread, man.

4 hours later 27682454 Anonymous
>>27679839 more ada

4 hours later 27682801 Anonymous
>>27675030 >Portfolio is just 1/2 of coinbase earn rewards Why

4 hours later 27682943 Anonymous
>>27681862 Thanks, I'm actually considering this, loving GRT. >>27681892 I hate ETH for it's gas fees, is bitcoin the same? Not sure which one I should start buying. >>27682021 Fucking binance sold all of them but 5, fucking joke lmao

4 hours later 27683257 Anonymous
>>27662747 THANKS BRO

4 hours later 27683420 Anonymous
>>27682943 bro, there is something so fcking funny about someone holding 5 dogecoin lmao

4 hours later 27683647 Anonymous (072E794C-14ED-4F42-BBA8-BD5D13430AC6.jpg 640x805 226kB)
Waiting for eth to clear coinbase to dump it into another 3 DEXG. Any advice? Will I make it?

4 hours later 27683737 Anonymous (demcoin.png 165x367 24kB)
>>27662747 this is about 5k worth here

4 hours later 27683883 Anonymous
>>27662747 Diversification is a great way to stay rich once you make it. Its not a great way to get rich. The problem is 99% of this board will pick and bag hold retarded shit or get scammed. I got to 500k from 10k with low cap uniswap plays. I still haven't derisked and am only in 3 plays.

4 hours later 27683956 Anonymous
>>27666797 Go all in RBC and you will make it

4 hours later 27683993 Anonymous (67470D8D-CFDE-4596-97E4-BE03FAA25D97.png 750x1334 200kB)
I want to die every day, anons. Please, someone tell me I’m gonna make it.

4 hours later 27684112 Anonymous
>>27676132 RUBIC

5 hours later 27684170 Anonymous
>>27683993 >no XLM ngmi

5 hours later 27684274 Anonymous
>>27683420 Right? Lmao I fucking hate seeing that shit

5 hours later 27684461 Anonymous
>>27669168 PRQ one of the few coins not pumping atm and the chart is screaming imminent breakout. Otherwise i would probably funnel it into RBC or some other high risk shitcoin

5 hours later 27684472 Anonymous (7E0A877C-128D-4395-9236-E7FB0CB96415.jpg 250x220 6kB)
>>27684170 Fuck off pajeet

5 hours later 27684490 Anonymous
my first crypto purchase was link about a year and a half ago and then sold a couple months later at a nominal loss. Never again. Hopefully the 10x I lost was worth the learning.

5 hours later 27684606 Anonymous
>>27670254 way too much btc. we're not at $12k a btc any longer amigo

5 hours later 27684613 Anonymous
>>27684472 It's being adopted by governments all over the world if you don't hope on soon you'll get left behind ;p

5 hours later 27684627 Anonymous (folio.jpg 1170x1626 535kB)
How am I doing?

5 hours later 27684793 Anonymous (1606186003291.jpg 749x729 198kB)

5 hours later 27685031 Anonymous
>>27662882 You’re not gonna believe me but I turned $300 into $20k through uniswap. Just buy a coin and shill it

5 hours later 27685070 Anonymous
>>27684627 nice canadabro. new to crypto this year and have been watching eth carefully

5 hours later 27685107 Anonymous
>>27662747 I salute you for your expert advice

5 hours later 27685140 Anonymous
>>27685070 same senpai, got into it around august.

5 hours later 27685273 Anonymous
>>27664841 why

5 hours later 27685396 Anonymous
>>27685031 I've said I wanted to do that as a joke before but fuck, how specifically??

5 hours later 27685401 Anonymous (ohshid.gif 110x100 111kB)

5 hours later 27685585 Anonymous
>>27669168 What wallet are you using?

5 hours later 27685682 Anonymous
good advice, though i think having 5 coins max isnt a bad idea either

5 hours later 27686183 Anonymous (92576F1D-7E46-4513-AA9A-A825B94DD05F.jpg 750x1276 258kB)
Any advice for a newbie /biz/? Most in on Link but feeling too spread out.

5 hours later 27686386 Anonymous
>>27686183 You missed BTC, put everything you have in GRT. You don't have the capital to make any reasonable profit from those other coins. Maybe put a bit in ETH as well I guess.

5 hours later 27686448 Anonymous (853ECD67-4515-4E16-A505-AE27C1A78909.jpg 1125x1832 584kB)
>>27662747 Literally took me 8 months to reach this.

5 hours later 27686530 Anonymous
>>27686448 damn, how much did you start with? and what did you do?

5 hours later 27686553 Anonymous
>>27686386 I've made ~$100 off of ETH and BTC in the last week what are you talking about? It's a good steady investment. At some point i'll be making thousands off of it, then tens of thousands. There is no harm in holding blue chips.

5 hours later 27686618 Anonymous
>>27665301 pretty decent, nice job anon.

5 hours later 27686623 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204-011816.jpg 1440x935 149kB)

5 hours later 27686673 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204-091800.png 1080x1920 444kB)
My rationale is that most of my money is safe with Ethereum, while the rest is in Idena, which is potentially a 100x, but it could also go to zero. Ignore the BNK

5 hours later 27686687 Anonymous
>>27686530 Invested $30k in Buttcoin Invested $30k in ETH Invested $6k in Rubic For rubic, DYOR meme prevailed

5 hours later 27686689 Anonymous
>>27686183 more gurt maybe more algo but go 40% gurt

5 hours later 27686702 Anonymous
>>27686553 Are you dumb? These are people who have barely any money. BTC and ETH aren't going to do shit for them. Did you miss the point of the thread?

5 hours later 27686788 Anonymous
>>27686689 $this->

5 hours later 27686872 Anonymous
>>27664841 BASED

6 hours later 27687287 Anonymous (block.jpg 1080x1694 143kB)
Is this ok for a starter? I just bought a bunch of shilled coins with some spare cash.

6 hours later 27687490 Anonymous
>>27686448 Very nice anon

6 hours later 27687668 Anonymous
I literally only have 1k that I can safely lose, and I'm willing to risk all of it in the pursuit of financial independence. What low market cap shitcoins are most likely to carry me there? After seeing flow jump to 20x, I'm convinced the only real option for me is to catch something new on its first day on market and hop out before it's too late but that's obviously easier said than done.

6 hours later 27687913 Anonymous
1k PNK 10k RBC 1k SURF

6 hours later 27687976 Anonymous
>>27687668 Rubic bro, we still early af

6 hours later 27688098 Anonymous (CEE3440F-5E5D-41D4-9BB8-C6A60770F160.jpg 1125x1383 1145kB)
>>27662747 Can confirm OP is giving based advice. Listen up newfags. I’ll chime in and say that if your shitcoin does 2x, take your initial out and reinvest in a lower cap coin that is undervalued and hasn’t pumped yet. If THAT coin does 2x rinse and repeat. Twitter is unironically the best place to find low cap gems at the moment.. My final piece of advice is NEVER MARRY YOUR FUCKING BAGS. Good luck newfags, welcome to the golden bullrun.

6 hours later 27688351 Anonymous
>>27688098 >NEVER MARRY YOUR FUCKING BAGS wise advice

6 hours later 27688542 Anonymous
>>27662882 Have you tried getting a job?

6 hours later 27688572 Anonymous
I got $700 in eth, should I just put $500 into Fantom?

6 hours later 27688715 Anonymous
>>27679701 You're way too over diversified anon

6 hours later 27688812 Anonymous
>>27688098 Do you have sauce?

6 hours later 27688851 Anonymous (B0A86F30-7F30-46E2-BD79-8FEC1187FFFE.jpg 1242x1657 343kB)
I put $5 into Amazon, BTC, ETH, and Litecoin to see what happens. The QLGN was given to me for, if my math is correct, roughly the same amount our janitorial staff are paid for their efforts. Any advice in what to do to learn more is appreciated.

6 hours later 27688884 Anonymous
>>27670377 checked, I like your sense of honor, good luck, kek

6 hours later 27689310 Anonymous
>>27688715 i know, i need to consolidate. any tips for which one will give me the best bang for my buck? ideally not a pnd shitcoin

6 hours later 27689313 Anonymous
>>27688098 Any advice on Twitter accounts to follow? Am the newest of newfags

6 hours later 27689352 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204-000718_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2220 378kB)
Will I make it?

6 hours later 27689428 Anonymous
what's the story with RSR?

6 hours later 27689580 Anonymous
>>27662882 read kaiji

6 hours later 27689820 Anonymous
Dumb advice. You gotta find a project you believe will 10x at least. I bought 125 chainlink at around 3 dollars, and traded it for Bitcoin when LINK was around $15, we were clearly entering a bull run and I figured my gains on BTC would be higher, bought in at around 14k and doubled it. Diversified slightly into GRT, DOT, RLC, and STX, buying around 100 each. I’m up 10k now from an initial $369 investment. Just don’t be a retard and DYOR, then DCA into coins that have real value or back a real service(like LINK, GRT, and DOT)

6 hours later 27689905 Anonymous
>>27685273 I'm literally a gambling addict

6 hours later 27690001 Anonymous
>>27665301 what is that 6 dollars worth of bitcoin for

6 hours later 27690088 Anonymous (1609814646755.jpg 227x222 8kB)
>>27662882 uniswap shitcoins literally survived having my wage cut in less than half from chink virus by throwing my trump bux into the market. exhausted the last of it as I got a new job. I put about 1100 in one time and according to my taxes I cashed out 26k funny thing is I got a 3k loan mid January and slapped most of the fucker in rbc and now I've got 17k usd in my metamask

6 hours later 27690237 Anonymous
>>27669530 Me but I'm all in LTO kek

6 hours later 27690483 Anonymous
>>27688851 >robinhood 100% ngmi your amazon is not going to 100x my friend. you need to breed a good down home shitcoin to make any progress.

7 hours later 27691360 Anonymous
bros i feel like I got in too late, should I wait for a crash? Everything just keeps going up, seems lime a stupid move to buy in now

7 hours later 27691389 Anonymous
>>27663201 Im almost at 10k with Uni, so how do I 10x that? 20% into a good long term and 80% into a moon mission that's cheap and not a pnd?

7 hours later 27692281 Anonymous
>>27690483 What should I go with?

7 hours later 27692612 Anonymous
>>27670149 >pattern pattern = TA TA works, I x3.5 my BTC during the 18-21 calf/bull market

7 hours later 27692811 Anonymous
do you guys see this run going on till the end of the year as people say? or are you expecting a crash?

7 hours later 27692986 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204-141841072 (1).jpg 1080x2246 338kB)
Am I gonna make it lads?

7 hours later 27693111 Anonymous (themostamazingta.png 1115x695 28kB)
>>27692811 checked unironically both

7 hours later 27693202 Anonymous
>>27693111 trips confirm

7 hours later 27693243 Anonymous
>>27693111 damn anon i believe

7 hours later 27693260 Anonymous

7 hours later 27693397 Anonymous
>>27689352 i think so man

7 hours later 27693449 Anonymous
>>27692811 I feel intense Dec 2017- Dec 2018 vibes, I hope to be wrong, but I am so far +15% in BTC since the first top in Jan 8, trading in "bear mode" t. trading BTC since 2013, kek

7 hours later 27693626 Anonymous (shib.jpg 1024x844 54kB)
poorfags just buy memecoin $shib it will get all dogecoin hype and it will 10000x your shitty stack. Then whales come in and its ez. Remember, decentralized meme exchange

7 hours later 27693678 Anonymous
>>27693449 Honetly anon that would be great, I finally have disposable income I can throw at crypto, why does evryone say it'll keep soaring then?

7 hours later 27693846 Anonymous
>>27689313 Seconded >>27688098

7 hours later 27693910 Anonymous
Anyone need fakecoin referals? Pi: Gowergulch54 Bee: gowergulch54 TimeStope: gowergulch

8 hours later 27693961 Anonymous
>>27672367 ETH that Pajeets seal from you because they can.

8 hours later 27693993 Anonymous (port.png 864x1745 307kB)
Started with 500 dollar two years ago. Please help.

8 hours later 27694144 Anonymous (B0B849B4-278F-412F-A5F6-0F6421BE1338.png 1008x1008 1079kB)
>>27662747 I hope all of you get very rich.

8 hours later 27694223 Anonymous (F7D2C6C7-93C9-4019-BBE8-D1E8AE07553B.png 750x1334 259kB)
All in ADA is safe but im thinking about going all in in grt, what do you guys think?

8 hours later 27694445 Anonymous
>>27693678 I hope to be wrong, I also think this is a dip, S2F model and all...but so far trading like it was 2018 all over again works, and I don't like it, kek

8 hours later 27694643 Anonymous (0232_-_MAYWwRj.jpg 458x445 57kB)
>>27663986 I would hang onto XRP just in case they beat the SEC since you can afford to lose it and not feel much. LTO and XLM aren't bad coins but the stacks are low to make anything substantial. I would swap them out more LINK >>27665050 I hope you bought GRT for a low price. It'll moon but profits won't be much if you bought at the top >>27665301 You need to put more into a shitcoin, hope it moons then swap for LINK before they moon >>27666797 Put your BTC into REEF or SHIB >>27670155 I'm rooting for you anon. I hope BAO pays off for you >>27670254 You don't need advice, fuck off

8 hours later 27694863 Anonymous
ALGO, GRT, BNT, 2k EUR each, please respond

8 hours later 27694919 Anonymous
Newfag here Is it too late to get into uniswap?

8 hours later 27695098 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-01-25-12-01-13.png 720x1280 193kB)
I'm overly diversified am I not

8 hours later 27695266 Anonymous
>>27685396 find a shitcoin really low,buy a nice bag of them and shill it here saying it'll explode look at SHIB or SLP

8 hours later 27695321 Anonymous
>>27695098 BUSD into LINK while its dipping

8 hours later 27695334 Anonymous
>>27677938 Only /biz/ is actually talking about GRT yet it is rising rapidly. Did we all get got by Indians or is 4chan just slightly ahead of the curve?

8 hours later 27695352 Anonymous
>>27694919 are you poor ? then yes it's too late

8 hours later 27695375 Anonymous
>>27674915 holy shit this is the funniest thing ive ever seen kek

8 hours later 27695426 Anonymous
>>27669350 Binance because coinbase doesn't have all the altcoins. For q 5% discount use my refferal id nigggggaaaa - BJB64KGS

8 hours later 27695450 Anonymous
>>27662882 Dude let me give you this PnD discord group that hasn’t been shut down yet >it’s a scam Look at the price when before they say the coin they’re going to pump and the price an hour or two later. You need to FAST though. The current pump ended so wait a few days for the next one. This is a very big tip, you won’t get another chance Anon. https :// discord dUEVzjsZ

8 hours later 27695458 Anonymous
>>27662882 Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

8 hours later 27695474 Anonymous
OP, I am currently stacking GRT, ive got 2k delegated, my plan was to get 50$ worth every week, I also mine Eth on my gaming pc , bout 20$ every week, should I just keep acoomalating these 2 or maybe divert half of the 50/week to another law mcap coin ?

8 hours later 27695621 Anonymous
>>27665301 You’re doing a good job

8 hours later 27695643 Anonymous (1612383466403.jpg 280x180 8kB)
>>27662747 Solid advice. Going all into Libertas and aave with 4k.

8 hours later 27695702 Anonymous
>>27662747 This is solid advice

8 hours later 27695706 Anonymous
>>27662747 poorfolis = non-ALEPH holders DYOR anons out there

8 hours later 27695719 Anonymous (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png 438x739 31kB)
kill me

8 hours later 27695837 Anonymous
>>27693846 Philakonecrypto

8 hours later 27695879 Anonymous
>>27695719 We’re almost there PNKbro, stay strong

8 hours later 27696146 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 538x113 8kB)
I'm trying to by PRQ on BitMart >Blockfolio lists PRQ at $0.80 >BiitMart lists PRQ at $0.50 Why the huge variation in price? Is it definitely the same PRQ? I'm confused

8 hours later 27696153 Anonymous
>put all your money into a worthless meme coin this board is nothing but zoomer brainlets and pajeets

8 hours later 27696191 Anonymous
>>27672965 diversification is good if you have no clue what you are doing or are already rich.

8 hours later 27696335 Anonymous
lost most of my portfilio over at betfury.ca playing keno but got most of it back in ETH using the daily dividend

8 hours later 27696576 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204-181908_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2400 405kB)
Can anyone rate mine please? Planning on dumping fun once it gets another pump and putting more into LTO/ADA. Any better ideas? AuD

9 hours later 27696869 Anonymous
>>27671852 this chart is fucking retarded >hurr only the top 0.001% in the world are rich >500k is poor

9 hours later 27696936 Anonymous
>>27662882 buy 6 link and wait

9 hours later 27697066 Anonymous
>>27696869 this is for net worth Anon, not savings, although I do agree it0s a bit inflated.

9 hours later 27697397 Anonymous
>>27697066 I am talking about net worth Nowhere on earth is someone with 500k net worth considered poor. It is above the median net worth in every single country on this planet.

9 hours later 27697585 Anonymous
>>27696576 What's happening with RSR?

1.597 0.265