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2021-02-03 11:46 27648797 Anonymous >120 IQ portfolio thread (Screenshot_20210203-174206_Delta.jpg 1440x1534 296kB)
You're only allowed to post here if your portfolio is high IQ tier and explain why. BAO, DOGE, RUBIC, GME, Silver retards immediately disqualified NORMIES AND redditors Gtfo too

2 min later 27649029 Anonymous (5346534t346.png 1601x1102 30kB)
>>27648797 AGI or FET for AI services Link for oracles ETH or AVAX for backbone Enjin for gaming integration BTC for feelings and future who knows

2 min later 27649046 Anonymous

7 min later 27649454 Anonymous (190iq.png 354x69 3kB)

9 min later 27649630 Anonymous (shadilay.jpg 1500x1440 227kB)
>>27648797 >Silver retards immediately disqualified OP is retard. 130+ fag here, physical silver is the best. buy it, stack it. crash JP Morgan, buy silver.

9 min later 27649646 Anonymous
>>27648797 130IQ here. buy Litecoin and Cardano

10 min later 27649737 Anonymous
>>27649630 274.918 ounce stack reporting in.

10 min later 27649738 Anonymous
Ethereum would be good if you didn't have to pay a $40 transaction fee...

11 min later 27649812 Anonymous
>>27648797 140IQ here, I'm too smart to fall for greater-fool schemes so I have invested 0% of my net-worth in crypto currencies.

11 min later 27649815 Anonymous
>>27648797 100% BAO. 140iq

11 min later 27649825 Anonymous (E4A1CBB8-D2DD-4CAA-BD2E-E0ADFE4CC75E.jpg 1065x922 393kB)
This is what a 140 IQ portfolio looks like. Brainlets won’t understand.

12 min later 27649924 Anonymous
>>27649825 based

12 min later 27649970 Anonymous
>>27649812 Crypto is valueless but the tech behind it is.

13 min later 27650046 Anonymous
>>27649812 >I'm too smart to fall for greater-fool schemes BAO went up +150% in 24h tho, you fool should use your IQ better than that

13 min later 27650070 Anonymous
>>27649454 BASED

14 min later 27650094 Anonymous
>>27649970 -is valuable.

15 min later 27650168 Anonymous
>>27650070 Green ID, YGMI.

15 min later 27650227 Anonymous (file.png 1826x290 109kB)
pic related + 100k REEF

18 min later 27650430 Anonymous
>>27650046 And some day it will drop to zero because it has no intrinsic value

18 min later 27650483 Anonymous (1610730808029.png 235x215 5kB)
>BEAM >LTC >LTO This is gonna be a good week, methinks

20 min later 27650574 Anonymous
>>27649812 >crypto currencies are all forks of each other >pomp eet >domp eet >so what does it all mean? Invest in github, and profit.

21 min later 27650689 Anonymous
>>27650574 >Invest in github I already have a fat stack of MSFT

23 min later 27650829 Anonymous (54BA1599-951A-4358-8593-8FECBDFA5EDD.png 1242x2208 724kB)

24 min later 27650897 Anonymous
how you claimin high iq but dont have no ftm

24 min later 27650906 Anonymous
>>27650227 >>27650829 shill me on reef

24 min later 27650921 Anonymous
>>27650829 >4365 RBC Absolutely and unequivocally based.

24 min later 27650963 Anonymous
>>27648797 141 here. Play with crypto for fun. Zilliqa because the only thing holding it back is awareness. Fundamentals and tokenomics are solid. Holding until it hits $10 and collecting my 16% interest in the mean time. Good luck faggots.

26 min later 27651072 Anonymous
>>27650430 You’ve done absolutely no research into the coin, have you smooth brain?

27 min later 27651145 Anonymous
>>27650829 >rbc BASED

27 min later 27651194 Anonymous
>>27649812 >Has 140iq >Doesn't think there's money to be made in a greater fools scheme SAD!

27 min later 27651202 Anonymous
>>27651072 Of course not, why would I?

27 min later 27651208 Anonymous
>>27650897 trannycoin

27 min later 27651212 Anonymous
>>27648797 >Enjin Coin Why?

29 min later 27651355 Anonymous
>>27650829 Can someone tell me what app this is I have my shit on coinbase and metamask and this looks far superior

31 min later 27651487 Anonymous
>>27651355 Blockfolio.

31 min later 27651532 Anonymous (denkosergey.png 508x283 185kB)
>>27650829 up that reef stack it's serious also >top 3 search coin in EU

32 min later 27651616 Anonymous
>>27650963 What would be a suicide stack for ZIL?

34 min later 27651738 Anonymous
>>27650906 Bro, this entire thread is a subtle REEF shill.

34 min later 27651766 Anonymous
>>27651355 its blockfolio. you dont actually keep your crypto on it. most people have their coins on multiple wallets. (I have 3) This is just to keep track of them all in one place. You just tell the app how much of each coin u have all together

34 min later 27651777 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-171603_Blockfolio.jpg 1440x3040 667kB)
Obviously XRP isn't gonna reach 2k, but I think there's a chance it'll get to $100. Either way, I have diamond hands, and I hope I'll make it. I hope we all make it.

34 min later 27651796 Anonymous
>>27649825 Based af, gmi my dude

35 min later 27651821 Anonymous (DSC01942.jpg 4779x3021 1809kB)
>>27649630 This. Silver is probably 125+ IQ so OP can't deal with it.

35 min later 27651830 Anonymous
>>27651487 >>27651766 Ty anons

35 min later 27651848 Anonymous
>>27651766 What a pointless app.

36 min later 27651962 Anonymous
>>27651830 NP, and that ID means you must buy some RBC to make it with us anon.

37 min later 27652004 Anonymous
>>27648797 Bro it was INJ that you were supposed to buy, not ENJ fucking kek, you bought a shitcoin bro

37 min later 27652037 Anonymous

37 min later 27652042 Anonymous (brainlet-happy-chart-brain.png 653x566 23kB)
128 here. I blew a lot of money buying the top on uniswap shitcoins. IQ has not helped me stop being an impulsive retard.

38 min later 27652160 Anonymous
>>27652042 I've never completed an IQ test properly due to anxiety over time limitations.

39 min later 27652233 Anonymous
139 here %100 BTC.

40 min later 27652276 Anonymous
>>27649738 shit I forgot to exclude poor people, gtfo senpai >>27649825 >XRP I said no normies

41 min later 27652354 Anonymous
BTC (because BTC) ETH (because ETH) AVAX (for network architecture (decentralised)) QNT (for network architecture (centralised)) GRT (for APIs) LINK/BIRD (for Oracles (established/upside)) VET/MFG (for Supply Chain (establisjed/upside) KEK (for Tools) Low IQ move - Selling UNI/PRQ . . . Redeeming Feature - . . . for QNT

41 min later 27652357 Anonymous
>>27649630 buy gme , moshe

41 min later 27652418 Anonymous
>>27652037 you don't. you buy in when its 1usd

42 min later 27652431 Anonymous
>>27648797 137 and I’m all in on reef

43 min later 27652510 Anonymous
>>27652042 IQ and patience are not related. Learn patience

44 min later 27652604 Anonymous (3C29C03D-805C-4779-872D-FD7940A71BE9.jpg 800x1200 179kB)
>>27652276 Brainlet.

44 min later 27652650 Anonymous
>>27651616 30k

46 min later 27652753 Anonymous
>>27651738 This entire thread is now a subtle RBC shill

47 min later 27652840 Anonymous
>>27652233 only real answer, nice double dubs

47 min later 27652871 Anonymous (1612357473961.gif 500x500 322kB)

48 min later 27652948 Anonymous
>>27648797 AAVE is short for Avalanche

49 min later 27653064 Anonymous
>>27649825 >no telcoin You were so close. Back to 110 you go.

50 min later 27653138 Anonymous
>>27652948 No, that's African American Vernacular English

51 min later 27653228 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204-100710_Blockfolio.png 1080x2340 217kB)
Im a retard 70 iq brainlet

52 min later 27653280 Anonymous
>>27652510 You're right

54 min later 27653443 Anonymous
172+IQ, GRT.

54 min later 27653462 Anonymous
GRT ADA 1INCH REEF staking ETH 2.0 wish i had some DOT...

54 min later 27653464 Anonymous (poooooooooorfolio.png 1117x320 34kB)
if you don't have HBAR you are ngmi

55 min later 27653485 Anonymous
>>27649812 >140 IQ >doesn't realize that he just has to be early enough on a coin with promise to make it Citation needed.

56 min later 27653556 Anonymous (photo_2021-01-08_01-43-40.jpg 640x409 40kB)
>>27648797 my bag is full of INJ and the reason is so simple. >DEX hype is real >Injective is L2 DEX that handles the high gas fees >It is the first derivative platform that includes tokenized stocks >It has forex market >It has a crypto market

56 min later 27653584 Anonymous
>>27649825 based af algo and stellar are my two biggest holds

57 min later 27653627 Anonymous (EEEDE289-8BC2-4B31-991C-DA7B972049D7.png 1242x2208 514kB)
>>27648797 90% BTC, riding the boomer wave. Kadena moonshot bag confirmed.

57 min later 27653692 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-234318.jpg 1080x1004 117kB)
>>27648797 Rate

59 min later 27653823 Anonymous (1 (7).jpg 824x790 489kB)
>>27648797 Looking at the amount of txn fee right now i think its good to hold some L2 projects like Tokamak or Matic....

59 min later 27653837 Anonymous
ETH, INJ, LTC I have ETH and LTC cuz they are the most solid alts in the market. I am holding the INJ cuz it will be the king of DEX space and there is no such derivative shit that sells tokenized stocks

1 hours later 27654238 Anonymous
>>27651616 I disagree and say 60k.

1 hours later 27654357 Anonymous
>>27649046 Buy L2 bub. Next big dex to takeoff like Uniswap and Loopring did.

1 hours later 27654372 Anonymous (CCDA8CAB-2144-4B47-9D02-4690C2C8A866.jpg 1125x627 167kB)
Poorfag with a heart condition, I got 10-15 years. Am I gonna make it in time bros?

1 hours later 27654411 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-175250_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2220 412kB)

1 hours later 27654429 Anonymous
>>27648797 You want AAVE, but a year ago? YLD.

1 hours later 27654526 Anonymous (halfwallet.jpg 785x749 65kB)
>>27648797 About half of what I hold, but these are the only two assets I buy.

1 hours later 27654603 Anonymous
There are two YLD's

1 hours later 27654621 Anonymous
>>27654372 Buy some RBC, and I'm not saying it because I hold it. My inhibitions are down due to alcohol, just buy Rubic anon.

1 hours later 27654727 Anonymous
>>27654372 At least you're buying blue chip coins. Get more link and you'll make it anon

1 hours later 27654900 Anonymous (The Day Europe’s Power Grid Came Close to a Massive Blackout.png 1183x4272 1279kB)
MASSIVE BLACKOUT INCOMING ON NEXT EU COLD WAVE (2/13) it was extrem close to full blackout GREAT AWAKENING no eurofag will hodl shitcoin after. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED SELL ALL SHITCOINS AND BUBBLESTOCKS, BUY 1000OZ SILVARRR. thank me later

1 hours later 27655055 Anonymous
>>27651777 why are you doing this to yourself? Ditch that gay XRP and BCH and get some SNX, AAVE and/or GRT

1 hours later 27655188 Anonymous
>>27648797 Mostly XRP for the next .40 pump. And about 45,000 DGB.

1 hours later 27655260 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210204-005733.png 1585x2048 750kB)
>Bridge between Eth and Zilliqa in March >Trading eth tokens without shitty gas and low fees on Zilliswap Based

1 hours later 27655276 Anonymous
>>27649630 >JP morgan has millions of pounds of hidden silver just themselves >Just crash them with some 6oz buys guize! Who do you morons think has been buying up all the excess silver for the last 60 years?

1 hours later 27655388 Anonymous
>>27655260 You can stake ZIL on Atomic Wallet anon.

1 hours later 27655508 Anonymous
>>27653627 where and when do you see the top for btc in this cycle?

1 hours later 27655675 Anonymous (1612151693614.gif 112x112 12kB)
>xrp >ada >xlm >ftm

1 hours later 27655875 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-190905.png 1440x2880 294kB)
Not shown: the other 70k sitting in broad etfs, silver and reits.

1 hours later 27655946 Anonymous
>>27648797 >BAO, DOGE, RUBIC, GME, Silver retards immediately disqualified rubic is up 30% since you made this shitty thread btw

1 hours later 27655955 Anonymous
>>27649812 My condolences. Missing out on Link must have been difficult

1 hours later 27655964 Anonymous
>>27648797 This is a sad portfolio and you should be embarrassed.

1 hours later 27656101 Anonymous (1612334427955.jpg 1500x1115 512kB)
>>27655946 RBC is bullish as fuck

1 hours later 27656304 Anonymous
>>27654900 >7kPEY6yw I already have gold and silver, I'm betting [BETTING] on kikecoins.

1 hours later 27656499 Anonymous
>>27656101 sounds like something a poorfag would say

1 hours later 27656509 Anonymous (1607562642168.png 800x884 277kB)
>>27652004 >you bought a shitcoin there's a reason why you need to be 120+ to post here, you just don't get it

1 hours later 27656549 Anonymous (165FF53B-9860-4B88-9C74-DB2EF3F5FAC4.png 1125x2436 687kB)
Bond will catapult this into 7 figures, screenshot this

1 hours later 27656712 Anonymous
>>27656499 Define poor? Regardless idc, RBC will improve lives.

1 hours later 27656748 Anonymous
>>27651738 This whole board has been a reef shill for the last 3 days

1 hours later 27656759 Anonymous (blockchain-one-more-time.jpg 268x188 9kB)
>>27655946 IT'S HAPPENNNNNNNNING!!! NEW CRYPTO ICO PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! i'm going to make a blockchain in which all nodes consume electricty computing every possible unused permutation of three and four letter symbols, then forks github.com/bitcoin, does a global search and replace, pomps it, domps it, and then rewards coinholders based on how many threads they create on /biz/

1 hours later 27656833 Anonymous
Thinking of dropping 1.5k each on Monero, DOT, and Avalanche. Already sitting on 5k worth of ETH I bought a few days ago. Someone redpill me on their futures before I pull the trigger. Monero looks like a dark horse candidate to be big but what if someone cracks it or it stays private and is never accepted as mainstream by governments because of that? DOT and Avalanche I’m buying because /biz told me they’re the next generation of crypto.

1 hours later 27657098 Anonymous
>>27656833 I started out my crypto investment journey with XMR and instantly lost money. Now I ain't FUDDING, I love XMR for its utility to function as a currency and privacy coin, a store of wealth even, but it is NOT a get rich coin.

1 hours later 27657179 Anonymous
>>27648797 100% ada

1 hours later 27658540 Anonymous
>>27656759 Is FOMOCoin taken? Or hey, we can just make a new derivative security based on a pair of currencies the nodes trade back and forth: PompCoin/DompCoin

2 hours later 27659158 Anonymous
>>27655260 Yup. So many people sleeping on this. They will fomo in at $3-$5.

2 hours later 27660487 Anonymous
>>27656833 Leverj.io This Uniswap but with actual tokenized derivatives, commodities, etc- ETFs, defi mutual funds. 100x leverage, no KYC Leverj.io

2 hours later 27660841 Anonymous
>>27655260 >>27655388 >>27659158 Rundown on ZIL?

2 hours later 27661880 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203-181934.png 1440x2960 234kB)
I only invest in coins with a product that is already being used. And chain link because why not.

2 hours later 27662946 Anonymous
>>27660841 Solves scalability and gas problems. 16% staking. Building ethereum bridge. Good team. Amazing community. Over 33% staked so no pump n dump bullshit. Community votes on major decisions via governance token (acquired via staking only until October!). Dude just type it in YouTube and watch some vids. It’s a solid fucking coin with a solid future. That’s why you don’t see it shilled here with these fucking brainlets pump n dumps.

2 hours later 27663298 Anonymous
>>27662946 It's already 800m mc, how much higher do you think it'll go? Even just a 10x puts it in top 10, seems like opportunity cost of this is high.

2 hours later 27663407 Anonymous
>>27648797 Genuinely a dogshit wallet hahahahaha stay poor faggot

2 hours later 27663538 Anonymous
>>27648797 Is CGLD good? Free stock

2 hours later 27663837 Anonymous (15BD3BF3-BFC1-4EDB-B8F7-FD63AC5A33CA.jpg 750x1286 223kB)
Started with 6k last March, never selling.

2 hours later 27664062 Anonymous
>>27663837 buy more reef. 71 reef isnt enough

3 hours later 27664371 Anonymous
>>27663298 Compare it to cardano if you doubt it’s marketcap. I’m fatigued explaining zil to everyone. Watch some YouTube vids on its fundamentals and tokenomics.

3 hours later 27664514 Anonymous (image0.jpg 750x886 185kB)

3 hours later 27664668 Anonymous
>>27648797 Good but my team is better: eth dot xlm vet ada band

3 hours later 27664826 Anonymous
>>27648797 100% ALBT. Will not explain.

1.458 0.099