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2021-02-03 10:27 27641257 Anonymous 260k BTC before the end of the year? (264kbtcOCT2021.png 2172x1232 121kB)
BTC has basically followed the same cycle as it done before after hitting its ATH in 2013. Hits ATH stalls hits double ATH 32% pullback breaks new ATH slightly with a bigger pullback ~40% and then rips almost 1000% in less than half a year. Thoughts?

6 min later 27641963 Anonymous
This is the dead cat bounce, it's gonna crash to 20k for years then we will see 80k in 2024, not sure why you would care about it's used price though

10 min later 27642410 Anonymous
>>27641257 actually quite funny but i think it's over the top >>27641963 guess you're wrong

11 min later 27642499 Anonymous
>>27641257 true my guy its just gonna keep going up forever. btw are you there one whos gonna pump it to 200k? i thought so

12 min later 27642563 Anonymous
There will be another crash, there always is. What your feeling right now is euphoria and it's clouding your rational side of the brain. I'm what you would call a BTC whale. I have 10 accumulated from swinging Link & ETH for the past 3 years. I think I know what I'm talking about.

13 min later 27642727 Anonymous
>>27642410 Guess I'm wrong? Based on what, you don't know the future

14 min later 27642770 Anonymous
https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/02/ health/variant-mutation-e484k/index .html https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/ M1

15 min later 27642845 Anonymous (nah.jpg 600x677 47kB)
>>27641963 >>27642563 Shut fuck up already you retarded goal-post shifting faggots. You niggers go super quiet when the indicators and TPO get brought up. You'll have your bobo day in August but until then chimney sweep your sister's asshole with castor oil.

15 min later 27642908 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210203_223414.jpg 624x583 58kB)

16 min later 27642990 Anonymous
>>27642563 If you own btc and think it's going to crash, why haven't you sold then?

17 min later 27643055 Anonymous
>>27642990 Because then it'll pump again even higher

17 min later 27643081 Anonymous
>>27642908 Yes we've seen that meme cycle chart for the umpteenth time and you still insist on misinterpreting it. Get raped.

17 min later 27643093 Anonymous
>>27641257 Yea bruh btc only go up son Gone make fat stacks with stocks

20 min later 27643363 Anonymous
>>27641257 That would give me over $3 million so that can't be right. Just kidding, yeah 260k sounds like a reasonable top for this cycle, I won't try to perfectly time it though and just get out at 190.

23 min later 27643639 Anonymous
>>27642563 And I have 14 and I'm saying you're wrong and s2f is real. Peak this cycle will be in late 2021/early 2022, 100k minimum.

28 min later 27644174 Anonymous
>>27642563 >I'm what you would call a BTC whale. I have 10 accumulated from 10 does not make you a whale retard.

30 min later 27644334 Anonymous
>>27643639 Theres no other demographics left to buy in this cycle, it's already been all over the media, a truck driver even asked me about btc, once those people have already bought into it if they're going to it's over

31 min later 27644471 Anonymous (1593499336746.gif 441x480 4147kB)
>>27641963 miner here... would love this scenario

33 min later 27644662 Anonymous (1381195815607.png 780x470 371kB)
>>27643055 couldn't you sell high and buy the dip if you're so great?

34 min later 27644733 Anonymous
>>27641963 A big difference between now and previous years is the inflated dollar and general bad economy. Bitcoin might be seen as a safe hedge against hyperinflation and might steadily go up for a while.

36 min later 27644900 Anonymous
>>27644334 Institutional investors just getting started Paypal Visa Defi It's a completely different game than just three years ago, also it's nowhere near 2017 levels of mania yet. You could have made the same damn argument in 2013 when Bitcoin was made fun of on the Simpsons or Collegehumor. Stay poor though, I don't care about changing your opinion. Maybe you'll at least buy more at the next bottom in 2023, which will still be higher than it is now.

41 min later 27645381 Anonymous
>>27642770 Oh gosh, so falling covid new cases and death will mean nothing because of muh muhtayshons? They will spin this covid thing so we're locked up forever.

47 min later 27645961 Anonymous (Screenshot 2021-02-03 213948.png 754x417 96kB)
>>27641257 yes

48 min later 27646047 Anonymous (Screenshot 2021-02-03 214107.png 658x341 63kB)

49 min later 27646086 Anonymous (gaten-matarazzo-netflix-prank-show-feature.jpg 1200x720 193kB)
>>27642563 >I'm what you would call a BTC whale. >I have 10

49 min later 27646147 Anonymous (Screenshot 2021-02-03 214328.png 680x772 160kB)

50 min later 27646182 Anonymous
>>27642563 seethe and LARP harder, bobo that rope in your closet's probably looking more and more comforting by the day

50 min later 27646221 Anonymous
>>27641257 seems about right https://warosu.org/biz/thread/16619 458#p16620970

51 min later 27646315 Anonymous (1612390166131.png 1479x770 31kB)

53 min later 27646475 Anonymous
>>27641257 Genuine question. Where would be the best place to buy £1k of BTC as a first time purchase please?

1 hours later 27647378 Anonymous
>>27646475 I like Gemini. .3% fees and it's statistically impossible for the twins to have a second catastrophic disappointment in their life, so it's pretty secure.

1 hours later 27647807 Anonymous
>>27642410 I don't think so, most people probably thought 2k BTC was the top then it ran up 1000% in 154 days.

1 hours later 27648903 Anonymous
>>27647378 That's like three times higher fees than everywhere else

1 hours later 27649003 Anonymous
>>27646315 >TA Read my horoscope next. GME, Doge and all the new memecoins prove that the only thing that really determines accelerating value is media coverage and word of mouth. Thanks to Doge Bitcoin adoption will increase significantly.

1 hours later 27649317 Anonymous
Somethings different. I feel like it should've crashed already.

1 hours later 27649429 Anonymous (1611143204343.jpg 790x671 372kB)
>>27642845 Lmao and retard bearniggers were crowing nonstop about how the tether fud was going to sink BTC to LITERALLY ZERO on January 15th and nothing fucking happened. They just perpetually cry wolf. Fucking obnoxious. >>27642908 Durrr number go down soon! Kys

1 hours later 27649555 Anonymous
>>27641257 >BTC has basically followed the same cycle as it done before after hitting its ATH in 2013. Hits ATH stalls hits double ATH 32% pullback breaks new ATH slightly with a bigger pullback ~40% and then rips almost 1000% in less than half a year. you are my favorite anon. BTC 260K

1 hours later 27650867 Anonymous (450px-DI9LoVKUMAEf68E.jpg 450x301 31kB)
>>27642563 >I'm what you would call a BTC whale. I have 10 You're an octopus, fren. From from a whale. I have 12.5 and I am too, don't worry. But we have to be honest with ourselves.

1 hours later 27650927 Anonymous
>>27648903 Where would you recommend?

1 hours later 27651040 Anonymous (there-is-no-fixing-stupid.png 1817x867 217kB)
Prepare for mania.

1 hours later 27651140 Anonymous
>>27641257 if btc hits 260k this year, I won't even have enough to make it therefore it's very probably hitting 260k, because it's very probable that I won't even make it

1 hours later 27651336 Anonymous
>>27643055 so why u have to lose, sell now and buy when it crashes?

2 hours later 27652538 Anonymous
>>27647378 >>27646475 make sure you trade on Active Trader Gemini interface and not regular interface where thy rape you with fees. You change it under settings.

2 hours later 27652798 Anonymous
>>27644733 And then all the lights go out and the networks are down. Bitcoin suddenly doesn't really seem to help...

2 hours later 27652914 Anonymous
>>27641257 You are so fucking delusional

2 hours later 27653081 Anonymous
>>27641257 >number go up forever

2 hours later 27653118 Anonymous
>>27642908 >what is logarithmic chart?

2 hours later 27653178 Anonymous (E70EE949-1F90-4770-A75C-E355E638E4C5.jpg 400x400 17kB)
>>27650867 >sh- shrimpgang

2 hours later 27653378 Anonymous
>>27641257 For some reason a lot of you are low IQ enough to think we're at the end of the cycle, I'll leave this even know I know it won't mean anything. https://digitalik.net/btc/

2 hours later 27653694 Anonymous (bb9bde67e3731c4e163abc8f917ed575a43853488b9a010f902dcc17c202e74b.jpg 1100x1100 179kB)
Man I wish I knew what the fuck was going on

2 hours later 27654179 Anonymous
>>27653694 Think of it like this. If bitcoing to some astronomical number like 200k, its already gonna be a bigger deal than gold. Its still achievable but it means some extreme adjustment of all the people on earth which associate gold as a deflationary hoarding cash. As long as bitcoin stays (and grows) toward 100k, we are still in the "local" phase. However something like 400k would mean we have to change everything. Do you believe the change gonna happen? Then buy, were going to the moon, or anywhere above 200. If not, we will probably never see more than 100, and this is the definite top.

2 hours later 27654813 Anonymous (sad.png 658x662 60kB)
>>27653178 >shrimps get eaten by whales

2 hours later 27654913 Anonymous
>>27654179 BTC would need to be over 500k a coin to reach similar values of gold.

2 hours later 27654977 Anonymous
>>27654179 Btc $200k would give it a market cap just 1/3rd that of surface gold

2 hours later 27655242 Anonymous
>>27654179 "all people" own a small percent of wealth in the world, a very small minority owns like 75% of everything, "all people" have zero relevance basically

2 hours later 27655550 Anonymous
Bitcoin will never stop increasing in price relative to the USD. Especially as the USD is increasingly devalued over this decade. It has infinite vlaue, relative to USD.

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