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2021-02-03 09:11 27579648 Anonymous (Elon_Musk_Royal_Society_(crop1).jpg 480x720 156kB)
Anyone ever tried just begging these types of guys for money? Like my end goal is to get $3.5 mil after taxes and live off that the rest of my life through stocks/dividends/gains. That amount is literally like .00002% of his net worth. If I could just talk to him i might be able to convince him to give it to me so I can pursue other things. Like investing in me. Maybe with some kind of agreement that says I'll give him back every dollar over that that I make until I pay it back two times over? Think one of these rich guys would go for that?

3 min later 27579821 Anonymous
what do you offer? what's your business plan?

5 min later 27579897 Anonymous (1612019247930.jpg 640x747 42kB)
>>27579648 I'm in fifth grade and this is the deepest thing anyone has ever said bro. In all reality, you don't think he gets this *EVERY FUCKING DAY*?

5 min later 27579911 Anonymous
>>27579648 You're delusional and narcissistic. Stop trying to scrounge for handouts and build something yourself

6 min later 27579956 Anonymous
>>27579821 Nothing in particular. Just try to have a heart to heart type thing with one of these rich guys and say like. "I want to pursue my dream of getting into politics or maybe some big app/website idea. Or I being a published author. "

7 min later 27579972 Anonymous
>>27579648 he would probably just find you annoying. your best chance would be, being memorable and likeable. then by being close to him you would have more lucrative opportunities.

7 min later 27580004 Anonymous
>>27579821 >hey bro I got an idea. it's like tesla but it's on a blockchain

7 min later 27580009 Anonymous
>>27579911 Sorry I'm not saying me specifically. Was talking in hypotheticals. But generally just wondering if people have tried it.

8 min later 27580035 Anonymous
>>27579648 That's the saddest thing I read here in a long time faggot, make your own fucking money nigger.

8 min later 27580040 Anonymous
>>27579648 mockup a fake bill and send it to tesla and see if they pay it.

8 min later 27580048 Anonymous
>>27579897 Well I'm sure his Twitter is full of it. But I mean like. Getting a few minutes to just talk to the guy directly.

10 min later 27580099 Anonymous
I think this OP qualifies as begging. Read the rules, gypsy

10 min later 27580132 Anonymous
>>27579648 The odds of you ever having a conversation with these guys is 0.0000000001%. The odds of then successfully convincing them to give you more than a million dollars for no other reason than you being lazy is 0.0000000000000000001%. So yeah good luck with that. Also, you're obviously not an adult yet. And your short-sighted naive child-brain is cringe inducing.

12 min later 27580198 Anonymous
>>27579956 ehh this kind of way of persuasion only works with family and friends. Legit investors will run from you.

14 min later 27580283 Anonymous
>>27579821 ok here it is: when I was in college we had peanut and jelly every night for our "late night" meal. me and the boys would get baked ad go and eat a shit ton of pbjs/peanut butter and fluffs/peanut butter and nutella. crunchy peanut butter, smooth, almond butter, all types of jellies/jams/preserves, plus an all you could eat cereal bar. while my business plan has not been fully drawn out, i think it would be quite successful, especially in an area which has legalized marijuana

16 min later 27580366 Anonymous
>dude what if we just >ask people for money

22 min later 27580572 Anonymous
>>27579648 >H-hey Mr Musk! Can you fund my business? I want to open my own anime studio!

24 min later 27580629 Anonymous
>>27579911 >build something yourself You know, if you talk like that, he will eventually find a pimp who provides. Then people like you will criticoze him for becoming "dependent", even though YOU are the kind of cheap motherfucker who lets his wife and child starve while they slave for table scraps...while you yourself blows the family fortune at the casino. Because you are greedy. I do not think you are Elon Musk. I just hate rich people like you, calling the rest of us delusional and narcissistic while you yourself believe that you are owed anything you want and power over everything.

29 min later 27580846 Anonymous
>>27579956 >I want to pursue my dream of getting into x have you ever tried to get into x in any capacity beyond daydreaming? >no because I lack the funds then it's not your dream if you actually, truthfully and genuinely want to pursue something then money is a secondary concern at best

33 min later 27581039 Anonymous
Send them and email and say "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER" taunt them every week for a few years then demand they give you $3

35 min later 27581102 Anonymous
>>27579648 yes people beg and tell them sob stories all day long. you will not even get a response. I honestly can't even understand the perspective of someone who believes this would work

37 min later 27581162 Anonymous
Do you think they managed to be billionaires by giving free money to some retards on twitter?

40 min later 27581308 Anonymous (D6643262-D1ED-4FD8-A72A-2FA79B2F0E2B.png 1381x1229 480kB)
>>27579648 >my end goal is to get $3.5 mil after taxes and live off that the rest of my life through stocks/dividends/gains thanks for tell us you have no idea how money works

41 min later 27581332 Anonymous
>>27579648 Just 3.5m? I was lucky enough for a few weathlier anons to donate to me but wasn't over $500. Might wanna aim a little lower but see this for an example. I'm literally sick but smart, and investment into me wouldn't be wise because I won't live long enough to provide a good ROI. But You would be doing me a favor. BTC> 3DucakAPUvkMcQRe1YLAQRw18wat3wPJtz ETH> 0xcF3Eec3d91b3B2D5239fFd8326b357478 DBa1Fbe when you read this how does it make you feel? Then ask yourself how it would make Elon feel.

41 min later 27581353 Anonymous
>>27579648 This guy will never go without simply because he was born under the right circumstances

42 min later 27581377 Anonymous
>>27579648 they do invest money in shit but not into some retarded NEET who is too lazy to work

43 min later 27581433 Anonymous
>>27579956 best larp in a while fucking kek

43 min later 27581459 Anonymous
I wouldn't mind asking Musk or Bezos for education money, looking into my project and deciding whether its worth investing into or not, my medical bills of I couldn't afford them etc. However what I definitely don't see as something necessary is giving money to someone wanting to be rich for the sake of it. Wouldn't waste my time on OP. You guys are too much anti-begging sometimes, don't think much of the money. It's an asset, successful people with projects that do good get more of it, but only because its a measure of value, it's not necessarily "fair" game and as we all know worlds wealth isn't distributed equally nor it perhaps should be. We will all die relatively soon, its not like you're asking for his kidney or precious time.

44 min later 27581481 Anonymous
>>27579648 do you honestly think people that successful will spend any amount of their times reading let alone responding to messages begging people for money? it's not even about the free hand outs, they don't care much about it. they simply won't acknowledge the contact

45 min later 27581513 Anonymous
>>27581353 elon was born into the 1%, but he still became the richest person in the world, so whatever percent 1/7 billion is he was guaranteed a comfy life, but he still accomplished things

46 min later 27581560 Anonymous
>>27580009 I guess if you have no shame. In Los Angeles there are a lot of fake homeless people that just beg all day long and have nice homes and cars.

48 min later 27581640 Anonymous
Taking money from the rich will not magically benefit the poor, it will just raise prices on the poor. Learn what resource allocation is. Money does not equal resources.

48 min later 27581642 Anonymous
>>27579956 >politics >website owner >author Lol those have NOTHING in common, have you actually tried any of them?

48 min later 27581662 Anonymous
>>27580048 >Begging for handouts Pathetic. Do you also give handouts to every beggar who approaches you?

49 min later 27581684 Anonymous (Capture+_2021-02-03-02-52-08.png 1080x1660 425kB)
To the OP: You're not getting anything, because you are a nobody. Pic related: people trying to pay for Seth Rogen's butthole vases. Love and money trickle UP, not down. It's human nature.

52 min later 27581788 Anonymous
>>27581560 Kind of dangerous, especially during COVID. But if you can get to a good neighborhood, it's a sweet deal. Watch out for other beggars, they are territorial.

56 min later 27581956 Anonymous
>>27579648 you are a fucking idiot, no actually retarded do you think because his "networth" is X billions, a few million is a small sum for him, which he has in his side pocket? all this worth of his is bound in tesla shares, he probably has a few million somewhere else but its not all liquid would you give a hobo 10k? you are the hobo nigger

59 min later 27582114 Anonymous
>>27580629 Not rich, just believe people thrive when they discover their self-worth and independence. Being a mosquito buzzing around wealthy people isn't going to lead to any positive outcome

1 hours later 27582215 Anonymous (goodguypepe.jpg 800x800 104kB)
>>27579648 if you are not a complete fucking idiot neet, you might be able to think out some kind of meme-normie-please-be-patient-with- me-awareness event. you just now for month start to pitch him this idea of him publicly giving you $ 100 k worth of dogecoin and then we can track you for one complete year. you will be constantly livestreaming your neetshithole, shitpost on twitter, upload on youtube. livestream your monitor and every trade you are making on the pc trying to profit atleast 2.1x. everything over $ 200 k is yours. and if you dont deliver. he will shoot you up the the spacetesla. start shilling him this idea everyday. pay shitposters to shill and shit on his twitter everyday. make this whole shitevent happening bc its getting so annoying for everybody, that he just gives you the money to stutfu

1 hours later 27582320 Anonymous
>>27579648 >That amount is literally like .00002% of his net worth. >If I could just talk to him i might be able to convince him to give it to me so I can pursue other things. Like investing in me. Maybe with some kind of agreement that says I'll give him back every dollar over that that I make until I pay it back two times over? This... This might work

1 hours later 27582415 Anonymous
>>27579648 This is the type of thinking homeless people have.

1 hours later 27582525 Anonymous
>>27579648 he will only give you money if he gets more money from giving you money, simple as

1 hours later 27582605 Anonymous
Try throwing a pie at him.

1 hours later 27582614 Anonymous
>>27579648 From my naive perspective, I don't think mega rich individuals get in their position by being philanthropic. You'd probably be better off begging from a normal person who may pity you, and yet they can't necessarily afford to sponsor you either. I don't know why I wrote this. Too much caffeine.

1 hours later 27582734 Anonymous
>>27579648 there are hundreds of pajeets begging him and the rest of the billionaires for money on twitter every day, go there

1 hours later 27582762 Anonymous
>>27579648 I kept emailing Bill Gates asking for $1 million and he emailed back $1 mil, no larp

1 hours later 27582801 Anonymous
>>27579648 People tend to not negotiate with cockroaches for crumbs.

1 hours later 27582826 Anonymous
>>27579648 why not just take a loan? you can return the money to the bank and avoid begging

1 hours later 27582837 Anonymous (26b.png 680x608 127kB)
Someone on 4chan once sent me a Bitcoin when it was $200 and I'm forever grateful to that based NZ Anon.

1 hours later 27582860 Anonymous (22754E3A-FCA1-4C91-B8B9-EC1F7DA83D40.jpg 381x315 42kB)
>>27579648 Actually pathetic

1 hours later 27583075 Anonymous
>>27581332 makes me want to spit in your face

1 hours later 27583115 Anonymous
>>27582415 It's not great overall, but the new season of Fargo has this monologue by Chris Rock where he pulls out a wad of cash in front of a dope fiend, and the guy's eyes bug out. He then goes on to say how by even showing the guy the money, the dope fiend is already making plans for it like it's his. And in the dope fiend's mind, it is. So when Chris puts the money back in his pocket, to the dope fiend he just basically robbed him. I had a neighbor who thought like this. If he found out you had anything, it was immediate that he was guilting you for handouts and favors. One time I won $500 from a casino, and "only" bought him one drink at the bar and some dinner afterwards. He was constantly on about "lending" him some, "because it's not like you worked for it". This coming from a guy who hadn't held a real job for longer than a year, and that was the only real one he'd had. tl;dr most people who beg don't deserve shit, yet are the ones who think they deserve the most of anyone.

1 hours later 27583664 Anonymous
>>27581662 do you know any beggars who use their money handed on a silver platter to give to other beggars?

1 hours later 27583898 Anonymous
>>27583075 Haha well that's honesty right there.

1 hours later 27583929 Anonymous
If elon musk or any anon wanna make my day here is my eth address 0xdb8f1A021E9Fbc0Ce6e6C84c3aA451a68 DfA8d4c >>27579648

1 hours later 27584012 Anonymous
>>27580040 This, that one guy did it to Google and he made millions before they caught on

1 hours later 27584097 Anonymous
>>27583929 Yeahhhh that's right. On your knees and beg. God Damn that makes me so hard. Oh yeah. More of that. Yes please and thank you.

1 hours later 27584166 Anonymous (1612329841378.jpg 258x196 9kB)
>>27584097 You think he's good *shoves to the side* BTC> 3DucakAPUvkMcQRe1YLAQRw18wat3wPJtz ETH> 0xcF3Eec3d91b3B2D5239fFd8326b357478 DBa1Fbe Check out my beg, it's got two wallets I can take it in both holes.

1 hours later 27584255 Anonymous
0xdb8f1A021E9Fbc0Ce6e6C84c3aA451a68 DfA8d4c >>27584097 I am on my knees begging for it master oh please spare me some of your portfolio cum my lord

1 hours later 27584526 Anonymous
>>27579648 It doesnt work.

1 hours later 27584583 Anonymous
>>27584097 pedophile

1 hours later 27584611 Anonymous
Why doesnt he just buy gamestop, the company?

2 hours later 27584868 Anonymous
>>27579648 yes he will give you and the other 5 billion poor people 4 million dollars each

2 hours later 27584972 Anonymous
Alright, let's play a game. I masturbated not too long ago, so I'm not horny. Make me horny again, and leave your BTC or ETH address, and if you're good, I will send some peanuts your way, you stupid whores. Dance now.

2 hours later 27585275 Anonymous
>>27584972 https://www.redbookmag.com/love-sex /sex/advice/g768/turn-ons-for-guys/ Btc- 17CfguDwBo5ddcb7hZk9fH6XX7BFLT4pLG Eth- 0xdb8f1A021E9Fbc0Ce6e6C84c3aA451a68 DfA8d4c

2 hours later 27585302 Anonymous
People don't give away money like that because if you do it once, you need to ask yourself the question why you're not doing it for everyone else who asks you. The only time they give money away without expecting much in return is when society recognizes it in the form of institutionalized charity. And this is why we need to tax the rich.

2 hours later 27585374 Anonymous
>>27585302 Didn't took long for the fun police to arrive

2 hours later 27585488 Anonymous
>>27585374 Fun is a buzzword.

2 hours later 27585890 Anonymous
>>27579956 everybody has this dream, 99.999% would fail if you gave them money to try. you're part of the 99.999%. elon is smarter than you, he knows giving you money would be a complete waste and never would.

2 hours later 27585939 Anonymous
>>27584972 You know I was gonna get pretty deceptive but it felt pretty gay. Your cute though. BTC> 3DucakAPUvkMcQRe1YLAQRw18wat3wPJtz ETH> 0xcF3Eec3d91b3B2D5239fFd8326b357478 DBa1Fbe

2 hours later 27585994 Anonymous
>>27585939 Descriptive* lol tired.

2 hours later 27586061 Anonymous
>>27579648 Just suck his dick very good.

2 hours later 27586105 Anonymous
They get this >EVERY >SINGLE >DAY >bruh can you get me some money it's insignificant to you anyway since you have so much >I'm lazy piece of shit who will kill himself if you don't gib me free moniz >Please my mum/grandma/auntie/child/me dying of cancer gib gibs >Please my student loans >PLEASE muh disaster in family gib moni :(((( >my shitty business went down So on and so on you are retarded if you think you will get anything and imagine being him going throu street randomly and some dude approaches you like hey buddy can you gib me some money? Like fuck off hobo. It's either to everyone or no one and it better be to no one

2 hours later 27586110 Anonymous
>>27585302 if you remove the incentive for getting rich by taxing the rich, you destroy the incentive for getting rich. ie, you destroy capitalism and the free market, which is historically the system who helps the most people get out of poverty the fastest. it's counter intuitive, but by taxing the rich, you're making poor people ever poorer, because you destroy the free market/capitalist system, and this system is historically the best at getting the most people out of poverty. Is it a fair system? No. Is it a perfect system? No. Is it the best system we know? Yes. Did we try socialism before, and was it better? Yes, we tried, and it made poor people poorer everywhere it was tried.

2 hours later 27586214 Anonymous
>>27586110 Nobody has ever been put off from getting rich because taxes were high. People can still get rich.

2 hours later 27586242 Anonymous
>>27584972 Reef I hope that this has helped

2 hours later 27586263 Anonymous
Would you give 10 bucks to the crack addicted retard on your street?

2 hours later 27586335 Anonymous
>>27579648 How is making one assholes life more comfortable going to help the world? The man is going to put people on Mars. If you can, in any way, help him get people to another planet, or even help him make a fucking car, I'm sure he would give you some money. He's rich because he gets shit done, not because he wants a fuckload of money.

2 hours later 27586390 Anonymous
>>27586242 Btc: 3Gv4bTx7nh88h1949TX5xTQDH6kB3FksCu Eth: 0x996b19dfa656813C98ECEda62fDa279a2 6739581 lol

2 hours later 27586410 Anonymous
>>27579648 Beg with your mouth open and your tongue out like the dog you are.

2 hours later 27586418 Anonymous
>>27586263 Yes, if I know he will definitely spend it on crack.

2 hours later 27586439 Anonymous (COWbeMx.png 659x609 188kB)

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