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2021-02-03 12:52 27544522 Anonymous (Disappointment.jpg 640x640 49kB)
Arent all cryptocurrencies just ponzi schemes? Like, their value is determined entirely on speculation. They dont offer any inherent value.

1 min later 27544650 Anonymous
>>27544522 come on now anon anyone with a brain can figure out that many newfags are being baited into what you are describing. you're not supposed to say it though remember, you have to coordinate telegram pnd's.

1 min later 27544651 Anonymous
Just like how gamestop was valued over 10 billion usd

1 min later 27544653 Anonymous
Go back, faggot.

2 min later 27544712 Anonymous
>>27544522 Yes

2 min later 27544728 Anonymous
>>27544651 yeah and then it fucking crashed

3 min later 27544788 Anonymous (1612309961360.jpg 640x640 79kB)
>>27544522 (You) >Arent all fiat currencies just ponzi schemes? Like, their value is determined entirely on speculation. They dont offer any inherent value.

3 min later 27544825 Anonymous
>>27544522 And the value of 1 US treasury note id determined by what exactly? Speculation. All value only exists in relation to other objects. You have a poor understanding of what a Ponzi scheme is and you should look at the differences between chainlink and Bitconnect. If you don't see any differences you're a fucking retard.

4 min later 27544901 Anonymous
>>27544522 are you there to make money or talk some bullshit about "muh value"? i will literally trade piss and poop if it will be listed on exchange, because it doesn't fucking matter if brings cash. and the trading is all about making cash. stop being an investor faggot and just trade it.

4 min later 27544915 Anonymous
>>27544522 Fiat currency itself has no value. Its based on speculation too. You can say its backed up by gold and silver etc, but the value of gold and silver is based on speculation too. Nothing really has value, its just humans collectively speculating at something. Thats how civilization works.

5 min later 27545007 Anonymous
>>27544522 so the value of a piece of paper is 100$? same thing, it has value because people agree that it has value

6 min later 27545069 Anonymous
>>27544728 All stocks are like that, all stock's value is derived from the idea of selling it to someone who thinks he's going to sell it to someone, absolutely no real value.

7 min later 27545102 Anonymous
>>27544915 >>27545007 Good points, but useless for nocoiner plebitors.

7 min later 27545117 Anonymous
>>27545007 That at least has the backing of the US government

7 min later 27545133 Anonymous
>>27544825 The difference between the two is that the dollar can be traded for goods and services, while dogecoin cannot.

8 min later 27545194 Anonymous
>>27544522 Huh just like the US dollar

9 min later 27545270 Anonymous (1610655348440.png 631x555 164kB)
>>27544522 >what is the only crypto currency that's actually used as a crypto currency

9 min later 27545291 Anonymous
>Aren't all investments just ponzi schemes? Like, their value is determined entirely on speculation. They don't offer any inherent value. Fixed it for you

9 min later 27545300 Anonymous
>>27544522 that isnt how a ponzi scheme works

9 min later 27545312 Anonymous
>>27544522 Except the ones that do. There are cryptos which are inextricably tied to the productive output of a given enterprise - e.g. XCM, QNT. Whether or not you think those enterprises will succeed is a different matter, but they certainly aren't a ponzi. Not all of crypto is Dogecoin.

10 min later 27545394 Anonymous
>>27544915 >Nothing really has value Expect land. Land has value.

11 min later 27545443 Anonymous (xmrjack.png 598x400 119kB)
>>27545270 delete this NOW

11 min later 27545460 Anonymous
All investments are ponzi schemes. Everyone who invests in an asset does so with the expectation that someone will come along in the future and pay them more for that asset than they paid for it.

11 min later 27545468 Anonymous
How do I become a national currency with inherent valiue?

11 min later 27545477 Anonymous
>>27545312 Dogecoin is just fine lmao keep babbling about nothing

11 min later 27545484 Anonymous
>>27545394 I'm expecting land, when will i be receiving it?

11 min later 27545489 Anonymous
>>27545133 there are places that accept crypto as payment and there will be more in the future In the beginning of the internet there were also just a few websites available

12 min later 27545600 Anonymous
>>27545460 Those investment at least bank on a tangible return from a company. Crypto banks on being able to trick suckers into buying your coin for more than what you bought it for.

13 min later 27545651 Anonymous
>>27545133 well, that's technically not very true, because shit-coin is tied to a bitcoin, and for bitcoin today you can buy pretty much anything from real estate to cars, planes etc. of course, nobody gives a shit about dogecoin specifically, but technically it is traded against BTC so it has some value out of that. well, you get what i mean.

13 min later 27545657 Anonymous
>>27545460 I buy crytpos with the intention to trade them for other assets, goods and services in the future. And no that does not include monopoly money printed by my government

14 min later 27545711 Anonymous
>>27545468 https://www.stellarx.com/ I'm Buying Nigerian Naira with my Stellar. cowrie.exchange

14 min later 27545743 Anonymous
>>27544915 >Nothing really has value Where's your food come from bugboi? Do you even know?

14 min later 27545787 Anonymous
>>27545394 yep.

14 min later 27545791 Anonymous
>>27544522 nope

15 min later 27545819 Anonymous
>>27544728 just like the USD would crash if someone w a bigger army came along and said used tampons now buy u houses no1 would want shitty usds anymore economy is always about the collective agreement dumdum, whether it's enforced or voluntary

16 min later 27545894 Anonymous (1778340.jpg 562x437 39kB)
>>27544522 yes they are. you're wasting your time buying them. Now leave us alone

16 min later 27545921 Anonymous
>>27544915 anon, we got rid of the gold standard. our money is backed up by nothing now

16 min later 27545925 Anonymous
>>27545600 It's not guaranteed to generate a return from company. If you were actually being serious, you'd know that company dividends and earnings are total memes and goes up and down all the time. Yes, crypto functions correctly as an investment asset. What's the issue?

17 min later 27545982 Anonymous
>>27544522 yeah just like stocks

18 min later 27546097 Anonymous
>>27544522 Yes, now go back.

19 min later 27546149 Anonymous
>>27544522 Their value is that kikes don't own and manipulate the entire supply i.e. silver

19 min later 27546187 Anonymous
>>27544788 OP in shambles

20 min later 27546237 Anonymous (Chad Hoskinson.png 640x617 593kB)
>>27544522 Compared to what? Fiat money? You use fiat money because the law force you to use it. No one wants that worthless shit. Also proof of stake crypto-s have inherent value like the shares of paypal.

20 min later 27546240 Anonymous
>>27544915 Gold standard hasnt been around for a while. Only thing thats holding value to fiat are laws.

21 min later 27546333 Anonymous
>>27544522 >Like, their value is determined entirely on speculation. They dont offer any inherent value. And the stocks you own, the fiat own do?

21 min later 27546354 Anonymous
>>27544522 Yes, jews own the most parts of these millenial '"coins'"

23 min later 27546485 Anonymous
>>27544522 Yes, they are. They are get-rich-quick schemes that only benefit the already wealthy. Look at Bitconnect, DOGE, and XRP. You are always better off wageslaving and making real money that you can actually hold in your hand; unlike fake internet currencies.

24 min later 27546569 Anonymous
>>27545600 >Crypto banks on being able to trick suckers into buying your coin for more than what you bought it for. So buy projects that actually do something and create value. Have potential to do something to improve this world and face real adoption. Not retarded scam shit like BAO and RBC.

24 min later 27546589 Anonymous
>>27545069 A stock is partial ownership of a company. Get enough stock and you own the company. Why are there people on /biz/ who dont even know what a stock is?

25 min later 27546706 Anonymous
>>27544522 That's what money is you fucking invalid.

26 min later 27546789 Anonymous (HEX.jpg 1000x1000 135kB)
>>27544522 Nobody wants to admit it because it sounds like that should be bad, although in reality it isn't. All cryptos work somewhat like ponzis, though they are also different. Ponzis fail because hope of delivering promises collapses. All cryptos get money from new investors, but are different in that (unless a project outright fails) the hope remains and exists in the future when enough value flows into the system for it to sustain and make profitable an independent market of goods and services. It is partly pure selfish speculation and partly the promise of a future in Time that keeps the crypto market alive. And pic related is the only coin which understands and monetizes this Time aspect that is inherent in crypto ever becoming valuable for more than pure speculation.

27 min later 27546869 Anonymous
Some cryptos are actually tied to usable services though. Like ETH being ubiquitous in the exchange of other cryptos and BTC being usable in place of fiat in some places. Shitcoins are ponzis though. If you get in early and don't try to be a greedy fuck looking for a 100x you could make some money off of them. those gains are to the detriment of late buyers though.

27 min later 27546896 Anonymous
>>27544522 Literally every asset in the world would fit that criteria. Circumstances are what gives every asset its value you retarded nigger.

28 min later 27546930 Anonymous
>>27545477 Tbf, I should have said BTC. Dogecoin is the closest thing in crypto to actual use as a currency.

29 min later 27547068 Anonymous
>>27546589 In theory yes, in practice no. In practice the amount that retail investors can buy is so absolutely miniscule as to basically just be shittier crypto that sometimes pays dividends. GME is a good example. Literally hundreds of thousands of people frantically buying as much stock as they could over months and months, and yet still over half the company is still controlled by like 3 hedge funds and 2 billionaires.

30 min later 27547087 Anonymous (Capture3.png 90x133 17kB)
>>27545394 big true

33 min later 27547356 Anonymous
>>27546869 >Like ETH being ubiquitous in the exchange of other cryptos and BTC being usable in place of fiat in some places. These are both meme use cases when you don't blind yourself with the narrative that keeps your hope up. The former is used for launching and trading of speculative ponzis and the ladder is not worth mentioning due to how pathetic the actual adoption of it is. The only use case is speculation on price going up, by betting on various narratives that different cryptos provide, which is a speculative ponzi until gets big enough and, hence overcomes it being a ponzi.

33 min later 27547407 Anonymous
>>27545477 reddit

34 min later 27547456 Anonymous
>>27544522 I cant make it

35 min later 27547583 Anonymous
>>27544522 The entire market as a concept is a ponzi scheme. >dude i'll buy these stonks low and sell them to the next faggot for a higher price later! >dude i'll buy this faggot's stonks and sell the deed to my house to a bank so i can buy a lot now and then buy my house back when i have more money later!

39 min later 27547934 Anonymous
>>27546896 >Gold can be used in circuitry/jewelry >Land can grow food >Stocks are shares in a company that produces product/services >Bonds are IOU from the government who pays you back by stealing from its people What can bitcoin do? give it to someone else? What if no one wants it? everyone just buys because "it gonna moon" then it sits and does nothing.

41 min later 27548042 Anonymous
>>27547583 >stocks shares in a company that produces goods/services >house place where you can rest your head >bitcoin give/receive and thats it, does nothing else

47 min later 27548625 Anonymous
>>27548042 >give/receive and thats it, does nothing else It's the main thing among other cryptos which provides hope for a future outside of fiat with a non-zero chance of success, which so far seems to be worth hundreds of billions.

50 min later 27548838 Anonymous
>>27548042 you forgot >bank dont let the jews beat you at their own game

51 min later 27548909 Anonymous
>>27544522 A store of value is a type of utility

53 min later 27549094 Anonymous
>>27548625 I definitely think there are other cryptos that have a better fighting chance against fiat

54 min later 27549172 Anonymous
>>27547934 >jewerly what does jewerly do, exactly? is it art? it's more like kitsch tho? what is its use? to attract mates? to impress people? lol, what meaning does it have besides other people giving it meaning? imagine a culture with no jewelry. they wouldnt feel the need for jewelry and wouldnt fall for the jewelry meme. it would mean nothing to them. they would enjoy their poor lives.

56 min later 27549411 Anonymous
>>27545443 Why are there no threads on this coin, seems like it has actual potential with good backing, there's even a god damn bounty on it being cracked, serves as a testament to how good it apparently is.

57 min later 27549446 Anonymous
>>27544522 I need a friend

57 min later 27549468 Anonymous
>>27544522 Money isn't real and doesn't offer any inherent value

57 min later 27549485 Anonymous
>>27549172 I'd say it's art, like any fashion.

57 min later 27549508 Anonymous
>>27544522 That's not what a ponzi scheme is

1 hours later 27549716 Anonymous
>>27546120 Now is there anyone working to reduce gas costs? There must be a better way then what we have now. If so could you buy into it knowing this is a major problem ETH will face?

1 hours later 27549822 Anonymous
>>27545069 what about dividends

1 hours later 27549881 Anonymous (Lition 6558522.jpg 745x481 41kB)
>>27544522 Lition is a real business and offers the cheapest green energy (electricity & gas) in Germany. This would not be possible without the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

1 hours later 27549899 Anonymous
>>27549411 There's a general thread almost every day. People talk about it constantly. 90% of the board is for pump and dumps because its /biz/ not /crypto/ If this board was actually about the technical details of crypto assets, it would just be people talking about Eth (and Eth-based coins/Eth-killers) and XMR all day.

1 hours later 27549976 Anonymous
>>27544522 Based

1 hours later 27550095 Anonymous
>>27546120 Yea I cant see it becoming as big as everyone makes it out to be

1 hours later 27550098 Anonymous
>>27545443 Is that Candleja-

1 hours later 27550221 Anonymous (1612243849695.jpg 500x707 88kB)
>>27547356 you obviously dont know what youre talking about i can trade any coin on coinbase into USD then send it to my paypal and then to bank and have that posted WITHIN MINUTES not DAYS like regular fiat. I actually used some spare BTC profits to open my first Fidelity account and dump a ton of FUCK YOU money into it THE SAME DAY so fuck off BOOMER you are clueless the the emerging world around you.

1 hours later 27550236 Anonymous
>>27544522 You mean like the dollar which is literally just a piece of paper with a number written on it?

1 hours later 27550243 Anonymous
>>27544915 labor theory of value

1 hours later 27550294 Anonymous (Lition 6558523.jpg 1205x576 96kB)

1 hours later 27550388 Anonymous
The value of anything is in the trust that the asset is hard to fake and is trusted and desired by others. Its the reason they keep updating the designs of fiat bills. If they were easily forged, nobody would trust then. Also, right now crypto as a whole is in its early stages. We're basically in the stage where the car has been invented but the agreed optimal design and roads have yet to be invented. Even with cars, that too decades to happen. Hell, it took years just to figure out that the best way to steet was with a wheel you held with both hands rather than some kind of odd lever thingy.

1 hours later 27550574 Anonymous
>>27550221 Try to send a bank wire. Most branches require that you come in, have the bank manager send it for you, wait 15 mins to leave, get hit with a $30 fee from your bank for the privilege of sending your money, and then wait days for it to clear in the recipient’s account. People look at this and STILL think that crypto doesn’t have a place in society. It’s mind-blowing.

1 hours later 27551586 Anonymous
>>27550243 yeah let's hear what a Jew has to say about value, this definitely will end well

1 hours later 27551629 Anonymous
>>27550574 dont get me started on wires. thats why i resorted to converting some cryto into liquid assets. i ended up paying %1 in fees and i didnt need anything but my phone.

1 hours later 27551702 Anonymous
All erc20 shitcoins, yes. But proof of work coins are note. Note how the biggest coins are proof of work algo.

1 hours later 27551815 Anonymous
>>27547068 This just considers the top of all stocks. The entire point of silicon valley is buying up huge amounts of shares in tiny startups that are cheap and winning big if they make it. You can own startups with 50k.

1 hours later 27551984 Anonymous
>>27550574 none of that is technologically necessary. if crypto had more than 0.001% penetration - if regular people actually gave a shit about wiring money around - the banks would simply make it easier and undercut another crypto use case

1 hours later 27552049 Anonymous
>>27544522 Speculation is what gives anything value.

1 hours later 27552126 Anonymous
>>27545270 Defi stupid. it's literally designed to function like a bank. Why else do you think uniswap, aave, compound, and yfi mooned in less than a year?

1 hours later 27552153 Anonymous

1 hours later 27552299 Anonymous
>>27550574 If Bitcoin reaches $135k, a Bitcoin transaction will cost $30

1 hours later 27552350 Anonymous
>>27545133 there is no network that can handle the daily transaction load of normal daily txs. stuff like radix promises to fix this. now if they actually do is a whole other story. basically it will be some shitcoin that operates on radix network for daily buys then stuff like ethereum and bitcoin for huge sales. btc/eth will level off in the future.

1 hours later 27552997 Anonymous
>>27552299 That’s not how it works.

1 hours later 27553112 Anonymous (coom.jpg 1545x869 93kB)
>>27544522 wow she is very pretty

1 hours later 27553358 Anonymous
>>27553112 alright Rajesh back to the rubic thread with you

1 hours later 27553472 Anonymous
>>27544522 moshi moshi anon kun

1 hours later 27553482 Anonymous
>>27544522 many are, some aren't. A little research goes a long way. spotted quite a few scams just by learning what some red flags are.

1 hours later 27553572 Anonymous
>>27544522 SHow bobs and vegene

1 hours later 27553610 Anonymous
>>27552350 Hive has 0 fee transactions and 3 second block times with the network using account resource credits based on stake weight. There's many coins like this, but newfags ignore them because they aren't erc20 trash pnds

1 hours later 27553646 Anonymous
>>27545394 Land has objective utility. The ability to make use of land is subjective, and there fore its value is subjective, IE value is based on arbitrary human perception. Nothing has intrinsic value.

1 hours later 27553693 Anonymous
>>27551984 >a more efficient and less prone to fraud form of money will never take off You’re literally retarded

1 hours later 27553768 Anonymous
>>27544522 All markets are like Ponzi schemes, new investors = new money, we all get had and we all get a little wiser. Capitalism transfers wealth from the uninformed to the informed as intended.

1 hours later 27553875 Anonymous
>>27553646 Scarcity *is* intrinsic value.

1 hours later 27553956 Anonymous
>>27552126 Because it's a tracking mechanism for the globalist banking alliance governmental control apparatuses. Even bitcoin.

1 hours later 27554016 Anonymous
>>27544788 you have to play tax as well as buy goods and services with that currency. its mandated by law

1 hours later 27554081 Anonymous
>>27553693 on what planet is crypto more efficient than fiat i don't have to pay a transaction fee or wait an hour to buy stuff with cash

1 hours later 27554111 Anonymous
>>27544788 why would you need 1000 fiat coins? the trend is to have 1 global currency the YUAN

1 hours later 27554137 Anonymous (wuO8TUJ.png 444x326 85kB)

1 hours later 27554173 Anonymous
>>27544522 duh?

1 hours later 27554276 Anonymous
>>27551984 what about Paypal selling BTC you fucking idiot

1 hours later 27554331 Anonymous (2-5d-lab-00-c13-hime-ref-base-uw-01.jpg 400x400 19kB)
>>27544788 >/biz/'s IQ this low I can pay my country's taxes with my country's fiat. Is Dave and Buster's powercard a ponzi, wagie?

1 hours later 27554443 Anonymous
>>27544788 I can pay my taxes in dollars you moron

1 hours later 27554512 Anonymous
>>27554276 Paypal uses BTC as an intermittent staging process for USD where they skim a little off the top when they sell you higher for what they buy in that very instance. They're selling you nothing, they're just making a transaction on your behalf.

2 hours later 27554583 Anonymous
>>27544522 1) That's not what a ponzi scheme is 2) Cryptocurrencies have use value, generally more than fiat currency. But they are very volatile and not really currencies. Stablecoins have their own issues, too. Once a crypto hits the point where it only is as volatile as much as e.g. USD has tended to be, then it will be more likely to be used by normal people for transactions. There are plenty of cryptocurrencies which do new and different things. And they will only become more and more popular as the internet continues to be integrated with everything, and as trust in institutions is lost. They facilitate quick exchanges between regular people, even across the globe, and they also allow people to easily trade other assets. They are cool, and good, and most aren't ponzi schemes, though DOGE kind of has had that flavor. A ponzi scheme has a very specific meaning that does not apply here--it is when someone promises a large return to investors, and gives them that return by using profits from later investors. In this way they can give insanely high interest rates because they are getting like 100% of the previous person's investment from the new person. Then they pay that person with the investment from a new person. When there's no people left, that's when things get fucked up

2 hours later 27554663 Anonymous
>>27554081 retard see >>27550221

2 hours later 27554681 Anonymous
>>27545460 No retard, you're supposed to buy shares for the dividends not the capital growth, just the normy advice of buy index's have massively inflated their value

2 hours later 27554821 Anonymous
>>27554512 so if i send that BTC to another wallet it turns into nothing then??? no, no it doesnt. i can move that crypto to ANY exchange and convert it to USD or any currency i want. its obavious youve never even used coinbase before. and thats the most normie crypto exchange out there

2 hours later 27554870 Anonymous
>>27554512 doesnt change what I meant. functionally, its a global bank that make easier to buy crypto for normies

2 hours later 27554957 Anonymous
>>27544522 Yes. Now leave this place forever.

2 hours later 27554968 Anonymous
>>27554583 Why do people own crypto? That is the answer to the ponzi question. While a tiny % of people might believe in the technology the overwhelming majority are simply hoping that more people will buy so they can make a profit.

2 hours later 27554989 Anonymous
>>27554583 Digital fiat is the answer. China's already doing that and yet you all poo poo when people chinkwank. BTC, ETH, etc are all laughable memes though. A decentralized currency might happen in the aftermath of some global nuclear war but even then it will be issued by the new World Government.

2 hours later 27555033 Anonymous
>>27544522 The stock market and social security are also ponzi schemes.

2 hours later 27555104 Anonymous
>>27554821 What are you talking about idiot, how do you even come to that conclusion from what I said? Paypal is a go between to sell you meme money for more then they payed.

2 hours later 27555247 Anonymous
>>27554870 Idk enjoy it before it becomes big enough for governments to feel like crushing I guess.

2 hours later 27555297 Anonymous
>>27554968 this thread is full of fucking retards. try moving 15k+ to any european country, crypto nearly has zero fees compared to bank fees. and it literally takes seconds in some novel alts like DOT

2 hours later 27555352 Anonymous
>>27554989 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

2 hours later 27555354 Anonymous
>>27555033 American stock market sure. Stock markets, nah.

2 hours later 27555427 Anonymous
Literally all monetary value is speculative

2 hours later 27555443 Anonymous
>>27555247 unless it crush the centralized governmental structure first. learn your history mate central government is nothing in long term basis.

2 hours later 27555445 Anonymous
>>27555297 That's why its used by terrorists and that's why its a lost cause and will be terminated as soon as they link it to the Qtards.

2 hours later 27555543 Anonymous
>>27555352 How does it feel being on the wrong side of history? I am an American and fully embrace our Chinese overlords. You'll cry in 15 years when their killbots trace this post to you.

2 hours later 27555590 Anonymous
>>27554663 is this a joke post? crypto is better because i can send fiat from coinbase to paypal to my bank? why not make the system even better by cutting out the crypto entirely?

2 hours later 27555668 Anonymous
>>27555445 the thing that you dont understand about technology in general is that you can not undo a fucking idea. try closing up the internet bcz terrorist use it or governments dont like.

2 hours later 27555746 Anonymous
>>27555443 Literally how would that be possible? You'd have to have a government with no power but a thriving economy and buisness environment. ...while they print money and shit. its impossible BTC is a doomer asset for a future that is virtually impossible to ever come to fruition. Buy sheep and cows instead of BTC. How could the economy be so fine that businesses can continue to transact but also inflation be so much money has no value?

2 hours later 27555823 Anonymous
Isn't the US dollar a giant ponzi scheme?

2 hours later 27555962 Anonymous (1609916324892.png 1219x853 371kB)
>>27555668 What idea? You can just say merchants are not allowed to accept it for transactions and its done. You can't deposit or use money to buy it on threat of jail time. Yeah but its totally like that time we tried to ban the internet... wait...

2 hours later 27556115 Anonymous
cryptards sound like gme bagholders did last wednesday

2 hours later 27556561 Anonymous (6375252.png 821x791 364kB)
>>27555445 >>27555543 >>27555746 >>27555962 Like it or not its the future. Get in now or get left behind.

2 hours later 27557139 Anonymous
>>27544522 There are a lot of people with this opinion. Luckily, there are also a lot of people who DO see inherent value in a network like BTC and that group is now seemingly large enough to sustain the network and keep the value going up over time so its not really worth trying to convince you of this. Just do your research and buy or not. You can keep holding your depreciating fiat though and keep licking the boot of the government because we all know thats what you prefer to do anyways.

2 hours later 27557672 Anonymous
>>27544522 Cj

2 hours later 27557746 Anonymous
>>27555823 Nah it's backed by other countries forcibly selling oil in USD

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