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2021-02-01 07:33 27386931 Anonymous (Snapchat-392380573.jpg 1000x750 107kB)
Please help me. I have a sick addiction to buying this shit. Why shouldnt I sell it all and go into LTO, PRQ or something else? REQ looks so promising but watching it since 2017 is literally burning me out and the developer team refuses to market. If you have a working product why wouldnt you market it? I think this is acceptance phase.

2 min later 27387170 Anonymous
>>27386931 Well req wasnt a good buy until last year thats when the program was actually being used but those french fucks wont market their product makes me want to dump my stack as well

2 min later 27387200 Anonymous
They are moving into the marketing phase now. They are currently hiring for marketing positions and I believe they have a candidate selected.

4 min later 27387382 Anonymous
i had REQ link, eth and others i went 90% in on REQ and im fucking tired bros and the faggots wont throw their investors a bone we just sit at 3 cents its fatigue at this point

6 min later 27387575 Anonymous
>>27387200 yeah saw some blogpost they hired a marketing person but how much can one person do and they need s big name or something to show its not some mozzarella fuck up

7 min later 27387698 Anonymous
>>27387575 They are considering working with marketing agencies for the first phase of marketing.

9 min later 27387967 Anonymous (tenor.png 250x300 98kB)
please frens please I need solid FUD to make me sell and incest in other things or hopium this shit is so tiresome bros this shots gonna make me take meds

11 min later 27388177 Anonymous
>>27387382 Went in on Link and Req at the same time. Put the same amount in both. They were around #100 in terms of market cap at that point. Safe to say link saved my ass lol

13 min later 27388360 Anonymous
imagine REQ investors for 3 years keep promising themselves they have a "working product" while actual shitcoins moon and make people rich and the req developers cant spare a couple thousand of their $30,000,000 pool to advertise and bring the coin at least above a dollar. frens for sanity and that reason alone, i think its time.to sell

16 min later 27388720 Anonymous
>>27388360 And its the same desperate people. Just wait till this or that happens!! trust the plan!! honestly being a req holder is the same level as a Qanon support batter housewife syndrome boutta sell this shit, its always wait on the next miracle thing thatll save REQ and it never does anything. like if they had an actual product theyd hype it up FUCK.THEM

19 min later 27389066 Anonymous
>>27388720 theres about 1 billion req tokens available, and in 3 years theyve only had 80k transactions. gonna be waiting your entire fucking life and then some yeah fuck this token they keep checking off roadmap boxes but the price doesnt move and those frenchies wont spend a dime to help boost their coins product yeah still believing in req is definitely on par with being a Qanon schizo just let it go, you lost

23 min later 27389538 Anonymous (raf,750x1000,075,t,FFFFFF_97ab1c12de.jpg 750x1000 80kB)
i had link and eth too. I admit i was had, this is the part where youre driving your car alone and just start crying. I may sell im holding on to hopium/copium

27 min later 27390004 Anonymous
strange usually people come swooping in on req to shit on it where are they? most bizarre. but yeah fren sell theres other promising coins out there that actually advertise and give a fuck about their investors

30 min later 27390344 Anonymous
>>27389066 Start ups can take a long time to take off. The only people still invested believe in the long term viability of the project. All the retards with no attention span moved into other shitcoins long ago

31 min later 27390381 Anonymous
>>27390004 yeah wheres the usual crowd that shits on it. lets try this: REQ is a great buy anon! Many moons ahead! $42!

32 min later 27390469 Anonymous (reqt.jpg 1342x844 324kB)
>>27386931 keep on funding the teams dinners

33 min later 27390612 Anonymous
>>27390381 Idk where that 42 thing came from but it’s in every Req thread now

34 min later 27390764 Anonymous
>>27390469 If i sold right now i mean I have a lot of req, i could probably dump the price by market selling right? i honestly planned to hold req and never sell, there was incentive to hold onto it, but if they cant even market for us this is just 2017 all over again, like how many would i have to sell at once to dump the price?

35 min later 27390886 Anonymous
Je REQuiers qu'on multiplie mon investissement 320k bag here now is the time to go big

36 min later 27390983 Anonymous
>>27390612 its from the REQ/LINK prophecies saying link would moon first then req to $42

37 min later 27391144 Anonymous (4vu21e.jpg 500x500 51kB)
>>27390764 They're starting up marketing efforts and now you complain and want to sell. A year ago you'd be right but right now you're just stupid.

40 min later 27391431 Anonymous
>>27391144 nice get. but its always "wait for the next thing, THAT will save us REQies!" Trust the plan! How about you show us some proof, some actual fucking marketing and product use or just pull the rug already motherfuckers this is torture

40 min later 27391459 Anonymous
>>27386931 Cut your losses

42 min later 27391684 Anonymous
>>27390764 Ask yourself this, when has the french faggots ever got anything right? Fuck the baguette munchers

43 min later 27391872 Anonymous
>>27391459 >>27391684 I feel like an addict that keeps saying ill change tomorrow the developers will market and save us! Just one more hot just one more hit

45 min later 27392048 Anonymous (1611652015875.jpg 736x960 104kB)
>>27391431 You want product use? https://reqtokenburn.com/ You want marketing? https://mobile.twitter.com/RequestN etwork/status/1356119874318131209 This isn't "Trust the plan Christophe will save us" it is used by CELO and MAKER and will be used by the Ethereum Foundation after which different dApps will be developed for different purposes.

47 min later 27392324 Anonymous
>>27391872 trust the plan! Keep buying REQ! Watch everyone else take off around you! Keep buying, we wont ever market! "They hired a marketer" Cool so they hired some bitch whos probably a diversity hire and all shes going to do is post on social media. THATS IT. READ THAT OVER AND OVER. ^^^^^^^THAT^^^^^^ Was the bone they threw to you. Their marketer is some bitch whos gonna post on twitter and facebook...ummm hello? No one gives a fuck and that wont help. They couldve spent the money on an actual marketing team

49 min later 27392582 Anonymous
>>27392048 Looks like product use spiked there, but still. And as for the twitter link it has 7 retweets

50 min later 27392655 Anonymous (1591342724375.gif 480x480 303kB)
>>27392324 You had 3 years

51 min later 27392740 Anonymous
>>27391872 Ngl I feel the same with Kleros I hope it doesn't go the same path lol

53 min later 27393019 Anonymous
>>27392048 This right here. Only a matter of time.

54 min later 27393142 Anonymous (Snapchat-1493886633~2.jpg 934x675 66kB)
>>27392582 Did you check the metrics in the posted picture? They're reaching more people by the day.

55 min later 27393195 Anonymous (req partners.png 1280x720 356kB)
Whats the suicide stack? Just sold some link to buy req, while I believe link will do a 5-10x from now this year req can do that in a single scam wick

56 min later 27393368 Anonymous (Snapchat-1108091008~2.jpg 1080x1337 200kB)
>>27393142 >Post ends in 42 Well well, if it isn't the old prophecy...

58 min later 27393640 Anonymous
>>27393142 Yeah I saw the metrics. Theres 1 billion REQ tokens and in the past few months they burned 86k thats a tear drop in a bathtub. And the twitrer post had 7 retweets WHOA BRO WE VIRAL NOW >>27393195 Dont worry a suicide stack is any amount ita great, you keep getting promised the heavens but then get nothing

1 hours later 27393900 Anonymous (IMG_20210101_102433_691.jpg 1280x840 89kB)
What does req even tho? With LTO it's aimed at services for companies and gov bodies. Usecases vary from: - Anchoring existing systems for data integrity - exchanging data on processes that run between organizations in an efficient and secure way - and soon digital identification of individuals and companies when doing business online.(defi for business) >50% circ. supply staked. Staking rewards paid entirely by clients, 0.25LTO every transaction. >Deflationary supply. 0.1 LTO burn every transaction. >Big partners include IBM, UN, AIRBUS, Dutch & Euro gov bodies I dont think any other coin can beat that. I just hold and the big dick clients pump my bags

1 hours later 27393982 Anonymous
>>27393195 is that a multicultural style mosaic of failed promises?

1 hours later 27393990 Anonymous
>>27393900 Even do tho*

1 hours later 27394237 Anonymous
holy fuck i was 50:50 req:FUN then eventually all in REQ till I switched to link which made my DCA $17 that i borught down to $6/link and that was in fucking 2019 lmao fuck REQ holy shit I could have sold off my 70k REQ for 11k LINK august 2018, WHY DIDN'T I DO IT IM STUCK WITH ONLY 3K LINK REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

1 hours later 27394366 Anonymous
>>27393900 May go into LTO fren, req partners with literally who type companies CELO!-who? Multisig- who? what? Stripe!-- literally who?

1 hours later 27394463 Anonymous
>>27392324 Lmao dude they literally are just now hiring them, and you’re already giving them a performance review.

1 hours later 27394856 Anonymous
>>27387170 Pfff....who has time to market it when you've got vacations to take? You're another unreasonable investor.

1 hours later 27395144 Anonymous
>>27394366 Top 60 crypto. Major payment processor. If those are who companies to you, you’re an idiot.

1 hours later 27395272 Anonymous
>>27394463 Unlike the rest of the crypto scam coins, Req was waiting for a worthwhile product before advertising. Demonstrates integrity to me.

1 hours later 27395322 Anonymous
>>27394856 this they are literally vacationing and having dinner but cant throw us a fucking bone. If they were such a great product burning tokens they wouldve partnered with bigger names than celo, multisig stripe etc, and on top of that if those companies were big theyd FUCKING. MARKET. THE. GODDAMN. PRODUCT.

1 hours later 27395478 Anonymous
>>27395322 Forgot MKR. You’re screaming into a void. They’ve hired marketers already.

1 hours later 27395593 Anonymous
>>27388177 I did the exact same thing what the fuck, brother?

1 hours later 27395817 Anonymous
>>27386931 Also buying more REQ here and there when other alts pump. Don't know why, it feels so solid

1 hours later 27395827 Anonymous
>>27395478 They hired some chick to post on twitter and facebook/reddit. That is not professional marketing. They couldve had a team/company hired to advertise it through proper channels.

1 hours later 27395984 Anonymous
>>27395827 They are. You’re just trying to be upset now.

1 hours later 27396054 Anonymous
>>27393900 LTO is based.

1 hours later 27396294 Anonymous
>>27393195 I bought 5k on the bottom, just in case it goes to a dollar. Then I'll just spend 5k on hookers on coke, to forget about tilting and swinging 9k link to this shit. Been out and wasn't planning to rebuy, but 5k at this price is peanuts even for a poorfag

1 hours later 27396423 Anonymous
>>27395984 is he though? Imagine holding since 2017 and thinking its dead, then finding out they have a working product but arent marketting it yet. REQsurrection

1 hours later 27396521 Anonymous
Market to who you fucking niggers? Req clearly is a b2b solution

1 hours later 27397097 Anonymous
>>27396521 They could hire a market team that aggressively targets those business instead of some chick on twitter making the bagholders think they hired someone. You answered your own question. Who are they advertising to? When theyre on twitter with like no followers theyre literally advertising to no one bro

1 hours later 27397227 Anonymous
>>27397097 Req will be 42.

1 hours later 27397540 Anonymous
>>27397227 To anyone and everyone reading this: Why would large companies with national to global outreach like FORD for example still have to market all the time? Because even if you have the best product you know theres no money unless you advertise about it. This is why theres professional advertising and marketting firms that are aggressive at getting your product out. But the REQt team has a "great" product and theyve decided that bigtime marketing is not important and some twitter posts will do. SELL. IT IS OVER.

1 hours later 27397947 Anonymous
>>27397540 On one hand, didnt everyone shit on link like this too?

1 hours later 27398076 Anonymous
>>27397540 You sold the bottom didn’t you? No one else would be this committed to spreading fud over a lack of marketing

1 hours later 27398199 Anonymous
>>27398076 I own more REQ than maybe most, im easily in the top 2%

1 hours later 27398288 Anonymous
>>27398199 I’m calling larp

1 hours later 27398333 Anonymous (1514957911180.png 598x598 492kB)
200k deep

1 hours later 27398386 Anonymous
>>27398288 there was an anon with the same complaints as this thread and he posted a wallet with over 4 million

1 hours later 27398438 Anonymous
>>27391872 desu I've been lurking around reqs progress since the mozzarella days and all I can say is that reqies are delusional. thanks for buying my bags anyway.. but... yeah, delusion.

1 hours later 27398603 Anonymous
>>27398386 I’m happy to eat my words if I see proof in this thread

1 hours later 27398681 Anonymous
>>27398333 according to your trips 200k is the make it stack..... If they ever fucking market

1 hours later 27398711 Anonymous
>>27397097 >they could hire a market team that aggressively targets those business kek this reminds me of the Y-combinators aggressive business tactics days

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