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2021-01-31 06:46 27257461 Anonymous PORTFOLIO THREAD (Screenshot_20210131-184046_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2280 387kB)
Didn't see one in the catalog Post your pf, rate others What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? Any info appreciated, don't forget this is a helpful thread

1 min later 27257564 Anonymous (817E546D-1950-4D2E-879C-3363EB9D3793.jpg 640x784 84kB)
Hello I want to die

2 min later 27257619 Anonymous (folio.jpg 1440x2685 313kB)

2 min later 27257647 Anonymous
>>27257461 BTC/ETH/LINK - safe DRIP - maybe USDT - why? UNI/DOGE - good Your portfolio isn't worth very much so you'll probably need to make riskier bets if you want to /makeit/.

3 min later 27257703 Anonymous
>>27257461 hot >>27257564 >>27257619 not

3 min later 27257743 Anonymous
>>27257461 >>27257564 Too diversified >>27257619 Not bad

3 min later 27257751 Anonymous
Fucking hell you guys are poor. Not only monetarily but also mentally. 200 LINK 2000 PRQ

4 min later 27257793 Anonymous
>>27257564 >>27257619 >practically all-in on RSR wew anons RUNE is good, you should sell some of your RSR for it.

4 min later 27257816 Anonymous
>>27257461 Is there an app that also allows me to add my stocks? I have about $17K in stocks in a couple of different accounts that I’d like to track in one app.

7 min later 27257966 Chris
technical analysis, by Chris: >>27257461 >fell for the link meme enjoy when sergay dumps on you. otherwise based. i looked into drip as well, probably not a rug but vaporware for now >>27257564 pure meme coins. let me guess, you bought in yesterday. >>27257619 stop larping, noone holds this on /biz/

21 min later 27259009 Anonymous
>>27257966 OP here Thanks for the feedback So what's with the Chainlink spamming on this board? I thought I should sell my DRIP and UNI to buy more >>27257564 >>27257619 Sorry I have no idea what those coins are except BTC, ETH and Chainlink >>27257751 Like this anon said?

24 min later 27259220 Anonymous (49993068-40BA-48D2-AB7C-2DB1DD18307D.jpg 750x724 140kB)
Am I based? 22, going to most likely trade in my LINK for AVAX in 3 days, then buy $800 of LINK when I get paid.

25 min later 27259369 Anonymous
>>27259220 When did you get in link? Kicking myself for calling it a meme and selling at 8.

26 min later 27259437 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-01-31-19-11-38-730_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2340 422kB)
I had 7 figures for an hour some days ago, JUST

28 min later 27259535 Chris
>>27259009 Probably best to just hodl.

31 min later 27259768 Anonymous
A blockfolio pretty much the gold standard.

31 min later 27259779 Anonymous
>>27259220 No based, do not buy top 40s coins with that little.

31 min later 27259806 Anonymous (574EEA3B-616E-45B5-8E64-49DA382FACAD.jpg 741x721 525kB)
>>27259369 I bought 50/50 LINK and BAT back in 2018. I bought LINK at $1 sold it at $3 for Harmony ONE in 2019.... Basically, I should have just held. I also had $8,000 in Jan 15th $8 GME calls I bought in August, but sold those early too. I’ve basically “missed the boat” like 10 times now. I had MRNA calls, Tesla calls, but I was weak handed and fucked up. I really really like AVAX seems like a very safe 8x minimum from here. Trying to learn from my mistakes now, but I’m 22 I have another 20 years to improve my timing...

32 min later 27259892 Chris
>>27259535 I never typed that. Are you going to force me to start using a tripcode?

33 min later 27260001 Anonymous (1611739599379.jpg 938x821 287kB)
>>27259437 Holy fuck, how does losing more money in 24 hours than every portfolio posted in this thread combined feel.

36 min later 27260145 Anonymous
29 ETH 525 LINK I'm NGMI

38 min later 27260298 Anonymous
>>27257461 How do I connect metamask to this thing?

39 min later 27260381 Anonymous
I've gained an eth in the last week from shitcoin trading but I can't seem to break out of the 18-20k range. Every time it looks like it might happen eth dumps again. I'm farming polkaswap with sora and val but honestly they're not doing shit. Snapshot wen? I want to gain another eth shitcoining and put it into something solid. Was thinking of getting 3 eth of PRQ because it's cheap. Other ideas are SNX and celsius. Help pls.

39 min later 27260390 Anonymous (Comfy.png 872x725 73kB)
comfy as fuck took out my initial on LUNA and ICX so they're pure profit rn. LUNA alone will get me to 25k soon enough. 2k in USDC for some small moonshot when i see something i like

40 min later 27260449 Anonymous
>>27260381 Fuck!

40 min later 27260493 Anonymous
>>27257816 Blockfolio

43 min later 27260744 Chris
Shitcoin thread: A comprehensive analysis, by the ACTUAL Chris. >>27257564 >>27257619 >>27259437 First of all, you're overly diversified. There is zero reason to hold top-100 projects when your portfolio is under five figures. Even midcaps are debatable when starting with such low capital. There is simply not enough volatility in these ranges for you to make money, unless you have no problem holding for 6 months for a probable x2. I would choose two lowcap coins, and split the capital evenly between them. Large marketcap projects are meant for 6-figure portfolios, where the risk of losing is no longer acceptable. >DRIP Offers nothing of value, unprofessional, devs curse at their own website, a pump and dump at best. >LINK Marketcap too high. But given the fact that there's a conference tomorrow, I'd wait a day before selling. Apart from that, it's an incredibly solid project. >DOGE Sell it. It moons once every bullrun and that's it. It's not going to $0.1, let alone $1. >UNI Alright long term hold, but poorfolios need to be focused on higher risk/reward plays in order to build capital. >RSR No opinion, always avoided it as a 2017-relic. I could be wrong though. >REEF Staking coming soon, great Polkadot-based project. Solid choice. >PRQ Midcap with bad token distribution. Has incredible potential once that whale stops dumping though. >FTM x10 potential in the coming months. Everything that Andre touches turns to gold. Or, mostly everything. FUDded on /biz/ often which is also a plus. >>27257966 >>27259535 I don't do "technical analysis" you retarded copycat. Stop using my name for clout.

44 min later 27260773 Anonymous (Untitled.png 253x234 6kB)
Please tell me these were good calls for a poor-fag that has only been into crypto for a few days.

45 min later 27260894 Chris
>>27260744 Oh, RSR only got started in 2019 apparently. Interesting. You live and you learn.

46 min later 27260926 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210130-143757_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x1920 384kB)
Poorfolio fag here. I know I am too diversified, most of these that aren't LINK were gibs from coinbase. Should I keep Any of them? Or dump them I to another coin?

47 min later 27261007 Anonymous (9bf1df47-55c7-4876-9a6a-ea23ec33b63d.jpg 970x2048 124kB)
>>27257461 Link marines where you at?

50 min later 27261229 Anonymous (all in.jpg 1128x56 17kB)
>>27257461 Put all in from my "fun budget" of next month and of course bought high like a true normie bandwagon retard, now I'm thinking if I should get another 100 NOK tomorrow or actually diversify. Not even (completely) after meme magic moon gains, legit interested in getting into small time investing. This entire meme period just served as a introduction into jew magic.

50 min later 27261269 Anonymous

52 min later 27261384 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210131-064010_Delta.jpg 1080x2220 436kB)
Feeling comfy and also tending to my BAO farm.

53 min later 27261518 Anonymous (3DD193F6-4F13-45E4-A823-E267302CEE5C.png 750x1334 381kB)
Blockfolio new update won’t let me add new transactions so my 13billion shiba tokens, and my 56kbao tokens aren’t showing up. BTC LYFE BB.

54 min later 27261638 Anonymous (killmeboys.jpg 1080x783 166kB)
>>27257461 Cum on me bro

56 min later 27261743 Anonymous
>>27260926 Dump BAT. Go all in on only on (preferably one) defi asset of your choosing for this bullrun. Don’t sell your link and if anything set up automatic buys for it that you don’t have to think about. If you have fiat it will be much better off in LINK. GRT is a great choice, so is UNI, YFI, AAVE, and possibly ALGO. These will all do well this run.

58 min later 27261934 Anonymous (BAOISTHEFUTURE.png 414x656 190kB)
AIGMI or not

1 hours later 27262451 Anonymous
>>27260744 I get what you're saying about other tokens, but why do you say that about DRIP? I'm 30% up in a day

1 hours later 27262614 Anonymous
>>27261743 Yea I know BAT is doing garbage now, it's why when i initially invest 100 into it, i immediately dumped it to link. Sorry for being a brainlet but what is are defi coins? GRT?

1 hours later 27262824 Anonymous (1596408628387.jpg 1440x3040 482kB)
>>27257461 + another 94 GRT and .054 ETH on metamask. How do I show my metamask holdings on portfolio btw?

1 hours later 27263027 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210131-115654_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2340 242kB)
How long do I have to wait?

1 hours later 27263096 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210131-081753_Delta.jpg 1440x2960 759kB)
I posted in another thread and a couple of anons liked my portfolio which made me feel good cause I've been doubting myself. I havent bought any crypto since 2018 btw

1 hours later 27263319 Anonymous
>>27262614 GRT is a decentralized indexing protocol for the blockchain, it has a strong use case for decentralized finance and is a solid working project. Any coin that is involved in smart-contract enabled decentralized finance is a solid play and why LINK hasn’t even begun to moon yet

1 hours later 27263451 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210131_200057_com.coingecko.coingeckoapp.jpg 1080x2340 394kB)

1 hours later 27263690 Anonymous
>be me >28 >Have Wife and Kid >Work full time, my job is sole source of income for my family. >Complete Crypto newfag >Feel deep regret for not buying Crypto when it was under a dollar. How is my portfolio looking guys? I'm not looking for quick gains. How I looking? I was thinking of buying a few hundred GRT.

1 hours later 27263848 Anonymous (Portfolio as of 11am 1312021.jpg 720x1560 59kB)
>>27263690 >>27263690 >>27263690 Oh fuck forgot the screencap. Here it is.

1 hours later 27263859 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210131-110500_Blockfolio.jpg 720x1520 263kB)
Basically every coin biz shills. Except eth. I had a stop loss exploited a couple weeks ago.

1 hours later 27264010 Anonymous
>>27263859 If you're a new fag and don't own at least 10 LTC, you will neck yourself by eoy.

1 hours later 27264082 Anonymous
>>27261384 I feel so retarded for not buying BAO when they started to shill it here, literally could've 100x

1 hours later 27264240 Anonymous
>>27263859 >>27264010 I personally would trade the LTC and the XRP for ETH

1 hours later 27264256 Anonymous
>>27260744 So your opinion of RSR is void and you have a good opinion of REEF. I guess my ‘folio ain’t the worst, I’m holding ETH to put somewhere else.

1 hours later 27264331 Anonymous
>>27263848 way too much money invested, id cut back to be more conservative

1 hours later 27264513 Anonymous
>>27263690 >>27263848 >0.07 ETH >42 GRT lmao why even bother?

1 hours later 27264754 Anonymous
>>27264513 So buy a few hundred GRT before it hits a dollar? Got it. I dont wanna swing this shit, I wanna hold something that I can make a fat withdraw from one day

1 hours later 27265138 Anonymous
>>27264240 I had 44 eth at average of 535. I thought marketing was crashing a couple weeks ago. Set stop loss at 935. Dipped to 905 that night then back up to 1100 before I woke back up. Just can't mentally get back in so high...

1 hours later 27265264 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-01-31-16-21-24-386_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2160 439kB)

1.178 0.078