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2021-01-30 05:20 27154166 Anonymous (1574150736381.png 1416x672 1050kB)
>bro just get into crypto you'll double your money fast >lose everything in less than 24 hours fuck you guys fuck every single one of you

0 min later 27154219 Anonymous
>>27154166 Newfag. Lesson learned though?

0 min later 27154251 Anonymous
>get rich quick scheme doesn't pay wow

1 min later 27154299 Anonymous
the initiation is complete

1 min later 27154301 Anonymous
>>27154166 who the fuck bets more than they can loose? didnt your dad sit you down and explain how not to be a retard at like 10?

1 min later 27154325 Anonymous
gotta go fast

1 min later 27154340 Anonymous
>>27154166 >lose everything in less than 24 hours maybe don't invest everything into a single shitcoin with no use case? fuck you

3 min later 27154417 Anonymous
you gotta to learn to buy the shit ppl are hating on and sell the shit ppl are loving on. Its simple really

3 min later 27154432 Anonymous
I did a 5x and I’m a retard so idk what to tell you OP

3 min later 27154468 Anonymous
Let me guess you bought DOGE at the ATH. Yikes OP

4 min later 27154517 Anonymous

5 min later 27154597 Anonymous
>>27154166 Why is /biz/ so god damn retarded? >BUY HIGH >SELL LOW >spending money you shouldn't be investing in risky assets

5 min later 27154631 Anonymous
>>27154166 WITNESSED

6 min later 27154713 Anonymous
>>27154166 If you heard about it on the news, you are already too late.

7 min later 27154774 Anonymous
>>27154166 I gambled about a 1/5th of my monthly paycheck with the mindset of win or lose, it doesn't really matter. Maybe do that.

8 min later 27154916 Anonymous
>>27154713 This but in the case of DogeCoin, if your favorite YouTuber is talking about it then its too late.

9 min later 27154976 Anonymous
>>27154166 Should have listened to the voices of reason instead of those that were promising you the world

10 min later 27155028 Anonymous
>>27154166 Let me guess, you bought doggie coin or something stupid like that?

10 min later 27155057 Anonymous
>>27154166 >get into crypto >buys a meme coin You did this to yourself

10 min later 27155097 Anonymous
>>27154166 How did you even pull that off? I've never seen a coin lose >60% in a day.

11 min later 27155112 Anonymous
>>27154166 Its not our fault you did it wrong.

11 min later 27155163 Anonymous
>>27154166 doge is not crypto you bought a meme you fucking imbecile

12 min later 27155199 Anonymous
LITERALLY buy low, sell high

12 min later 27155281 Anonymous
>>27154166 >he bought into the Doge Meme

13 min later 27155312 Anonymous
>got into crypto >made $20 >got out of crypto not bad tbqh

13 min later 27155334 Anonymous
>>27154166 Stonks is just gambling. Only bet what you're willing to risk.

13 min later 27155359 Anonymous
>>27154166 play stupid games win stupid prices

16 min later 27155619 Anonymous
>>27155107 >can barely construct a sentence >concludes with 2014 stale /pol/ism Yeah I’m thinking /biz/ is done

17 min later 27155674 Anonymous
>>27154166 based and rubicpilled

21 min later 27155997 Anonymous
>>27154166 >he fell for the Doge meme again Anyone with a three digit IQ can look at Doge's history and know exactly what was going to happen.

23 min later 27156210 Anonymous
>>27155997 OP here. should i just accept that i got fucked and sell or hope for some sort of a price increase? please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me

23 min later 27156235 Anonymous
>>27154166 >lose everything Don't put everything in then retard

24 min later 27156341 Anonymous
It just went up a teensy bit. Take what you can get before it goes back down

25 min later 27156398 Anonymous
>>27154299 This Welcome to /biz/ OP enjoy your stay

27 min later 27156552 Anonymous
>>27156210 Here's what I recommend you do: wait. Everyone understands the potential of memecoins now. It may drop back to $0.01 but I have a feeling it will hold around there this time. If you can wait months, maybe years it will trend and pump again, then you can get your investment back. If you're feeling lucky, you when the price drops to the point where everyone cut their losses, you can pump a few $100 at an extremely low point ($0.002 would be fantastic) and maybe even make some profit when it pumps again. You either sell at a loss or wait, I'd just be a Doge bagholder because the next pump might be even better.

29 min later 27156764 Anonymous
>>27154166 welcome to /biz/

33 min later 27157096 Anonymous
>>27154166 How the fuck does that even happen? Did you get rugged? Or did you buy the top of some meme coin that pumped 500% over the last two days?

48 min later 27158390 Anonymous
good. crypto is not for mentally retarted

51 min later 27158620 Anonymous
>>27154166 >he fomod into something without looking for a coin that still had a good entry point, or waiting for one

52 min later 27158774 Anonymous
>>27154166 Retard.

53 min later 27158861 Anonymous

56 min later 27159079 Anonymous
>>27154166 Welcome to /biz/ anon

57 min later 27159161 Anonymous
>>27154299 This. Butthurt over loosing a couple hundred motivates people to say “fuck you” and then they do their fucking homework and end up making a couple grand. Like anything though you need to learn to ride the fucking bike. So you fell off. Hope it wasn’t rent money.

57 min later 27159200 Anonymous
Who would have thought there isnt a way to become millionaire over night?

1 hours later 27159370 Anonymous
>>27154166 protip: if youre hearing about some new up and coming definite money maker, youre probably too late.

1 hours later 27159471 Anonymous
>>27159370 This. If it's getting spammed on /biz/ its already too late.

1 hours later 27159562 Anonymous
>wtf scammers weren't telling me the truth! They lied to make money off me! NO WAY

1 hours later 27159645 Anonymous
>>27154166 >unable to read the divine tea leaves of /biz/ ngmi

1 hours later 27159678 Rubic
>>27154166 Let me guess you bought DOGE? Kekking @you, retard.

1 hours later 27159868 Anonymous
>>27154301 i always emphasize that simple concept when people invest l, like ive been fortunate in the past for my stock picks and the one time my dad wants to join me for one he think has a good prospect, it kinda tanks, it can still go up but itll be a while, i later find out he put a shit ton of money like me, except the difference is i was ok with losing it, for him it retirement, i warned him multiole times beforehand not to play more than you can lose, now i can literally tell he has something against me, conditional love, gotta love it, ah well the stock price will go up, when im not sure kek

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