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2021-01-29 06:27 27036546 Anonymous (rsz_how_bitcoin_and_crypto_are_classified_in_canada.jpg 500x334 52kB)
>coinbase doesn't allow canadian withdrawals Shills on reddit recommend Shakepay, Newton, Coinberry, Ndax, Kraken, Bisq, Bullbitcoin for Canadians. But it's hard to find out which one to use. This is so complicated. >People tell you to get Ledger, others say that it's insecure >People tell you to get a service that allows etransfer >Some Canadian banks apparently prevent transfer of money to crypto exchanges But can I really trust a local Canadian crypto exchange not to go under?

1 min later 27036830 Anonymous
coinmetro any good? trustpilot reviews are good. t. shitposting newfag from /tv/

3 min later 27037100 Anonymous
>>27036546 if its a busy day, shakepay will rape you in fees. literally up to 20% of a transaction will go to them if lots of volume is shifting. be warned

3 min later 27037129 Anonymous
So far Newton has been pretty good for me, allows me to e-transfer cash for BTC or ETH.

3 min later 27037209 Anonymous
>>27036546 Shakepay has been good to me

4 min later 27037300 Anonymous
>>27036546 It depends on the exchange. I use TD. It blocks some exchanges but allows some to go through.

5 min later 27037396 Anonymous
lol. zats top you could show up? Illiterate mid-wit confirmed. go home and “kill your gf” Don’t ask me to kick you off from this /biz/ thread wanna get money - use your fucking brain and go for Base That’s all I can advise u

5 min later 27037482 Anonymous
What? I'm a leaf and I use coinbase regularly for withdrawal to my PP account. I can't use Coinbase Pro but thats fine, idc.

6 min later 27037583 Anonymous
Shakepay is the easiest, at least that i've looked into. Buy BTC from them, send it to a binance wallet to trade.

6 min later 27037592 Anonymous
Whats the best app to buy crypto on android?

6 min later 27037608 Anonymous
I've opened up a tangerine account because BMO was cucking every single e-transfer related to crypto. Then I opened up a shakepay account and have had no problems yet with transfers. Only did up to 200$ but I've done at least 4 so far no problems. Didn't try cashing out yet.

7 min later 27037810 Anonymous
I used Shakepay to cash out on the last btc moon and It went really well. The limit is 10k Interac withdrawal per day and had no problem with RBC as my bank.

8 min later 27037842 Anonymous
ive used shakepay but you can only buy during business hours only they wont process your e-transfer

8 min later 27037857 Anonymous (coinbase.png 991x160 7kB)
>>27037482 proof here too pic related >>27037608 If it matters i'm with Tangerine as well

8 min later 27037885 Anonymous
>>27037100 I thought shakepay was 1.7% for exchanges between cryto/CAD and free bank wire and etransfers. Where are you getting this 20% shit that sounds retarded

9 min later 27038097 Anonymous
>>27036546 I use shakepay >>27037608 based I did the same thing, fuck BMO. They would literally lock my fucking account, shut down my cards and force me to come into a physical location to unlock it every time I sent an e-transfer to an exchange, with tangerine I had no problems

9 min later 27038116 Anonymous
Lol look at these paid shakepay shills. As a leaf I can withdraw from coinbase, op is full of shit. Nice thread shakepay

10 min later 27038253 Anonymous
Just a heads up guys: Tangerine blocked me from buying on Coinbase recently because they said its against T&C - Lottery and Gambling. Fucking cunts.

10 min later 27038301 Anonymous
Bitbuy eh

11 min later 27038431 Anonymous
>>27038116 Then why does every redditor claim using coinbase as a canadian is impossible. Unless you're a coinbase shill

12 min later 27038490 Anonymous
>>27037885 because if its busy they jack up their fees to protect their liquidity. i lost 150 buying a large portion of eth in december because of their bullshit fees. it says right in their fee structure idiot.

12 min later 27038580 Anonymous
>>27036546 paytrie then send to binance

13 min later 27038633 Anonymous
>>27036546 Ledger+Coinsquare for withdrawals/deposits

13 min later 27038641 Anonymous
I use shakepay, but newton is the best rightnow. They have the lowest fees.

13 min later 27038673 Anonymous
>>27038253 you need to use a card with coinbase right? There's no bank in Canada that lets you buy crypto with cards anymore, that's why it's all etransfers (or bank wires)

13 min later 27038742 Anonymous
>>27036546 Look at this entire post. Please go back.

14 min later 27038759 Anonymous
>>27037482 So the only way to use coinbase as a canadian is to use paypal. I also read on reddit that paypal hates crypto money and will shutdown your account. The claim is paypal doesnt like crypto competing with them or something I don't know how much misinformation is out there but competing companies

14 min later 27038828 Anonymous
>>27036546 BINANCE

15 min later 27038934 Anonymous
>>27038633 >Coinsquare Ugh this is why I'm annoyed there is an over saturation over companies

15 min later 27038944 Anonymous
>>27038673 I just bought crypto on Binance and Coinbase a few weeks ago using my debit card.

15 min later 27038965 Anonymous

15 min later 27039026 Anonymous
>>27038944 what bank?

17 min later 27039313 Anonymous
>>27038097 fucking hate BMO man... only with them because my mom opened my bank account when I was a teenager. Every goddamn time there's a problem and they make you call and wait half an hour and ask a ton of bullshit question. Can't use emails, they are stuck in the 20th century.

17 min later 27039320 Anonymous
You can withdraw directly to paypal I'm on shakepay for simplicity but I'll get something else eventually. I wasn't able to get my card on binance for some reason

18 min later 27039463 Anonymous
shakepay spread gets fucking huge if its busy. i traded a bunch of cad for eth at like 950 then transferred out to binance at 1,075 yet when i went to do the calculation of how much CAD worth of eth i bought at market prices i was .1197 eth short. and there was no fees for transferring out cause shakepay covers them. bitbuy looks alright but im looking for one that doesn't secrety jew the fuck out of you cause >muh liquidity

19 min later 27039599 Anonymous
who /cash out with some guy who runs an exchange out of his office and charges 5%, but no KYC/ here?

19 min later 27039629 Anonymous
>>27036546 Bitbuy

20 min later 27039767 Anonymous
>>27038934 Its simple. Use newton. Fee comparator : cryptolens.ca

25 min later 27040567 Anonymous
>>27039026 TD

26 min later 27040677 Anonymous
i've used paypal but they gave me a hard time.

27 min later 27040894 Anonymous
>>27038759 in the US paypal can be used to deposit trade and withdraw bitcoin get out from under your rock

30 min later 27041316 Anonymous
coinbase is fucking wack. if you make a big withdrawal crypto it will hold it for 3 days and ask you to verify your ID over and over again.

32 min later 27041567 Anonymous

32 min later 27041600 Anonymous
Leaf anons, I recommend you check out this leaf crypto channel for all your local needs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh zLnWVsl3puKQwc5PoO6Zg Highly recommended, I've followed from burgertown for 3-4 years now

32 min later 27041655 Anonymous
>>27040567 interdasting. This was a couple years ago >“At TD, we regularly evaluate our policies and security measures, in order to serve and protect our customers, as well as the bank,” a TD spokesperson wrote in a statement to BNN Friday. “We recently made the decision to pause on allowing cryptocurrency purchases via credit cards to conduct a review and assessment of this evolving market.” I guess they are allowing it again, maybe I'll try opening an account there, Binance is the platform I usually use so being able to fund directly to there would be ideal

34 min later 27041934 Anonymous
I made the mistake of buying ETH directly on Binance instead of buying it on Shakepay then sending it Binance, and TD locked my debit card after the first transaction. Am I fucked or can I just get it unlocked and resume buying on Shakepay?

35 min later 27042027 Anonymous
>>27036830 Yes it's legit good. I switched from Kraken to CoinMetro personally. https://coinmetro DOT cx/

35 min later 27042076 Anonymous
>>27040567 >>27041655 See >>27041934 I used my TD debit card and the first purchase went through but then they blocked me on the second try.

36 min later 27042230 Anonymous
>>27036546 Shakepay to buy, use metamask wallet or binance wallet.

39 min later 27042598 Anonymous
>Coinbase doesn't allow Canadian withdrawals >Go to Binance >Still can't buy Crypto because all my cards aren't allowing it to go through They really try to set up as many walls as possible, huh?

41 min later 27042782 Anonymous
>>27036546 Don't worry, they'll only die in an accident in India.

45 min later 27043272 Anonymous
>>27042076 damn. Well you can get it unlocked, they will tell you it was a "fraud alert" or some bullshit and you just need tell them it wasn't a fraudulent purchase and to unlock your account. They might do the same thing with an etransfer, like I said BMO blocked them for me, tangerine hasn't blocked any of my etransfers

47 min later 27043532 Anonymous
>>27038641 How does transferring funds to buy crypto work? I try to add funds but it says my weekly limit is $0. Did my bank cockblock me?

56 min later 27044886 Anonymous
>>27043272 Is this your first time using a credit card? You sound underage.

56 min later 27044888 Anonymous
Fellow canucks, I just sent $100 over to Shakepay and it went through fine. I'm able to buy Crypto now, but I missed the BTC dip because it took so fucking long to settle everything.

59 min later 27045305 Anonymous
>>27042598 the only real problem in canada is lack of fiat onramps. shakepay kinda solves that.

59 min later 27045361 Anonymous
>>27042598 >Coinbase doesn't allow Canadian withdrawals Withdraw to paypal. >>27044888 Congratulations on chasing waterfalls faggot.

1 hours later 27045814 Anonymous (1611885409113.jpg 236x236 26kB)
>he doesn't use trezor >he doesn't use Newton for the bare minimum transactions >he doesn't focus solely on DEFI and privacy coins like Monero >he doesn't cash out with Tether NGMI

1 hours later 27045885 Anonymous
>>27036546 I had the same frustrations anon but I promise coinberry is very easy to use. Ledger security issue was leaked addresses of people who bought (including mine) The wallet itself has no security issue. If you decide to use coinberry please sign up with my code https://api.coinberry.com/invite/19 2184e40d0

1 hours later 27046326 Anonymous (nah.jpg 600x677 47kB)
>>27045885 >coinberry Nobody listen to this nigger unless you want to get raped the most in the ass in transaction fees and get sketch as fuck slippage not reflected in the global crypto market price. People couldn't even use the exchange for two days because of SMS verification blunder earlier this month. Do not use coinberry. Stay away from that shit.

1 hours later 27046444 Anonymous
>>27044886 it was my debit card and no I'm 25 I've used it for a decade without BMO ever locking my account until I tried to purchase crypto

1 hours later 27046829 Anonymous
When I bought on Binance (with DesJardins) my card was blocked and they sent me a new one. Haven't tried buying again but it would probably work this time.

1 hours later 27046987 Anonymous
>>27046326 Its the only one I've found that actually allows me to buy, all others I've tried were blocked from my bank. 30 cents in fees for $50 worth of crypto isnt a big deal to me compared to not being able to buy at all.

1 hours later 27047153 Anonymous
>>27044888 etransferred 1k over to shakepay about 5 hours ago. Nothing in my wallet, no response from support. Great first impression.

1 hours later 27047347 Anonymous (OOOOOOOOOOO.png 370x320 100kB)
Also since we're doing referrals, Here's mine for Newton. We both get $25 if you make a trade over $100. Happy trading. https://web.newton.co/r/9FZZKE

1 hours later 27047502 Anonymous
>>27047153 you're likely a retard and didn't follow the instructions, or too dumb to know that you can cancel an e-transfer within a given timeframe.

1 hours later 27047738 Anonymous
>>27047347 Thanks anon, I'll try it out.

1 hours later 27047889 Anonymous
>>27036546 ndax working pretty good for me, took a few hours to verify but money went thru instantly

1 hours later 27048198 Anonymous (nigger.gif 462x427 1985kB)
>>27046987 Nigger try spreads that each have 10 dollars of difference from the best buying and selling price. Trying purchasing a coin for 200 only for some gay fuck reason it sell it to you for 210, so now you have to calculate by hand how many coins you should really be getting for your bid. Coinberry has the highest prices out of all the CEX right up there with goybase.

1 hours later 27048319 Anonymous
>>27036546 >Coinbase to Paypal to Bank account You ask all these questions when the answer was quicker to find than making this thread. You're not going to make it.

1 hours later 27048568 Anonymous (Capture.png 722x540 22kB)

1 hours later 27048717 Anonymous
>>27047738 I wish you the best, fren. Don't get Jew'd by coinberry. That was a learning lesson for me. At worst with Newton they're gonna want to verify you through your phone bill. If they take too long to respond just go to their reddit page and dm the support guy you're get ahead of the line.

1 hours later 27048885 Anonymous
>>27047347 I just signed up on Newton but I didn't see an option to enter a referral code

1 hours later 27048903 Anonymous
use coinbase and withdraw in usdc use newton for CAD. keep the fiat pile 50/50 between cad/usdc

1 hours later 27049082 Anonymous
>>27048885 Oh nevermind I see I need to sign up through your link. I didn't finish the verification anyway so I'll just make a new account.

1 hours later 27049716 Anonymous
>>27038944 Tried to buy some earlier on Binance, but it didnt take any canadian card I had. Coinbase took my credit card.

1 hours later 27050487 Anonymous
>>27036830 it's good but it doesn't support CAD deposits. Kevin said that if there's enough interest he will add it, but I don't really see it happening until leafs start spamming the tg with requests

1 hours later 27050607 Anonymous
Day of the rake is upon you. May god have mercy on your souls

1 hours later 27050772 Anonymous
>>27036546 I've been using shakepay, no problem yet.

1 hours later 27051368 Anonymous
>>27050607 the leaf will reign for 1,000 years

1 hours later 27051572 Anonymous (sweating.jpg 231x218 5kB)
>Mfw used QuadrigaCX in 2018/early 2019 to get in LINK because Coinbase only let me buy $500 worth every 2 weeks Its too bad they went under, their partnership thing with CanadaPost was really convenient. Literally just show up to CanadaPost at Shoppers, say i want to buy $500 BTC, scan it, its that easy

1 hours later 27051787 Anonymous
i use coinsmart

1 hours later 27052104 Anonymous (meme.jpg 792x410 32kB)
>>27038116 you are retarted sir

1 hours later 27052172 Anonymous
is there a way to buy in canada with paypal? im sus about using my debit card on coinbase

1 hours later 27052385 Anonymous
>>27036546 Whats with Binance and coinbase asking for my photo ID? I'm not taking a picture for those chinks, they can fuck right off. What's a good platform that doesnt ask for that shit and has all cryptocoins?

1 hours later 27053028 Anonymous
>>27052385 uniswap.

1 hours later 27054493 Anonymous
>>27038301 this

1 hours later 27054559 Anonymous
>>27037100 this is just fake, shakepay has been really good to me and ive been using them for a year and a half now

1 hours later 27054761 Anonymous
>>27052172 Like the other shitkickers said, TD works. The real hassle is getting your dox verified. Coinbase is some dumb shit anyway since they don't let you exchange meme coins and you get left out of pump scams like DOGE atm.

1 hours later 27055221 Anonymous
>>27037583 This. Did it for the first time last night and didn't have problems. Binance however takes time to verify ID and deposit the BTC into their wallet.

1 hours later 27055383 Anonymous
>>27053028 thanks chad.

1 hours later 27055489 Anonymous
Coinberry is the best. Once set up its fast and you can in and out through email transfer. I've used all sorts to fund. Coinberry cheapest and canadian. Here's free 20 bucks https://api.coinberry.com/invite/05 f355cd33a

2 hours later 27056242 Anonymous
>>27045814 Wtf are you me?

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