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2021-01-29 03:42 27009342 Anonymous Parsiq Bros, What Does This Mean... (Parshit.jpg 828x315 68kB)
I'm sure many of you noticed that Arbitrum is using Graph Protocol from the tweet that was recently posted. What does this mean for Parshit? I see that they have Chainlink's logo on the website, but do we know anything more about that collaboration?

1 min later 27009580 Anonymous
>>27009342 what tweet? source?

1 min later 27009702 Anonymous
>>27009342 $10 EOW

2 min later 27009858 Anonymous
>>27009342 I don't know. I am just buying more

2 min later 27009883 Anonymous (arbitrum grt.png 903x438 77kB)
>>27009342 >>27009580 this one? https://twitter.com/arbitrum/status /1354937177801691140?s=20

4 min later 27010208 Anonymous
>>27009883 Yes, that one...also noticed graph pumped quite a bit when that came out.

5 min later 27010474 Anonymous
>>27010208 it pumped then immediately fell again...is there a whale dumping?

5 min later 27010512 Anonymous (1609634649120.jpg 228x221 9kB)
>>27010208 fuck. somebody give me some hopium

6 min later 27010648 Anonymous
>>27009342 >Arbitrum wat

7 min later 27010929 Anonymous
>>27010474 >>27010512 I don't know, I started buying it in and wanted to put $100k of my link gains in, but now I'm reading more about it and the more I read, the less interesting it seems. The more I listen to Sergey, the more it becomes apparent he is a visionary genius whose power level is growing. Anatoly just seems like another typical Vitalik-like faggot working on a boring project. t. 10k parsiq holder but wanting to buy more. Any breadcrumbs are welcome

8 min later 27011110 Anonymous
seriously bros, what went wrong? been waiting long time for a listing, then it's nothing thought the chinks will pump our bags, the price dropped even more is there any hope left of reaching 5$ next month?

8 min later 27011132 Anonymous
>>27010648 Arbitrum is the significant scaling solution for Ethereum working hand in hand with Chainlink. Its significance has been discussed for a year. Check the archives.

10 min later 27011375 Anonymous
>>27010512 Sadly, I have noticed way more people like you than diligent ones that are actually actively reading all of Parsiq's medium posts, digging through documentation, etc. The Telegram is a cancerous amalgamation of poors crossing their fingers and hoping. If anyone can point me in a direction I've yet to consider, I will be happy to proceed on my own

14 min later 27012260 Anonymous
>>27011375 No, dyor.

24 min later 27014158 Anonymous
>>27010929 >Any breadcrumbs are welcome maybe this? https://youtu.be/ifE6AiAz_cY

29 min later 27015057 Anonymous
>>27010512 They are jews, fren. >https://offchainlabs.com/#team

36 min later 27016329 Anonymous
Didn't we just go from 0.10 to 1.30 ish in a month or so? I'm not why we're all so disappointed. I mean, I really really want a moon; I missed out on the DOGE and GME trains having all my fiat in this, but these are normal dips.

37 min later 27016629 Anonymous
>>27016329 Not sure why*

39 min later 27016998 Anonymous
>>27016329 because it's crypto fren, a month in crypto is a year in stocks

43 min later 27017624 Anonymous
>>27016998 I've played the whole "sell your stable, product-focused coin for a pump and dump and then lose it all" game before. But man, it really does seem like if you want to make it it's taking that risk and then getting lucky.

46 min later 27018098 Anonymous
>>27017624 honestly fren, if I spotted another lowcap gem as good as parsiq I would switch to it, but at the moment parsiq seems the best choice. IMO the fucking whale killed the momentum it had and now we're forever crabbing

47 min later 27018272 Anonymous
>>27018098 I hope the whale isn't purely in crypto and is getting his ass reamed in the stock bloodbath.

47 min later 27018294 Anonymous
>>27014158 This is the only video anyone has. Stop sharing it, everyone has seen it...it's not bullish watching a guy who runs a shit tier exchange shill a token that he did an IEO of. This video makes PRQ look like a piece of shit.

48 min later 27018431 Anonymous
>>27009342 What the actual fuck does this have to do with Parsiq other than you being a fud faggot who is also a GRT holder?

48 min later 27018470 Anonymous
>>27012260 I am DYORing, where else can one DYOR besides Medium and their website (and youtube)?

48 min later 27018512 Anonymous
should have bought GRT

50 min later 27018703 Anonymous
token not needed

51 min later 27018806 Anonymous (1580067160947.jpg 680x383 64kB)
>>27018294 >shit tier exchange should have known better than to reply to bait see ya

57 min later 27019832 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210128-174014.png 2044x2048 1426kB)

59 min later 27020171 Anonymous
>>27019832 >50 cents HAHAHAHA

1 hours later 27020681 Anonymous
>>27019832 >t. some poor retard who bought at like $0.30 and made fuckall

1 hours later 27020693 Anonymous
>>27020171 I'm not a schizo chasing pumps. GRT will age like fine wine

1 hours later 27020928 Anonymous
>>27018431 I don't hold GRT (I chose to buy PRQ instead) It has to do with the fact that Arbitrum is using Graph QL instead of ParsiqQL for managing innter-blockchain data. >>27018806 How is coinmetro anything but a shit tier exchange?

1 hours later 27020953 Anonymous
>>27020693 But you're in a PRQ thread where we lament about halted price progress, shilling a coin with substantially worse price progress.

1 hours later 27021354 Anonymous (1579134888369.jpg 640x640 72kB)
>>27020928 >Pic very related Fuck yourself! You absolutely hold GRT and all you are doing is fudding PRQ because you are an absolute moron

1 hours later 27021669 Anonymous
>>27020953 I'm in a thread that is talking about GRT. I don't care that you hold PRQ. I might even buy some when it drops back down to 50 cents

1 hours later 27021736 Anonymous
>>27021354 >I have a nail to hammer down >Do I use this swiss knife, which can cut, dig holes, light up a fire, explode in a million pieces AND has a built-in hammer, although it's tiny and unwieldy >OR >I just use a fucking hammer nono don't worry everyone is going to use PRQ mhmh

1 hours later 27021960 Anonymous
>>27020928 >How is coinmetro anything but a shit tier exchange? 100% bait, BUT im willing to listen, explain in detail why its a shit exchange, and I'll live you 2 eth

1 hours later 27023030 Anonymous
>>27021669 I mean, the lowest it's gone is around 1.10 for a month, touches it then bounces back. Unless something catastrophic happens I would be very surprised if we ever see under a dollar again.

1 hours later 27024645 Anonymous
>>27021354 I made the thread asking for people to point me in the direction to research it to find breadcrumbs. I can't help it if you're getting offended about your investment. I made over $1M on Chainlink and I'd like to put $100k into another shitcoin (have put around $7500 into PRQ already), but the more research I do, the less excited I feel about it. I'm more than happy to talk about the project, but there's no point in responding if your post is going to be "DYOR, this is a guaranteed moonshot, bla bla." One thing I wonder about Parsiq is why is it more beneficial to have an internal system monitoring blockchain events and having to devise a system to do that to trigger external events...why wouldn't you just have the external system to which the events are going, monitor the blockchain's activity using something like Etherscan (the same way Chainalysis does) and trigger the events all in the same system? >>27021960 I don't need your 2 eth tokens.

1 hours later 27025019 Anonymous
>>27023030 You're a shortsighted idiot that hasn't been in this market very long. People couldn't believe Chainlink would go below a dollar again once it broke it too...then it went below a dollar for two more years. None of this shit has utility now and we are in a market, like 2017, full of newfags, retards, and poorfags. There WILL be another reckoning that will wash away the newfags during which things like Parsiq get built up and they'll either make the grade and be useful or they will die like every other shitcoin.

1 hours later 27025260 Anonymous (based42.jpg 591x570 102kB)
Right now PRQ is the best project in crypto, by far. In my opinion it even beats LINK, when it comes to a use case. I bought at .2 and here in Germany it is tax free after holding more than a year, no questions asked. A sure thing, i've already won. There is no need to care about the price, to care about shills and the FUD, no need to chase the green candle on this one. All i have to do now is to leave it alone and lay back. Some of you guys are okay, so take some time and read about what PRQ already did, is doing right now and its targets for the future; IYKYK.

1 hours later 27026662 Anonymous
>>27009702 stfu dude be realist normies need more time to jump on the parsnip train

1 hours later 27027173 Anonymous
>>27025019 I never said it was impossible you retard, I've been involved with crypto since 2016. I never stated whether or not I was even referring to short term, you said 0.50 when it does, but crypto is unpredictable and you're a moron to compare every coin to every other one. PRQ could pump to $4 for no fucking reason and then crash to $2. Nobody fucking knows.

1 hours later 27027280 Anonymous
>>27026662 screencapped, I'll laugh at you in exactly 1 week faggot, IYKYK

1 hours later 27027489 Anonymous (1605641261063.jpg 474x461 35kB)
>>27024645 >I don't need your 2 eth tokens. he cant even make shit up "nah man i dont need free money but trust me im right"

1 hours later 27029246 Anonymous
>>27025260 Where are you reading this comfy info?

2 hours later 27029916 Anonymous (1611868883659.jpg 498x474 36kB)
>>27027489 hey man if you're right we'll both be laughing at these dogetards, but Imma have to keep on doubting.

2 hours later 27031586 Anonymous
>>27029916 you sound pretty normal so hear me out

2 hours later 27031766 Anonymous
>>27029916 i think the only reason you dont like parsnip is because prq holder have been assholes to you so now you think the project is shit

2 hours later 27032081 Anonymous
>>27031766 dipshit, my lord and savior has been the Almighty Anatoly for the past weeks, I'm a relatively newfag round here, but nonetheless my portfolio is 100percent parsnips. However if you just put: 100k per prq tonight lads!!! Ima a call you a redditor

2 hours later 27032623 Anonymous
>>27009342 Parsiq is a meme product that was pumped up by Alpha Crypto Project (look up their TG posts) and that fraud, Kevin Murcko Parsiq TG holders are some insane cult of third worlders and if you're smart, you'll see that PRQ has had its run. A listing on OKex barely moved it by a few cents It's unironically over

2 hours later 27032732 Anonymous
>>27032081 you're right i didn't look at the ID when posting thought you were this guy >>27024645

2 hours later 27033014 Anonymous
>>27032732 happens to the best chief, but ngl that guy sounded pretty based

2 hours later 27033155 Anonymous (1595328258772.png 750x775 952kB)
Tasty fud itt You are never getting my parsnips. You hear me? Never!

2 hours later 27033957 Anonymous
the whole 'Arbitrum is using grt instead of prq' thing shows that most brainlets here have no idea what grt or prq is and what uses cases they have

2 hours later 27034693 Anonymous
max 1 week left till the next leg up. I predict somewhere between 4-5$. Pretty confident there will be a token split after this.

2 hours later 27035903 Anonymous (katze_nachdenklich.jpg 750x734 82kB)
>>27029246 THEY, Parsiq, successful took action at the Kucoin/Coinmetro-Hack and left the bad guys with worthless tokens. PRQ came out of nowhere and saved countless users from being ripped off, just like a superhero. AS A SIDEQUEST! Dude...

2 hours later 27035912 Anonymous
>>27034693 what do you mean by token split...?

2 hours later 27036003 Anonymous
You poor fucking retards, GRT has a JEWISH CEO.

2 hours later 27036217 Anonymous
>>27036003 wtf just bought some so i can sell them again

2 hours later 27036643 Anonymous
>>27035912 Analtoy will snap his fingers and half the tokens will disappear at random, Destroying millions to save billions

2 hours later 27036780 Anonymous
>>27024645 This is honestly fucking based. Watch as the shills shriek and flee when faced with based legitimate discussion. I am about 80% PRQ and I believe it will make me money. I'm sure the graph will make money too but PRQ threads all always full of seething fucking graphites. Ncase wallet (just a wallet!!) Large trade between Binance and PRQ team wallet suggesting listing to come (they are already partnered & PRQ to be used on Binance Smartchain) Staking this year Non crypto partner to be announced March I think it is. Hopefully an anon with real brain knowledge can explain the staking stuff, I just ape in.

2 hours later 27038246 Anonymous
>>27024645 I'm in for lending. I think they will be used because they aren't just ETH trigger system, they are crosschain one. Ncase will be big because it will take fee only on withdraws not on creation and deposits. And they want to make adoption of crypto payments easier for everyone. It will be done by payment processor that is in works.

2 hours later 27038322 Anonymous
>>27036780 >Hopefully an anon with real brain knowledge can explain the staking stuff, I just ape in. its lending, line compound but different and maybe better basically prq price might go up a lot, but companies don't want to pay 10million for 1million addresses so they build a lending solution

2 hours later 27038516 Anonymous
>>27009342 parisq is a fake app... a scam. you got took son

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