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2021-01-29 11:31 26983813 Anonymous This fucking guy (Es3r6-3XMAEn5uC.png 680x510 896kB)
He became the richest man in the world while still having all the crazy ambitions a kid would have (i.e when I grow up I want to go to space) Shitposted on twitter fucked with wall street assholes egged shitposters to basically cause a financial revolution all while probably high absolute madman

19 min later 26985271 Anonymous
Yeah he's based and /biz/ can't see past >but reddit likes him!

21 min later 26985434 Anonymous
Elon please stop this man, there's probably countless subreddits you can go to if you need your ego stroked ok?

25 min later 26985788 Anonymous (6FF02D2A-CCA9-48F8-A2DB-E77AE627E8D9.jpg 860x855 115kB)
Yeah I’m thinking he’s based If TSLA buys btc were going to $50k overnight

30 min later 26986241 Anonymous
and I bet he uses ARPA for the privacy transactions too. the dude knows his shit

31 min later 26986347 Anonymous
>>26983813 I always thought he just trolled crypto but #bitcoin as his only twitter profile, yeah im thinking we're gonna make it

32 min later 26986412 Anonymous
>>26983813 Mars colony here I come

33 min later 26986557 Anonymous
>>26985271 Even /pol/ likes the guy. Even many lefties like him aswell. The only people that don't like him are social justice retards "hurr durr, don't explore space, give your money to starving nigs in africa instead" "focusing on space is stupid as long as we have problems here on earth" "spacex is just a billionares ego pet project and doesn't help humanity in the slightest"

36 min later 26986757 Anonymous (1609933463489.jpg 3024x4032 1346kB)
just because the worlds richest man is "hip" and "with it" doesn't mean he's your friend

38 min later 26986966 Anonymous (1611590232274.jpg 250x250 12kB)
>>26983813 He is personification of based

39 min later 26986996 Anonymous
>>26983813 Definitely not while high, retard doesnt even know how to inhale. I might not be as rich as him but at least I know how to inhale smoke.

40 min later 26987114 Anonymous
>>26983813 He just pumped BTC to fuck with hedgie shorts. I swear to god we are going to see these kikes jumping out of windows this week.

43 min later 26987388 Anonymous
>>26986757 Yes but it's fun to watch his antics He's basically what a lot of anons here dreamt of doing when they were kids

44 min later 26987473 Anonymous
>>26986996 Dude might be MADE of marijuana, probably doesn't need to inhale

45 min later 26987524 Anonymous
He is just a literal silver spoon fed autist that got too much power i wouldn't be surprised if he posts on b

45 min later 26987531 Anonymous
Elons of the same cloth as hedge fund babies. Dude inherited most his startup money nd fortune from his families mining business. If it all is a scheme. Hes in on it.

45 min later 26987551 Anonymous
>>26983813 >>26985271 He is literally the superman Neechee talked about. We should unironically make him king of the Western world and I am not joking at all.

46 min later 26987579 Anonymous
>>26983813 absolute madman. one of his kind

46 min later 26987589 Anonymous
>>26983813 Given how autistic he behaves even when he tries not to, giving presentations n stuff, I'm pretty sure he isn't a skilled actor enough to keep his facade in several hour long podcasts, so chances are high he is a genuine autist and not just some conman.

46 min later 26987625 Anonymous
>>26985271 reddit hates elong apart from the wallstreet sub

46 min later 26987630 Anonymous
>>26983813 Elon will build a white ethnostate on Mars

47 min later 26987686 Anonymous
>>26983813 He was born into wealth idiot.

48 min later 26987785 Anonymous
>>26986996 >Not fillingg your lungs with cancerous smoke >Everyone still thinks he's a cool 420 guy because they always see that one pic when he had a joint in his hand on the Joe Rogan show. How is this not based?

49 min later 26987840 Anonymous
>>26987551 >he thinks the overman would be some faggot businessman copying old reddit memes

49 min later 26987891 Anonymous
>>26983813 Stop worshipping billionaire strangers you complete fucking moron. Elon would kinfe you and leave you in an alley without a second thought if there was a nickel to be made.

49 min later 26987897 Anonymous
>>26986557 They also hate him because he isnt weak and simpy.

53 min later 26988251 Anonymous
>>26987840 >some faggot businessman The 'richest' man in the world who actually produces good shit with his big iq and wants to take humanity in the right direction while making wall street hedgies seethe. In traditional times people actually would worship a king because he was seen as the intermediary between the people and the gods. He should be king.

56 min later 26988409 Anonymous
>>26987785 >The Joe Rogan Show

56 min later 26988422 Anonymous
>>26988251 >>26987551 >reddit tourists

56 min later 26988447 Anonymous
>>26987531 He's only pumping crypto to keep the dollars off gme

57 min later 26988505 Anonymous (chad-elon.png 960x334 226kB)
Absolute gigachad dick. I doubted Elon before, never again.

57 min later 26988514 Anonymous
>>26988251 the overman will revaluate all values musk isn't revaluating shit, he's just following old sci fi fantasies from the 1950's

59 min later 26988678 Anonymous
>>26988514 which scifi fantasy included trolling the 1%

59 min later 26988685 Anonymous
>>26985788 2.5 years ago natsoc, now free marketeer. Elon Musk is the greatest opportunist of all time.

59 min later 26988701 Anonymous
nietzsche created nihilism. nietzsche said christianity was nihilism, but he created the nihilism of the secular humanist bourgeois that the middle class crave today. nietzsche says that facts are irrelevant and created the moronic meme of creating one's values. this is how braindead he was and why the bourgeois took over. When you combine this with humanism, you get the mixture of capitalism with bourgeois humanism, bourgeois republic where the middle class feels righteous for just creating their won values through the goods they purchase. THe field of activities in the bourgeois republic, ie Purchasing goods and making capitalism thrive while shitting on capitalism during their arm chair philosophy time is the best basis of society that the bourgeois could have built for the middle class to feel smart and righteous while embracing an ideology which will always shit on them. This is why the middle class likes nietzsche

1 hours later 26988724 Anonymous
>the masses finally begin the feast of Wall St >Melvin is going down for the count >who delivers the killshot with a single worded tweet >the man whose company Melvin shorted >the richest man in the world, Elon Musk You never hear the shot that takes you down

1 hours later 26988742 Anonymous (1476661488247.jpg 613x568 37kB)
>>26987388 >Yes but it's fun to watch his antics Unfortunately retards stopped watching and decided to worship and try and mimic what Elon does despite how many times he's shown just how much of a silver spoon autist he truly is. There's something really fucking weird with how many people justifiably hate wallstreet and wanna see it dead, but also turn around and roll out the red carpet for the richest man in the fucking world like he's just an average joe because he posted funny jokes on twitter and pretended to smoke pot on a podcast.

1 hours later 26988840 Anonymous
>>26988505 chad...

1 hours later 26988915 Anonymous
>>26988701 secular humanism is not nietzschan and existed before nietzsche was even born

1 hours later 26988933 Anonymous
>>26988724 Revenge is a powerful thing

1 hours later 26988998 Anonymous
>>26986757 He isn't driving out small businesses. He isn't interfering in politics. He isn't pushing progressive propaganda. He isn't fellating israel. He's making fast cars that can play video games and space rockets and toy flame throwers while smoking weed and jacking it to cat girls. Even if he isn't my friend, I cannot hate a man who is literally me but with a net worth in the billions.

1 hours later 26989077 Anonymous
>>26983813 isn’t this guy a climate retard? why is he shilling BTC? I like that BTC is run by bloody, sweaty, dirty Chinese coal but Elon is a green faggot

1 hours later 26989100 Anonymous
>>26983813 He's not shitposting, he's buying an asset, manipulating the market to make it go up, selling an asset. That's not crazy that's what everyone wishes they had power to do. Free money for him

1 hours later 26989148 Anonymous
>>26989077 sell everyone a tesla solar panel to mine btc, double profit

1 hours later 26989180 Anonymous (download.png 253x199 5kB)
>>26989077 >why is this electric guy shilling a coin produced by electricity >Isn't he supposed to be against electricity??? Big brain

1 hours later 26989228 Anonymous
>>26988998 >He's making fast cars that can play video games and space rockets and toy flame throwers while smoking weed and jacking it to cat girls. Like I said He's literally like if a kid suddenly grew up, had billions of dollars, but still had the ambitions and whims of a kid and it's amazing

1 hours later 26989290 Anonymous
>>26988998 swallowing his marketing like a good lil boy

1 hours later 26989338 Anonymous
>>26988998 >>26988998 Fucking this 100x. I'm a trap-dick sucking, commie shitfag and even this has firmly converted me to the cult of Elon. I've been on and off the rocket multiple times throughout this jump, but all my doubts are gone. The dude is doing it for the lulz, and that's what all this was about when we started. Fuck the pepes, shitcoins, braps, stormfront, or whatever the fuck culture war we're being tricked into pushing for the elites. This dude is an OG.

1 hours later 26989342 Anonymous
>>26989148 but making solar panels releases a lot of carbon dioxide, they’re literally made from coal making solar panels only for the reason of mining btc would vastly increase our carbon emissions

1 hours later 26989359 Anonymous
>>26988998 what the fuck does Israel have to do with anything Tesla operates in Israel btw

1 hours later 26989438 Anonymous
>>26988514 He dabs on wall street, the media and basically everyone else responsible for the degeneration of our societies.

1 hours later 26989439 Anonymous
>>26983813 I don't care much about his shitposting. But I really want to see a man on mars in my lifetime. Also, i'll be there for Starlink's IPO.

1 hours later 26989501 Anonymous
>>26989180 electricity has to be generated solar panels release a lot of co2 when they are made in fact here in Northern Europe the co2 released in production is greater than if you just burned natural gas for the same amount of energy

1 hours later 26989507 Anonymous
>>26983813 Most certainly based. Literally the only billionaire I like.

1 hours later 26989543 Anonymous
>>26989342 oh no, 99% of normies don't know that, what you think is gonna happen nigger?

1 hours later 26989577 Anonymous (1603299227105.gif 292x292 1505kB)
>>26989359 >what the fuck does Israel have to do with anything

1 hours later 26989626 Anonymous
>>26983813 dont forget he named the jews like a fucking man

1 hours later 26989627 Anonymous
>>26983813 If you think Elon is a legit "selfmade" billionaire, you're an idiot. Same for Zuckerberg and Besos and the rest of them.

1 hours later 26989693 Anonymous
>>26989438 he isn't dabbing on shit the communists weren't overmen and they literally executed the kind of people elon """"""""dabs""""""" on

1 hours later 26989760 Anonymous
>married to a smelly hairy wh*te 4/10 SJW cringe

1 hours later 26989837 Anonymous (1337267969855.png 272x266 110kB)
>>26988998 What you're really saying is Elon is smart enough to actually hide the shit he does that you wouldn't like. But really you're just fucking stupid because he's been on record with Israel's dick in his fucking throat

1 hours later 26989958 Anonymous
>>26989501 Yeah. I'm not a huge believer in his solar city idea either. Although I think if you take into account the whole manufacturing + erection + production processes for a PV solar plant Vs combined cycle gas plant, the CO2/MWh would be lower for solar. Solar gets higher when you add up energy sotrage (bc of intermittency).

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