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2021-01-29 01:25 26916765 Anonymous (04eu2fbdaFVF6DVY3R86oCj-3..1611770779.jpg 1280x720 354kB)
>/r/wallstreetbets gets national media coverage and the immediate attention of the federal government for absolutely BTFOing hedge fund managers and career traders >/biz/ is just as irrelevant in the public eye as ever What can we do to influence the larger conversation on trading? Why does reddit always get all the press coverage?

0 min later 26916861 Anonymous
Since when did 4chan enjoy attention? The worst things to happen to us are shit that guy us on the news and more normalfags browsing

1 min later 26916944 Anonymous
>>26916765 Who cares? I'm more than happy to swing trade crypto and get gains without anyone noticing me.

1 min later 26917015 Anonymous
>Wanting masses of retards here instead of being small full of gatekeeping pricks

1 min later 26917034 Anonymous
>>26916765 gamergate ruined 4chan

2 min later 26917084 Anonymous
>>26916765 Project Chanology permanently ruined this website. Exposure is precisely what 4chan doesn't need.

2 min later 26917089 Anonymous
>>26916765 How about you light yourself on fire and run around screaming "hey look at me im a big fat faggot" if you want so much attention. Are you a 13 year old girl?

3 min later 26917202 Anonymous
>>26916765 >attention Anon why?

3 min later 26917281 Anonymous
do go to reddit if you want attention, please

5 min later 26917500 Anonymous (civil_war_compass.png 3700x3100 4105kB)
>>26916765 Rule#1: You. don't. talk. about. /biz. Ever. This isn't fucking rocket science.

5 min later 26917593 Anonymous
>>26916765 fucking faggot consider this a downvote

6 min later 26917685 Anonymous (1611877836177.png 1024x771 208kB)
>>26916765 Is it really worth it to mess with these guys? I say we just give this up.

8 min later 26917944 Anonymous
Good. Why would you want normalfag stacies coming here?

9 min later 26918091 Anonymous
>>26916765 That is the opposite of what we want are you retarded? Its good that leddit is getting all the press.

9 min later 26918183 Anonymous
>>26916765 good. let them catch all the shit.

10 min later 26918243 Anonymous
>>26916765 Why do you want attention? Are you a bitch or something?

10 min later 26918312 Anonymous
>>26917084 >Exposure is precisely what 4chan doesn't need. /thread

11 min later 26918438 Anonymous
>>26916765 >/biz/ is just as irrelevant in the public eye as ever And that's a good thing. We have actually been hoarding GME since November, if you would bother to visit /smg/ you would know. We are the Jew behind the curtain. When the SEC comes asking, plebbit will take the fall. And guess where the disgruntled plebbitors will look new investment opportunities? In a market that isn't controlled by the Wall Street Jew. Namely crypto/DeFi. And we've been hoarding since 2018. The cherry on the top is the exposure to the PM market manipulation, so /pmg/ might get some action too.

11 min later 26918479 Anonymous
Dude, this forum is a hidden gem , it is the true /b/lackup for us internet peoples. The shit post keeps away the normies. We need this forum to keep anonymous so we can be anonymous so that anonymous can be anonymous. This is the dark knight in the shadows and needs to stay in the shadows.

13 min later 26918711 Anonymous (1585155225013.png 1003x677 1065kB)
>>26916765 the antisemitism keeps the redditfags at bay

13 min later 26918722 Anonymous
>>26916765 They don't want normies coming here and finding out the truth This is the only major media site that isn't completely fabricated by propaganda, and even when They do show up, everyone can smell them

16 min later 26919219 Anonymous
>>26917944 Sounds awful

18 min later 26919543 Anonymous
>>26916765 Thank god I don’t want anymore normie Reddit fags

18 min later 26919580 Anonymous
I'm just happy all these reddit normies are mindlessly throwing their money at crypto now

19 min later 26919691 Anonymous
>>26916765 Better this way.

20 min later 26919848 Anonymous (original_279667335.jpg 1080x2400 164kB)
CLF is the fucking king

21 min later 26919951 Anonymous (1561282606034.jpg 768x1024 202kB)
>>26916765 >What can we do to influence the larger conversation on trading? Let's keep entertaining the Pajeets when their village comes up with a new shitcoin every time.

23 min later 26920325 Anonymous
Only /pol/ has been close to relevant for ages.

28 min later 26921061 Anonymous
>>26916765 >Why does reddit always get all the press coverage? Because /biz/ lets them have it. We do not want it.

30 min later 26921227 Anonymous
>>26916765 >we go back and stay back you double faggot

30 min later 26921244 Anonymous
>>26916765 That's a good thing, faggot.

31 min later 26921381 Anonymous
>>26916765 Good. They merely adopted autism. We were born into it.

31 min later 26921434 Anonymous
>>26921381 based.

31 min later 26921500 Anonymous
>>26916765 BIZ actually started this, not reddit. Redditors are making us rich and crashing hedgies. Literally win win for us. https://warosu.org/biz/thread/22307 975#p22307975 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/17635 013#p17637169

32 min later 26921634 Anonymous
>>26916765 ok i know late-to-the-party, but im fuckin down can some fools help me link paypal to fidelity?

35 min later 26921959 Anonymous (kingu.jpg 760x428 37kB)
>>26916765 look, op, here is the deal. i go to wsb, i actually get to read relevant shit about the stockmarket and enjoy idiots burning their inheritance i come here? scamcoin, scamcoin, chainscam, scamcoin, smg, scamcoin,scamcoin,... thats why /biz/ is irrelevant, maybe if the board purged scamcrypto, people might take it seriously

35 min later 26921979 Anonymous
Why would you want attention, I prefer getting gems in the sand and only 18 other posters. Edit: thanks for the gold

35 min later 26922044 Anonymous
we don't want attention

36 min later 26922150 Anonymous
biz found gamestop first and we dont want the fuckin attention fuck you melvin.

37 min later 26922360 Anonymous
you dont want the attention

37 min later 26922370 Anonymous
>>26917084 >>26917084 wtf bros the 2004 elections ruined 4chan forever. it was better when it had 300 people

38 min later 26922432 Anonymous
>>26916765 Are you retarded? Do you see how shit /biz/ has become already? You want more normies to flood in here and fucking spam rubic threads? Shut the fuck up and appreciate how things are before this board truly dies. I've been here since 2017 and I'm coming back less and less. Once LINK takes off, it's fucking over.

38 min later 26922436 Anonymous
>>26916765 >/biz/ is just as irrelevant in the public eye as ever that's a good thing you FUCKING FAGGOT KYS

38 min later 26922468 Anonymous (32E38684-2544-4258-A663-E4176A46880F.jpg 2500x2500 2143kB)
>>26916765 Because if they cover us they can’t hide all the redpoll jew memes. Like this one.

39 min later 26922577 Anonymous
>>26916765 why would you want that?

41 min later 26922859 Anonymous
4chan has had great achievements in the pst, but now we’re gonna have to catch up to Reddit big time after this

42 min later 26923040 Anonymous (1611572572685.gif 675x380 1410kB)
>>26916765 4chan is the board where people come to talk to other shut-ins like themselves, or to talk about stuff they couldn't in a normie social media, or talk in a way they would be shunned anywhere else. If you want recognition, pier acknowledgement, or credit for saying something smart or meme-y, if you want to be "noted", there are a million other places in normie-net you can go. fuck off

42 min later 26923075 Anonymous (just go.jpg 396x382 41kB)
>>26916765 We don't want attention, now go back.

42 min later 26923103 Anonymous
4chan > Reddit r/wallstreetbets > /biz/ Sorry

43 min later 26923228 Anonymous
>>26922859 I mean we made Trump president, could we make a dumber idiot president next?

44 min later 26923361 Anonymous
>>26917015 we need to disseminate redpills to the masses and what better way to do that

44 min later 26923442 Anonymous (0_9ac68_daaedbe6_orig_full.jpg 965x644 474kB)
>>26918479 I honestly haven't seen someone say /b/lackup since Habbo raids in 2006. Glad to see another true oldfag.

45 min later 26923474 Anonymous
>>26916765 We probably own 3-4% of the crypto in circulation. Why would we want media attention?

45 min later 26923488 Anonymous
>>26916765 I love watching the chaos from the shadows. I don’t want the attention. I just relish in the fact that I’m in on the chaos.

45 min later 26923540 Anonymous (yes this a twitter screencap.jpg 768x768 154kB)
>>26916765 I'm still having trouble with prospect of fucking REDDIT, managing to accomplish this. I mean, look at this shit.

45 min later 26923547 Anonymous (1594842446386.jpg 489x499 25kB)
>>26916765 >/biz/ is just as irrelevant in the public eye as ever As if this is a bad thing you retard. this means we can lay under the radar and be the first ones to catch new trends. I bought LINK, XMR, Rubic, DOGE, because of /biz/ before anyone else, and look at the charts today.

45 min later 26923629 Anonymous
>>26916765 the best thing we can do is lay low. (((They))) will come for wsb, it has gathered too much attention. When they destroy it, this place will be the last bastion in the fight against the great evil.

46 min later 26923680 Anonymous
>>26916765 wallstreet bets calls itself "4chan with a bloomberg terminal" right in the description they are coming also isn't that literally /biz/?

46 min later 26923697 Anonymous

47 min later 26923833 Anonymous (1409123371365.jpg 250x250 44kB)
>>26923629 fucking delusional

50 min later 26924255 Anonymous
>>26918711 Until they slowly become antisemitic themselves

50 min later 26924341 Anonymous
>>26916765 Get multiple millionaires to bet their life savings and influencers to promote your cause everywhere, something that won't happen organically on 4chan or reddit and only took place because someone coordinated an international financial attack on the US, hence the SEC immediately siding with the clearly crooked market controllers against the probably foreign agitators on Reddit. Mobs will never beat organizations. It takes organizations to beat organizations.

51 min later 26924381 Anonymous
>>26923680 Elon said that. Unfortunately.

51 min later 26924470 Anonymous
>>26923540 literal clown times we're living in I've never bought into the "imminent collapse" that so many /pol/ack schizos have been predicting all these years, but now suddenly it feels ever so slightly more realistic.

52 min later 26924494 Anonymous
are the meme traders actually moving enough volume to corner the market and force the hedge funds to buy from them? if the hedge funds are forced to buy the meme traders' shares, will they actually be able to buy very many of them before going bankrupt? i find it plausible that lots of people are going to end up holding a big bag of shit.

53 min later 26924677 Anonymous
>>26916765 NICE TRY JEW

53 min later 26924746 Anonymous
>>26923361 This isn't /pol/ you gay bitch, go post your jew pictures on twitter and get banned on your own time, I'm to busy buying new cupboards to put my gains in to care about that shit.

54 min later 26924814 Anonymous
>>26916765 We want neither attention nor deal with the aftermath If WSB gets Shoad (And it will be), the next in the line is /biz/, but if we stay out of the public eyes, we might survive the jew's revenge

55 min later 26925008 Anonymous
Please no, I'm excited for this shit to fuck off so we can get back to the stuff. Linkies

58 min later 26925419 Anonymous
>>26916765 One posts detailed due diligence and one shills literal memecoins. Who the fuck do you think is going to make headlines?

1 hours later 26925618 Anonymous (1544642436763.jpg 720x398 179kB)
>>26924814 Except, this time there won't be any revenge. They are done. Wall street as we knew it is no more already. New rules on shorting. New rules on credits. It is all in the making now already. Good. Other than that, yes nobody here wants attention from the media.

1 hours later 26927411 Anonymous (1611802267351.jpg 998x1150 249kB)
>s i l e n t >p r o f e s s i o n a l s

1 hours later 26928575 Anonymous (based department.png 351x512 89kB)
>>26917089 *dab* based *dab* redpilled

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