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2021-01-28 05:19 26841702 Anonymous (wowgreat.jpg 306x306 20kB)
Anyone else miss when /biz/ was a crypto board?

1 min later 26841983 Anonymous
>>26841702 No, this is the most entertaining this board has been in a long time.

1 min later 26842035 Anonymous
>>26841702 Yes, fren. Buy ALBT on today’s news

2 min later 26842199 Anonymous
>>26841983 fpbp

2 min later 26842202 Anonymous
>>26841702 It'll be back to crypto soon

2 min later 26842266 Anonymous
>>26841702 GME meme is dead /biz/ will go back to being a scamcoin board in about 15-20 min.

3 min later 26842371 Anonymous
There's a biz refugee thread on >>>/i/

3 min later 26842435 Anonymous
>>26841702 not at all fuck crypto

3 min later 26842532 Anonymous
>>26841702 It will go back to being a crypto board when the kikes completely disallow the goyim cattle from buying stocks at all, which they're about to

5 min later 26842800 Anonymous (1609691378822.jpg 1200x852 967kB)
>>26841702 yea im fiendin i got withdrawals

5 min later 26842870 Anonymous (1596459551490.jpg 1080x950 57kB)
>>26842435 > F free money I love my normie tax. Ngmi

6 min later 26843014 Anonymous
>>26841702 I don't. The pajeets are all gone now thanks to reddit faggots invading. That's a sacrifice I'm willing to make

6 min later 26843016 Anonymous
>>26841702 yeah what the hell? It's a buncha bullshit. I'd like to go back to talking about hot new cryptos like LINK coin. Is that what we're all buying bros?

7 min later 26843297 Anonymous
>>26841702 It's already winding down. Take another look at the catalog.

7 min later 26843396 Anonymous
>>26841983 it's frustrating everywhere I look I see a fucking idiot "how do I x" "should I y"

8 min later 26843499 Anonymous
Give it just few more days and we keep on track with crypto stuff.

8 min later 26843564 Anonymous
>48 threads hidden

8 min later 26843615 Anonymous
>>26841702 Yeah, what are all the Robinhood losers doing over here?

9 min later 26843644 Anonymous (1363053669511.jpg 1284x1057 109kB)
Don't worry, we're going back to crypto. >he actually believed you could beat the Jews at their own game

9 min later 26843802 Anonymous
>>26841702 It'll be back next week when the squeeze is over & plebbit goes back home

10 min later 26843914 Anonymous
>>26841702 >Anybody else miss when nobody made any fucking money and people just endlessly shilled their shit No

10 min later 26843931 Anonymous
>>26843396 Then teach them, you have this chance to redpill them

10 min later 26843948 Anonymous
give me the best shotcoin and i'll fuck off back to /v/agina games

11 min later 26844096 Anonymous
I never gave a shit about cryptoshit but I miss comfy /smg/ from just a week ago and before

12 min later 26844377 Anonymous
>>26841983 Fpbp, this shit is funny and ill take it over retards shilling shitcoins 24/7 and I say that as someone exclusively trades crypto

12 min later 26844428 Anonymous (file.png 180x180 4kB)
All this stock market fuckery has really highlighted the importance of making sure you can remain in control of your crypto. So, where do you keep your crypto and what's the best way to do that.

13 min later 26844710 Anonymous
>>26844428 paper wallets for cold storage long term holding, paper hot wallets for transferring, hardware wallets for dex trading, on exchanges only when cashing out or short-term trading.

13 min later 26844734 Anonymous
>link boomers Kek

13 min later 26844737 Anonymous (1594094079762.png 833x1071 1590kB)
>>26843948 Sir please do the needful and buy the ,PNK " token,!

14 min later 26844961 Anonymous
>>26843931 they can learn through experience if they make it, good if they fail, too bad no hand outs here it isn't biz style

16 min later 26845258 Kotonohas' Husbando
FUCK NO THIS has been the most fun I've ever had on this board.

17 min later 26845518 Anonymous
>>26841702 No, crypto is shit and seeing the catalog filled with shills for stupid coins is boring.

18 min later 26845854 Anonymous
>>26841702 Don't worry pajeets will back to scamming you in no time. Who doesn't want to earn gains no matter what? Stock, crypto, go damn bullets. who cares only gains matter.

19 min later 26846005 Anonymous
>>26841702 no pajeet shitcoins fkn suck

19 min later 26846169 Anonymous
I'm doing my part by killing stock threads

20 min later 26846280 Anonymous
>>26844428 metamask and coldstorage

20 min later 26846391 Anonymous
>>26843297 I have 72 stock threads filtered but there are still so many more

21 min later 26846607 Anonymous
>>26841702 make crypto board, biz is biz

22 min later 26846787 Anonymous
>>26841983 fpbp

23 min later 26846878 Anonymous
>>26841983 This. I only visited occasionally prior to GME and every time the catalogue looks like an Alcohol Anonymous meeting but in imageboard form and for crypto currency.

23 min later 26846949 Anonymous

24 min later 26847133 Anonymous (1583724877563.jpg 232x218 7kB)
I feel like I have no frens anymore. Everybody now like: > Stock! 2X is so much!

24 min later 26847142 Anonymous
>>26841702 Yes. We didn't realise how good we had it. Is the current state entertaining? Yes. Does it feel like normans have invaded? YES meh

24 min later 26847287 Anonymous
>>26841702 Unironically yes. God fucking damn it

26 min later 26847802 Anonymous
>>26841702 It will return to be a crypto board. All these stock plebbitors have just been caused. Literally not allowed to buy the stock they want to buy. Crypto is their only salvation.

27 min later 26847972 Anonymous
Speaking of which.i could use a advice. I'm still pretty new and i can't seem to find a reasonable answer for this. Let's say you've bought 1 eth at 950 with USD, and it climbs up to 1150 and you want so sell. What is the best way to go? Do you sell it in USD or do you trade it to another crypto like btc?

27 min later 26848053 Anonymous
>>26841702 Once reddit leaves it will go back to normal, or they'll stick around and ruin it like the niggers they are.

29 min later 26848264 Anonymous (BASEdcoin.png 696x684 139kB)

29 min later 26848398 Anonymous
>>26847142 Oh yeah, we should definitely go back to having XVG and DragonCoin threads.

31 min later 26848780 Anonymous
>>26847972 depends what you want to do with it. If you need the USD you can do that but you have to go through a centralized exchange. If you just want to hold for a bit and maybe go into a different crypto or wait for a dip you can convert to USDC which is a stable coin pegged to the dollar.

35 min later 26849565 Anonymous
>>26848780 I'm just struggling to find a good way in order to avoid fees. As I said I'm pretty new but it's a fee to deposit, trade, withdraw and stuff. I'm just wondering if you just need more money in order to compensate the fees. Until now i just throw 50's in from time to time, not just eth but a few ones actually

36 min later 26849707 Anonymous
>>26848053 Redditors are welcome. They are better than Pajeets.

36 min later 26849727 Anonymous
>>26841702 No faggot

37 min later 26849875 Anonymous
>>26841702 no fuck all those rbc shills i rather have these gme/stock market threads cause its funny watching the jews sweat.

38 min later 26850029 Anonymous
>>26849707 They need to go back to their pro-censorship gay board.

39 min later 26850373 Anonymous (ballin.gif 213x155 271kB)
i miss when crypto was only on /g/

40 min later 26850423 Anonymous
>>26849565 Voyager has no purchasing fees but it does have withdrawal/transfer fees I think. You can use in any state other than NY. Probably the best your gunna get, fees suck, but something you have to live with for now.

40 min later 26850535 Anonymous
>>26841702 honestly fuck you crypto faggots

41 min later 26850593 Anonymous
>>26841702 >>26849433

41 min later 26850749 Anonymous
>>26841702 Absolutely not.

43 min later 26851110 Anonymous
>>26850535 based

43 min later 26851113 Anonymous (DSC05039h.jpg 1944x1458 885kB)
>>26842371 i miss when /i/ stood for insurgency.

44 min later 26851209 Anonymous
/biz/ is still a crypto board. We're just not in the news yet.

44 min later 26851370 Anonymous
>>26850423 It's true. And thanks fren, that'll sure help

46 min later 26851639 Anonymous
>>26851370 Use my referral code if you sign up for it :) XI5NPP

47 min later 26851977 Anonymous
>>26841702 Youre really DUMB if you think this is not bullish for crypto you annoying cunt

50 min later 26852688 Anonymous (pepe-banana-phone-closeup-thumbnail.png 200x159 25kB)
Lets go back to dropshipping and ebay stores

52 min later 26853004 Anonymous
>>26841702 yes sir, this is not needful at all

53 min later 26853278 Anonymous (1424148484663.png 600x600 264kB)
I just bought $500 of LINK yesterday evening. My first actual crypto buy. Feels good man.

54 min later 26853498 Anonymous
>>26849707 gtfo negro

55 min later 26853676 Anonymous
>>26841702 No. 2017 /biz/ was unbearable.

57 min later 26853951 Anonymous
>>26841702 every thread turning into crypto shilling was pretty annoying

58 min later 26854195 Anonymous
>>26853004 Yes it is you jew faggot you're just angry you most millions shekelburg

59 min later 26854264 Anonymous (1601396800093.jpg 584x292 29kB)
>>26853278 Congrats on being a future billionaire

59 min later 26854360 Anonymous
>>26841702 WTF is crypto?

1 hours later 26854631 Anonymous
>>26853676 I made 3180% gains because 2017 biz was so good

1 hours later 26854719 Anonymous
lets say i have 60€ per week i can throw on crypto what do i buy for a long term hodl? (thinking 3-5 years) my plan so far is 30€ in BTC, 20€ in ETH, 5€ in LINK, 5€ in GRT

1 hours later 26854874 Anonymous (I feel it.gif 209x180 1235kB)
>>26854264 Thanks, friendo. I plan to put more in each month while it's cheap. I like the sound of the tech and I'm not missing this train.

1 hours later 26855103 Anonymous
>>26841702 No, crypto is gay af and stupid. Been on this board since day one before crypto kiddies got here.

1 hours later 26855371 Anonymous
>>26852688 A real OG here

1 hours later 26855390 Anonymous
>>26854719 go PRQ instead of GRT

1 hours later 26855417 Anonymous (1611775493260.jpg 866x1280 109kB)
>>26841702 FUCK CRYPTO !

1 hours later 26855492 Anonymous
No, 99% of threads was just shilling of worthless shitcoins

1 hours later 26855610 Anonymous
>>26841702 Its basically the same >pump this shit coin >dumps

1 hours later 26855994 Anonymous
>>26841983 fpbp

1 hours later 26856318 Anonymous (Negreta.jpg 553x569 225kB)

1 hours later 26856583 Anonymous
>>26841983 /thread

1 hours later 26857359 Anonymous
>>26855492 this

1 hours later 26857442 Anonymous (117171-6-youre-awesome-puppy-dating-advice-help-me-find-love.jpg 554x426 41kB)

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