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2021-01-28 03:35 26820913 Anonymous OH NO NO NO NO (20210128_093455.jpg 1027x756 108kB)

2 min later 26821340 Anonymous
>>26820913 >only

2 min later 26821378 Anonymous
>>26820913 based

3 min later 26821677 Anonymous
>>26820913 Holy shit lmao

4 min later 26821910 Anonymous
>>26820913 Based and cryptopilled

5 min later 26822028 Anonymous

6 min later 26822389 Anonymous
>>26820913 Who wants to make a WSB chairmain coin to use as an alternative

7 min later 26822471 Anonymous (file.png 527x582 43kB)
>>26820913 last chance to get in DOGE before the real flippening /ourcoin/

8 min later 26822659 Anonymous
>>26820913 WSB join eth 100%

9 min later 26822934 Anonymous
you are following a literal who that put wsb in their name to get follows from NPCs think about that for a second

10 min later 26823133 Anonymous
>>26822471 i bought 5 bucks of doge

11 min later 26823333 Anonymous

11 min later 26823336 Anonymous
>>26822934 he got more followers than the guys from reddit, so he's doing something right

12 min later 26823435 Anonymous
>>26820913 BVLLISH af for bitcorn!

12 min later 26823459 Anonymous
We crypto-bros await you with open arms Reddit.

12 min later 26823526 Anonymous
>>26820913 God I'm actually starting to like reddit. Their lack of social animosity/retardation gives them so much more reach

14 min later 26823790 Anonymous
>oh look guys they're going to buy into crypto aaaaaaand they bought Doge kek

14 min later 26823842 Anonymous
>>26820913 so all of this populist 'fuck the bankers' energy in the market is moving to crypto within a month right

14 min later 26823856 Anonymous (1609388733482.jpg 720x499 44kB)
>>26823526 They are simply prisoners waiting to be freed. They are our brothers in arms.

14 min later 26823910 Anonymous
I just pulled all my money out of crypto and put it in GME How retarded am i?

15 min later 26824021 Anonymous
>>26820913 Hmm who could they be talking about?

15 min later 26824049 Anonymous
>>26820913 I wish these fags would shut up. I'm trying to accumulate

15 min later 26824086 Anonymous (1606127264815.jpg 640x480 74kB)
>>26823910 You are increasingly based by the second anon

16 min later 26824228 Anonymous
>>26823910 You're really fucking stupid to be honest. wish you luck

16 min later 26824257 Anonymous
>>26823910 Not very, guarenteed gains if the jews don't figure out a way to shut it down. You can put all your gains back in crypto when you're done, but market is up.

16 min later 26824264 Anonymous
>>26823333 Checked

16 min later 26824274 Anonymous
>>26820913 This all sounds like a giant /biz/ scheme

16 min later 26824307 Anonymous
>>26823856 Extremely retarded

16 min later 26824360 Anonymous
>>26820913 >>26820264 POSSIBLE SAUCE https://www.yellowpages.com/menlo-p ark-ca/mip/robinhood-546783436 https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/menlo-par k/profile/financial-services/robinh ood-1116-881958 https://www.sec.gov/contact-informa tion/sec-directory

17 min later 26824441 Anonymous
>>26823910 Holy shit man

17 min later 26824448 Anonymous (123951.gif 165x98 122kB)
>>26823910 >sit back and watch as crypto pumps and GME dumps

17 min later 26824496 Anonymous
>>26823333 Based quads poster

17 min later 26824529 Anonymous
>>26820913 retard here, how does crypto fix anything? Can't they just convert dollers to crypto

18 min later 26824566 Anonymous
so it is really the chinks trying to push the digital rmb. BSN, Chainlink, bsc, CAKE

18 min later 26824612 Anonymous
>>26823910 Really dumb move but best of luck. >>26824257 >guarenteed gains if the jews don't figure out a way to shut it down Large is factual

18 min later 26824618 Anonymous
>>26820913 Satoshi's spirit is coming back but this time it won't be a guerilla game. This time, it's total war. Read Thucydides. Prepare. Adapt. Overcome.

18 min later 26824672 Anonymous
>>26823842 yep its kicking off the next leg of the GBR

18 min later 26824723 Anonymous
>>26820913 rubic

19 min later 26824932 Anonymous
>>26824274 delet this the goyim cannot know

19 min later 26824944 Anonymous
>>26820913 Orania was waaaay ahead of their time with the Ora. Nobody will ever be free while using the money of profiteers and crooks.

20 min later 26825008 Anonymous
>>26824672 this is what I'm thinking too, all of these have to be pissed at our financial system for this, and the alternative (defi) is already built out on eth.

20 min later 26825059 Anonymous (1611025519542.png 1150x3896 1827kB)
>>26820913 The market has already chosen the next currency

20 min later 26825167 Anonymous
>>26823133 You'll be a millionaire by the end of the year

26 min later 26826268 Anonymous
>>26825008 all that robinhood money has to go somewhere and crypto is perfectly ideologically aligned

27 min later 26826688 Anonymous
>>26823910 literally how, what can you still trade on?

28 min later 26826706 Anonymous (7273e855e5fab0d2664d420e39490c46.jpg 550x589 34kB)
My lil gamestock doin some

28 min later 26826857 Anonymous
>>26826268 so what coin are they going to go to so I can invest in it early?

29 min later 26826893 Anonymous

29 min later 26826895 Anonymous
>>26826688 Nice try Melvin

29 min later 26826953 Anonymous
>>26823910 Based retard.

30 min later 26827079 Anonymous
>>26826857 ETH 100%

30 min later 26827082 Anonymous (Clown world.png 1012x913 878kB)
>>26823333 Checked and perfectly in-tact passports of terrorists falling out of a burning tower pilled.

30 min later 26827094 Anonymous
>>26820913 Absurdly based

30 min later 26827148 Anonymous
>>26826857 dude they just gonna buy bitcoin fractions, aint no one gonna buy 1 of the millions of shitcoin pnd

30 min later 26827225 Anonymous
>>26823910 very retarded. you just lost 25% on taxes. then you'll lose another 25% on taxes.

30 min later 26827261 Anonymous
>>26822389 >let’s make another coin! Gay

31 min later 26827453 Anonymous (1611328469531.jpg 832x1080 79kB)
>>26820913 Get in on the DEX that everyone will be using within the year

32 min later 26827515 Anonymous
>>26823526 They’ll start doing something cucked eventually, you’ll see

32 min later 26827541 Anonymous
>>26827148 I wouldn’t be so certain of that. Look at doge. These people are buying meme stocks and will buy meme crypto.

32 min later 26827575 Anonymous
>>26827453 this

33 min later 26827697 Anonymous
>>26820913 A bunch of Jews shit collectively shit enough bricks to build the third temple.

33 min later 26827726 Anonymous
>>26820913 dogecoin is going straight up

33 min later 26827750 Anonymous
>>26825059 All of my monero was stolen :(

33 min later 26827779 Anonymous
>>26827225 I'm pretty sure I don't owe taxes to an illegitimate federal government elected in an Africa tier banana election Can any tax professionals confirm or deny?

34 min later 26827925 Anonymous
>>26826895 i just wanna buy more during the dip bro...

34 min later 26827996 Anonymous
>>26820913 This is extremely anti-Semitic. You know who else decided not to use their currency? Nazi Germany. That’s right! Literal Nazi’s had the same idea. Don’t be a supremacist Nazi. We are fighting for equality and we are coming out with inclusive capitalism very shortly. Nazi’s will not support welfare, diversity, women’s and LGBTQ’s rights. This is the slippery slope that will happen if you stop using our money.

35 min later 26828035 Anonymous
>>26824529 >dollers Bullish

35 min later 26828138 Anonymous
>>26822471 >don't miss out on buying high never change biz

35 min later 26828165 Anonymous
>they I don't get it

36 min later 26828208 Anonymous (374869570.jpg 225x225 4kB)
>>26822471 How do I buy in

36 min later 26828254 Anonymous (based.jpg 1024x958 460kB)
>>26820913 massive wave of people about to come to the only free market left in the world. crypto. hang on to your stacks, gentlemen, and exit all shorts, we're about to get fucking sent.

36 min later 26828279 Anonymous
>>26828138 uhm, it's +50% from the moment i wrote that post

36 min later 26828294 Anonymous
>>26823790 This. Wait until they find out what a fucking whale is and that there’s people who bought it for basically free and have been ready to dump for years. 128 BILLION circulating supply lmfao.

36 min later 26828307 Anonymous (863AC85F-9BCC-474C-B94A-AD2378CA6FC8.jpg 247x284 8kB)
>>26827453 Oy vey goyim, yes, buy my kaba, I mean cube coin

36 min later 26828338 Anonymous
>>26820913 Brace for fucking impact bitmaxis

37 min later 26828397 Anonymous
>>26827779 >waah it was his turn enjoy prison then?

38 min later 26828640 Anonymous
>>26824448 Este

38 min later 26828674 Anonymous
>>26827515 Yep this is going to turn into occupy wall street 2.0 with an even more degenerate social movement springing from it.

39 min later 26828739 Anonymous
>>26828208 Slow down gunsmoke. Open a cb account, but don't buy anything for a few days while you learn how this all works. Stay out of stuff you need to buy on uniswap for now. That's where the brown sharks swim.

39 min later 26828839 Anonymous
Imagine if hundreds of other bullshit ponzi shitheaps coins didn't exist. They're all going to zero and everyone knows it. But you can play with fire in the hope of making easy money. It's such a farce.

39 min later 26828862 Anonymous
>>26828397 Prisons run by an illegitimate government?

40 min later 26828946 Anonymous
>>26828397 Considering that they are starting to jail people for posting memes it won’t be much longer anyway. Might as well starve the beast since all of your dollars go towards your replacement and socializing the losses of the rich

40 min later 26828973 Anonymous
>>26828165 rich white men ofc

40 min later 26829003 Anonymous
>>26828208 Binance.

40 min later 26829047 Anonymous
>>26828739 He's gonna miss the boat He needs to dump all his money in NOW

41 min later 26829078 Anonymous
>>26820913 Thats not their Twitter.

41 min later 26829114 Anonymous
>>26820913 (((their)))

41 min later 26829224 Joseph Goldstein
Redditor here, who does op mean by "They"? Rich white men?

42 min later 26829260 Anonymous
>>26829047 OH YOU! :^)

42 min later 26829275 Anonymous
Why is this suddenly trying to be some reddit-tier social/class justice movement? I bought shares months ago because I thought it'd be a nice flip after console earnings. I'm trying to make money not this gay shit.

42 min later 26829380 Anonymous
>>26829078 youre right, its ours >>26824274 HAHAHHS

43 min later 26829440 Anonymous

43 min later 26829493 Anonymous
>>26828862 what does the Supreme Court say bruv why are you even using the currency of an illegitimate government? either way you're a fucking idiot and your bank account will be directly withdrawn from by the irs

43 min later 26829525 Anonymous
>>26827453 if you have to tell people to install metamask, youre a legitimate pnd bagholder

43 min later 26829572 Anonymous
>>26829275 If I can get reddit retards to dump their money in thinking its BLM or tranny shit before I exit I'm all for it

44 min later 26829622 Anonymous (1610203325726.jpg 1170x1309 259kB)

44 min later 26829691 Anonymous
>>26829275 some people are ideological Brainlets they only do anything if there's a "side" I blame marvel movies for making people this stupid

44 min later 26829730 Anonymous
>>26829275 It’s because their actions are becoming so brazen it’s redpilling a ton of people who would otherwise still be asleep

46 min later 26830012 Anonymous
>>26829493 The Supreme Court of an illegitimate government? Gee i don't know, the only authority I recognize as legitimate is the constitution before the occupation government was installed Now they do control men with guns, but that doesn't make them legitimate

47 min later 26830246 Anonymous
>>26823133 How does 5 billion sound?

47 min later 26830317 Anonymous
>>26827996 Shut up, kike.

48 min later 26830407 Anonymous
>>26830012 has the US government ever been legitimate?

50 min later 26830857 Anonymous
>>26830407 I recognized it as such until they so blatantly rigged the 2020 election The mask got ripped off by Trump you're right they might have been doing it for years, but now that they're antiwhite leftists it actually matters

50 min later 26830888 Anonymous (1512161697318.gif 320x213 616kB)

50 min later 26830898 Anonymous
>>26822471 Currently at 0.021 anon

52 min later 26831209 42 (BABDFBC9-1C9F-45C8-8052-5F8A1B0C0C6D.png 731x794 776kB)

53 min later 26831444 Anonymous
>>26828165 Small hats

54 min later 26831708 Anonymous
>>26820913 Please reddit pump my crypto and make me a millionaire

54 min later 26831716 Anonymous
>>26820913 Uh... YEAH DUH... the Bitcoin community has been spewing this for how long now? Welcome to the party, braah

55 min later 26831942 Anonymous
>>26824529 We can in theory exchange crypto with each other as a payment system for goods/services. The system cannot prevent this. It can only act as a gate keeper towards goods/services in the form of taxation. The system does not control the transfer of crypto, crypto is decentralized. There are no required custodians in crypto, you can hold your crypto in a digital wallet like you would hold dollars in your physical wallet. It's a decentralized system that can transfer value without the need for banks acting as the gatekeeper for your funds. Plus, if you get in early, and we manage to force the current system to adopt our system, or at least force them to coopt it, then YOU win big off their backs. The system doesn't own the crypto market place.. yet. Maybe I sound defeatist here but I imagine they'd find a way to ruin it.

57 min later 26832207 Anonymous
>>26831209 >Who'd thought I'd die fighting side by side with with a mentally ill faggot

57 min later 26832370 Anonymous

58 min later 26832510 Anonymous
>>26831209 Ride to ruin

59 min later 26832689 Anonymous
>>26831942 >taxation taxation and law

1 hours later 26832750 Anonymous (bitcoincu.jpg 681x911 94kB)
>>26820913 they will ban crypto to ensure you can only use their currency.

1 hours later 26832816 Anonymous
>>26823526 They’re little cuck bitches. They would like to see every white person dead if it meant that made a buck. Who does that remind you off

1 hours later 26832948 Anonymous
>>26820913 based. holy shit this is really the biggest transfer of wealth of our generation

1 hours later 26833294 Anonymous
>>26828208 Good luck losing money buying the ATH of a useless token

1 hours later 26833585 Anonymous
>>26832816 go back to pol faggot I'm up 9x on this reddit meme and at the same time we are fucking wall street in the ass with no lube we are here to make money you don't belong here and never will

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