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2021-01-26 12:33 26567788 Anonymous Is the rumor true?? (FTM_Coinbase.png 2048x1024 156kB)
Will FTM get listed on Coinbase?

3 min later 26567884 Anonymous
>>26567788 checked and based anon wgmi

5 min later 26567938 Anonymous
>>26567788 fSoon

7 min later 26568018 Anonymous
>>26567938 Do you have any breadcrumbs?

8 min later 26568036 Anonymous
Anyone see the update in their discord that someone posted about the Uniswap contract?

11 min later 26568130 Anonymous
>>26568036 No.. What does it say?

14 min later 26568208 Anonymous
>>26568130 a contract created today is called Uniswap 0x8f5d57163dc69471496fdffac4c8dcfa6 8488433 thats a breadcrumb as the other contract names that were created hours before a anouncement (fSilver,fLink,fGold and so on)

20 min later 26568356 Anonymous
>>26568208 What exactly do you think it means?

21 min later 26568385 Anonymous (1611453751453.png 1000x1000 608kB)
>>26567788 Coinbase listing in February/March, probably sooner if things go to plan. Snowball effect, price dip then moon. Accumulate as much as possible if you want to make it anons.

23 min later 26568466 Anonymous
>>26568356 no idea but i'm 50% FTM 50%btc

23 min later 26568469 Anonymous
>>26568208 I dont understand what you mean. fUNI is already deployed? https://twitter.com/FantomFDN/statu s/1317104491007758336

24 min later 26568502 Anonymous
>>26568469 Funi yes, Fantom's version of the exchange, but today someone created a contract called Uniswap

26 min later 26568548 Anonymous
>>26568502 Do you think that Uniswap will move to Fantom?? That will be fucking huge

27 min later 26568595 Anonymous
>>26568548 I'm no programmer, but I guess that can be done after FTM - ETH bridges are ready (Q1 2021) the floodgates will open

28 min later 26568622 Anonymous
>>26568595 Would they need the REN bridge finished for that?

40 min later 26568947 Anonymous
>>26568622 yes

41 min later 26568965 Anonymous (1611649670699.gif 319x281 1098kB)
>>26568385 fSoon

42 min later 26569001 Anonymous
>>26568947 Dope, ty for the info in this thread

55 min later 26569377 Anonymous
>>26568947 Why would they need that?

1 hours later 26569658 Anonymous
>>26569377 all eth enviroment must have a way to do its thing in another blockchain basically you will be able to operate eth contracts without paying eth feels, doing things in Fantom blockchain. Basically Anyswap already did this with opera and its awesome, works beautifully but its a small scale app still

1 hours later 26569819 Anonymous
>>26569658 Didn’t Fantom just announce that FTM can now be used to farm ANY on Anywap? Seems like the pieces could be falling into place

1 hours later 26570076 Anonymous
>>26569819 yes I'm farming ANY and the interface is awesome I can see the amout of farmed any going up every 5-10 secs and I can collect it paying ridiculous fees. Its awesome Any already have bridges between ETH - ANY but they are a little expensive IMO. Maybe ftm will fix that

1 hours later 26570108 Anonymous (fSoon.png 1374x669 42kB)

1 hours later 26570815 Anonymous
>>26567788 Maybe

2 hours later 26571694 Anonymous
>>26567788 More than that but I can’t say here Farming —— all I’ll say

2 hours later 26571884 Anonymous
>>26567788 Lmao soon as it gets listed on Coinbase it’s going to crab and crash like the rest

2 hours later 26571940 Anonymous
So is this the next link

2 hours later 26572495 Anonymous
>>26570108 What is this?

2 hours later 26572517 Vitalij_K
rofl you still try to hold rewards with this trash that they shill on topic lmao don’t be a retard so many top coins now make cash with xsn staking and thank me

2 hours later 26573403 Anonymous

2 hours later 26573454 Anonymous

2 hours later 26573521 Anonymous
>>26573403 GOGOGOGOGO

2 hours later 26573544 Anonymous
>>26567788 I bought some just in case. Coinbase runs are always unannounced. They list the most random coins too. Normies would buy tons of fantom.

2 hours later 26573554 Anonymous

2 hours later 26573602 Anonymous
>>26573554 Scam me all the way to the moon baby!!

2 hours later 26573859 Anonymous (161164944685439607 (1).gif 602x602 125kB)

2 hours later 26573985 Anonymous
>>26568965 >>26573859 You got some nice gifs! Lets go to the moon

2 hours later 26573993 Anonymous
>>26573859 Make a FTM flag

3 hours later 26574237 Anonymous
>>26572495 gematria.

3 hours later 26574300 Anonymous
redpill me on the CB rumors

3 hours later 26574689 Anonymous
>>26574300 They said they can't talk about it so it's pretty much confirmed but we don't know when, it's a lot of paper work.

3 hours later 26574793 Anonymous
>>26574689 Coinbase had never listed a coin that wasn't on their custody list. Fantom has never been on their lists

3 hours later 26574843 Anonymous (result.png 400x300 181kB)

3 hours later 26574915 Anonymous (trans-flag-sticker-2x3-inch-2.png 576x576 2kB)

3 hours later 26574932 Anonymous
>>26574843 I approve. Clean, simple.

3 hours later 26575377 Anonymous (6ae2fb6f-cca9-47dc-bcfa-4b4f642ec316.gif 400x300 550kB)
>>26573993 >>26574932

3 hours later 26575555 Anonymous
>>26575377 Checked, it looks good

3 hours later 26575934 Anonymous
>>26575555 checked 5$ eoy

3 hours later 26576330 Anonymous
My lil fantom stocks doin some

3 hours later 26576518 Anonymous
>>26575555 Checked!! $5 here we come

3 hours later 26576590 Anonymous

4 hours later 26577976 Anonymous
>>26574793 where is the custody list?

4 hours later 26579057 Anonymous
>>26567788 0.01 eom

4 hours later 26579114 Anonymous
>>26579057 COPE

4 hours later 26579143 Anonymous
>>26579057 Hello, COPE department?

4 hours later 26579195 Anonymous
>>26574793 False. UNI was listed overnight by complete surprise. I also think YFI may have never been on the custody list either.

4 hours later 26579292 Anonymous
>>26579114 You will see scammers DON'T buy fantom!!!! They will dump on you, newfags >>26579143

4 hours later 26579422 Anonymous
>>26579057 >>26579292 kys faggot

4 hours later 26579599 Anonymous
where do i buy fantom with usd

4 hours later 26579602 Anonymous (E6509E05-46A6-422A-AFC8-DD1DEEC47FA9.jpg 470x264 42kB)

4 hours later 26579766 Anonymous
I was halfway to my target of 317,500 FTM before FTM pumped 100% this week because of a fucking Etherscan copy-paste. Should I FOMO in with the last of my AAVE or play it cool and continue DCA'ing?

4 hours later 26579861 Anonymous
>>26579766 Get in now desu.

4 hours later 26579899 Anonymous

4 hours later 26580009 Anonymous
>>26579766 That’s a pretty good stack size anon

4 hours later 26580046 Anonymous (fantom-2.jpg 1242x1458 493kB)
>>26579766 You'll still make it anon.

4 hours later 26580066 Anonymous
Can some TA chad tell me if that was a rejection

4 hours later 26580144 Anonymous
>>26579899 >buy bitcoin with usd >trade bitcoin for fanties on exchange of your choice Congrats, you now own fanties. Its not hard at all bro, niggers can do it.

4 hours later 26580422 Anonymous
https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x1ff C57cAda109985aD896a69FbCEBD565dB429 0e is this the correct pairing? colors are different on token

4 hours later 26580601 Anonymous (Peasant coming through.jpg 668x623 125kB)

4 hours later 26580760 Anonymous
>>26567788 100%. Andre's other project was listed, this is next.

4 hours later 26580800 Anonymous
>>26580422 Yes but buy on binance instead. Your slippage and fees will be nuts on uni

5 hours later 26582047 Anonymous
>>26574689 why the fuck is everyone talking about Coinbase? Why is nobody talking abou the anyswap port to ftm???

5 hours later 26582760 Anonymous
>FtM You will never be a woman.

5 hours later 26583007 Anonymous
>>26580800 Amerimuts dont have ftm in binance

5 hours later 26583198 Anonymous
>>26583007 Okay then use sushiswap. Use an exchange with a decent liquidity pool.

5 hours later 26583334 Anonymous
>>26579766 I wanted to hit 500k but guess I'll give up on that now. I don't think it's going under 0.04 again.

5 hours later 26583337 Anonymous
>>26567788 ive been holding these bags for over 2 years. All rumors surrounding this coin are ALWAYS wrong

5 hours later 26583630 Anonymous
>>26583337 Nah, last time it did something crazy like this it was a binance listing.

5 hours later 26583846 Anonymous
>>26583337 sell it then pussy PAMP IT

6 hours later 26584647 Anonymous
Is 150 K FTM enough to make it?

6 hours later 26584675 Anonymous
>>26584647 Hell yes

6 hours later 26584808 Anonymous
Now will the chinks pump this or dump this in the next few hours?

6 hours later 26585041 Anonymous
Still zero dev adoption, no dapps. Still no partnerships with western countries. Still using the name Cronje to artificially pump the price. Rip.

6 hours later 26585128 Anonymous
>>26584808 small correction and more pumps

6 hours later 26585248 Anonymous
>>26585041 Lol is this the power of the bleeding linkie cope?

6 hours later 26585333 Anonymous
>>26585041 Keep telling yourself that fagget. NGMI

6 hours later 26585417 Anonymous
>>26583007 As a burger, you can buy on KuCoin without KYC

6 hours later 26585424 Anonymous
>>26585248 nope. it's the hard truth. the sooner you'll realize it the better. don't marry your bags.

6 hours later 26585604 Anonymous
>>26585424 Haha this cunts so but hurt, you didnt pass the IQ test did ya. Small bags huh, cope dickhead

6 hours later 26585626 Anonymous
>>26585424 Kek, it is bleeding linkie cope. Better sell, that chart looks like shit.

6 hours later 26585665 Anonymous
>>26585424 Don't worry. I plan on divorcing my bags when fantom hits 2-3$

6 hours later 26585749 Anonymous
>>26585665 Pretty sure he will buy them from you too

6 hours later 26586169 Anonymous
>>26568548 Doubt it. But Andre implied Uniswap could reroute volume through FTM for reducing fees. Its the same reason Andre is incorporating Sushi into yearn and working with them too. Sushi, Uni, FTM, yearn etc are all together in a way.

6 hours later 26586246 Anonymous
>>26580046 Get this shit out of here. Fantom is the white/asian man's coin not for Africans.

6 hours later 26587102 Anonymous (Er-I2aTWMAQHN6C.jpg 1280x685 59kB)
The time for fudding is over

6 hours later 26587296 Anonymous
>>26587102 Might wanna update the market cap we’re on our eay to triple that shit.

6 hours later 26587527 Anonymous
It just keeps going up like some unstoppable psycho coin

6 hours later 26587540 Anonymous
No stopping this train. This is crazy

6 hours later 26587612 Anonymous
awesome project

6 hours later 26587672 Anonymous
>>26587296 Only triple? I said the time for fudding was over ygmi

6 hours later 26587673 Anonymous
Im thinking this will pump 60% by days end , im about to ape all in

6 hours later 26587695 Anonymous
>>26587102 ding dong. show me the dapps. oh wait, you can't, cause there are none. just keep the cronje shills alive, i am sure cronje is the new messiah and he's going to pump it into top 3, no no, fud, top 1.

6 hours later 26587796 Anonymous
>>26587695 Shutup link kike, thats literally what you fags do for Sirgay, the russian kike. A bunch of kikes following their russian kike leader to the end, just like the second half of the 20th century lmao.

6 hours later 26587840 Anonymous
I wish mods would delete these threads so you can stop buying it. Trying to get some at .06

6 hours later 26587867 Anonymous
>>26587695 Why are you even here??

6 hours later 26587898 Anonymous (2021-01-25 22-05 Fantom fWallet.jpg 1658x1517 149kB)
>>26587695 Don't you worry about Fantom's dapps, you cretin lol Andre Cronje will port all the defi dapps he made into Fantom very soon. Then you have governments using Fantom, DABS energy etc All this while your ghost chains Cardano and Polkadot have over $10 billion in market cap. Fantom has only $160M

6 hours later 26587907 Anonymous

6 hours later 26587916 Anonymous
>>26587695 Blessed schizo fudder.

6 hours later 26587930 Anonymous
Biz had fair warning with ftm. In their face for a whole year, just chainlink was before the mega pump.

6 hours later 26588066 Anonymous
>>26587930 >b-b-b-but anon, muh linkie discord memes are so cool bro, you mean Im supposed to treat crypto as a solo money game instead of a team sport game? Lmao, the retards on this board are so deluded by being in the kool kids klub they cant even see moon tickets being waved in their faces.

6 hours later 26588178 Anonymous
i see a lot of schizo fudder but not the OG schizo fudder who plagued FTM threads with 50+ replies in 2018 to mid 2020 what happened to our official schizo poster?

6 hours later 26588260 Anonymous
>>26588178 died from the vid

6 hours later 26588344 Anonymous
>>26588178 he accumulated enough and stopped fudding

6 hours later 26588364 Anonymous
>>26567788 API3 up next for listing.

6 hours later 26588473 Anonymous
>>26588178 The small group of them got there 1M

7 hours later 26588823 Anonymous
>>26587695 Schizos beat me to it

7 hours later 26588837 Anonymous
>>26588178 Was worst poster on Biz. The more I would explain the tech, the harder they would screech "Pajeet/Chink pump and dump all fake everything!"

7 hours later 26590372 Anonymous
Hope you can stake on coinbase

7 hours later 26590967 Anonymous
>>26590372 That's be cool. I'm too afraid to stake with any of these randoms

7 hours later 26591079 Anonymous
>>26588837 lol I gotta hand it to him, he did his job good our own personal schizo fudder wageslave

7 hours later 26591638 Anonymous
>>26587102 This is awsome!

7 hours later 26592349 Anonymous
>>26591079 Still my bags have been packed for awhile. Was rough long wait.

8 hours later 26593348 Anonymous
The 1hr is printing a beautiful C&H what's everyone's price predictions? I'm calling .225 ftm/btc .074 ftm/usdt

8 hours later 26593436 Anonymous
>>26592349 selling my btc in august for it made me want to neck not long ago

8 hours later 26593554 Anonymous
>>26593436 Only 2.5x and you’re back in sats value.

8 hours later 26593805 Anonymous
>>26593436 I always had to remind myself that where btc goes alts go harder, you just have to wait

8 hours later 26593847 Anonymous
Lets goooo!! 215sat!

8 hours later 26594811 Anonymous
we might reach ten cents today holy shit

8 hours later 26594814 Anonymous
>>26593847 DADDY

8 hours later 26596030 Anonymous
>>26588837 Even if he was fudding to accumulate he still had issues He regularly made up 30%+ of the posts in fantom threads, he spent hours a day dedicated to posting about fantom No matter his intentions he was a spaz

8 hours later 26596375 Anonymous
>>26596030 All it takes is one pump past ATH and never to return and those idiots never speak again.

8 hours later 26597597 Anonymous
>>26596030 You are being nice with 30%, some threads were >75% posts of him throwing shit everywhere He was legit mentally ill and not the funny kind

9 hours later 26598604 Anonymous (weiss.png 1191x313 66kB)

9 hours later 26599979 Anonymous
>>26598604 odds of ftm reaching 2b this bullrun?

9 hours later 26600562 Anonymous
>>26599979 it will go higher, way higher. fucking cosmos is already $2B, ghost chain AVAX is $1B. During the euphoria, it might reach $6-$13b

9 hours later 26600865 Anonymous (images (2).jpg 678x452 23kB)

9 hours later 26601232 Anonymous
>>26600562 Tons of people in this thread are still unaware of fantom's tech, we are going to see link levels of marketcap.

9 hours later 26601255 Anonymous
>>26600562 What would that put the price at per coin?

9 hours later 26601395 Anonymous
>>26601255 $1 at $2.5B, $3 at 7.5B and so on

9 hours later 26602326 Anonymous
10 cents today?

9 hours later 26602730 Anonymous
>>26585041 where's your buy order son? if you really thought FTM was shit, you wouldn't waste your time, writing this low effort FUD, filling out captchas, etc. You are here to buy in cheaper - actions speak louder than words anon you can't hide your intentions. I don't waste my time shitting on Chainlink even though I think it's garbage - why would I? I couldn't care less about the project and filter everything related to LINK. People only FUD if they are interested. But what you don't realize is that 4chan doesn't affect the price. This isn't a tradeogre shitcoin with zero volume.

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