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2021-01-25 05:54 26521798 Anonymous how have you put into crypto and how much have you made? (d04d34a833c6656c02dc608d1adc0d563a-iCim4eXE-400x400.rsquare.w330.jpg 330x330 11kB)

2 min later 26521926 Anonymous
80k; stack is ~370k

4 min later 26522041 Anonymous
15k. Haven't made anything yet because I'm hodl, but right now it's worth ~19k.

6 min later 26522200 Anonymous
I bought a full btc at 7800 and 15 eth at 580 stack is 55k now

7 min later 26522241 Anonymous
6500 ive only made $500 lol

8 min later 26522291 Anonymous (8962FC94-44A4-48B1-96DF-7DEBB737CA59.png 1170x2532 400kB)
>>26521798 15k to over 200k. AAVE, AMPL, LINK and XOR were all godsends for me

9 min later 26522345 Anonymous
20k put current stack 100k could have made it already if i hadn't let it bleed jan 18-march 20

9 min later 26522358 Anonymous
>>26521798 2500, about 270k

9 min later 26522398 Anonymous
>>26521798 also put in something like 80k, pulled out 130k?, 400k left in liquid coins and I'm a whale in a potential moonshot lowcap with no liquidity

10 min later 26522405 Anonymous
in £250 out £2200

10 min later 26522410 Anonymous
Put in $2k in 2018 I’m at $7 million Hoping to get to $20 million by 2022

11 min later 26522455 Anonymous
>>26521798 700 is now 1200, started January 2th

11 min later 26522475 Anonymous (11AA9D8D-0558-4F35-AB7B-F2ABD9FCFF77.png 250x241 38kB)
The fact that people are only describing gains suggests that you are in a deluded gambler’s environment.

11 min later 26522513 Anonymous
>>26521798 $4950 --> $10-12K

14 min later 26522677 Anonymous
15k in 2017 4.5 mil now

17 min later 26522826 Anonymous
>>26522410 show

20 min later 26523026 Anonymous
>>26521926 0 0 My banks won't let me buy any crypto. Not through direct purchase, not through fiat deposit, nothing

24 min later 26523287 Anonymous
>$4k >$500k

27 min later 26523513 Anonymous (1611546947978.jpg 400x400 14kB)
>>26521798 about 4k made around 10k profits, cashed out the profits at BTC 40k and I'm back to 4k in crypto currently

29 min later 26523614 Anonymous
about 30k @130k from holding btc eth link

30 min later 26523688 Anonymous
>>26522410 Nice job

31 min later 26523769 Anonymous
>>26521798 In $50k Currently worth about $550k

32 min later 26523850 Anonymous (1611593171884.png 1330x1217 48kB)
>>26521798 all into rubic 10 mil

32 min later 26523858 Anonymous (1595873472334.jpg 526x567 75kB)
20k - 22k I haven't lost but i really haven't dont that well. I don't know how anons do so well with flipping shitcoins. The ones i boughts don't seem to do anything or they moon after I sell them...

33 min later 26523896 Anonymous
>>26521798 13k and now i have 135 Milion

33 min later 26523909 Anonymous
>>26521798 2k->200k->wiped out in early 2020 Just started over in stonks literally have like 0.0001 btc left fuck you all

33 min later 26523962 Anonymous
>>26523896 Tell us more anon. How did you do it?

34 min later 26523977 Anonymous
>>26523858 you need to hold longer >>26523909 how?

34 min later 26523981 Anonymous
>>26521798 About 3k. Now worth 290k. t. All in chainlink since mid 2018

35 min later 26524062 Anonymous
>>26521798 i put in maybe 30k currently at 78k been in for 3 years. i hate my life

35 min later 26524081 Anonymous
>>26523962 one word: kneepads

35 min later 26524094 Anonymous (1606336619874.jpg 826x767 179kB)
>>26523962 mostly inflation

36 min later 26524116 Anonymous
>>26521798 1k -500 Fuck this shit market

37 min later 26524184 Anonymous
>>26522410 Fucking larp. What were your trades?

37 min later 26524230 Anonymous
2k to 7k in a couple months of hodling blue chips

38 min later 26524310 Anonymous
>>26522405 How?

39 min later 26524356 Anonymous
>>26524116 I was underwater my first 8 months in crypto. I went from $50k to $20k no joke. Be patient.

40 min later 26524389 Anonymous
Put in $8100 At $1.1 Million (Australian Dollars)

42 min later 26524528 Anonymous
>>26521798 Everything Everything!

43 min later 26524580 Anonymous
>>26524389 when did you start?

43 min later 26524590 Anonymous
>>26524116 At least you're not lying

43 min later 26524604 Anonymous
>>26521798 15k -> 35k. holding ETH, GRT, ADA, VET, THETA and ENJ

45 min later 26524745 Anonymous
>>26523977 Arthur Hayes

46 min later 26524801 Anonymous (1589973712698.png 142x285 32kB)
60$ 810$

47 min later 26524834 Anonymous
>>26524580 2014-15 I put $6000(AUD) into Bitcoin I branched out to an alt and had to choose between ShadowCoin and Monero I chose Monero at 60 cents (thank fuck SDC was a scam) put in $2100 there I was right there mid 2015 when eth was $1.50 was going to put in 1500 to get an even 1000 but price shot up to $5.00 and thought I missed the boat, this still haunts me to this day.

47 min later 26524862 Anonymous (1611587713525.png 734x460 261kB)
>>26524745 cool shit bro. my bitcoin stock doin sumethin

48 min later 26524906 Anonymous
Put: ~50k Made: -20k

48 min later 26524929 Anonymous
started trading with $30 mid 2020 (btc was 10k) and currently holding 19k. Around 80% on usd right now, just waiting for a fucking dip that never happen.

49 min later 26524976 Anonymous
>>26521798 > 80K > 595 K

51 min later 26525094 Anonymous
I've turned 3300 EUR into 11k so far Bought a bit of btc/link/eth in 2019, forgot about it, then started getting really into crypto a few months ago

52 min later 26525140 Anonymous
>>26521798 £4k turned into £12k. Entered the crypto game in late November this year

52 min later 26525166 Anonymous
>>26522410 Larp

52 min later 26525169 Anonymous
>>26521798 >$3k >$30k

55 min later 26525268 Anonymous
>>26521798 Put in 6k Cashed out 250k in total Still 550k in the game Took me 8 years though

55 min later 26525282 Anonymous
4750 in, about 12,5k (more than half of it cashed out) by now.

55 min later 26525293 Anonymous
£7k ~ £250k I bought LINK. Sold 2k LINK at 2 dollars because I was stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean and wanted to neet all last year and bought myself a modest little EP3 civic type r.

1 hours later 26526373 Anonymous
>>26523026 ask a friend you trust to be middleman, or paypal

1 hours later 26526495 Anonymous
>>26521798 $2200 USD in $5100 USD value Got in before the 2016/2017 boom, cashed out initial investment, had like $1700 pure profit. Crashed down to like $80, spent a quarter of it on a 4chan pass. Put $500 in early 2020, added ~$800 during the last two BTC dips. Have $30k fiat so gonna put like $4000 or something in if we get a proper dump.

1 hours later 26526801 Anonymous
>>26521798 120$ and i'm at 3k now holding a bag of GRT hoping to make it up but its looking grim i already lost 300 bc of my paper hand I hope to make the money back at least

1 hours later 26527976 Anonymous
i put in around 2k and now at 25k

1 hours later 26528141 Anonymous
>>26521798 >Put in £1000 >Lost £350

1 hours later 26528162 Anonymous
5k 90k

1 hours later 26528655 Anonymous
>>26521798 2k -> 250k Just hold good things.

1 hours later 26528942 Anonymous
100€ in 2017, cashed out 147€ I'm a smooth criminal Although I lost 80k€ in the march dip on my SPY

2 hours later 26529042 Anonymous (1611092143876.jpg 250x250 7kB)
>>26522041 same, but 3k more fren. >>26528525

2 hours later 26529584 Anonymous
>>26521798 15k a month ago now its worth 45k all in parsiq btw

2 hours later 26529710 Anonymous
$8k at the absolute peak in 2017 (I can legitimately show buy orders for $19k+ btc lmao). I've cashed out $50k recently and still have about $90k in crypto. Not as much as some anons have made here but I'm happy with the returns. Better than losing everything. Should have made more but I sold a lot of my link stack at like $3

2 hours later 26529906 Anonymous (B7287E38-6EDA-4359-9745-B0865471393F.png 512x512 35kB)
>>26521798 400.00 to 5k since the summer maybe a little more. I’m a new fag.

2 hours later 26529928 Anonymous
120k put in 642k now

2 hours later 26530837 Anonymous (090.jpg 686x526 58kB)
>>26521798 I put in around 15k gradually since 2017 kek The first 5k were turned into 30k in the 2017 bullrun, but I only managed to take out around 9k cuz of the big 2018 dump. Then after becoming a wagecuck in 2019 I invested another 10k up until 2020, and now I have around 150k cuz I caught the XIO and STA train, kek Recently I quit my job and now I live from farming XIO while being a based neet that never goes outside and plays games/ watches anime all day.

2 hours later 26531740 Anonymous
15k Portfolio now 920k Jus bought link, simple as

3 hours later 26532888 Anonymous
300 Like a hundred

3 hours later 26532934 Anonymous
20k 120k

3 hours later 26533085 Anonymous
>>26521798 600. Made 230. Putting gains on algo staking it ftw

3 hours later 26533172 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-101524_Robinhood.jpg 1080x2280 326kB)
>>26521798 Should of put more in to start

3 hours later 26533208 Anonymous
>>26521798 5$ 15$

3 hours later 26533246 Anonymous
921 dollars in 1439 dollars out

3 hours later 26533614 Anonymous
>>26521798 $350, I've made about $100 in the last 3 months.

3 hours later 26534365 Anonymous
>>26521798 2k 30k

3 hours later 26534411 Anonymous
2k in 25k out

3 hours later 26534744 AAAAAAA
>>26528162 das me

3 hours later 26534860 Anonymous
>>26521798 3100$, now at 5000$

3 hours later 26534929 Anonymous
20k Portfolio at about 240k right now

3 hours later 26535190 Anonymous
started low and put in around 4000, lost majority of it. Got frustrated because I couldn't make it back even after a few good trades and then got rugged so I'm -3600 right now.

3 hours later 26535281 Anonymous (B3C7CA65-168E-4BFF-B8E7-1EE7171F5715.jpg 814x1024 286kB)
>>26522291 Sickkkkk

3 hours later 26535327 Anonymous
>>26522475 30k, now 18k. yes I bled to death in 2018 and was out of the game. 2020 and 2021 positive balance, overall still negative.

3 hours later 26535641 Anonymous
$14000 cashed out something like $140k still have over $1m in crypto

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