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2021-01-25 03:49 26514036 Anonymous (1608950575210.jpg 660x567 46kB)
I don't have to work for the next fifty years because of Chainlink.

1 min later 26514088 Anonymous
>>26514036 ye it's pretty slick, thanks god

1 min later 26514134 Anonymous (1608735331665.gif 500x403 1318kB)
This second post shows my soul currently. If I sell right now I don't have to rent, I can just buy a house and I've calculated the taxes for the next fifty years alongside basic health insurance. I don't need a car or clothes or furniture, and I don't need heat I can just use electricity for it with single stove burners plugged in. I might have to work a little for food and extra goods, but if I sell right now I am set for basically most of my life. I really don't know what to feel and I keep flip flopping between these two images.

4 min later 26514311 Anonymous (1610838242339.jpg 891x597 34kB)
This third picture shows my feelings about the future. I feel a bit uncertain because I am a virgin and don't have a social life and only have a high school diploma with no real career skills. I only bought my linkies with my graduation money from highschool and some off the birthday and from my part time job I had. I bought really early when euros were still shitting on Americans for it but now I am scared about how to find a girlfriend who then can be my wife. I don't want to lose all of this through divorce rape cause I would never survive after that. I would probably kill myself. The image is representative of the state of affairs for America, but I still love it and will die here.

5 min later 26514351 Anonymous
>>26514134 Never sell.

6 min later 26514397 Anonymous
>>26514134 imagine selling right now and living like a prison inmate for the rest of your life

6 min later 26514425 Anonymous (1611284156016.jpg 1017x1438 306kB)
>>26514351 I must. I'm just scared about selling too early. I don't think Link will go to 1000 dollars but it might go to a 100. I am very scared cause if I don't sell now I might never get security. This picture represents the type of wife I want.

7 min later 26514452 Anonymous
>>26514036 the thing is: you will never sell, and you'll watch it all crumble away. your greed will be your downfall

7 min later 26514464 Anonymous (1611586171665.jpg 660x567 32kB)
I don't have to work for the next fifty years because I inherited a large sum of money. I lost some of that money "investing" in Chainlink.

9 min later 26514598 Anonymous (1609500299393s.jpg 97x125 2kB)
>>26514452 No I am going to sell. I just am unsure if selling right now is a good idea. If crypto dies because of sleepy Joe then I will have loved and lost. And I'd rather have just loved and cashed out. This picture represents you.

16 min later 26515011 Anonymous
>>26514134 Sound like ur 10-50x from actually making it Oh and ur plan sounds phatetic.

17 min later 26515069 Anonymous
>>26515011 are you dyslexic?

17 min later 26515079 Anonymous
>>26514464 How much did you lose anon

19 min later 26515163 Anonymous
>>26514464 Kek, trust fund kids are so bad with money this one literally managed to somehow take a loss on CHAINLINK

19 min later 26515186 Anonymous
>>26514598 sell a part of it, leave a part of it. it's not that complicated. maybe sell a third or even half of it, let half of it ride. but, if you don't get a job or figure out some sort of consistent income, your wealth will fade away and you will be broke again. if i were you, i'd definately get a job. at least for the time being.

19 min later 26515208 Anonymous
>>26514425 What does this picture represent?

19 min later 26515214 Anonymous
>>26514598 you sound like a retard tbqh

21 min later 26515311 Anonymous
>>26514425 If you sell that means you are more bullish on the US dollar than on chainlink and are never gonna make it.

21 min later 26515335 Anonymous (1610677839220.webm 604x1080 1584kB)
>>26515208 My waifu. I want a 3dpd though so I will settle for one that looks like her. For instance, someone like this, including the butter face and large shoulders.

24 min later 26515489 Anonymous
>>26515186 Maybe. I only have worked small part time jobs so I don't know if I will ever have a real career. Crypto is my only chance of making it. My family and friends are all telling me to cash out right now and are all really impressed cause this is more money than everyone has ever seen combined. My uncle wants me to help manage his crypto account on coinbase but I honestly don't know anything or what to do. I just bought Link cause you guys kept spammin how it was going to go to the moon. I really just got lucky with a buy in below 20 cents. I don't think I could do it again.

25 min later 26515594 Anonymous (1609678604484.jpg 1242x925 133kB)
>>26515311 If you never sell how exactly are you going to enjoy your gains? They are only temporary if you leave them there. Picture related, it's you.

31 min later 26515927 Anonymous
>>26515594 With passive income from staking/defi. You could just stake ur initial stack and get 5-10% apy for it but desu you sound too retarted to make it so ill just assume you are larping

31 min later 26515967 Anonymous
>>26515489 >Crypto is my only chance of making it. it's not the only one, but yeah it's the best one you have now. >My family and friends are all telling me to cash out right now and are all really impressed cause this is more money than everyone has ever seen combined. yeah, that's understandable. imo yeah you should cash out at least part of it to secure the gains but still man, get some type of job to make a monthly income. you shouldn't focus on simply 'not working' but the whole concept of 'financially independent retire early'. go watch good financial advice stuff on youtube, learn how to manage your money and be smart with it. poor people who don't have money think differently than people who do. simply having enough money to 'live and not have to work for 50 years' is sadly not enough and you will just spend all your money. there are many many things you can do with your money to 'have money work for you' and 'use money to make money', so look into stuff like that. but please don't become a greedy person and always think of your family and friends. >I don't think I could do it again. chasing pumps will leave you at a loss so don't do it. only smart long term investments. you did good anon. i went into a bit of a ramble, sorry, i need to be doing stuff for uni but /biz/ is really interesting to me in the last few months.

33 min later 26516070 Anonymous
>>26514598 Please do sell, I want you to miss out AGAIN.

38 min later 26516336 Anonymous
>>26515927 >yes, goy, stake your linkies so we can slash them and steal back your freedom. >don't sell for le ebil fiat, goy.

39 min later 26516376 Anonymous
Selling a stack of Link now is very likely to make you unhappy for the rest of your life, as you'll always be saying "I could have just held" to yourself. Not only that, but it's extremely likely, given the fundamentals of chainlink and its impeccable rise to where we're at now. I'd rather take on the small risk that Link could fail than always wonder about what could have been. If you're in crypto, you should be thinking the same. We're not risk averse people. Ignore fud.

39 min later 26516403 Anonymous
>>26515967 Okay I will take your advice and start doing serious research. Do you have any channels or people you really like that you could recommend to me as well? I usually just post on /biz/ but I am taking it really cautiously now cause reality hit me like bricks when we went over 20 dollars. Its ok if you rambled I am just still in shock and it's good to see a friendly advice anon on /biz/.

39 min later 26516418 Anonymous
>>26515489 >a buy in below 20 cents Fuck you. Also, sell only half of it and keep the other half. It's probably going to keep rising, but just in case it crashes, cash out half of it.

40 min later 26516484 Anonymous
>>26514036 Read your thread anon Slowly deleverage your stack over the next couple of years and make sure you stay under the cap gains tax tranche cutoffs You can spend the next two years securing your wealth and the rest of your life enjoying life and being relatively wealthy if you just handle this situation like a professional Good luck

41 min later 26516543 Anonymous
>>26515335 >he thinks a girl like that will be impressed by his 6 figure linkie stack

44 min later 26516687 Anonymous
>>26516484 I don't understand what you mean by deleverage stack or capital gains trenches. I am quite literally retarded when it comes to finances and only held this long because I really believed you guys were right even if I understood next to nothing about why it would go there. If you could explain a little bit about those it would help. I am taking the other anons advice most likely and keeping some, probably around 1/4 of it, maybe a little more. If I sell it all now will I have to pay more? I don't really understand what you mean by that.

45 min later 26516752 Anonymous
>>26516543 Well my ex girlfriend would be and she sorta looks like her but fatter

47 min later 26516845 Anonymous
>>26516687 nigger if you need money that much just put your link as collateral on aave and get a stable coin

48 min later 26516936 Anonymous
>>26516687 Well it all depends on how much u have. If you have less than a mill u shouldnt be selling a single link yet. Mixicles, staking, tsigs, stacking etc is yet to come. If u sell now u will regret it later

51 min later 26517132 Anonymous
>>26516936 I have less than a million yes but it is substantial enough to not be chump change and would change my families life. I don't really know much about all that I mean I read your guys threads and I even still do now but outside of staking all that stuff is over my head.

51 min later 26517142 Anonymous
>>26516687 Read this Lets say you have 100k link or 2.4mm If you have no regular income and sell $40k usd worth you pay zero cap gains If you then sell 400k more you pay effectively 14%. Go over that and youll pay 20% on every additional dollar Decide that youll sell 1/4 of your stack over this year. Divide that amount by 12 and sell that amount every month. Do the same thing next year. Live frugally and work on your virgin loser self BEFORE you get rich. Theres a good chance that if you do that in two years: You'll have enough money to never work again and a sizeable link stack Youll have the beginnings of success with women Youll have the discipline to not lose it all You need to read the thread about how to use money with women. You are going to lose everything if you dont smarten up on that front.

52 min later 26517206 Anonymous
>>26517142 Forgot link at beginning https://www.forbes.com/advisor/inve sting/capital-gains-tax/

56 min later 26517411 Anonymous
>>26517142 >>26517206 Thank you very much for this advice and ya I got burnt really bad on my ex girlfriend. She was my only girlfriend too and she tried ruining my life. Would you be able to link the thread or is it still alive?

1 hours later 26517714 Anonymous
>>26516403 i am unsure what exactly you want to do with your life. if you work a day job for a few years you will probably figure it out on your own and work from there. so i don't want to say any specific thing or give you a exact roadmap. let's say you just buy property with the money and rent it out, and then, for example decide you want to travel the world and be a journalist. so, you would have to in some sense put the wealth you made on the line again to change the course of your life. wealth and big amounts of money in general are very useful when you sort of figure out and decide where you wanna live and how and what you wanna do. all you mentioned was 'not having to work', and you'd be surprised but generally people don't want to do this. avoiding working isn't the issue and the reason why people get wealthy. Maybe at first or when they're young but that usually changes. i don't mean to put a lot of pressure on you but through managing big sums of money you have to be calm and level-headed, rational and have some sort of plan. it all comes down to the plan - what your goal is and how you're going to get there. as for youtube stuff, dave ramsay has really simple, normie friendly advice. a book i enjoyed and took a lot from is rich dad poor dad. i'm not from the states so i don't think i can give you more specific advice. i just wanna say good luck and always think about the long game and be grateful for what you already have in your life. i don't believe in karma as a 'real' force but it's a good model to use on how to live your life. good deeds do really seem to come around and give a return, bad stuff too. learn to truly appreciate what you have every day and goodness will pour into your life. it's an attitude thing. i have to do uni work right now, good luck /biz/ bro

1 hours later 26517746 Anonymous
>>26517411 >>25942590

1 hours later 26517772 Anonymous
>>26515335 looks about 3-5 years too old, damn. why are you into roasties

1 hours later 26517821 Anonymous
>>26517772 I take it you only fuck women that look like children?

1 hours later 26518010 Anonymous
>>26517206 This is the most helpful link anyone has ever dropped here, clear and concise. If you’re married and you have no job between the two of you, you could draw 80K out a year tax free on a long term investment. VERY useful info really.

1 hours later 26518086 Anonymous
>>26517714 Thanks for you advice man and I wish you good luck too. I will look into the guys you listed cause I've heard about that poor dad rich dad book too. I posted that I wouldn't have to work for the rest of my life cause my mom and dad work crummy jobs and always fight about money. I've seen the stress they get so I felt like if I don't work I'll be happy but you are putting things into perspective and I'm appreciative of that. Good luck with everything man!

1 hours later 26518149 Anonymous
>>26517746 Thank you. >>26517772 I'm not saying she looked exactly like that but blonde, tall and big chub lol.

1 hours later 26518278 Anonymous
>>26517142 100k link staked with 5-10%apy is 5-10k link a year which would be 100-200k$ a year with 20$ link which is ofc goin to increase in future. Tell me again why sell initial stack at all?

1 hours later 26518579 Anonymous
>>26518278 It’s just an issue of comfort until singularity friend. Some of us aren’t as bad off as oatmeal bro but not exactly ideal. If you’re comfortable enough for now def hold but QOL is an issue to consider. Fortunately God has been abundant and merciful to me and I haven’t had to touch my stack.

1 hours later 26518843 Anonymous
Is it worth dropping £500 onto this fucker?

1 hours later 26518991 Anonymous
>>26514134 Avoid hospitals if you want to stay healthy, get into functional medicine

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