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2021-01-25 05:02 26492937 Anonymous Those of you who have a deeper understanding of the Blockchain tech should look into this (2.7 million transfer fees.png 646x410 21kB)
Made this thread in case someone here knowledgeable about blockchain tech is able to provide some useful info or insights, or look into this on his own and perhaps discover something. This of course isn't for the average /biz/raeli. ---- Many are suspecting (since 2016 actually; https://archive.is/EyL1f ) that some people (on the side of good) have hidden very important things on the BTC and/or ETH blockchains. Such as passwords to files containing incriminating materials (which could completely destroy various politicians and upset the system), or incriminating/damning material itself. For example, and for little bit of context, the text posted here (May 2019): https://archive.is/EPMkx -- that's written by the guy who tweeted this (July 2018): https://archive.is/J0sK6 (he was killed then) and nobody knew what that string was for, until January 2021 when this happened: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thre ad/301077151 and this anon: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thre ad/301077151/#q301107805 figured out that "cultstate.com has issued protections on this matter" should be converted to SHA512 which becomes "86d53c1315F42ea48caa0dc1b82a1c61e9 88b1035db897e90c2303c05d8721648ca81 6eada320c950b75985575b495a12c06d0a0 ba77b9e23ccbd7d31b5bd035" -- the exact same string as in that tweet. It was also realized every first letter of each line on https://archive.is/EPMkx from top to bottom spell out "cultstate.com has issued protections on this matter". And it was realized some of (possibly all of) the words on that page are anagrams. They should not be read the way they appear. For example at the top; "I Ask Papacy" is an anagram of Isaac Kappy (the tweet guy). So anyway, 86d53c1315F42ea48caa0dc1b82a1c61e98 8b1035db897e90c2303c05d8721648ca816 eada320c950b75985575b495a12c06d0a0b a77b9e23ccbd7d31b5bd035 is very likely a password for some sort of file. That file, or things related to it, is suspected by some to be stored on a blockchain.

2 min later 26493019 Anonymous
>>26492937 bump

4 min later 26493093 Anonymous
>>26492937 very interdasting

6 min later 26493211 Anonymous
>>26492937 Q schizo bullshit, take meds

7 min later 26493214 Anonymous
>>26492937 Do we profit? If not stfu nobody cares

7 min later 26493224 Anonymous
I totally believe that there exist some very large packages of blackmail out there that, if released, could lead to many powerful people being actually lynched by mobs... but I have no idea how close any of these things are to coming out. Maybe there is some epic fight going on behind the scenes but it has been years since Wikileaks stopped seeming to be relevant

9 min later 26493312 Anonymous
>>26492937 [MODS] ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -- Thank you for bringing this to our attention. While the post is interesting I believe it is a post that goes against this websites rules. Please refrain from posting this ever again. Your IP has been tracked and a ban notice is underway. Your post will be reported for anti-semititc and racist statements outside of /b/. Thank you, you may appeal your ban in the coming days. ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -------

12 min later 26493412 Anonymous

19 min later 26493658 Anonymous
How much would it cost me to store a pepe on the block chain?

20 min later 26493682 Anonymous
>>26492937 holy shit ive been fiending for some Patrick Ryan schizo shit, i love that man. is this #lazarus?

20 min later 26493687 Anonymous
>>26492937 >dear /biz/, I am a retard who doesn't know how blockchain works, please justify my deep state larping by reading all this stupid shit sage

26 min later 26493888 Anonymous
>>26492937 bukmp

30 min later 26494005 Anonymous (1594016201642.png 547x547 63kB)
>>26493888 witnessed

30 min later 26494024 Anonymous
>>26492937 Give up your inquiries, which are completely useless, and consider these words a final warning. We hope, for your own good that this will be sufficient.

31 min later 26494026 Anonymous (wikilog1.jpg 1288x794 170kB)

32 min later 26494057 Anonymous (wikilog2.jpg 1325x842 136kB)

33 min later 26494092 Anonymous (wikilog3.jpg 1326x813 211kB)

33 min later 26494118 Anonymous
>>26493687 >I am a retard who doesn't know how blockchain works it seems you are the retard, my friend. I don’t think you know as much as you think you do.

34 min later 26494166 Anonymous
>>26493211 Confirmed it’s schizo larp Q shit. A clear sign of this is any kind of coded message involving the word ‘Trump’. Yet another boomer nothingburger

35 min later 26494188 Anonymous
>>26494026 >>26494057 >>26494092 Save these I'm looking for another screenshot that discusses this stuff around election time but it doesn't have anything more than "bitcoin blockchain has wikileaks files and dead man switch keys"

35 min later 26494200 Anonymous
>>26492937 What's anticipated to be in these Wikileaks insurance files that those strings are the keys to?

36 min later 26494204 Anonymous
There was recently a hidden bible quote found in block 666,666. If you don't think the NWO has their hands all up in this shit you're crazy.

37 min later 26494250 Anonymous
>>26494204 >implying it's not some anon who knew what the current block number was and decided to have a little fun You have always been able to send messages into the blockchain through BTC transactions, do people not know this?

38 min later 26494264 Anonymous
>>26494200 It's all of wikileaks' insurance files before assange got COMP'd. So probably 9/11 and frazzledrip and such

39 min later 26494325 Anonymous (1601034764286.png 2392x3264 181kB)
>>26494026 >>26494057 >>26494092 this seems relevant (this pic I simply found, didn't create it)

40 min later 26494352 Anonymous
bump for potential I read this but cannot find the file... it's not wikileaks either I and other anons tried them

41 min later 26494375 Anonymous
>>26494352 note that insurance files hosted in wikileaks domain were swapped out, BUT those same files are supposedly in the chain

41 min later 26494378 Anonymous
We can’t dismiss this as baseless conspiracy. Need people to pick it apart and see if it has merit

41 min later 26494384 Anonymous
>>26494026 >>26494057 >>26494092 this is the same text, i think: https://web.archive.org/web/2020122 4174623/https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipf s/QmczBCV3zgnCGbFjw7axsKpuLcHQwkFYp j22ptfX9tZLQH/claudia.txt

42 min later 26494401 Anonymous
>>26494375 * those same -> the real ones

43 min later 26494434 Anonymous
>>26494375 How to find files? Do we have to manually check transactions? I assume we can't just automate it but we can narrow down the scope by date

43 min later 26494438 Anonymous
relevant: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thre ad/301191588/#q301196644

44 min later 26494460 Anonymous
>>26494384 I don't trust archive.org, but it does serve direct from IPFS gateway... best would be to use IPFS client itself (or browser extension or whatever) to ensure the hash works. Need to watch out for swapped out files / keys in texts https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmczBC V3zgnCGbFjw7axsKpuLcHQwkFYpj22ptfX9 tZLQH/claudia.txt

44 min later 26494471 Anonymous
>>26494250 this. its some hehe hacker shit to do.

44 min later 26494477 Anonymous
>>26494378 The defamation lawyer Lin Wood leaked the Kappy string originally btw he's still on telegram @LinWoodChannel

45 min later 26494510 Anonymous
This qanon schizo shit is some of the funniest entertainment in the 21st century keep it coming anon

46 min later 26494529 Anonymous
>>26494460 i didn't give it being an archive.org link any thought, i just copypasted it and assumed https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmczBC V3zgnCGbFjw7axsKpuLcHQwkFYpj22ptfX9 tZLQH/claudia.txt didn't exist anymore. Here's an archive.is of that: https://archive.is/b9FuF

47 min later 26494557 Anonymous
>>26494250 Pretty sure trolls put cp on blockchain to try to get it banned

47 min later 26494595 Anonymous
>>26494401 so the pass matches Wikileaks insurance filez? (real) I heard the reason for the deep fakes is that that tech renders the blackmail cult stuff worthless because you can deep fake anyone doing anything. These files however have been there for years so they can be proven to be not deep fakes and real which is fucking huge. Imagine if truth finally comes out and it pumps my bags. based

48 min later 26494605 Anonymous
>>26494477 Why would he hide it on the blockchain instead of just sending it to wiki leaks like every legit whistle blower. This q stuff is retarded

48 min later 26494626 Anonymous
>>26494557 I'm sure glowniggers stuffed the chain full of CP to frame anyone trying to piece this together. Get an offline computer if you're going to be investigating.

50 min later 26494664 Anonymous
>>26494605 because it's impossible for it to get deleted from the blockchain, see: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thre ad/301191588/#q301196644

50 min later 26494670 Anonymous
>>26492937 im too dumb to help

50 min later 26494684 Anonymous
>>26494626 You can look at the blockchain offline?

50 min later 26494687 Anonymous
>>26494605 Timestamped, notarized, tamper-proof, widely distributed. The dead man switch *did* go off, and they shut it down. Podesta leaks were part 2 of 7 and then it stopped.

51 min later 26494698 Anonymous
>>26494605 decentralization, immutability.

51 min later 26494700 Anonymous
>>26494605 Assange probably released it for autists to search the blockchain for the original stuff. This predates Q by years and pizza gate too. This was back when blockchain was brand new. Wikileaks was b&v desu (((they))) took over the whole operation

51 min later 26494706 Anonymous
>>26494664 Since when does wiki leaks delete anything. I guess they’re part of the deep state kabbal too. Meds, take them.

51 min later 26494711 Anonymous
>>26494684 Download it, disconnect from internet.

53 min later 26494773 Anonymous
>>26494706 Wikileaks got comp'd, first screenshot I saw explicitly warned people not to leak to wikileaks because they are not in control of their infrastructure anymore. Also the whole "meds" think makes you sound like a shill

53 min later 26494785 Anonymous
>>26494687 >widely distributed. except it’s not widely distributed. No one outside of the Qult is even looking for this. Makes no sense. >shut it down If it’s tamper proof then they can’t shut it down. >>26494700 It doesn’t predate shit. That schizophrenia guy who jumped into traffic died not long ago.

53 min later 26494794 Anonymous
I also heard the reason for the btc forks was to protect this information just in case they took down btc somehow

54 min later 26494795 Anonymous
>>26494706 WL data is hosted somewhere, those servers can be seized or destroyed, the people running it can be murdered, while the blockchain is indestructible and eternal and countless people worldwide have copies of it

54 min later 26494806 Anonymous (worried sakura.jpg 1440x900 596kB)
>>26494687 What was part 1

54 min later 26494814 Anonymous
>>26494785 You're not even trying

55 min later 26494867 Anonymous
>>26494773 >first screenshot I saw explicitly warned people not to leak to wikileaks because they are not in control of their infrastructure anymore. He could’ve given the files to a trusted friend or journalist. The convoluted wild goose chase stinks of LARP designed to draw in Q schizos

55 min later 26494869 Anonymous
>>26494806 I assume this just means everything that got leaked around that time was parts 1+2. I'm just going off of a memory of some screenshots I still need to get, the only things I have on hand are >>26494026 >>26494057 >>26494092

55 min later 26494870 Anonymous
>>26494785 Anon this is the home of weaponized autism. Calling someone a schizo is a badge of honor you fucking normie

56 min later 26494898 Anonymous
>>26494794 a post i happened to see, that's relevant to that: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thre ad/301191588/#301218628

56 min later 26494905 Anonymous
>>26494867 Ok, see you later then, we're having fun LARPing. No harm no foul :)

56 min later 26494910 Anonymous
>>26494795 Wiki leaks has been used probably hundreds of times to leak shit. It has been successful many times. This blockchain secret file has been successful ZERO times.

58 min later 26494949 Anonymous
>>26494905 Get your Qult shit off biz and back to pol, your containment board.

58 min later 26494954 Anonymous
>>26494898 I was in those cultstate threads. The files are still out there and we might have the key. I'm interested in searching. I'll have to read up about how to view the data easily. Anyone got a script?

59 min later 26494982 Anonymous
https://archive.is/EyL1f This was posted in OP but want to emphasize this as it seems to have the most info

1 hours later 26495013 Anonymous
>>26494949 fuck off loser >>26492937 /g/ might like this too

1 hours later 26495024 Anonymous (really.png 904x864 121kB)
>>26494867 >given the files to friend or journalist oh yeah, that's clearly much better and safer than millions of people having it in the form of a permanent data record (blockchain) which nobody can mess it

1 hours later 26495100 Anonymous
>>26495024 >millions of people having it I thought no one has it? That’s why you’re looking for it? Fucking illogical cult fucks

1 hours later 26495108 Anonymous
>>26494869 All I remember from that time were the Pizzagate leaks, I don't remember all this stuff about dead man switches hiding in BTC's blockchain, but Pizzagate was also at a time in my life when I wasn't keeping up with blockchain (FWIW, I was around for the 2013 bull run but was a poorfag at the time and couldn't participate, after Mt. Gox collapsed I stopped caring until early 2017) so maybe I just missed out on those earlier leaks because I wasn't paying attention to the blockchain scene >>26494954 If this is discussed a lot, we might have a repeat of last year on /g/. Last year, someone brought up in a thread that there has been an XP source code leak a while ago, and people were then trying to find it, and eventually found some file that no one knew the password to. Some time after then, the actual XP source code was leaked on /vp/ IIRC and /g/ was all over it trying to get it working

1 hours later 26495116 Anonymous
BTC blocksize would allow for torrent to be stored but if the file is larger it would've been split into multiple transactions. My guess is a torrent but that wouldn't give the security of the blockchain so we might be looking for many files

1 hours later 26495117 Anonymous
>>26495100 the blockchain, you absolute retard

1 hours later 26495124 Anonymous
>>26495117 don't respond to the glownigger

1 hours later 26495181 Anonymous
>>26495117 >>26495124 ^ This. Really think /g/ would have a fun with this though.

1 hours later 26495188 Anonymous
>>26495108 /g/ hates blockchain but it's worth a shot to get interest on this and see what we find. Glowies are glowing so this is red hot.

1 hours later 26495233 Anonymous (40b360d860efcf2fd81772a0cf6ebcbc8d32be9b.png 255x183 69kB)
>>26494982 Do you have a higher resolution copy of this file they keep talking about? Archive didn't save it

1 hours later 26495293 Anonymous
I forgot to mention that the encryption used to decrypt the kappy/cultstate link is not the same as >>26494982 files. Those use aes256.

1 hours later 26495300 Anonymous
>>26492937 /biz/ is neither autistic enough nor schizo enough to spend literally weeks-months digging through the blockchain for hidden messages. Try /pol/ or /r9k/. Old /b/ would have been an option, but now it’s all fat milfs and tranny porn.

1 hours later 26495425 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 12.15.46 AM.png 1028x1051 375kB)
https://archive.is/EyL1f ^^ this link has the post in the screenshot I had saved but can't access atm, pic related

1 hours later 26495507 Anonymous (1610999087283.jpg 1206x800 532kB)
>>26495300 Checked. Sadly possibly true. Imagine this >autists dig for files and eventually find them >all the darkest myths on the internet confirmed true >we have found evil and runs the country >files saved and shared so fast they cannot be taken down >everyone is aware and all hell breaks loose >Finally after the dust has settled people praise blockchains as the saviour for all of humanity >green candles light up the night's sky >all anons retire comfy as evil was dealt a crushing blow

1 hours later 26495612 Anonymous
>>26495300 When was /r9k/ known for solving autistic riddles like these? All I know /r9k/ for is shit like fridgebro

1 hours later 26495625 Anonymous
>>26495507 >the mypillow guy god i love this place

1 hours later 26495738 Anonymous
>>26495625 https://chanology.com/teardrop Have you seen this? I think it's all connected all these people have come together for a single purpose. Countdown less than 6 days

1 hours later 26495812 Anonymous
>>26495425 Yes this is the cap that made me think about btc forks in a whole new way. The patterns they use for control need to be circumvented before we share methods on approaching the search I guess.

1 hours later 26495885 Anonymous
>>26492937 schizos are out most valuable posters

1 hours later 26495898 Anonymous
>>26495300 >>26495507 Fuck, you're making me want to buy more GRT

1 hours later 26495908 Anonymous (123_1_95.jpg 600x750 43kB)
>>26492937 calling it now this will be the next QAnon fire up the facebook pages anons

1 hours later 26495977 Anonymous
>>26495812 I'm actually more concerned that the forks are to *prevent* people from accessing this... BTC trying to push "delete blocks older than 2 weeks as default". BSV talks about pruning illegal content like CP and how it's necessary for compliant chain long term. Poor BCH attached from all sides.

1 hours later 26496007 Anonymous
>>26495908 Imagine if QAnon pointed people to blockchain transactions from 2016

1 hours later 26496101 Anonymous
>>26495977 Checked. So which chain would be the best to investigate?

1 hours later 26496141 Anonymous
>>26495977 It makes sense though. Masonic controlled opposition. Multiple chains. Multiple versions of truth. And the most "hated" one for whatever reason is the one that holds ground breaking truth. Time for a real Great Reset.

1 hours later 26496145 Anonymous
>>26496101 Any of them, supposedly the forks didn't happen until well after this stuff was all uploaded

1 hours later 26496172 Anonymous
>>26496145 So forks were around 2018(?) but 95% sure this was all uploaded by end of 2016

1 hours later 26496176 Anonymous
>>26496145 but what guarantees are there that this content was not stripped from the forks?

1 hours later 26496217 Anonymous (2DB440C5-D968-4859-89C4-9BB4F79A7B29.jpg 384x384 11kB)

1 hours later 26496254 Anonymous
>>26496176 Because otherwise the blockchain wouldn't validate. You would have to get everyone who has a copy of the chain to prune the same data, which is nearly impossible (but looks like they're still pushing in that direction).

1 hours later 26496273 Anonymous
Not giving the new glownigger a (you) but this predates trump and Q but a long time...

1 hours later 26496380 Anonymous
>>26492937 DMG solves this.

1 hours later 26496405 Anonymous (1605627835932.jpg 705x668 59kB)
>>26496254 Based. So the Great Search begins

1 hours later 26496574 Anonymous
Bump before bed. I'll bake a new bread tomorrow. Thanks for bringing this up again OP

1 hours later 26496591 Anonymous
>>26494166 fuck off CIA

1 hours later 26496615 Anonymous
>>26496574 based. bless the baker.

2 hours later 26496740 Anonymous
>>26496574 Something to look forward to for tomorrow, I guess

2 hours later 26496790 Anonymous
And just like that /biz/ was based again. Thanks anons there have been so many happenings on /pol/ I'm losing track of things

2 hours later 26496827 Anonymous
>>26492937 is this LARP or real shit? I need to know, if not I'm going to bed

2 hours later 26496841 Anonymous
>>26494605 Does it even matter where you put it? Unless you can get CNN to say it's not a schizo larp, no court or military will take any action on anything, and the lemmings will be happier than ever.

2 hours later 26497021 Anonymous
>>26492937 Ok, in case nobody has posted this here, it was confirm during the wikileaks drop of the I insurance files they hid the decryption keys in blockchain. It's a lot of work to find out, but, they're out there. A few anons claimed to get v& for doing it. Take what you will from that, but wikileaks has backed it all up on blockchain before so they're there to be found. If you find they keys spread em here I have teh filez.

2 hours later 26497139 Anonymous
>>26497021 I downloaded the insurance files a few years ago (torrent) and it seemed that almost all of the peers/seeds were in Brazil. Weird.

2 hours later 26497392 Anonymous
>>26496591 The glowies attacked this thread fast.

2 hours later 26497489 Anonymous
>>26495738 nah i was there when it first went off it was just a my pillow meme/rick roll. maybe it has potential but i witnessed the first "countdowN"

2 hours later 26497504 Anonymous
>>26496827 seems authentic anon >>26497139 those are the glowie replacements. I have the 77gb one too but I think it's just a box of bricks

2 hours later 26497678 Anonymous
final befoer this thread goes away and for anyone whoe makes a thread tomorrow, imo there a big chance whatever we are looking for is in some q posts, which are easily searchable. hear me out, i didnt follow q but people i respect did, and desu the fact there has been no closure on q, and that it has gone on consistently and, often accurately, for 3 years is nothing to sneeze at. call em schizo whatever, but to disregard it may be a mistake

2 hours later 26497930 Anonymous (images.jpg 208x243 14kB)
Assange should have opened that insurance file when he had the option Embassy or walk out like Nicolas Cage in Lord of war. He chose prison.

2 hours later 26497987 Anonymous
>>26492937 Qanon fuck off

3 hours later 26498621 Anonymous

3 hours later 26498784 Anonymous
>>26492937 We’ll had anyone tried the wikileaks insurance files???

3 hours later 26498904 Anonymous
>>26498784 Those cannot be trusted. The torrents are password protected and probably compromised.

3 hours later 26498944 Anonymous
>>26495233 https://archive.is/EyL1f <-- there is says next to that image: >See attached png for compressed file with previous threads for future reference And it says "40.26 MB" with the image res of only 650x466. So, it was most likely a rar or zip or 7zip embedded into that png. Seems like that was the important thing, not the image. But maybe the image was also important.

3 hours later 26499047 Anonymous
>>26498944 Checked. Endchan was nuked. Any other sauce?

3 hours later 26499335 Anonymous
>>26498944 It was posted here also: https://archive.is/HakHo search docs.png and search the reply numbers of replies, and the replies to replies, to that post, for some info on the content, like 1094 and 1455 Those threads are, it seems, focused on wikileaks stuff. This cultstate / Kappy / Lin Wood thing might be something else entirely and unrelated to wikileaks. That's the impression I'm getting. And it does seem like it's newer. Those threads are 2016, the Kappy tweet was 2 years later.

3 hours later 26499470 Anonymous
>>26499335 Maybe but glowies keep sharing the compromised wikileaks files on /pol/ saying "they're all there". Classic disinformation tactic. We're probably looking at the same major ongoin problem but from different angles >person has files but has trouble releasing them to the public.

3 hours later 26499483 Anonymous
Found the image itself, but it's of no value in the context of this thread. They definitely posted that image for the embedded rar, not for the image. tineye.com --> https://archive.fo/g87ND/40b360d860 efcf2fd81772a0cf6ebcbc8d32be9b.png http://www.redicecreations.com/img/ scans/mkultradoc/27.jpg https://indocropcircles.files.wordp ress.com/2014/12/mkultra-lsd-doc.jp g

3 hours later 26499516 Anonymous
gotta go

3 hours later 26499812 Anonymous
>>26492937 interesting stuff about Icarus and crypto mining melting wax but yeah it's obvious where it's heading

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