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2021-01-23 08:31 26402071 Anonymous (1611079984828.png 499x495 402kB)
What's a realistic price prediction for link at the end of 2021? Please leave "$1000 EOY" OUT of this thread

1 min later 26402106 Anonymous
>>26402071 $1k EOY. Nah, but I certainly don't think a 10 or 20x from here is out of the question, but who the fuck knows, maybe it actually will end up at 1k.

1 min later 26402121 Anonymous
>>26402071 Probably the same price as ALBT, so $50

2 min later 26402139 Anonymous
230 EOY, a 10x from its current spot.

3 min later 26402160 Anonymous
>>26402121 If that were the case then I'd just be buying ALBT and not link

4 min later 26402186 Anonymous

4 min later 26402189 Anonymous
>>26402071 You already know. $1k EOQ!

5 min later 26402195 Anonymous
>>26402071 55-60 is reasonable.

6 min later 26402222 Anonymous

7 min later 26402247 Anonymous
i would guess st $55. within 2-3 years it will be 200-300

9 min later 26402302 Anonymous
>>26402139 I agree with this prediction.

12 min later 26402359 Anonymous
>>26402139 i would cry

16 min later 26402440 Anonymous
>>26402071 1k is fud, the warmongering democrats in the US of ass will accelerate crypto growth this year enormously.

17 min later 26402472 Anonymous

18 min later 26402496 Anonymous
It will pull an Ethereum run. So 1.3k

19 min later 26402509 Anonymous
>>26402071 $999 EOY

21 min later 26402564 Anonymous
>>26402222 People legit forgot about how ridiculous 2017 was already. A $500 blow off parabolic top is totally possible if its anything like last run and there is indication more money will be pouring in this time around.

22 min later 26402568 Anonymous (15035114d7614b928352a700db0cfd47-imagepng.png 750x750 1339kB)
>>26402359 >mcap would be somewhere between 120-150 billion >'i wud cri' Niga how the fuck you think this works, you think link is gonna flip eth and btc while being on eth's blockchain?

23 min later 26402586 Anonymous
>>26402440 This depends on how much 'money' in crypto is based on loans taken out elsewhere. Keep in mind the actual global gdp per annum is only 75 trillion, so more money needs to come from the outside through debt-funding in order to get truly meteoric growth.

24 min later 26402611 Anonymous
>>26402071 like 100 gorillion dollars

24 min later 26402619 Anonymous
>>26402568 Yes technically its block chain agnostic and has the ability to connect public and private blockchains. Its easily worth more than Ethereum if you look at them in their final matured states. Its also going to be one of the scaling solutions combined with Arbitrum. Its boggles my mind people still don't understand the value of Chainlink.

24 min later 26402624 Anonymous
>>26402564 It sounds ridiculous when you think about how rich we're going to get, but then you look at link and that's only a 20x from here...

25 min later 26402639 Anonymous
>>26402071 $14 stable coin

26 min later 26402652 Anonymous
For LINK? $1000

27 min later 26402670 Anonymous
>>26402568 XRP was 127 billion in 2017.

31 min later 26402740 Anonymous
>>26402670 And it was unable to retain its price of 4 dollars for more than a day or so when volume fell, causing price to plummet rapidly.

32 min later 26402766 Anonymous
>>26402619 >the value Because crypto isn't based on amorphous shit like "IF THE TECHNOLOGY IS FULLY DEVELOPED IT'LL RUN THE ENTIRE WORLD" pie in the sky bullshit dreams, BTC core literally does nothing except get shilled by a jewish greek guy who stole the project from an australian scammer and exists purely opposite to satoshi's original dream of a system of transactions free of central banking due to the mass involvement of banks in pumping the price. Your use case doesn't matter at all.

33 min later 26402777 Anonymous
Unironically anywhere between $1500 & $2000. Anything less is FUD. Look at XRP mc dominance. Then assume Chainlink is a #3 or #4. Assume crypto mc is between 5T-10T. Do the math and you’ll see what Link is capable of.

37 min later 26402855 Anonymous
I made a detailed model of the price action and calculated that by EOY, the price of LINK should reach exactly the following: (20 n e^(2 pi i) ) / ( 0.2 n ) USD, where n is the number of months remaining in the year (here, 11).

38 min later 26402868 Anonymous
>>26402777 Fucking checked. I was going to say $450.

39 min later 26402893 Anonymous
>>26402855 what's i?

40 min later 26402909 Anonymous
>>26402766 I guess you are just going to miss out then. We aren't talking about Core and your example isn't even remotely relevant. ETH is going to be a settlement layer at best because of LINK. Logically speaking LINK will extract value from every single public and private smart contract platform/layer 1s. ETH is actually more limited.

41 min later 26402941 Anonymous
>>26402893 The square root of -1

42 min later 26402957 Anonymous
I have absolutely no idea If its over $20 EOY I'll be happy

44 min later 26402986 Anonymous
>>26402909 >you are going to miss out No, because it isn't going to 100000 or whatever meme value in your head and you are unironically coping because you missed eth and btc so you latched onto link as your "this will go bigger than those ones" idea. Kill yourself.

44 min later 26402992 Anonymous
>>26402855 Nice trolling, faggot

44 min later 26403004 Anonymous
>>26402071 2k eoy

45 min later 26403019 Anonymous
>>26402986 Why not? LINK has practical applications, as opposed to some other cryptos.

45 min later 26403027 Anonymous
>>26403004 Based

47 min later 26403072 Anonymous
>>26402777 Check’em. Trips never lie.

48 min later 26403086 Anonymous
>>26402855 This works out to $14. thanks

50 min later 26403133 Anonymous (1606853684039.jpg 1785x2154 425kB)

1 hours later 26403374 Anonymous
>>26402071 zero. Screencap this.

1 hours later 26403393 Anonymous
>>26402106 All I need is a 4x.

1 hours later 26403469 Anonymous
>>26402893 >mathlet Ngmi

1 hours later 26403525 Anonymous
>>26402195 as the new low of the next bear market in 2 years yeah absolutely

1 hours later 26403561 Anonymous
>>26402071 $1K

1 hours later 26403568 Anonymous (made_it.png 1800x1200 328kB)
>>26402777 Checked and based

1 hours later 26403569 Anonymous
>>26402071 1k is genuinely a realistic price.

1 hours later 26403948 Anonymous (get it.png 391x129 4kB)
Do not get in if you haven't already. Dyor on BOR and do not buy fucking scammy rubic and link, dammit.

1 hours later 26404131 Anonymous
>>26402568 LINK can provide more value that the platform it runs on and can benefit from a different audience using it's tokenomics. Plus they've already proven the network is platform agnostic. It absolutely could flip ETH, in fact I'd say it will when the network is fully decentralized and staking is live, staking will be here before EOY, not sure on when they'll switch to a fully decentralized network, it takes time to get it right and the users won't want this rushed. $400 isn't out of the question >bull run >staking >value of the network >WEF

1 hours later 26404190 Anonymous
>>26404131 This is conservative btw, this is assuming a non-parabolic run, which can realistically happen

1 hours later 26404714 Anonymous
>>26403019 Idk if he is just salty or literally doesn't understand. LINK will seriously 5 figures within the decade.

1 hours later 26404789 Anonymous

2 hours later 26405365 Anonymous
>>26402777 Holy shit checked

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