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2021-01-21 04:05 26308726 F (JDS.jpg 450x436 47kB)
Hello /biz/, Believe it or not, I am from the near future. Ask me anything.

0 min later 26308765 Anonymous
>>26308726 did we eat ze bugz?

5 min later 26308983 Anonymous
>>26308726 >from the near future I don't need to ask you anything, I already know what happens in the near future. Just tell me if that furshit Rule34 coin moons or not.

5 min later 26308986 Anonymous
>>26308726 Are you still a faggot in the future ?

5 min later 26308992 Anonymous
Btc price

5 min later 26309003 Anonymous
>>26308765 Sorry I don't understand your question. What bugz?

6 min later 26309062 Anonymous
>>26308983 No. It is a scam.

8 min later 26309152 Anonymous
NANO price EOY

9 min later 26309197 Anonymous
>>26308992 Bitcoin goes down until end of January a lot, but will recover in the first two weeks of February. Will not get back to the ATH until May, but constantly grow 2021 to +10%. You better go with ETH, it outperforms Bicoin in February and will stay on top, bitcoin is number 3 in 2023.

11 min later 26309276 Anonymous
>>26309152 Nano EOY is 800 $.

11 min later 26309289 Anonymous
>>26308726 LOL tell me about the time travel itself, faggot, when did it start? What technology does it employ? How does it relates to the collision with the non-empty space of the place where you came back? How did you stay in your relative earth coordinates? Why do the thing to begin with? Where did you find the energy? Fucking moron lmao

21 min later 26309724 Anonymous
>>26309289 Technology that you wouldn't understand. You are not ready yet, but you will be.

22 min later 26309755 Anonymous
>>26308726 link price eoy sir?

26 min later 26309927 Anonymous
>>26309755 You won't believe me. Link will be #2 in 2023.

29 min later 26310035 Anonymous
>>26309927 will i make it with my 24.79 link?

29 min later 26310050 Anonymous
>>26308726 Did you find out yet who raped your doggy ?

30 min later 26310100 Anonymous
>>26309927 Well where will it be in February of 2021?

32 min later 26310193 Anonymous
>>26310035 Just hold it and you are good, it will be harsh times, but will pay. Remember, the difficulty in crypto isn't the buying, it's the selling.

32 min later 26310196 Anonymous
>>26309276 Reddit larp

32 min later 26310200 Anonymous
>>26308726 LCX price?

33 min later 26310256 Anonymous
>>26308726 Ok answer this litmus test. What is the final score of Liverpool Vs Burnley in the Premier League, on the 21st of Jan 2021, and who are the scorers

34 min later 26310270 Anonymous
>>26310100 End of February x120

33 min later 26310271 Anonymous
>>26308726 gf when

35 min later 26310344 Anonymous
>>26310256 I'm not interested in ball games.

35 min later 26310346 Anonymous
>>26310270 wen staking?

35 min later 26310365 Anonymous
>>26308726 Will they ever cure your gay?

35 min later 26310366 Anonymous
>>26310256 Nah, unlikely anyone would answer that. I have one better: what is EUR/USD by the end of Biden's term, 10, 1000, or infinity because USD is replaced with other, more stable currency?

36 min later 26310389 Anonymous
how low does btc crash to?

38 min later 26310481 Anonymous
>>26310346 There won't be staking afaik.

39 min later 26310530 Anonymous
>>26310389 We will see -40% in 2021.

39 min later 26310548 Anonymous
>>26308726 What are the best shitcoins to get for the next few years or just any coins for a matter of fact? What are the top 5 in 2023? Also best returns to get this year?

41 min later 26310622 Anonymous
>>26310366 Fiat money will be replaced with something new, there will be eDollars and eEuros, the system gets quite stable. Biden didn't have much impact, after all you US Guys tend to think that the man whose mostly on the news has the most power. Biden is just the president.

44 min later 26310746 Anonymous
>>26310548 There will be some new ones that come and go, from the current ones none will survive past 2023. LOCK and BAO will be best returns, but will never make it to top 20.

44 min later 26310749 Anonymous
how does the covid situation evolve over the years?

48 min later 26310965 Anonymous
>>26310749 Covid won't bother you after april 2021. The vaccine works and after all the big push for mRNA research safed so many lifes because we can cure many types of cancer and other deseases now.

53 min later 26311168 Anonymous
>>26310200 when?

54 min later 26311211 Anonymous
ADA EOY 2021?

57 min later 26311375 Anonymous
>>26310344 >>26310366 Give us a clue, any clue, of something that takes place in the next couple days? If you can somewhat verify yourself we might be more willing to larp with you.

58 min later 26311408 Anonymous
>>26308726 What is ze bottom?

59 min later 26311442 Anonymous
>>26309003 Fake and gay, we're unironically eating bugs in the near future

59 min later 26311443 Anonymous
>>26311211 2$

1 hours later 26311470 Anonymous
>>26311168 LCX price 2023?

1 hours later 26311520 Anonymous
>>26311375 True go ahead and tell us something what will happen in next days. Shouldn't have much impact

1 hours later 26311544 Anonymous
>>26311375 I don't care if you believe me.

1 hours later 26311558 Anonymous
>>26311544 Give me a break, fag

1 hours later 26311587 Anonymous
>>26311520 You have to be more specific.

1 hours later 26311599 Anonymous
>>26308726 What’s up with bao

1 hours later 26311671 Anonymous
>>26311470 0,05

1 hours later 26311676 Anonymous (flat,1000x1000,075,f.u2.jpg 1000x658 69kB)
>>26308726 PRQ price EOY?

1 hours later 26311709 Anonymous
>>26309003 fake and gay

1 hours later 26311781 Anonymous
>>26308726 Tell me, what happens to GRT?

1 hours later 26311822 Anonymous
>>26311781 no future, will x3 in 2021 but then fade away

1 hours later 26311852 Anonymous
>>26311822 based

1 hours later 26312027 Anonymous
whatever happens to monero/xmr?

1 hours later 26312034 Anonymous
worst. timetravel. larp. ever. the one a few weeks back where elon musk dies in an exploision in 2026 in LA was fucking epic. this is some weak piss by comparison.

1 hours later 26312075 Anonymous
>>26309003 Fake and gay

1 hours later 26312097 Anonymous
>>26312034 musk is still alive and doing well. He is a governor now.

1 hours later 26312155 Anonymous
>>26312097 I see. PRQ becomes so powerful that you can't give out that info at risk of making too many billionares.

1 hours later 26312234 Anonymous
>>26308726 I plan to DCA exclusively into ada, qnt, and avax (in that order) until btc crashes, and then I'll include btc in that. Am I retarded? I sold everything in Feb 2020, started a business, and have been sitting on the sidelines the past year in terms of crypto. I don't think I made the wrong choice because I have been profitable (barely), which is better than most companies <1 year old, and profits are going up month over month fairly consistently. But god damn, the fomo I'm feeling right now is strong as fuck

1 hours later 26312243 Anonymous
Bao price eoy

1 hours later 26312258 Anonymous
>>26312097 meh other timeline was better.

1 hours later 26312307 Anonymous
>>26312234 >ada >avax youre a retard

1 hours later 26312362 Anonymous
>>26311822 What happens to Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

1 hours later 26312384 Anonymous
>>26310035 How does $24,700 sound?

1 hours later 26312396 Anonymous
goes rubic go to the moon?

1 hours later 26312512 Anonymous
>>26312307 But why though

1 hours later 26312562 Anonymous
>>26308726 >Ask me anything. Name of the prophet please?

1 hours later 26312571 Anonymous
>>26312234 Bitcoin will soon be #3. Expect everything from crypto, but BTC won't be the king anymore.

1 hours later 26312585 Anonymous
>>26312384 Why not 24,790!? Why didn't we make it to $1k!!!

1 hours later 26312641 Anonymous
>>26312362 Trum did what he does best, made another TV show and had many many books that he told us were not written by ghostwriters. Died a strange death.

1 hours later 26312683 Anonymous
>>26312362 Joe Biden had a quite boring presidency, I'm not american tho, barely made it to our news. It was a stable time after Corona left us, science and pharma made huge improvements.

1 hours later 26312752 Anonymous
>>26312396 No, but it will x100 soon, then fall back to x10 and slowly grow until cryptos get soft-regulated in end of 2022, that was the end of all the swappers.

1 hours later 26312755 Anonymous
>>26310193 You mean not selling, right?

1 hours later 26312832 Anonymous
>>26312562 My name is Benjamin. Never thought about becoming a prophet, just kind of happened I guess. Crypto is my hobby and I want to give something back to you guise.

1 hours later 26312857 Anonymous
>>26312752 Sir! Name of the prophet please! No name, no prophet followers.

1 hours later 26312921 Anonymous
>>26312755 I mean not selling too early, but yes in this case, just don't sell. Chainlink is the future. Bitcoin was a pioneer and is still important, like gold. Ethereum has many disadvantages, but got so big it's still important.

1 hours later 26312939 Anonymous
>>26312752 I can live with this

1 hours later 26312996 Anonymous
yo marty mcfly, RLC price EOY

1 hours later 26313130 Anonymous
>>26312996 ATH reached in January, EOY is 1,80

1 hours later 26313244 Anonymous
Which timeframe are you from? HEX EOY2021?

1 hours later 26313564 Anonymous
>>26309003 kys

1 hours later 26313612 Anonymous
>>26313244 I'm from 2028. Living here now for a longer time, I can't look up things I didn't bring with me or have in my memory.

1 hours later 26313677 Anonymous
>>26313244 0,06 $

1 hours later 26313798 Anonymous
>>26313130 tell me the Ethereum on price 22/01/2021

1 hours later 26313970 Anonymous
>>26313798 about 1200

1 hours later 26314085 Anonymous
LTO eoy21

2 hours later 26314144 Anonymous
>>26309724 the nerve of this cuck

2 hours later 26314300 Anonymous
what happens to XRP in the next few years?

2 hours later 26314530 Anonymous
>>26313970 ETH price action throughout 2021? Does it outperform most other cryptos through the year and into 2022? Worth it for a long term HODL now or are Alts still a good way to boost my wealth this year. Thank you time travel bro

2 hours later 26314689 Anonymous
>>26314300 XRP is over and forgotten, they won't recover from the lawsuite.

2 hours later 26314835 Anonymous
>>26314530 2021 is the year of the Tier1 alts, Bitcoins dominance fades since more and more professionals and governments get into crypto. It's still an investment, but the market will completely split off and rely on ETH and Chainlink.

2 hours later 26314968 Anonymous
>>26308726 so the jews send you back to precvent their downfall?

2 hours later 26315010 Anonymous
>>26314530 The BTC/Altcoin duality will change to Big three (ETH, Chainlink, LTC) - Altcoins, Bitcoin will be like gold

2 hours later 26315059 Anonymous
>>26314968 jews will never downfall, it's a shame what happened to palestine tho.

2 hours later 26315431 Anonymous (1611119587060.jpg 340x296 11kB)
>>26315059 Tell me what happens to parsiq

2 hours later 26315804 Anonymous
>>26315431 Parsiq has better competitors that take it's place. It's already overpriced.

2 hours later 26315926 Anonymous
>>26308726 how fag is the future?

2 hours later 26315927 Anonymous
>>26311822 When will GRT moon?

2 hours later 26316043 Anonymous (1564336229198.jpg 330x330 24kB)
>>26315804 you probably bagholding GRT. Kek

2 hours later 26316119 Anonymous
>>26315926 Very, although that whole gender-thing was just a trend.

2 hours later 26316144 Anonymous
>>26308726 Will Ada get to $1? When?

2 hours later 26316167 Anonymous
>>26315927 Early January 2021, I'd switch to LINK after the mooning though, GRT has no future.

2 hours later 26316211 Anonymous
>>26316043 see >>26316167 The future showed that it was not about who will be the 'google of crypto', but that we didn't need a google for cryptos.

2 hours later 26316304 Anonymous
>>26316144 ADA had it's ATH already.

2 hours later 26316352 Anonymous (bouncing ears.gif 300x300 51kB)
>>26308726 how do /biz/ memes like RSR and STA do in 2021? and does the creation of the time machine lead to WWIII and eventual dystopia?

2 hours later 26316489 Anonymous
>>26316352 There will be other memes. There is no machine, it's more like an anormaly that doesn't have any effect on the future since it already happened. I think you already live in the dystopia.

2 hours later 26316678 Anonymous
>>26308726 How’s the drinking water supply in 2023?

2 hours later 26316726 Anonymous (nightmare vision.jpg 591x273 47kB)
>>26316489 ah shit

2 hours later 26316784 Anonymous
>>26311587 Alright try to tell which coin will moon or stocking a few days. ( Theres always something mooning hard ) or 4 Teams of which games they will win

3 hours later 26316826 Anonymous
>>26316167 its almost Feb 2021 idiot

3 hours later 26316906 Anonymous
>>26316826 sorry my understanding of time is different. Then it already happened.

3 hours later 26316927 Anonymous
>>26316784 Respond to this

3 hours later 26316952 Anonymous
>>26309003 fake and gay

3 hours later 26317050 Anonymous
>>26316906 yeah early jan was dumping nowhere near ath...

3 hours later 26317056 Anonymous
>>26316784 I'm not into sports at all, sorry. You don't want to hear it, but RBC an BAO will moon very soon.

3 hours later 26317133 Anonymous
>>26309003 Fake, gay, new or bait.

3 hours later 26317153 Anonymous
>>26316304 How far into the future are you? 10 days? You mean Ada will never break its previous ATH?

3 hours later 26317168 Anonymous
>>26308726 what's the price of rbc?

3 hours later 26317192 Anonymous
>>26308726 If you are from the future, why do you post architecture from the past?

3 hours later 26317270 Anonymous
>>26317153 2028. Yes I'm sorry.

3 hours later 26317318 Anonymous
>>26317192 I'm an architect and love the classical modern.

3 hours later 26317351 Anonymous
>>26317318 I'm also an architect. I like you. You are a good man.

3 hours later 26317402 Anonymous
Housing market What happens

3 hours later 26317473 Anonymous
>>26317351 there aren't many crypto archifags. Nice to meet you.

3 hours later 26317536 Anonymous
>>26317402 Getting worse.

3 hours later 26317689 Anonymous (1516765254453.jpg 1280x720 103kB)
>>26317270 But I went all in... I took everything I had and put it in there...everyone on YouTube keeps saying what a great project it is and how well its going to do... this was all I had.. I don't think I can face my family anon

3 hours later 26317740 Anonymous
>>26317689 it will reach very near the ATH, so if you didn't buy the absolute peak, there is still a chance. Also, there will be a fork.

3 hours later 26317777 Anonymous
>>26314835 >>26315010 I'm a poor guy with soon 60 LINK+. I'm avoiding fast pumps on purpose and don't hold anything else based on the assumption that its going to moon soon. I only hold LINK. I hope you're not lying, I believe in LINK, I believe it will afford me comfortable living eventually or at least make me some savings within 5 years. If you're lying you will get testicular cancer. If you're lying and don't respond with 'I am sorry I was lying' you will get testicular cancer before 2023.

3 hours later 26317847 Anonymous
>>26317777 Holy quads. OP better act smart about this one.

3 hours later 26317955 Anonymous
>>26317777 I'm answering your questions in the best way I can, it's not 100% sure since I only have my memory.

3 hours later 26317975 Anonymous
>>26308726 Tell me about monero.

3 hours later 26317980 Anonymous
>>26317536 For how long

3 hours later 26318168 Anonymous
>>26317980 I'm from 2028. The demand for office space will decrease, but for private housing, prices will still increase.

3 hours later 26318180 Anonymous
>>26317955 Enjoy being without balls soon, don't say I didn't warn you

3 hours later 26318210 Anonymous
>>26317975 It will reach 280 €, but never near it's ATH again. Won't play any role in the market after 2024.

3 hours later 26318261 Anonymous
>>26318210 >Won't play any role in the market after 2024. What happens 2024?

3 hours later 26318287 Anonymous
>>26308726 If I'm only holding GRT and AVAX Suicide Stacks ( 5000 GRT / 500 AVAX ) will I make it in 2022 ?

3 hours later 26318454 Anonymous
>>26317056 What does BAO moon to? like .01 range?

3 hours later 26318608 Anonymous
>>26309003 newfag and pajeet detected

3 hours later 26318628 Anonymous
>>26318454 0,01

3 hours later 26318671 Anonymous
>>26318287 No, I doubt that 5000 GRT is suicide though

3 hours later 26319069 Anonymous
>>26317740 Should I just neck myself?

3 hours later 26319140 Anonymous
>>26319069 No, life is beautiful if you give it a chance.

3 hours later 26319251 Anonymous
Bump for larping time traveler. Tell us about the direction of ETH and DAPPS. Is there an ETH major competitor?

4 hours later 26319883 Anonymous
>>26319251 ETH will never get over it's staking problem, they will improve tho, but LINK will take most of the market. ETH will stay, because many networks rely on it tho. DAPPS are the future, but there will be new competitors.

4 hours later 26319941 Anonymous
>>26312243 10 Check en

4 hours later 26320074 Anonymous
Do you guise only have questions about Crypto?

4 hours later 26320147 Anonymous
>>26320074 So Biden doesnt die year one of his presidency leaving kumallya to take over?

4 hours later 26320185 Anonymous
>>26320074 tell us major events. there has to be some series of crazy events between now and 2028

4 hours later 26320218 Anonymous
>>26320074 And what was Trumps weird death?

4 hours later 26320241 Anonymous
any major politics changes? drug decriminalization? cyborgs? changes in thinking among the broad population? why does monero become less useful after 2024?

4 hours later 26320252 Anonymous
any (surprising) big tech advancements by 2028? bioeng or fake meat or somethin

4 hours later 26320320 Anonymous
tell us this: sex bots? how does aging work? space? how is china and best countries to live with less than 100k and why

4 hours later 26320363 Anonymous
Does TSLA crash? The last time traveller larper said that deepfake porn gets really good, is this true?

4 hours later 26320680 Anonymous
>>26320147 No, Biden is still alive 2028. Trump dies.

4 hours later 26320744 Anonymous
>>26320680 Ya, you said it was a weird death. How so?

4 hours later 26320755 Anonymous
>>26308726 Will I finally start WW3 untill than?

4 hours later 26320838 Anonymous
>>26308726 BNB price EOY

4 hours later 26320916 Anonymous
>>26320363 YesTesla it crashes very big. Elon gets into politics tho and starts a new company that creates a device that streams audio and video directly into your brain. Apple and the other smartphone companies crash. Deepfake porn is a huge thing, you can basically just describe what you want to see and then watch it.

4 hours later 26320996 Anonymous
>>26320744 It is said that Trum had a fatal heart attack while eating a sandwich on the toilet, there are even pictures going around, but you never know what is real because of the deepfakes.

4 hours later 26321376 Anonymous
>>26320996 >eating on the toilet disgusting

4 hours later 26321673 Anonymous
>>26320916 what the hell is the point of deepfake porn if you cant have a bodily experience? The ability to have sex with AOC, nancy pelosi, lyn alden and daniele de martino in a anime matrix style orgy would be every bizness' man's wet dream

4 hours later 26322168 Anonymous
Hey future fag. Tell us please 5 celebrities who are gonna die in 2021. And if Oprah is gonna be president any time soon Thanks

3.567 0.169