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2021-01-20 10:14 26246583 Anonymous XMR (F5ADBE7B-CF35-4BAC-BDB2-7A3C95800D89.png 1280x809 296kB)
How much to comfy long term?

3 min later 26246667 Anonymous
>>26246583 If you're gonna use it then it's good to hold, it will gain few dollars. If you wanna make actual money, sell and buy something else

7 min later 26246764 Anonymous
>>26246583 Unknown amount

9 min later 26246808 Anonymous
absolute shitcoin. everything else moons and this crabs. I'm going to dump it all on the next pop.

10 min later 26246834 Anonymous
>>26246583 190 xmr soon

14 min later 26246922 Anonymous
market has decided Monero is a shit coin? Monthly charts compared to other alts is horrendous..

17 min later 26246993 Anonymous
>>26246922 It's a solid coin actually. The privacy it provides is unmatchable compared to any other coin and it's being used for a lot of txs. But it will never reach any significant heights. It's meant to be used, not profited from. So yeah, in that sense it is a fucking useless shitcoin that only "muh anonymous fight the goerbment" cringefags invest in.

17 min later 26246994 Anonymous
Holding a lot of XMR, have bought over the years slowly. Not going to bother selling my stack, probably just adding very slowly, because if I sell, it will start to moon

19 min later 26247040 Anonymous
>>26246583 Zero because btc will out perform

20 min later 26247042 Anonymous
I want to start mining monero on my gaming pc, any tips, frens?

30 min later 26247264 Anonymous
>>26247042 mining is CPU only, works best with high core count CPUs and low latency ram. tweaking ram timings/ ram overclocking can yield 10-40% more with the same electricity cost. In general mining is only worth it if your electricity is cheap or free.

41 min later 26247560 Anonymous
>>26246583 I sold my Monero for 0xMonero, Monero is an overpriced fork of Bytecoin.

59 min later 26247987 Anonymous
>>26247042 Don't bother unless you have a botnet

1 hours later 26248030 Anonymous
>>26247560 What time is it in India Pajeet? Curry again for dinner?

1 hours later 26248256 Anonymous
>>26247560 nope. 0xmonero is still vaporware bullshit just like the last hundred times you spammed it stop trying to steal from people by lying to them about the capabilities of the project https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoMoon Shots/comments/i27fhk/0xmonero_summ ary_of_findings/ https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S2475 0658#p24755504

1 hours later 26248289 Anonymous
>>26248256 You deserve a medal bro

1 hours later 26248454 Anonymous
>>26248256 you are the true hero of /biz/. Post an address and I will tip you an unknown amount of XMR

1 hours later 26248582 LebAnon
>>26246922 lol fuck the markets Monero stands for what people think Bitcoin is it's being suppressed because whales are accumulating in my opinion, when atomic swaps are finished it will unironically pump to levels that are unprecedented look at the ACTUAL usage of monero its literally the only fungible coin that has usage and IS used this thread has now an unknown amount of comfiness

1 hours later 26248615 LebAnon
>>26248454 based XMR chad >>26248256 fellow DG poster please make a DG jannies still range banned me

1 hours later 26248729 LebAnon
>>26247987 nope you are a moron thanks to random X you can run a single node and mine and help the network :) >>26247040 seethe more

1 hours later 26248832 Anonymous
>>26246583 18.7 is suicide stack >>26246667 You didn’t buy btc in 2014-2015 you damn well don’t deserve monero kike

1 hours later 26248856 LebAnon
>>26248832 based an unknown amount would be a good suicide stack as well

1 hours later 26248893 Anonymous
>>26246583 Monero is king. Once the American ZOG goes after altcoins there will be an influx of nocoiners flooding into XMR.

1 hours later 26249103 LebAnon

1 hours later 26249124 LebAnon
>>26249103 >>26248729 same guy electricity went out

1 hours later 26249230 Anonymous
50 XMR comfy?

1 hours later 26249253 Anonymous
>>26249230 Probably, put it in cold storage and just sit on it

1 hours later 26249290 Anonymous
>>26249230 Comfy af

1 hours later 26249309 Chronos
>>26246583 Yea it's almost like a stable coin

1 hours later 26249329 Anonymous
>>26246583 shitcoin

1 hours later 26249348 Anonymous (20210119_224850.jpg 332x500 112kB)
Look Ma, I'm anonymous! You guys are fools and need to understand what "opportunity cost" means.

1 hours later 26249460 Anonymous
>>26249348 I have approx 10k in XMR in cold storage and around 200k in BTC and ETH, it's just not worth playing around with something so little and move it around, rather just put in new money

1 hours later 26249470 Anonymous (1598461336894.png 723x488 309kB)
I bought at $165

2 hours later 26249497 Anonymous
>>26249470 Soon brother.

2 hours later 26249718 Anonymous
>>26249460 Whatever helps you sleep.

2 hours later 26250069 Anonymous (cb8d90acb9c6a55bf09238a4a45f4d458e94695f.jpg 892x1066 629kB)
>>26249348 >You guys are fools and need to understand what "opportunity cost" means. And you need to understand what Monero means.

2 hours later 26250125 Anonymous (bobo-smiling-in-front-of-chart.jpg 228x221 7kB)
>147 smart people are filling their bags right now

2 hours later 26250389 Anonymous
>>26247042 Make a folder that's exempt from Windows virus scanner and run xmrig from there. Just run it in the background whenever you're on the computer.

2 hours later 26250497 Anonymous
>>26250125 Imagine going long on cope.

2 hours later 26250592 Anonymous
>>26250069 Monero means money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qu GD9W7B2I

2 hours later 26250902 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-01-18-18-49-44-540_com.cakewallet.cake_wallet.jpg 1080x2340 197kB)
>>26246583 Is this enough?

3 hours later 26251063 Anonymous
>>26250902 You made it bro!

3 hours later 26251515 Anonymous
>>26250902 You need at least 800 to make it, sorry bro

3 hours later 26251532 Anonymous
>>26250902 look, it's that eurofag again with his Redmi Note wanting to be raided by kangz gang

3 hours later 26251593 Anonymous
>>26251532 you do realise that your screenshots contain GPS EXIF data, right?

3 hours later 26251619 Anonymous
>>26251593 >>26250902 quoting myself like the idiot I am

3 hours later 26251716 LebAnon
>>26250902 you're the same whale from last time I have no idea how to feel about you breaking every single rule but if not LARP than DANGEROUSLY BASED AS TITS

3 hours later 26252001 Anonymous
>>26251593 No.

3 hours later 26252042 Anonymous
>>26246583 Reminder that XMR will allow sanctioned countries like North Korea, Iran or Cuba to trade with foreign companies anonymously without having to use (((dollars)))

3 hours later 26252060 Anonymous
>>26246993 >It's meant to be used, not profited from. This is every coin, retard. They're all "meant to be used." Prices are based on demand. If all of a sudden a ton of people start buying XMR, demand goes up and so will prices. If a whale holding your mom amounts of XMR decides to sell, then the price stalls or goes down as supply outstrips demand. This is basic economics you mongoloid.

4 hours later 26252795 Anonymous (a15c5381c9baaa1c.jpg 696x563 185kB)

4 hours later 26252855 Anonymous
>>26246583 I sold most of my holdings last night regrettably. I love Monero but it doesn't do enough to make it worth holding. It's utility is great though and I think it could outlast any crypto.

4 hours later 26253131 Anonymous (Z.jpg 225x225 17kB)
>>26252795 >mfw Iran buying Uranium with XMR to destroy Israel will make me rich Not only am I contributing to the genocide of jews, but also profiting from it, two birds, one stone

4 hours later 26253309 Anonymous
>>26253131 bullish

4 hours later 26253428 Anonymous
Taking the ongoing market crash in account is it wise to swing my neros?

4 hours later 26253435 Anonymous
>>26250497 Back to 150. XMR does not moon. But atleast it does not fucking crash either. In case you have not noticed nothing is growing in crypto right now. The total market cap stays the same. Literally just morons moving money around in hopes to catch moons. Then dumping for something else.

4 hours later 26253501 Anonymous
What are atomic swaps?

4 hours later 26253551 Anonymous
0. its gonna lose its milkshake to a L2 privacy coin.

4 hours later 26253588 LebAnon
>>26253131 bullish and based

4 hours later 26253617 Anonymous
>>26253551 That's not Private or safe moron. XMR is king privacy.

4 hours later 26253740 Anonymous
DERO already do everything that monero will ever do plus they had smart contracts and an ultra-scalable DAG chain like nano but immune to 51% attack, with 8 million marketcap. You will not make lot of money on monero buy new fresh coins with real tech behind. DERO next x100

5 hours later 26254743 Anonymous
>>26246583 The real question is how long to hold

5 hours later 26254858 Anonymous
The only reason I’m not investing in Monero is because I’m suspicious that the government will crack down on it eventually. As far as use-case goes, this is far more valuable than most coins due to it having anonymous transactions.

5 hours later 26254983 Anonymous
>>26253131 unbelievably based and redpilled

5 hours later 26255032 Anonymous
>>26253740 pajeet detected

5 hours later 26255279 Anonymous
DERO is nice but look at XHV - this is going to be the next 100x or more - because stablecoin included. No need to trade anymore when you can just secure your wealth anonymously during hard times and switch back to volatile asset at any time. Price is good atm, get in now or never. Thorchain integration coming VERY soon.

5 hours later 26256049 Anonymous
>>26253501 https://localmonero.co/knowledge/mo nero-atomic-swaps

5 hours later 26256210 Anonymous
>>26254743 at least 3 years to make it

5 hours later 26256248 Anonymous
>>26253131 Fucking based. I'm going to donate Monero to Iran's (non-Rothschild) Central Bank

6 hours later 26256576 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210105-114607.jpg 1080x1202 256kB)

6 hours later 26257302 Anonymous (89238942.png 1159x644 110kB)
>daily TX keep rising >darknet adoption keeps increasing >atomic swaps on the way >major crime syndicates are moving into crypto Those of you that can connect dots can see where this is headed. Atomic swaps will neutralize any regulatory suppression while black money assets and offshore capital are going to be pouring into crypto en masse over the next decade. Monero is a no-brainer if you have enough of an IQ to see the benefits of delayed gratification.

6 hours later 26257377 Anonymous
>>26256576 Yes.

6 hours later 26257413 Anonymous
>>26253617 Remember me fatboy Im calling this 2-3 years before it happens. monero is too slow

6 hours later 26257421 Anonymous (1610567034306.png 500x400 406kB)
>>26251716 >100k >whale

6 hours later 26257582 Anonymous (DkC6xZjU8AAKqfE.jpg 306x306 15kB)
>>26257302 >muh atomic swamps If you keep using that as your cope you'll only manifest a huge sell off once the atomic swamps are implemented.

6 hours later 26257938 Anonymous (1603734428920.png 499x500 59kB)
>>26253131 Excellent.

6 hours later 26258292 Anonymous (1601289460293.png 1280x720 616kB)
>>26249470 You bought, that's the important part. Now just wait and be comfy with us.

6 hours later 26258464 Anonymous (crypto-money-laundering.png 854x1404 415kB)
>>26257582 >If you keep using that as your cope you'll only manifest a huge sell off once the atomic swamps are implemented. lol excellent, more liquidity for the tax evaders and money launderers then. As the darling of the darknet, Monero is clearly going to be THEE primary if not exclusive crypto of the blossoming shadow e-conomy and will see its marketcap grow accordingly. Tingles!

7 hours later 26259250 Anonymous (1603848644797.jpg 1080x1010 165kB)

7 hours later 26259456 Anonymous (1597294737950.gif 300x225 833kB)
Monero lost btc value, because it was a fake tether pump. This is a scammy and manipulated market. And so is /biz/. But hey dump more on me.

7 hours later 26259960 Anonymous
I had a dream where I bought $4500 of XMR at a grocery store. Like at a checkout with a gift card? Someone explain this I’m going schizo

7 hours later 26260390 LebAnon
>>26257421 the amount of XMR he has is astouding don't compare it to mere fiat

7 hours later 26260789 Anonymous
>>26246764 this

7 hours later 26261482 Anonymous (atomic swaps.png 1601x1600 188kB)

7 hours later 26261675 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 10.09.58 AM.png 738x149 38kB)
>>26257413 base-layer fungibility and privacy is most important. Would make more sense if a L2 solution is desired to have it on top of Monero, not a transparent base layer.

7 hours later 26261684 LebAnon
>>26261482 based

8 hours later 26262293 Anonymous (16100758814201.jpg 1080x2103 721kB)

8 hours later 26262413 LebAnon
>>26262293 based

8 hours later 26263543 Anonymous
>>26246583 bump

8 hours later 26263557 Anonymous
>>26252042 Based.

9 hours later 26264451 Anonymous
>>26248256 thank you anon for keeping the shills in their place

9 hours later 26264827 Anonymous (905432.gif 370x250 688kB)
>>26252042 >Reminder that XMR will allow sanctioned countries like North Korea, Iran or Cuba to trade with foreign companies anonymously without having to use (((dollars))) That is actually a very apt use case, didn't even consider it. Usually these types of circumventions invariably leave a digital paper trail which can be traced and investigated and then sanctioned. By using crypto as airtight as Monero there is nothing to find and thus there is plausible deniability, which plays a strategic role in global geo-politics. So, lets recap: >black markets >tax evasion >money laundering >rouge state banking >black budget off-the-record transactions Lawd, the amount of shadow capital that could potentially flow into Monero's marketcap is insane....

9 hours later 26265170 Anonymous
I live in the US. What's to stop this new insane government from totally screwing me over.

9 hours later 26265215 Anonymous
>>26265170 Monero is the least likely to be fucked over especially once it gets atomic swaps. How can they fuck you if they can't track you?

9 hours later 26265295 Anonymous
>>26265215 Alright, let me explain. I'm coming from stocks, I'm damn good at it but now I'm stuck in 6 figure hell. I don't know how to do anything fancy with crypto, even though I've been dedicating a lot of time to learning it. I have KRAKEN set up to buy XMR. What happens if my glorious socialist government decides to make buying/selling XMR illegal on Kraken? They already kicked it off of Coinbase.

9 hours later 26265501 Anonymous (54678347.png 567x1011 197kB)
>>26265295 >What happens if my glorious socialist government decides to make buying/selling XMR illegal on Kraken? They already kicked it off of Coinbase. Atomic swaps are coming later this year. You simply swap seamlessly in and out of BTC as necessary, there is nothing the government can do about it short of banning ALL crypto.

9 hours later 26265805 Anonymous (ErEKoSGXMAI3NnN.jpg 1200x675 41kB)
>>26265501 >there is nothing the government can do about it short of banning ALL crypto. Not only that, but they would have to ban all crypto in all countries, just like they did with pirate bay :^) Monero is literally the future I just wish I had more money to accumulate more monero, or for it to dump massively so I can buy enough

9 hours later 26265848 Anonymous
>>26264827 There is still the underlying problem that monero can't be held as a store of value because it's so unstable. That is gonna shake off a ton of people from holding it as a "wallet" for their black market funds.

9 hours later 26265931 Anonymous
>>26256049 >>26261482 Pretty cool.

9 hours later 26266455 Anonymous (5g-metalor-gold-bar-3d8c7fc8f2df005e49654e1187646542.png 400x400 117kB)
Thanks to this thread and yesterday's XMR general I have been converted. I want in! A few questions (this is my first venture into crypto so pls be gentle): Doesnt buying monero intially require a bank account? Does this mean that if ((they)) see money going into it from my bank that i can still be questioned about it? Whats your non-KYC of choice when it comes to buying XMR? Is there one considered the best or can I arbitraily choose one from the general list? ( >>26182946 ) >>26222737 Are there telegram groups like this in other countries, where you meet in person to exchange XMR for cash? Is it possible to trade stocks for monero, maybe a better question would be, is there a broker that trades both stocks and crypto? Asking for a friend that might want to transfer stock gains into crypto. I'm interested in mining but if I've understood correctly, for it to breakeven you would need a pretty ridiculous set up and low elec fees. https://www.cryptocompare.com/minin g/calculator/xmr?HashingPower=73&Ha shingUnit=KH%2Fs&PowerConsumption=2 000&CostPerkWh=0.12&MiningPoolFee=1 I have a crappy laptop that I could put to work, how do esitmate its hashrate? THANK YOU, WAGMI

9 hours later 26266558 Anonymous (use-monero.gif 640x480 3309kB)
>>26265848 >There is still the underlying problem that monero can't be held as a store of value because it's so unstable. That is gonna shake off a ton of people from holding it as a "wallet" for their black market funds. I still remember when they used to say that about Bitcoin.

9 hours later 26266584 Anonymous
>>26266558 It's still true about bitcoin though.

9 hours later 26266608 Anonymous
>>26266455 >Doesnt buying monero intially require a bank account? Just like buying anything on the internet >Does this mean that if ((they)) see money going into it from my bank that i can still be questioned about it? You buy bitcoin or usdt or whatever, then buy monero If you are still concerned you can just re send the monero to another address inside your wallet, that exchange can not be traced

9 hours later 26266752 Anonymous
>>26266455 >questioned about it? If you want to use Kraken or a KYC exchange you can buy it through a bank account. This is not illegal, but you would want to keep it in a different subaddress from any privately acquired XMR, and keep a record of your transactions in case you get audited. >non-KYC of choice I like bisq!

9 hours later 26266948 Anonymous (bitcoin-blacklist.png 856x656 59kB)
>>26266584 >It's still true about bitcoin though. Once this overhyped irrational market finally calms down and gets back to fundamentals we'll see more realistic coin valuations and thus greater stability. Bitcoin stands to lose more than Monero in that respect since it has pressing privacy+fungibility issues and is vulnerable to governmental blacklisting.

9 hours later 26267042 Anonymous
Just bought [an unknown amount] more

10 hours later 26267556 Anonymous (monigga.png 620x375 291kB)

10 hours later 26267625 Anonymous
I'm a precious metals and stocks guy but I've taken to accumulating an unknown amount of monero. Very comfy.

10 hours later 26267989 Anonymous
>>26246583 many more

10 hours later 26268544 LebAnon
>>26267625 welcome based anon

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