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2021-01-19 02:06 26179240 Anonymous /pfg/ - Poorfag General (00E28904-B89C-4CDF-89A7-E8A6341FA3F0.jpg 745x1098 112kB)
Calling all crypto poorfags. Share your shitty, depressing wallets. Discuss and give suggestions to others who hardly have two coins to rub together. We’re all gonna make it someday bros.

7 min later 26179489 Anonymous
>>26179240 ive only got like $3000 in cardano and $150 in dxsale. i dont even have a screenshot of it

8 min later 26179520 Anonymous
>>26179240 Your only hope is putting all of your shit into eth and playing uniswap roulette

17 min later 26179806 Anonymous (20210118_201627.jpg 720x923 71kB)
Hoping for raises in Avax and Link, gonna sell then put everything in Cardano if it's not shit. Otherwise I'll just put everything in ETH.

17 min later 26179824 Anonymous
>>26179520 Care to elaborate?

20 min later 26179909 Anonymous (SmartSelect_20210118-222539_Blockfolio.jpg 1060x1139 228kB)
I will make it!!!!!

20 min later 26179954 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-185625.png 1440x2560 138kB)
>>26179240 Will I ever make it frens

21 min later 26179959 Anonymous
>>26179909 >XRP Based. Hoping for a big moon once the bullshit lawsuit is thrown out the window.

21 min later 26179979 Anonymous
I started with 250 in November, put it all in prq and did nothing. Now it's like 2k Wagmi

22 min later 26179997 Anonymous
>>26179954 >GRT Yes anon we’re both riding the Graph Giraffe all the way

22 min later 26180025 Anonymous (7B674C43-B72D-45BE-9872-7AB777F89FDA.jpg 827x658 70kB)
well make it dont worry

23 min later 26180038 Anonymous (AC399E29-CD90-4198-967F-DD53C093ACF3.jpg 1170x2421 604kB)
How fucked am I?

23 min later 26180045 Anonymous
>>26179240 No offense newfag, but this is such an incompetent allocation. Just go all in on Eth

23 min later 26180057 Anonymous (1610953221872.gif 416x416 14kB)

23 min later 26180060 Anonymous (1611019817873.jpg 828x1608 167kB)
Had about $400 from 2017 dead coins and invested the rest in the last couple of days.

24 min later 26180067 Anonymous (port.png 718x778 59kB)

25 min later 26180131 Anonymous (1602293947683.jpg 584x530 221kB)
only a few days ago that i decided to finally look into this crypto thing and bought some eth. this is certainly more exciting than boomer rocks. too bad i don't have much to gamble with.

25 min later 26180134 Anonymous
>>26179240 why do you have $300 split across 7 coinbase coins, this portfolio is never gonna "make it"

26 min later 26180142 Anonymous
>>26180038 Decent picks but overly diversified. Consolidate all into ETH, AVAX, PRQ imo.

26 min later 26180167 Anonymous (DCE8FFEB-648E-4AD3-998E-CDF4A450B71B.png 1125x2436 773kB)

27 min later 26180201 Anonymous
>>26179806 Put everything in LINK right fucking now what are you doing?

28 min later 26180226 Anonymous (capture1.18.21.jpg 418x168 8kB)

28 min later 26180230 Anonymous
>>26180167 swap your XLM with BTC. Remember, doesn't matter if you're a poorfag, always have some BTC.

28 min later 26180234 Anonymous
>>26179240 Got 750 XRP and 450 GRT. Hoping we all make it past poorfag territory

29 min later 26180266 Anonymous (download.jpg 287x176 12kB)
>>26180167 Looking good to me always a good idea to have some doge for good juju

29 min later 26180276 Anonymous
>>26180226 Put the LTC and XLM into BTC. Both mediocre shitcoins.

29 min later 26180278 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-231718_Delta.jpg 719x1064 286kB)
Hi frens Wimi?

30 min later 26180313 Anonymous
>>26180234 Ngmi with that much. Pick one coin.

30 min later 26180314 Anonymous (Bullmarket.png 523x423 202kB)
>>26179240 You newfags NEED TO LEARN before it's too late. Most of you will miss out on 100x returns from the uniswap casino. Sorry you were too slow.

30 min later 26180327 Anonymous
>>26180276 I will if LTC goes to 0.01 btc again minimum. I refuse to do it otherwise

32 min later 26180378 Anonymous
>>26180278 You're already out of poorfag territory. Ok picks but no BTC at all?! not even 0.1?

32 min later 26180385 Anonymous (file.png 928x436 55kB)
>>26179240 you think that's poor? heh.

33 min later 26180432 Anonymous
>>26179240 Do I have a chance of making it at least partially from 200€ if I buy the right 10x at the right time?

34 min later 26180462 Anonymous
>>26180060 You seem to be an expert at picking absolute dogshit. Drop everything except ETH and maybe LTO.

35 min later 26180525 Anonymous
>>26180432 No, realistically you have more chances of losing all that money chasing the next 100x. Even if it does a clean 100x, it still wouldn't be make it level. Come back when you have more money.

36 min later 26180546 Anonymous
>>26179240 375.72780000 **AVAX** 00.86419198 **ETH** 2213.78400000 **GRT** 115.88400000 **LTO** 1.49850000 **DOT** Am I going to make it with these stacks by December 2021 ?

36 min later 26180569 Anonymous
>>26180525 I don't need to make it fast. I meant more turn the 200€ into something like 1000€ and then go from there

36 min later 26180570 Anonymous
>>26180385 You're better off investing all that in some Big Macs and large soda.

37 min later 26180625 Anonymous
>>26180569 Maybe, give it a try and see how it goes.

38 min later 26180646 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-013946__01.jpg 1080x2210 169kB)

38 min later 26180671 Anonymous
>>26180546 1 and a half DOT? what did you mean by that? decent picks, overly diversified.

39 min later 26180695 Anonymous
I have 4000 which grand exchange do I use Gemini ??

39 min later 26180702 Anonymous
>> 26180542

39 min later 26180727 Anonymous
>>26180569 See >>26179979

39 min later 26180737 Anonymous
>>26180646 Finally a decent one, you're making bank short term. Good on you for not falling for the diversification meme.

40 min later 26180757 Anonymous

40 min later 26180759 Anonymous
>>26179520 This. You can easily get to over $1k doing this. OP is too diversified with the low dollar amount.

44 min later 26180912 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-024752.png 720x1280 136kB)
Bonjour gentlemen

49 min later 26181160 Anonymous (1-18.jpg 1080x2220 172kB)
>>26180230 >>26180276 XLMs been pretty damn good to me so far, don't know why you hate on it so much

50 min later 26181175 Anonymous
How the fuck do you accurately add a uniswap transaction in Blockfolio this shit is annoying and confusing. They need to add a erc20 wallet connection.

51 min later 26181213 Anonymous
>>26180727 Impressive. I have my eyes on bond, what do you think, could it 10x?

1 hours later 26181586 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119_020522_com.coinbase.android.jpg 1080x2340 407kB)
Started about a week ago, got some good gains from CB Earn shilling, still have 20 dollars of XLM to get from my link, been hard to get clicks on it despite spamming everywhere. I have for sure made money but I am still feeling out what I should continue to invest in for gains. Any rates and advice would be appreciated, I'm lensing towards GRT and XLM for quick potential gains and Etherium for long term hold until I have enough to start investing in BTC.

1 hours later 26181933 Anonymous (binance.jpg 1079x1048 148kB)
was worth 2.1k yesterday but really didn't want to swing. going to buy more soon. started with 1.2k

1 hours later 26182101 Anonymous
What’s the best long-game alt coin? The big coins are too expensive, I’m looking for something I can buy a stack of for cheap and sit on it for 5-10 years until I’m rich.

1 hours later 26182156 Anonymous
>>26179240 >>26180912 >>26181586 Please anons, stop diversifying so fucking much. You can't diversify with what you have. Choose 3, 4 coins max

1 hours later 26182162 Anonymous (9F78063C-A3D9-4DEE-8378-68E521B67165.jpg 1242x1801 416kB)
I don’t even think this classifies as a wallet. I wish I never left crypto and stayed and learned. Maybe my life would be better and wealthier

1 hours later 26182192 Anonymous
How do you guys trade shit coins ?

1 hours later 26182204 Anonymous
>>26180067 When the time comes you won’t be able to afford the gas fees. And it will be in your favor. Good luck and god speed poorfag.

1 hours later 26182260 Anonymous (1610919790690.jpg 1536x846 237kB)
Buy CLF https://stocktwits.com/symbol/CLF

1 hours later 26182539 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-023112_CoinStats.jpg 720x1600 219kB)
I too am poor.

1 hours later 26182578 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-023121_CoinStats.jpg 720x1600 178kB)
>>26182539 Have some cardano as well

1 hours later 26182607 Anonymous
>>26182162 I realised I’m literally the only poorfag in this thread. Fuck

1 hours later 26182766 Anonymous
>>26180230 Fuck off, XLM is going to the moon

1 hours later 26182925 Anonymous (1611023978431.jpg 1440x3040 554kB)
Put everything into gold a week or so ago after the btc peak, so I could hold for the low. Friend keeps telling me to buy cardano and that it hasn't reached its high yet. Thoughts? Should I hold Ada until the inevitable moon (but potential earlier dump when the btc bubble inevitably pops)

1 hours later 26182974 Anonymous
>>26179240 unironically might make it. Sell Ren and XRP for more GRT. Delegate immediately.

1 hours later 26183057 Anonymous
>>26182156 The diversity is mine is only from the CB rewards, I've only ever bought XLM, GRT and ETH. Should I trade the other stuff into these?

1 hours later 26183110 Anonymous
>>26182260 stop posting this in every thread pajeet

1 hours later 26183125 Anonymous (IMG_20210119_034808.jpg 1080x796 85kB)

1 hours later 26183167 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-185008.png 864x1776 116kB)

1 hours later 26183227 Anonymous
>>26182101 LINK, don't listen to anyone else.

1 hours later 26183335 Anonymous (0 (20).jpg 465x1007 36kB)
pls moon pls moon pls moon

1 hours later 26183443 Anonymous
>>26179954 Xmr is what you buy when you already have a lot of money

1 hours later 26183460 Anonymous
>>26179240 2K GRT 2.2K NU

1 hours later 26183469 Anonymous
>>26179520 Give me one reason to use Uniswap when the gas fees are so ridiculously high

1 hours later 26183481 Anonymous
>>26180038 You’ll probs be in the mid 5 digits by the end of ceycle

1 hours later 26183502 Anonymous
>>26183469 cuz you can 10-100x if you make the right pick

1 hours later 26183543 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-212617.png 1080x1920 322kB)
I started with 2k a few months ago and added another $100-250 a few times for a total of 3.5k invested. I have also made a ton of mistakes. We can do it poorfag brothers

1 hours later 26183544 Anonymous
>>26183335 pointless having any of that in BTC / ETH...

1 hours later 26183557 Anonymous
>>26183544 it was free

1 hours later 26183579 Anonymous (IMG_20210119_125916.jpg 1080x1837 293kB)
Am I going to make it?

1 hours later 26183594 Anonymous
>>26179954 XMR is a stablecoin I'd keep around [AMOUNT UNKNOWN] of it, but if you want gains I'd put it somewhere else for the time being

1 hours later 26183599 Anonymous
>>26183544 also need eth for gas fees.

1 hours later 26183607 Anonymous
>>26180313 Got paid and managed to set aside enough for 600 loom coins aswell. I buy whatever is cheap at the time and hope it grows like my GRT did

1 hours later 26183610 Anonymous
>>26183557 move it all to GRT at the bottom of this current dip rn

1 hours later 26183632 Anonymous
>>26179240 sell all for xrp

1 hours later 26183642 Anonymous
>>26183469 Seriously don’t fall for that meme just hold eth

1 hours later 26183643 Anonymous
>>26183610 okay. i was gonna move the btc to something, i got it from a friend 2-3 days ago

1 hours later 26183677 Anonymous
>>26183227 are you being honest with us anon? us poorfags aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. pls tell me you’re being honest. if so i’ll buy some today.

1 hours later 26183712 Anonymous (yfteopportunity.png 808x460 32kB)
>>26183610 also im on yfte cuz it might 10x (300-500k) marketcap. total casino gamble. after that im gonna move it to something else. ngl might be a DOT project, but still doing my research.

1 hours later 26183721 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-130319.png 2048x1819 396kB)
Thinking about some more ETH and maybe GRT, LTO, COTI and/or INJ. I feel kind of stuck though.

1 hours later 26183751 Anonymous
>>26183643 try get it below $0.50 if you can, might dip to that before the next crabcrawl up

2 hours later 26183779 Anonymous
This is my poorfolio: >30k FTM >400 OCEAN >450 REN >0.37 ETH I know I’ve made the classic poorman mistake of overdiversifying with such a small amount of money, but I can’t bring myself to part with ocean or ren and then deal with the subsequent tax fuckaround Anyways. Am I likely to do well this bullrun anons?

2 hours later 26183787 Anonymous
>>26183751 okay. im not just yankin your chain, ive got GRT written down for some research. might even do it after some shitposting

2 hours later 26183798 Anonymous (logo_original-600x600.png 600x600 39kB)
LGCY = moon

2 hours later 26183815 Anonymous
Got >.0025 BTC >942 GRT >32.35 LINK Will I make it?

2 hours later 26183839 Anonymous
>>26183779 >tax You have a poorfolio. With such small transactions you wont have to worry about the tax man.

2 hours later 26183947 Anonymous (C76739D9-29FC-4A8E-AB11-F63E99F660B0.png 750x1624 414kB)
Over diversified mid tier fag here

2 hours later 26183950 Anonymous
>>26183839 Ausfag here - I actually do, there’s fines for the ato just figuring out you didn’t do your due diligence and go through a tax accountant. So I’m not about to realise the super modest profits on either of the two I’m considering dropping only to feed it to an accountant or koinly anyways

2 hours later 26183962 Anonymous
>>26182162 Dude. You're an early adopter. You're getting to grips with it again at a good time. I mean just look at some of the alts that have increased in value. There's only 10k holders or so... out of the Earth's 7 Billion.... LET THAT SINK IN... and the rest of earth's population don't even know or hold or have an idea that we the early adopters have already previewed the future. Imagine that the number of bag holder will easily be millions for some of the more successful alt coins. Keep your head high. I was in the same situation as you. I started in 2013 and left in 2014 after making a stupid mistake. Only recently just got back because I realised that I should have kept on trying and perhaps I would have ridden the 2017 wave properly as I had the experience. No ragrats bro. Continue

2 hours later 26183967 Anonymous
>>26180060 Should have just kept it all in eth, you gonna get rugged.

2 hours later 26183975 Anonymous
I put $2000 into BTC and have 0.0544 coin i hopped on the bandwagon right before the ATH

2 hours later 26184047 Anonymous
i have 1500 dollars, im thinking of yoloing GRT but im pathetic fuck aaaa

2 hours later 26184053 Anonymous
>>26183677 It was link a few years ago. I was here. I was suspicious. Didn't listen. Would have been rich if I listened back then.

2 hours later 26184108 Anonymous
>>26184047 I am buying this GRT dip. First time buying crypto and I will be doing 500$.

2 hours later 26184142 Anonymous
>>26179824 grug install metamask, then grug use uniswap grug put small eth in moonshot grug now have more eth repeat

2 hours later 26184251 Anonymous
>>26184047 Better hurry up if you're serious because it's trending back up again already. Dip might be gone soon.

2 hours later 26184416 Anonymous (1521321526447.png 1280x720 1191kB)
>>26180385 post your eth address anon

2 hours later 26184417 Anonymous
>>26181160 XLM is a shitcoin

2 hours later 26184555 Anonymous
>>26183579 Of course you are anon you're Australian youll be fine

2 hours later 26184559 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-192930_Coinbase.jpg 1080x2400 331kB)
will i make it friends?

2 hours later 26184568 Anonymous
>>26183962 I just don’t know where to start these days, i see rbc being shilled and it seems like a cheap get in. Before I left crypto back in 17’ or so I got shilled everything from fun to dbg to rdd and on most I made like an alright profit but definitely weren’t the coins that mooned big time today. Honestly just don’t know where to start. Or what low sat coin to throw a bit of money into

2 hours later 26184582 Anonymous (3CF2819F-0012-4B72-BF91-4C63BD96C5D6.jpg 1168x1909 281kB)
>>26183947 Based overdiversified 5 figure pajeet coin holder

2 hours later 26184588 Anonymous (EBE4304E-0BCA-4C4F-96EE-94D587784F90.jpg 1287x1166 236kB)
>>26179240 /biz/ keeps bullying me

2 hours later 26184594 Anonymous
>>26183839 what would you say are transactions big enough to get attention for the tax man here in the US? Can I just make a few hundred bucks a week and not report it?

2 hours later 26184610 Anonymous
Bros why isn’t vtho crashing, it’s so tempting

2 hours later 26184634 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-140146.png 864x1872 144kB)
Am I going to make it?

2 hours later 26184655 Anonymous
>>26184634 How does $8 million sound?

2 hours later 26184680 Anonymous
>>26184594 thats called structuring and you will get caught anon

2 hours later 26184686 Anonymous
>>26183721 >Tfw richest man in the poor man thread

2 hours later 26184713 Anonymous
>>26184655 Sounds like a good night in town

2 hours later 26184721 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-223351.jpg 1080x658 84kB)
Am i too late for the link train?

2 hours later 26184736 Anonymous
>>26183950 >tax Can you explain. Also Aus. What are you supposed to pay tax on exactly? Only when you cash out right?

2 hours later 26184740 Anonymous
>>26183975 Should I keep this or put the money somewhere else?

2 hours later 26184742 Anonymous
>>26183543 I started with $3500 aud, active trading everyday. Even in a bear market I can make money

2 hours later 26184750 Anonymous (E510BBA5-A0CC-4FC2-9253-A5B3812295E6.png 750x1334 236kB)
>>26184610 Bros look at the flag

2 hours later 26184774 Anonymous
>>26184416 i hope this isnt some trick but thank you kindly from a real poorfag if it isnt 0x61a8db538D4eDFC3dB2bAB22E3b079776 B39DB97

2 hours later 26184779 Anonymous (20D5B020-0B40-4A6C-836A-EA966B8DFCAE.jpg 750x1292 170kB)
>>26183543 Bro how. Teach me your ways. TA? I just buy and hodl

2 hours later 26184783 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-203558_Binance.jpg 1385x1406 279kB)
Rate me please

2 hours later 26184796 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-133228.png 1080x2340 202kB)
Buy cryptosoul

2 hours later 26184808 Anonymous
>>26184736 No. Every trade is a CGT event (including crypto asset to crypto asset). If you get big enough, use something like cointracker to save yourself some misery.

2 hours later 26184813 Anonymous
I am poor how do you buy cripto to become rich like you?

2 hours later 26184858 Anonymous (1610961931307.gif 502x400 2608kB)
>>26184774 enjoy your 3 days anon kek

2 hours later 26184887 Anonymous
>>26184568 I think you should have enough experience to see what is a scam pnd and what's not. Not saying that RBC is one, but it seems to be excessively shilled here so be wary. If you do buy it, make sure you're ready to sell if the dump happens

2 hours later 26184892 Anonymous (CB764D13-F84B-408C-9F73-B76599653408.png 828x1792 333kB)
I just wanna pay off the rest of my house in 5 years

2 hours later 26184971 Anonymous
>>26179240 >BTC - 0.029 >ETH - 0.48 >LINK - 8 >XLM - 658 >GRT - 123 Thinking of getting a 500 stack of GRT, 1K stack of XLM, then buy mostly LINK afterwards. Good call or should I do something else?

2 hours later 26184982 Anonymous
>>26184736 wrong. You need to provide gross profits and net profits. To find your gross profit you need to use some crypto tax calculator, and pay for it it's worth it. Its doesent make sense to pay for an accountant.

2 hours later 26185011 Anonymous
>>26184808 Okay but then isn’t every single buy in a capital loss? Because you transfer $100 AUD to your wallet, then buy whatevercoin, and it’s valued at $x AUD, so you buy $100 AUD worth but you get les than $100 AUD worth at the time due to the transaction fee. So you never have to pay tax when buying in from fiat right?

2 hours later 26185016 Anonymous
Should be Poofag General. Fucking Poos

2 hours later 26185063 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-224319.png 1440x3040 296kB)
not seen: ALGO, DAI, USDC, LRC mostly free coins I got

2 hours later 26185076 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-001313_Wallet.jpg 720x1600 107kB)

2 hours later 26185078 Anonymous (This is my Rifle.png 575x276 22kB)
This is my Coin. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Coin is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my Coin is useless. Without my coin, I am useless. I must buy my coin true. I must sell straighter than my enemy who is trying to FUD me. I must Sminem him before he BOG me. I will ... My Coin and I know ,that what counts in war is not the rounds we sell, the noise of our burst, nor the DYOR we make. We know that it is the Buys that count. We will Buy ... My Coin is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my coin clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will ... Before God, I swear this creed. My coin and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy, but peace! WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS MY FRENS

2 hours later 26185090 Anonymous
>>26184982 But you don’t have any profits until you transfer back to fiat? If you buy in on btc and it went up 25% in feb, then another 30% in March, then crashed to fuck all in April, when exactly are you paying tax

2 hours later 26185114 Anonymous
>>26179240 guys buy COTI if you want to wake up with gains tonight

2 hours later 26185116 Anonymous
>>26185063 how to you get free coins? im normie new into this

2 hours later 26185131 Anonymous (impoor.png 954x211 14kB)
thoughts? i have like 7k in tesla im 112% up on was wondering if i should move half of it intro crypto also

2 hours later 26185139 Anonymous
>>26185011 Yeah if you just buy there is no tax. You spend $100 on $100 worth of eth there is no profit. But if you sell it a month later for $200 you have made a capital gain of $100. Also remember that gross profit is the profits from all of your profitable trades added together and net profit is that number minus capital losses such as bad trades and lost coins

2 hours later 26185160 Anonymous
>>26185090 >>26184982 Let’s say I buy in $1000 of whatever coin. And then it loses value say down to 50% to $500, then a year later it grows and now worth $750. They want capital gains tax on that “profit” of $250? It’s still a $250 loss.

2 hours later 26185203 Anonymous
>>26185139 Okay let’s say I bought $100 of eth, and it’s worth $200, but I take out only $50. What’s the taxable part? All $50? $25?

2 hours later 26185227 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-224723_Blockfolio.png 1080x2002 309kB)
Overdiversified altcoin schizo reporting in. (Not pictured: 12.5 LINK)

2 hours later 26185301 Anonymous
>>26185116 do stuff on coinbase, you get like potentially $100 in alt-coins and you could convert them to BTC if you wanted, though, I don't think I care enough

2 hours later 26185335 Anonymous
>>26184774 wtf some dude sent you 0.1 eth

2 hours later 26185358 Anonymous (EC4C2801-30A7-4D3D-BE94-CB8D08483148.jpg 543x564 15kB)
How much do I need to have to be out of poorfag territory and advance to the next level?

2 hours later 26185369 Anonymous (7E960205-8327-4292-B36F-3DE05E04A907.png 750x1334 278kB)
>>26179240 EOY estimate?

2 hours later 26185404 Anonymous
>>26185160 Taxes on capital gains are only computed when you sell. Basically for each coin you received it is taxable return = (sale price) - (purchase price). Everything that happens in between doesn't matter, as long as you don't sell.

2 hours later 26185415 Anonymous
>>26185369 50k

2 hours later 26185440 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-205553_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2220 284kB)
It ain't much but its honest work

2 hours later 26185448 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-154918.jpg 1080x2160 393kB)
Not gonna lie but I'm the major poorfag till I get wages end of month that I can actually put some money. Where's that ETH dude?

2 hours later 26185469 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-215705_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2047 479kB)
Thank God for LINK

2 hours later 26185538 Anonymous
>>26179240 You did pretty good here.

2 hours later 26185566 Anonymous (file.png 750x1000 252kB)
>>26180385 >>26184416 >>26184774 mfw someone else got eth off my post...........

2 hours later 26185621 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118_210131_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2244 426kB)
I wish nothing but the the best for my sub 10k bros

2 hours later 26185624 Anonymous
>>26179240 Not enough LCX guys...

2 hours later 26185629 Anonymous (867F986C-08AE-474A-A989-7E4E71045CDF.jpg 2992x3990 2119kB)

2 hours later 26185632 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-050055.png 632x1263 128kB)
>Make PS5 money overnight I already cashed out $100 btc for some steam games. This is too good and I know its not forever. Normies will overtake this place eventually sadly. I just wanna thank you all for this gift and wish you all the best.

2 hours later 26185659 Anonymous
>>26185011 Assuming the asset doesn't change in value there is no gain or loss. The expenditure is your cost basis. If the asset loses value and isn't sold that is an unrealised loss. If it gains value and isn't sold, that is an unrealised gain. The trade/sale is the CGT event. The ATO deems a crypto to crypto transaction a CGT event (cus they're shit). You pay tax on the gain, or may be able to claim some loss on the loss. I'm not an accountant so I'd recommend DYOR but hope this gives you a start. Google will give lots of better explanations than me. A proper accountant can run you through some of this stuff for free (if you find someone friendly).

2 hours later 26185662 Anonymous
>>26185566 what’s your addy lets spread the love baby

2 hours later 26185716 Anonymous
>>26179240 what exchange do you guys use?

2 hours later 26185717 Anonymous
>>26185662 0x78f4d447c4864bd9d0e5b5b7de43392fa f19d3d6 thank you anon i didnt reply at first thought it would count as begging

3 hours later 26185741 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-230605_Coinbase.jpg 1080x620 103kB)
>>26182607 Not true anon...

3 hours later 26185743 Anonymous
All in with $500 in RBC. Fuck it, this is all I have to invest and I'm going to the moon or I'm going nowhere.

3 hours later 26185760 Anonymous (1604975323441.jpg 608x900 86kB)
>>26185566 made an oopsie, sorry i'm kinda new >>26185662 thank you very much for doing this anon <3

3 hours later 26185798 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-205643.png 2048x1948 461kB)
Not pictured: $20 CAD in free shitcoins

3 hours later 26185805 Anonymous
>>26182162 im around the same anon in cad...we must learn everyones gonna make it no man left behind

3 hours later 26185844 Anonymous
>>26185798 free shitcoins? like ones you get from watching videos on some platforms?

3 hours later 26185877 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-230850_Blockfolio.jpg 720x1480 258kB)
Put a 100 on these 3 shitcoins and hoping one moons. Will probably dump Rubic bags asap

3 hours later 26185896 Anonymous
>>26179240 If your a poor fag, you don’t have the luxury to diversify. Sell all your shit into grt, stake it and wait.

3 hours later 26185964 Anonymous
>>26185160 Did you sell at $500? Or did you keep holding to $750? If you held until $750 then sold you would have a capital loss of $250

3 hours later 26185991 Anonymous
I'm a poorfag with $10,000 in savings and know nothing about cryptocurrency. Is there some guide or something /biz/ could provide me if I'm interested in learning this kind of thing?

3 hours later 26186025 Anonymous
>>26179240 fucking retard. you need at least $10,000 to diversify into that many coins. just go GRT, you need a moonshot plus the delegating will compound on top of price action

3 hours later 26186052 Anonymous
>>26185301 thanks m8

3 hours later 26186055 Anonymous
>>26185203 If by "take out" you mean sell then it would be a $25 capital gain..that would be taxed at whatever rate your country taxes capital gains.

3 hours later 26186059 Anonymous
>>26185896 But if you’re a poorfag, you can’t risk putting all your eggs in one basket and losing everything if it crashes

3 hours later 26186102 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-211123.png 2048x1638 400kB)
>>26185844 yeah that's the LBC in pic related. the XRP I converted from BAT to get it off Uphold not realizing there's a 20 XRP minimum deposit or whatever for XRP wallets so now I'm stuck with it I guess

3 hours later 26186130 Anonymous
>>26185991 make a Coinbase account, deposit money from your bank, then you can buy most of the more popular coins.

3 hours later 26186139 Anonymous
>>26186025 >all in on a single coin >potentially lose it all Why can’t I just hodl some stablecoins and dabble in alts? I’m not looking for short term gains, I’m not daytrading like an autist. I’m looking for big long term returns.

3 hours later 26186273 Anonymous (1606970077284.jpg 400x400 38kB)
NEW FRENS ITT JANNIES BAN BEGGERS DO NOT BEG but yea I will not say no to generous anons kindly sharing the wealth.

3 hours later 26186274 Anonymous
>>26184594 12-20k or so a year.

3 hours later 26186295 Anonymous
>>26182192 When it’s really red you sell it and when it’s really green you sell it

3 hours later 26186296 Anonymous
>>26186102 what site did you get them from? been on the waitlist on coinbase earn for what feels like forever

3 hours later 26186319 Anonymous
>>26186222 >>26185935 you stupid ass niggers

3 hours later 26186342 Anonymous
>>26186139 That's honestly fine. You'd get destroyed by transaction fees trying to delegate such a small amount anyways. They are right that you're overdiversified. Pick 4 tops and focus on those. ETH, BTC, GRT, LINK are probably the safest holds.

3 hours later 26186343 Anonymous
>>26186130 Word thanks. Is it recommended to use your real name with coinbase?

3 hours later 26186427 Anonymous
>>26185404 Hmmm but if I buy $100 eth and It doubles to $200 and I sell $50, then it’s $50 - $100 = $50 “loss”? Or if I sell it In 4 chunks of $50? (Ignoring transaction fee)

3 hours later 26186449 Anonymous
>>26186343 not the same anon but yes there gonna ask for some sort of id, there required to by gov also binance is another option that can seem overwhelming but new people tho, I'm a bit of a newfag and just started using it

3 hours later 26186472 Anonymous
>>26185629 >scraps Geez

3 hours later 26186490 Anonymous
>>26186449 Cool, thanks for the response

3 hours later 26186502 Anonymous
>>26186342 I’m really liking GRT and I’m glad I’m in early, but is it really a safe hodl? A lot of anons are calling it a scam/shitcoin/rugpull etc. Is it just fud? Is GRT the next LINK?

3 hours later 26186517 Anonymous
>>26185964 I didn’t sell anything. I’ve held. Just a theoretical.

3 hours later 26186537 Anonymous
>>26186343 Yes, unless you want to get fucked by the feds. Very easy to audit money going from your bank account to coinbase, so you will eventually get caught and then slammed for tax evasion. Might not be for a year or two though.

3 hours later 26186547 Anonymous
>>26186449 im new too but i saw a post a couple days ago that coinbase accounts can be hacked with sim 2fa. is is true? would just adding a sim pin solve this?

3 hours later 26186575 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-222648_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2280 389kB)
Yee or nee?

3 hours later 26186622 Anonymous
>>26186547 I'm not sure, I just know for sure google 2fa is better then only having SMS 2fa

3 hours later 26186640 Anonymous (1611029632972.png 702x1013 538kB)
>>26180546 Emin Gün Sirer: >Cornell CS Prof has been in crypto since BEFORE BTC >is the Number 2 in Cornells IC3 (Ari Juels is number 1) >h-index of 46 (Juels h index is 83), nobody in crypto comes close to these 2 gigabrains (Vitalik has h index of 27 FYI) >EGS recognized the importance of Chainlink from early on and is in close contact with the Flannel Man >Vitalik endorses EGS and is already looking at "Athereum", a Subnet on Avalanche to solve what he cant do with ETH 2.0 https://athereum.avax.network/ Avalanche protocol: >The third consensus protocol after Nakamotos Proof of Work and Classical Protocols >This is not repackaged shit with minimal tinkering here and there, its a completely new family of Consensus Protocol >4500+ REAL TPS (no bullshit account tricks, batching, or L2), sub 3 seconds finality >already more decentralized than everything else in crypto running a Node is really easy and hardware requirements are low, anyone can do it >basically consensus is reached by probabilistic sampling thousands of independent nodes over multiple rounds >Resist 51% attack (need 80% network control to take over) Full EVM support: >Low friction of adoption for projects developing on ETH >All Ethereum smart contract and infrastructure can work on AVAX out of the box which means all the slow DeFi running on ETH right now will switch to AVAX to speed it all up >AVAX nodes will Validate ATH (Athereum) which makes running a node very profitable Subnetworks: >This is Avalanches bread and butter. Independent networks can be launched on Avalanche, with near infinite customization. Athereum is a good example of this. >Big picture: Within one year, the best parts of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem can be mirrored on Avalanche. Giving it all the TPS, scalability, and speed, and also interoperability with the entire ecosystem.

3 hours later 26186872 Anonymous
>>26186502 The fact that they managed to get onto Coinbase means they probably aren't a blatant scam like 99% of the uniswap coins shilled on this site. Long term prospects depend on adpoption, which remains to be seen. On paper it's a promising project though. I'm not sure if i'd buy in now though since it's very pumped and will probably cool off. But yeah, GRT is probably the most risky of the 4. But it could be promising too so I think it's worth holding still if you got in kinda early. Nothing in crypto is "safe"

3 hours later 26186946 Anonymous
>>26186296 LBC is from LBRY, blockchain-based Youtube type site. In all fairness I did get maybe half of those tokens as tips (I have a few vids uploaded there) but you can also get them for following channels and watching videos daily BAT is from the Brave browser which I'm sure you've heard of by now. Mobile + desktop I average about 8 BAT a month

3 hours later 26186953 Anonymous (440CAF33-DE7A-4096-8FE3-1F06AB545D0A.jpg 1242x2096 193kB)
Poorfag that bought into biz meme coins

3 hours later 26187060 Anonymous
>>26186102 Because it’ll be the standard in the future newfag, if you’re not invested in it you’re sadly mistaken

3 hours later 26187072 Anonymous
>>26179959 what happens if it aint thrown

3 hours later 26187154 Anonymous
>>26187072 Oh it will.

3 hours later 26187185 Anonymous
>>26186953 Man, I bought into DOGE, CLV, LINK, and RLC and only profited $200. I sold the bottom or near the bottom on every single one of them.

3 hours later 26187215 Anonymous
>>26187154 I literally dont even know what the lawsuit is I never looked at that coin you really think it's worth throwing a bone at?

3 hours later 26187216 Anonymous
>>26184774 wholesome

3 hours later 26187217 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-234323.png 1080x2160 160kB)
>>26179240 meh

3 hours later 26187275 Anonymous (a8d7a2e738660cc89f708463f120979b.png 949x140 9kB)
rate me

3 hours later 26187287 Anonymous (aigmi.png 759x727 38kB)
Any advice for someone that will be dropping $200 per month /biz/?

3 hours later 26187363 Anonymous
>>26187287 LTO

3 hours later 26187390 Anonymous
>>26182925 Ada is retirement tier in the mid-long term

3 hours later 26187430 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-01-19-04-51-47-075_com.binance.dev.jpg 1080x2246 328kB)
>>26179240 am i gonna make it bros

3 hours later 26187443 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210117-092152443_1.jpg 1080x2246 169kB)
Am I gonna make it this cycle?

3 hours later 26187455 Anonymous
>>26184582 We’re gonna be deep into 6 figure hell together anon

3 hours later 26187468 Anonymous
>>26187215 Yes 1000000000%

3 hours later 26187473 Anonymous
>>26179240 >Ren absolutely based

3 hours later 26187520 Anonymous (29D53CC1-E3E6-415A-A120-9B017487D6D8.png 860x499 86kB)
>>26187455 soon fren

3 hours later 26187531 Anonymous (poorfolio.png 1080x946 100kB)
>>26179240 >all that diversification You're going to get eaten alive by fees and taxes.

3 hours later 26187547 Anonymous
>>26187468 so its a couple cents now, how high do you honestly think xrp will get after say 3 years

3 hours later 26187573 Anonymous (nnewnew.png 387x486 64kB)
i finally bought some stuff for the first time a week ago. should i change anything?

3 hours later 26187621 Anonymous
>>26187573 needs more lto

4 hours later 26187876 Anonymous
>>26187547 Hard to say maybe 5-10$

4 hours later 26187915 Anonymous (1610149859985.png 244x316 95kB)
Newfag/poorfag, is it a dumb idea to start with $100 each in BTC, Ethereum, and XRP?

4 hours later 26187964 Anonymous (Spread.jpg 276x87 23kB)
>>26179240 New to the game so playing in conservative. Picked DOT for the dollar-cost averaging wild card.

4 hours later 26187976 Anonymous
>>26187915 Considering xrp is a bad idea

4 hours later 26188005 Anonymous
>>26187573 Drop xrp, now

4 hours later 26188030 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-221100_Shakepay.jpg 1078x417 109kB)
This is leafbux btw, im sure anything 4 figures is a poorfolio on /biz/

4 hours later 26188077 Anonymous
>>26187531 Everything about your post is a poorfag starter pack >>26187443 Get rid of etc >>26187217 I’m at 20k and i will surpass you in 6 months

4 hours later 26188165 Anonymous
>>26185358 5 digit puts you middle ish compared to many others

4 hours later 26188332 Anonymous
>>26188030 Canadian?

4 hours later 26188612 Anonymous
90 atom 400 theta 1100 swipies for stacking meme and long term hold. I won´t sell for less than $5-$7 each Around 3k worth of shitfolio. Please frends help me out PS: I live in a third world and is all I can afford with a shitty job and trying not to die with the rona

4 hours later 26188793 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210118-210144.jpg 1440x2407 552kB)

4 hours later 26188815 Anonymous (7A07AF17-C562-4A2F-A3A6-566509F05C78.png 828x1792 283kB)
I’m really excited to lose most of this

4 hours later 26188929 Anonymous
>>26188793 Am i gonna make it?

4 hours later 26189071 Anonymous
Can you guys help a retard out? How do I get started in crypto? I literally only invest in stocks and PMs. If someone outlines how to get started, post your wallet or whatever and I’ll send you $5 when I’m all set up

4 hours later 26189123 Anonymous
>>26189071 coinbase makes it super easy, i think?

4 hours later 26189371 Anonymous
>>26189071 yeah, just make a coinbase account and start clicking around and getting a feel for what each coin is worth and the major players and relative prices. They have a few videos to earn 5 bucks in some coins thats basically free money to get you started.

5 hours later 26189820 Anonymous
>>26189123 >>26189371 Thanks guys

5 hours later 26190120 Anonymous
is $50 enough to get started? i am extremely poor, i could not afford kentucky fried chicken last week and have had to quit my psychiatrist because i cannot afford my medicine

5 hours later 26190321 Anonymous
>>26189071 Get a Coinbase account, then get a coinbase pro account (same company, same login, they call it “upgrading” but you keep your coinbase account) because they have lower fees for their pro platform. Start buying and selling just like you’re used to, there are market, limit and stop loss orders. And get ready for this, anon: when you sell something, you can immediately buy something else (or the same thing if price had time to drop a bit) with the money, and then you can immediately sell that and buy something else, etc. Yes, you got that right, no waiting three days for your transactions to “settle”, like we were still in the stone age. Collected your chin back up? Then get ready for this: no pattern day trading rule! Buy and sell to your heart’s content. But that’s not all. The market is open 24/7/365, no weekends, no AH/premarket rugpulls where you can’t even get out (or in when it moons), no stinking MLK day. And no circuit breakers, price evolution is much more honest. You will wonder why the hell anyone wants to trade stocks.

5 hours later 26190353 Anonymous (1519867611435.jpg 361x361 28kB)
>>26190120 $50 is the first i ever spent on crypto, bought BTC in fall 2017. that was worth 0.01 of a BTC when i bought in. as of now it's 0.001. take that as you will. and remember due diligence.

5 hours later 26190361 Anonymous
>>26179240 Shit is depressing looking at this.

5 hours later 26190458 Anonymous
>>26179954 >XMR yes, you will :)

5 hours later 26190553 Anonymous
>>26190120 you are gonna kill yourself in this market.

5 hours later 26190901 Anonymous (575E3AE0-8939-4639-94F1-A31C107E221B.png 828x1792 251kB)
Started my portfolio the day before btc ath rate my poorfagging

5 hours later 26190990 Anonymous (20210118_231104.jpg 720x598 52kB)
Finally giving crypto investing a shot even though I've been aware of it since 2012 and never got on it like a retard. Does anyone else get a dreadful feeling they're too late? I fucking hope I'm not.

6 hours later 26191188 Anonymous
>>26190990 i have the same feeling, im in the same situation

6 hours later 26191194 Anonymous
Alright /biz/ >Have $23,000 in Cryptos right now, including BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH. I've been out of the game since 2015 and have just HODL'd. I have an opportunity to run a PC with a RTX 3080 24/7 on free electricity. What can/should I mine? An ASIC isn't an option at said location because I would get busted.

6 hours later 26191310 Anonymous
>>26185632 >I already cashed out $100 btc for some steam games. >This is too good and I know its not forever. IT LITERALLY IS YOU MOTHERFUCKER, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SOLD SATS FOR VIDYA

6 hours later 26191319 Anonymous
>>26179909 No, you have nothing but shitcoins. >>26179954 NGMI >>26180025 Consolidate every thing it LINK asap >>26180038 Overdiversified. LINK and RSR is all you need. >>26180060 Trash. Consolidate everything into ETH >>26180067 Trade everything into UNI. Poorfag, where is your ETH for gas fees? >>26180167 Trade everything for ETH >>26180278 Trade your NANO and LTO for BTC. >>26180385 A disgraceful portfolio. I don't even know where to start. >>26180646 RBC is a shitcoin scam. Just pay attention and know when to cash out. >>26180912 Too many fucking tokens for 171 euros >>26181160 Decent. Just keep DCAing into those two. >>26181586 NGMI >>26182162 WOW. You literally have dead shitcoins from 2017. NGMI >>26183167 LRC is good. I would just focus on that and trade XLM into LRC. >>26183579 NGMI >>26184892 Keep staking your LINK >>26185369 Mid 5 figures >>26186575 Decent. Trade LTC into UNI

6 hours later 26191406 Anonymous (portfolio.png 818x301 17kB)
This is all I got. Gonna throw in another $300 tomorrow. Should I diversify a bit or keep going all in on Chainlink?

6 hours later 26191816 Anonymous (poorfag.png 402x324 23kB)
How am I doing? That $105 USDT is tied up in a pending order for 343 XLM

6 hours later 26191872 Anonymous
>0.46 btc >2.02 eth >34 link >3500 ADA >2500 ALGO >155 AVAX Am I spread too thin? What do I do as a poorfag?

6 hours later 26191951 Anonymous (BD746005-2A85-49E1-996F-10CEB6FA168F.png 828x1792 445kB)

6 hours later 26191976 Anonymous (unknown2.png 534x504 85kB)
>$130 LINK >$10 BTC complete newfag here. i want to invest like $50k this year into crypto. what should i buy and when? i don't think i know enough to do TA but I can certainly HODL for a few years

6 hours later 26192037 Anonymous
>>26191976 30% to each of BTC, ETH and LINK. 10% to shitcoin roulette (or just more BTC).

6 hours later 26192058 Anonymous
>>26191406 Just go LINK until you have like 100-200

6 hours later 26192100 Anonymous (2B04E514-4945-4D48-A321-3AA661D32688.png 1242x2208 783kB)
>>26179240 Hey finally a thread for me, based

6 hours later 26192117 Anonymous
>>26192037 thanks, that actually sounds pretty reasonable not that i would know. i was thinking of doing my buying on Binance.US (for low fees) and then transferring it over to Coinbase to HODL. Does that make sense? Any idea when/if BTC will drop again?

6 hours later 26192360 Anonymous
>>26184568 Don't trust anyone at face value. Good products always solve a problem or address a real need. Only invest in what you know and don't blindly follow hype. You should be able to understand what issue it addresses, it's competitors, it's leadership, etc before you throw money. It's okay to FOMO as long as you think it's a worthwhile project.

7 hours later 26192987 Anonymous
>>26192360 What do you think about GRT? Don't really feel like it addresses a real need but I'm also a nub.

7 hours later 26193546 Anonymous
I live in a 3rd world shithole country and I have 20bucks I've been playing around with in binance. All I've managed to do is pay fees and maintain my balance with all my bad swinging. Any advice on what I should just buy and hodl? I plan to keep buying crypto 20bucks a month if that actually matters with how low I'm investing.

7 hours later 26193629 Anonymous
Buy low cap gems and you won't be poor for long

7 hours later 26193652 Anonymous (1608532891769.jpg 1599x999 184kB)
>>26192100 >0.2937 Link Holy fuck and I thought I was poor

7 hours later 26193679 Anonymous
oh these are the retards buying my bags

7 hours later 26193741 Anonymous (maxresdefault.jpg 1280x720 89kB)
>>26193546 Cardano ADA my man

7 hours later 26193874 Anonymous
>>26193741 What would be considered a dip to buy in? Or is any time good for DCA?

7 hours later 26194056 Anonymous (20210119_040343.jpg 1080x497 46kB)
Brand new to crypto. Started a week ago with a $75 investment, up to $117 so I'm happy about that. Hoping to eventually make it.

8 hours later 26194073 Anonymous
>>26194056 Only 150 years to go anon haha

8 hours later 26194345 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-040956.jpg 1080x2340 627kB)
Also have about a hundred more in btc 60 more eth and 40 more in stellar. About to invest 2600 in Crypto, what should I do?

8 hours later 26194411 Anonymous
>>26193874 Here is the thing, ADA Cadano is bouncing around $0.35 to $0.38 right now. Their Goguen mainnet roll out is in the next 1 to 3 months. I am putting all my speculative funds in before that happens and HODLing for the next 3 years, adding a bit here and there whilst utilising staking and rolling my returns into more ADA. At the moment I am riding the Eth to 2k, then dumping. Good luck mate.

8 hours later 26194450 Anonymous
>>26193874 This lays out a bit about the Goguen rollout. https://www.newsbtc.com/news/cardan o/new-cardano-roadmap-puts-march-20 21-date-for-goguen-mainet-rollout/

8 hours later 26194470 Anonymous
>>26194411 If I'm gonna make it, I'll remember you mate.

8 hours later 26194736 Anonymous
>>26183469 There are periods during the day when the gas fees are relatively low. That's when you buy your bags.

8 hours later 26194943 Anonymous
>>26179954 Kek those are my coins too, but different distribution

8 hours later 26194951 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-01-19-08-28-44.png 1080x1920 241kB)
My aim is to have a 1k stack EOY

8 hours later 26195057 Anonymous
I have $25 what should I buy frens?

8 hours later 26195104 Anonymous
>>26195057 Same boat brotha

8 hours later 26195263 Anonymous (aaaaa.png 1141x346 198kB)
I am pretty happy with my extra beer money

8 hours later 26195348 Anonymous
>>26182101 Zilliqa. Buy and stake immediately. You never see it mentioned on biz because it’s being accumulated.

8 hours later 26195388 Anonymous
>>26179240 I have 0,1 Bitcoin. That's it. Will I an hero in the next decade?

8 hours later 26195432 Anonymous (1603875198190.png 932x351 89kB)
hello I invested 800 dollar I almost have 900 dollar I basically the next warren buffett

8 hours later 26195456 Anonymous
>>26195432 Based slav bro

8 hours later 26195540 Anonymous
>>26195432 siema

8 hours later 26195557 Anonymous
>>26185629 Awesome. Gluck anon

8 hours later 26195624 Anonymous (balance.png 489x714 1049kB)
Bought a few xlm when it was worth 7 cents then sold it all for bitcoins and some other coins, should I just put everything on BTC and ETH instead?

9 hours later 26195690 Anonymous
>>26179954 Can you buy crypto with Blockfolio or is it just for viewing?

9 hours later 26195701 Anonymous
Since there’s so much love for poorfags ITT, I’ll just leave this eth addy here and pray. 0xEFfFA2aDe0A2B1C7317B4ba33f5780F3d 418fA57

9 hours later 26195720 Anonymous
>>26182156 Thus

9 hours later 26195745 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-040822_Blockfolio.jpg 1080x2280 359kB)
My small bags

9 hours later 26195777 Anonymous
Serious question, do you guys holding 5 link actually think you're going to make any money? That's insane

9 hours later 26196036 Anonymous
>>26183125 how does 4.89 million sound?

9 hours later 26196042 Anonymous
>>26195690 Just viewing newfag

9 hours later 26196077 Anonymous
>>26195745 Get rid of that XRP asap

9 hours later 26196107 Anonymous
This thread just made me realize there is a shit ton of newfags and poorfags lurking on /biz/

9 hours later 26196125 Anonymous
>>26196107 If anything we are the majority. Quietly lurking, waiting to find the next shitcoin to escape wagiedom.

9 hours later 26196158 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-112444.png 1772x2048 561kB)
Here is mine, put everything in AVAX

9 hours later 26196166 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119_112451.jpg 1080x1471 185kB)
Where my Polka bros at

9 hours later 26196167 Anonymous
>>26196107 happens every bullrun, it's the next generation bag holders, where do you think the money is coming from?

9 hours later 26196212 Anonymous (RWS_Tarot_00_Fool.jpg 746x1302 119kB)
Total 2095~ BTC 954 ETH 807 LTC 112 DOT 101 LINK 96 GRT 16 XLM 7 My plan is to long BTC/ETH/LTC and maybe make some quick money from alt coins.

9 hours later 26196240 Anonymous
>>26196212 *GBP not full units.

9 hours later 26196314 Anonymous (going further beyond.jpg 720x1480 227kB)
>poorfag general >all these posts with 4-digit folios

9 hours later 26196322 Anonymous (IMG_20210119_113107.jpg 1080x2162 208kB)
>>26196166 t. Ashamed poorfag Jk

9 hours later 26196365 Anonymous
>>26196314 I really forgot its poorfag thread kek >>26196322 680$ stack atm, +180$ in 3 days

9 hours later 26196381 Anonymous
>>26196314 3 digits will become 4 easily with some decent picks

9 hours later 26196392 Anonymous
>>26196322 if you are a poorfag, don't diversify like that, just stack 2 or 3 coins, ngmi

9 hours later 26196465 Anonymous
>>26196314 Keep stacking bro, ygmi

9 hours later 26196467 Anonymous
>>26179240 tf is wrong with you? You probably spent as much on gas as you spent on those purchases. At least save $100 and spend it all on a single token.

9 hours later 26196698 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210119-114228_Kraken Pro.jpg 1080x1920 272kB)
Cashed out my last 120 Euro to get gas and refill fridge. Feels bad man

9 hours later 26196717 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-01-19-11-43-58-402_com.blockfolio.blockfolio.jpg 1080x2400 254kB)
Please make me rich /biz/

9 hours later 26196781 Anonymous
>>26196717 Keep stacking AVAX and ygmi

9 hours later 26196953 Anonymous
>>26194951 Nobody rated my stack :(

9 hours later 26196956 Anonymous
>>26196717 You will with that folio. Keep accumulating.

9 hours later 26196969 Anonymous
Lots of GRT in this thread, I am hopeful. >>26185877 >>26192100 Redpill on BAO please? Looks like it's only developed by one guy and you stake Uniswap tokens, but looks like Sushiswap is superior to Uniswap now. >>26196781 I will, project looks very promising. And thanks, WAGMI.

9 hours later 26196990 Anonymous
>>26194951 >>26196953 Ehh, it's a pretty typical brokefag stack. Not bad, though. I don't know about RBC, though. I've seen a ton of shilling in the past few days but I've been wary to buy into it. Why did you?

9 hours later 26197024 Anonymous
>>26196969 GRT threads are always infested with fudders but go into any folio thread and almost everyone has it. Keep HODLing fag.

9 hours later 26197038 Anonymous
>>26196990 I already knew about it about a week before the 4chan shilling, at about 700k mcap, I've been doing research and everything before and as soon as 4chan started to shill, I knew it was gonna moon so I bought a small pouch..

9 hours later 26197135 Anonymous
>>26196392 all of the coins gave me returns... >stack 2 or 3 what to sell and in what to move money?

9 hours later 26197164 Anonymous
>>26196990 Also I had only 300€ now I have 700 bucks to my name, turned 18 two months back, so even if its a rugpull I'm still young and have a lot of room for mistakes. I'm happy for the gains that I made so far.

4.737 0.388