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2021-01-17 05:55 26111728 Anonymous How to secure my and my future children's financial freedom (unnamed.jpg 1125x1960 117kB)
I currently have around $6,500,000, most of it is in crypto. The allocation is ~70% ETH, 11% BTC and the rest in CHF, USD and Gold. I want to make sure I never have to wagecuck again in my life and that my children will have the opportunity to be financially free as well, how would you conservatively increase this wealth over the next 20 years? Should I buy a house right now or wait a bit? Should I allocate more into precious metals? What else should I do to make sure I never go to work again?

1 min later 26111791 Anonymous
>>26111728 Get a bunch of gold, dig a hole in your backyard and bury it right back into the ground. Also, 6m is about 3m after taxes and all relevant costs. That's nowhere near enough money for two generations. Aim for another x2.

3 min later 26111885 Anonymous
Why the fuck would someone with $6mil go onto a Mongolian basket weaving forum and ask a bunch of street shitters with $3 to their name between them how to make money. Nice LARP

6 min later 26111983 Wuphf
>>26111728 You already made it. Be a ruralfag and buy a land in the middle of fucking nowhere and build a modern house on it with good insulation and all the amenities. Use quality materials, none of that McMansion bullshit. And leave the rest in crypto until the next bull run. If you're not comfortable spending a lot of money right now, buy the land first. You can always build the house later.

8 min later 26112074 Anonymous
50% eth/btc, 50% out into trad markets (etfs). relax, you've already made it.

11 min later 26112172 Anonymous
>>26111728 Where do you live? Real estate seems like a solid long term investment. >free holiday home >your kids can live there in the future >you'll collect returns on rent With the rona, I can imagine certain housing markets will be pretty low too. Building your own house can be pretty risky if the construction drags on and you run into unintended snags. gg though anon

11 min later 26112177 Anonymous
hot tip from the head autist at this location. ride crypto bull for the next year look to diversify into emerging markets end of crypto bull fundamentals for emm are strong crypto and blockchain gives them the infrastructure they need to explode.

11 min later 26112182 Anonymous
I wouldnt. I would just go get a wealth planner to do it for me while I chill.

12 min later 26112213 Anonymous
>>26111791 gold will be worthless in 20 years though.

12 min later 26112227 Anonymous
The main thing is just stay outside all currencies. Buy assets.

13 min later 26112248 Anonymous
>>26112172 dont go into real estate if you are in the US currently we are seeing the blow off top banks will default in the next 5 years and housing market will get destroyed. unless you think banks can survive real negative interest and eviction moratoriums forever, but i highly doubt that.

14 min later 26112273 RBC Kang (957.png 339x291 79kB)
>>26112213 >gold will be worthless in 20 years though.

14 min later 26112302 Anonymous
>>26111728 If you're thinking that long term I would potentially consider rebalancing to up your BTC relative to ETH.

15 min later 26112309 Anonymous
>>26112248 So is the housing market going to crash or not?

17 min later 26112417 Anonymous
>>26112177 Thanks Rauol Pal

20 min later 26112499 Anonymous
Start moving your eth into fiat so you can diversify with stonks and real estate. eth still has a lot of room to run though, maybe cash out 500k and see what happens.

20 min later 26112513 Anonymous
>>26112248 usually you would be right. Biden extended the foreclosure ban till September. He will keep extending it. Welcome to communism. The government will most probably buy all these foreclosed properties and turn them into state-owned housing.

21 min later 26112534 Anonymous
>>26112213 why?

21 min later 26112549 Anonymous
>>26111983 this

23 min later 26112599 Anonymous
>>26111728 God I am so fucking poor.

23 min later 26112601 Anonymous
>>26111728 Keep your Eth for staking with Eth 2.0 comes out. Use the cash flow from staking to invest in other cash flow producing assets like real estate, turn key businesses and dividend stocks to diversify your position. Every year your wealth will keep on compounding. Make sure you buy fair amounts of land and pms over the years. You can even lease or rent out the land to farmers for cash flow but the main purpose of investing in land is it’s very important for future generational success. As you become super wealthy you should also invest in secret underground bases in case shit hits the fan and of course you should already have loads of guns and ammo at all times to ensure your family can survive any situation.

23 min later 26112630 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 12.19.11 PM.png 266x93 8kB)
>>26111885 it's more likely than you think

25 min later 26112701 Anonymous
>>26112177 I am looking to enter emerging markets of states that have a large USD debt which when the US fails, they will be debt free and their markets will explode, which index would you recommend?

26 min later 26112729 Anonymous
>>26111728 You better buy a house right now, obviously you won't be priced out but they will only keep getting more expensive. Don't go crazy, buy something practical.

29 min later 26112835 Anonymous
>>26111728 All in on Chainlink

30 min later 26112851 Anonymous
>>26111728 >You better buy a house right now, obviously you won't be priced out but they will only keep getting more expensive. Don't go crazy, buy something practical. Buy a house or get outpriced. Buy now or cry later.

42 min later 26113276 Anonymous
A good financial planner + trust funds. Your grandchildren probably won't benefit unless you do it yourself because your children will grow up spoiled, but at least you can protect your stack fairly well and avoid getting raped by taxes.

43 min later 26113308 Anonymous
>>26111728 Cash out and pay capital gains tax

43 min later 26113331 Anonymous
>>26111728 unironically Stanos Pool

44 min later 26113362 Anonymous
>>26112630 Oh shit, an excel sheet???

46 min later 26113422 Anonymous
>>26112630 Can confirm I also ask for advice how to diversify my 200 million dollar. Fucking retard

46 min later 26113429 Anonymous (API3_Winter.jpg 700x549 93kB)
5-10% API3 after doing some thorough research and that should help you on your way. Well played anon.

47 min later 26113468 Anonymous (1604369919556.gif 462x427 1985kB)
>>26112213 The thing that has been the "gold standard" for over 2000 years is suddenly going to be worthless in 20?

49 min later 26113526 Anonymous
>>26111728 A million into SPYD a million into SPY a million into fixed income a million into other equities and leave the remainder in crypto staking or farming or whatever

49 min later 26113532 Anonymous
>>26111791 >6m is about 3m after taxes where the hell do you live and what are you doing wrong?

49 min later 26113536 Anonymous
>>26112534 data and information are more valuable than shiny rocks

51 min later 26113599 Anonymous
>>26111728 some more in btc would be way more conservative and should be the way to go. ETH has room to grow but with contenders gaining more and more attention it's going to be a rough 5 years for ETH

54 min later 26113726 Anonymous
>>26112599 Don't believe what you read here. This is most likely a story made up by some crypto exchange/broker who wants to encourage you to use their services.

56 min later 26113788 Anonymous
>>26113532 America will RAPE you in taxes and fees for capital gains. You pay federal and state taxes and its unbelievably oppressive. You basically have to use tax loop holes or launder it in order to get a fair shake and is what most "elites" do.

1 hours later 26113955 Anonymous
>>26113536 Shiny rocks are needed to make the devices that handle the data and information. 50% of the population, plus all niggers and spics, will always want to wear things forged out of shiny rocks. I think it's safe to say that gold will retain its value.

1 hours later 26113975 Anonymous
>>26113788 arent cap gains rates like 15% ?

1 hours later 26114065 Anonymous
>>26113536 the absolute state of an code buyer. More and more people get into the middle class in the east and they all go nuts about gold because they know it's real wealth unlike some skins in Fornite or BTC:

1 hours later 26114130 Anonymous
>>26113468 modern people will always be retarded. they buy phones for 1k even tho they are hardly worth 200 don't listen to rock chewing retards on this board

1 hours later 26114131 Anonymous
>>26111728 If it were me, I'd spend about 10% on a house, more so to live in and enjoy life than an investment, but it's still a decent investment. I'd put about 20% on blockfi. That would give you around 40-50k a year of living expenses without touching the principal, but small enough that you'll not lose everything if they go belly up. Probably give around 30% to a wealth advisor, just to stay diversified. Leave the other 30% in crypto cold storage.

1 hours later 26114215 Anonymous
>>26111728 Go all in on cash now, the USD strengthening will fuck up and turn your 6M to 600K. When the bear market hits, go BALLS in on BTC only and keep it for 10 years. It will hit 1 million to 5 million by the end of the decade. With a 6M buy during a bear market and a 10 year hold, you're looking at a 9 digit net worth. Could even be a billionaire.

1 hours later 26114720 Anonymous
>>26112701 you watch Peter Schiff don't you hahahaha

1 hours later 26114762 Anonymous (20210113_181643.jpg 1000x1000 270kB)
>>26111728 teach them about money. buy a house with land and not in some shitty city. at least an acre, preferably 5+, teach them to farm, and teach them the value of an old style family home (extended family). divide labor and cross train your kids like a business.

1 hours later 26114834 Anonymous
>>26111728 You need to do the needful

1 hours later 26114866 Anonymous
>>26111728 There's probably more gains to be made in this bull run but you only need a 2x from here. Cash out now and wait for the bear market to buy. Sell at 2 or 3 x and you're done. Don't be an idiot and leave your wealth in crypto. The drawdown will drive you insane.

1 hours later 26115072 Anonymous
>>26111728 Most risk-free option would to dump it all into a market index etf. ~10%apy, 650k yearly, that would be more than enough id imagine.

1 hours later 26115127 Anonymous
>>26111728 Anon seek help from a financial advisor, this isn't the place.

1 hours later 26115149 Anonymous
>>26111728 >I want to make sure I never have to wagecuck again in my life and that my children will have the opportunity to be financially free as well nigga you have 6 gorillion dollars, if you can't "make it" with this money, I don't know what to tell you

1 hours later 26115184 Anonymous
>>26115149 you realize you're going to need to beat ~3-5% yearly inflation, right? it's not that easy, you need to choose wisely where your money should be, currently I see crypto as the best option

1 hours later 26115201 Anonymous (1610574070607.jpg 942x1057 162kB)
>>26112630 >>26111728 with that much money you could still get 10 masternodes of XSN and make a great amount of paasive income.

1 hours later 26115207 Anonymous
>>26111728 more btc less eth

1 hours later 26115251 Anonymous
>>26112177 Yeah but stay away from emerging markets etf’s tho because they are usually half chicom holdings not actual emerging markets exposure.

1 hours later 26115270 Anonymous
>>26115251 so what do you think?

1 hours later 26115282 Anonymous
>>26111885 Lol this. And of course/ biz/ devours the bait

1 hours later 26115295 Anonymous
>>26111728 40% LINK 10% ETH 10% BTC 20% Cybersecurity stocks (e.g. CIBR ETF) 10% gold/silver 10% cash Hold off another year for real estate

1 hours later 26115389 Anonymous
Buy some XSN masternodes! Will be a great longterm invest which will payout for sure!

1 hours later 26115402 Anonymous
>>26115295 not bad, though I don't like the crypto allocation

1 hours later 26115711 Anonymous
>>26111728 >Invest in agricultural land with water >wait for some whale or agrocorp to buy you up.

1 hours later 26115757 Anonymous
>>26115402 What would your allocation look like?

1 hours later 26115780 Anonymous (1610823763595.jpg 991x695 115kB)
>>26112599 Do you understand any LARP can put any given number on cuckfolio right? NO ONE is holding 6 million worth of ETH if that's 70% of your wealth, no one is that fucking insane. That's a dead giveaway.

1 hours later 26115918 Anonymous
>>26111728 There is literally nowhere you could invest with that amount that you won’t achieve what you want. Tech stocks, real estate, crypto, buying small businesses, it doesn’t matter. You’d have to be a retard to lose. Even if whatever investments you make collapse because of some catastrophic event worst case scenario you probably still have $2-3MM and even everything bounces back a year or two later it’ll just grow at warp speed from there. I’d keep some in crypto, buy a recession proof turnkey profitable business for around $1MM, the rest in tech stocks and boomer ETFs. If you want to more actively manage you can buy a few $300k properties and play landlord but I don’t see why you’d put up with that shit.

1 hours later 26115943 Anonymous
Dynastic fortunes are being made on /biz/

1 hours later 26115980 Anonymous
>>26115918 Just put it on index funds. You have to be a retard to be rich and become broke.

1 hours later 26115999 Anonymous
>>26115201 >dude just gamble your already-made-it money on a shitcoin scam are you for real

1 hours later 26116120 Anonymous
>>26115999 whatever bro, i am up 10x and will hold until another 10x-30x from this point.

2 hours later 26116665 Anonymous
>>26115918 Post kike tier recession proof business >hairdressers >casinos (users spike during a recession) >plumbing Any more?

2 hours later 26116702 Anonymous
>>26115943 The new Medicis will be autistic NEETS. Zuckerburg and all those dot com billionaires would have been anons if the site was a few years older.

2 hours later 26117100 Anonymous
>>26111728 Buy houses and let a real estate company tale care of rent collecting, sit back and relax. There's no reason whatsoever not to cash out at least 1 million to do that

2 hours later 26117197 Anonymous
>>26111791 >That's nowhere near enough money for two generations. Of course it is, except if you think you're just going to spend it little by little. With one million in real estate your family can be golden for ten generations even

2 hours later 26117270 Anonymous
>>26115780 I'm holding 3 million $ solely in chainlink. I don't get your point.

2 hours later 26117335 Anonymous
>>26116702 Zucc was a kid when 4chan was made tho

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