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2021-01-16 02:10 26062984 Anonymous /XSG/ XRP Schizo General #540 (1601666627800.jpg 2048x901 1570kB)
Previous Thread: >>26049458 >Flare/Spark Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bM GWE6dJiw [Embed] [Embed] Flare Finance Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA7 UN3RboLM&t=193s [Embed] [Embed] https://blog.flare.xyz/creating-and -redeeming-fxrp/ >SEC Lawsuit https://www.sec.gov/news/press-rele ase/2020-338 https://www.sec.gov/litigation/comp laints/2020/comp-pr2020-338.pdf >Staggered Spark token distribution https://blog.flare.xyz/further-info rmation-on-the-spark-token-distribu tion/ >XRP Ledger https://dex.xrplapps.com/ >Flare Finance Source Code https://github.com/flrfinance/ >XRP/Flare Decentralized Finance https://flr.finance/ >XRP Richlist Stats https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats >Past /XSG/ Threads: https://pastebin.com/pZdQbREq >Insiders Threads: https://pastebin.com/Z39w20qf >Insider/UHNWI/Mellon Threads: https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1659 5583 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1726 6853 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1791 4598 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1810 2776 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1841 7446 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1928 3439 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1991 9081 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1998 0410 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S2009 8041 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S2042 9829 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S2072 0991 >The Myth of Market Cap: http://galgitron.net/Post/The-Myth- of-Market-Cap---Version-2 >XRP FUD BINGO fudbingo.com >Twitter: https://twitter.com/@JoelKatz https://twitter.com/@looP_rM311_721 1 https://twitter.com/PRX0202 [Mr. Pool archives] https://twitter.com/flrfinance [Flare Finance] https://twitter.com/flarenetworks >What wallet do I use? Hot storage - XUMM or TrustWallet Cold storage - Paper/Metal or Ledger/Trezor ***Do not use Droplet wallet - it's a scam***

1 min later 26063036 Anonymous (34b.png 1766x432 186kB)
Barron de rothschild has died at age 57

2 min later 26063057 Anonymous
>>26062984 Is XRP dead?

3 min later 26063095 Anonymous
>>26063057 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UD Vto4Wwvk

4 min later 26063125 Anonymous
>>26063036 What does this have to do with XRP? Based though, very based.

8 min later 26063205 Anonymous
>>26060968 Is the fren from the other thread still around? So will Binance be still trading XRP after the 19th? I just read that Gatehub will. Are they any good? Any advice as to what else I should invest in after I have a stack of XRP that I'm satisfided with? I'm not looking to get rich quick or anything, I don't have that kind of initial capital anyhow, I just want something with growth prospects.

9 min later 26063229 Anonymous
>>26063125 Mellon threads, was a rothschild. was killed and his xrp stolen.

12 min later 26063313 Anonymous

12 min later 26063317 Anonymous
>>26063205 Binance will, Binance US has already stopped. It's Chinese controlled by the way, but I guess that's what they mean by "big boys"

13 min later 26063337 Anonymous
Lets gooooooooooo

13 min later 26063342 Anonymous
>>26063229 At least he told the world about XRP, this is why he had to go

14 min later 26063353 Anonymous (8340f8977d78d8b4ba6e0a83b710b5bdca7e466207b0e3635f182d240055f594.png 432x146 12kB)

14 min later 26063368 Anonymous
>>26063317 >It's Chinese controlled Hmm, should people using it be worried? Like I said in the previous bread I'm totally new to this, I bought in just this week.

15 min later 26063381 Anonymous
>>26063342 Black sheep but still one of them

17 min later 26063459 Anonymous
>>26063368 Funds are safu

18 min later 26063481 Anonymous
>>26063125 xrp is the world currency and connected to every geopolitical and esoteric events in the world

19 min later 26063495 Anonymous
>>26063317 CCP is going to collapse this year, take your money out of all Chinese things.

21 min later 26063558 Anonymous
>>26063368 Lol, do you really have to ask?

21 min later 26063570 Anonymous
>>26063495 This is something that would worry me. Not the collapse necessarily, but the fact that my currency is stored there, and they just keep my shit. Possible or not?

22 min later 26063597 Anonymous
>>26063558 >Lol, do you really have to ask? Not really, no. Is there a Swiss application? Those Mountain Jews are really good with money.

23 min later 26063601 Anonymous
>>26063570 yes chynar no ethic

23 min later 26063604 Anonymous
>>26063570 Hopefully not anymore soon enough, with regulations that would be the equivalent to a bank exist scamming with all your money If that we’re to happen shit would hit the fan

24 min later 26063654 Anonymous (tendies.png 1822x802 49kB)
>>26063570 Every company in china is owned by the party. if they one day decide to keep your money then there is nothing you can do with it. if you have more than 1000$ in crypto you should buy a hardware wallet.

25 min later 26063691 Anonymous
>>26063654 not you again nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

27 min later 26063728 Anonymous
>>26063654 >1000$ in crypto you should buy a hardware wallet. Suggestions? Please teach me Senpi.

27 min later 26063755 Anonymous (Cold storage and chilli.png 596x855 232kB)

29 min later 26063806 Anonymous
>>26063728 Trezor or Ledger. If you go with Ledger buy from amazon or a 3rd party from official website, can't be trusted after hack, don't be retarded and use a premade key if it comes with one. reset the device and write down your keys. reset it anyways if its brand new.

29 min later 26063818 Anonymous
>>26063597 Not that I'm aware of. Uphold will soon be the only big exchange open to the US to buy and sell XRP. They're out of Portugal/UK afaik. I know the XUMM wallet is also recommended. It looks like you can buy and sell through that, but I have no experience using it. Hopefully someone else can chime in on that.

32 min later 26063897 Anonymous
>>26063806 Thank you! I'll check that out post hast! >>26063818 >Uphold Are you using this? What do you think about it?

33 min later 26063933 Anonymous
>>26063806 >Trezor or Ledger. Of these 2 which one would you recommend?

33 min later 26063940 Anonymous (1599091140178.jpg 640x480 34kB)
>>26063353 holy shit....Q said something vague about an extremely common cause of death 2 years ago....Q is real.... I trust the plan now....

41 min later 26064164 Anonymous
>>26063205 >Any advice as to what else I should invest in after I have a stack of XRP that I'm satisfided with? I'm not looking to get rich quick or anything, I don't have that kind of initial capital anyhow, I just want something with growth prospects. My advice from a previous thread was to have both eth and XRP. Because eth 2.0 will have some overlap in use cases with XRP. Until XRP gains dominance, eth will continue to do really well. Once XRP gains dominance, XRP will start doing well price wise. In both cases you win. Theres some hyper emotional people in these threads that will screech "NOOO YOU MUST GO ALL IN ON 1 COIN" but it's not my recommendation. Diversify fren.

41 min later 26064173 Anonymous
We are going to have a nice pump today. Screenshot this and check back by end of day. Not a mooning, but a very significant pump. I can't say anymore than that...

43 min later 26064212 Anonymous
>>26064173 No we arent and 1 post by this ID. GTFO back to plebbit

43 min later 26064232 Anonymous
>>26064212 you will see, stay tuned

45 min later 26064264 Anonymous
>>26064232 Ill see that it won't happen and even if it did it isn't relevant. Get back to me when the SEC lawsuit is resolved and banks begin integrating XRPL and adopt XRP. Until then I am not interested.

45 min later 26064284 Anonymous
>>26063897 Uphold's fine, but it's not for some users. There are generally high freeze periods (up to 60 days that I've seen) for funds, so it's not for churners but you'll still be able to buy and sell. There was an anon in the last few days spamming threads about having $500 in XRP liquidated because he failed their checks after doing "normal transactions," but I honestly didn't really trust he was being completely forthcoming. Scary thought they could do that though, but in a week or two they'll be the only option.

48 min later 26064358 Anonymous
>>26064164 I've been looking at ETH, seems quite nice, but erratic, in the last week I've been watching it, it's dipped all the way down to like 800 then rocketed up to over 1000. Is this normal? What do you think about Litecoin and Stellar Lumens? I've noticed that XLM if oftem mentioned in the same breath as XRP, are they related?

49 min later 26064376 Anonymous
>>26064173 around when? I want to swing some CUR to xrp but am currently in a pen and paper session

49 min later 26064384 Anonymous (2345.png 1843x1538 131kB)
>>26064164 Flare will overtake ETH. Flare has an ETH virtual machine. this means all erc20 tokens can migrate to flare without changing any code. like kirby. STELLAR ALGORAND TRON BITTORRENT IOTA EOS VECHAIN FILECOIN WAVES Ox HEDERA HASHGRAPH GOLEM

50 min later 26064393 Anonymous
>>26062984 Remove Mellon. He was a pump and dumper. He was wrong.

51 min later 26064413 Anonymous
>>26062984 Thats a dumbass picture OP Reminder: xsg is trying to recreate early link threads. Where the whole "weapon weaponized autism" made biz rich. Instead of chad assblaster...xsg gets virgins like baba and other retarded larpers. Who give no real info other than shitty drawings. >muh skizo

51 min later 26064432 Anonymous
>>26064284 >freeze periods (up to 60 days that I've seen) Does this pertain to liquidating assets? Like if I cashed out to would take up to 60 days to get the funds? >failed their checks That sounds terrifying. How could this happen, or what could cause this? I don't want to lose my cash on a dumb mistake.

52 min later 26064448 Anonymous
>>26064358 >I've been looking at ETH, seems quite nice, but erratic This is all cryptos. If you can't deal with a 30-50% drop then cryptos really aren't for you. You should consider stocks. >I've noticed that XLM if oftem mentioned in the same breath as XRP, are they related? You should DYOR but yes they are related. Jed founded XRP, then quit the company and made XLM. Also in terms of institutional adoption, one can expect that if one succeeds, they both do. Litecoin is basically just a boomercoin without real use cases but in a bull market it will probably pump just like all the other alt coins.

53 min later 26064475 Anonymous
>>26064384 Thats nice but doesn't even exist yet let alone overtaken eth.

54 min later 26064487 Anonymous
>>26064413 XSG never shilled its coin to people to get rich quick, it has always been about informing people and to discourage materialism. Link on the other hand is a pump and dump that has gone longer than usual. The money will dry up one day sooner than later.

54 min later 26064507 Anonymous
>>26064393 This. Mellon needs to be shunned from these threads as much as baba has been. But there's always that one fucking guy. Everyone: remove Mellon. Mellon was wong, even Julian calendar, turns out either Nov 20th was luck, or that shit was coordinated for the pump and the media and literal SEC took part in this pump and dump technically. Remove Mellon. Retardfaganon: Nooooo! bUt MuH xSg mElLoN lOrE!!!!! Cope, cOpE CoPe COPE CRYING WOJACK Who do you think you are to erase history! You're just doing it because you hate whites or maybe you're discord trannies, no polfags OH NO YOURE PERSECUTING CHRISTIANS!!!!! 3 DAY BANS FOR MY MILLIONTH BIBLE POST ON A BUSINESS AND FINANCE PERUVIAN GLOWNNIGGER BOARD OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Nobody: Retardfaganon: SO GOD DAMN IT GUYS, just look at this yet millionth babacugs tweet. Don't you just hate it too? I know this is also the millionth time you've all told you don't want to see the screenshots since you actually don't like BabaCugs, but man just look at THIS TWEET WOAH WHAT A FAG!

54 min later 26064510 Anonymous
>>26063806 >buy a ledger from amazon or a 3rd party lmao don't do this

56 min later 26064544 Anonymous
>>26064507 You seemed to be unusually fixated on Mellon.

58 min later 26064614 Anonymous
>>26064448 >If you can't deal with a 30-50% drop then cryptos really aren't for you. This doesn't really bother me desu. I set my mind that anything that I put into crypto is effectivly lost. That way losses hurt a bit less. >DYOR Yeah, I know. Sorry. I just like the conversational tone better. I learn a lot better this way. And thank you very much for being to forthcoming, fren.

1 hours later 26064680 Anonymous (wojak-doomer-girlfriend-night-riding.jpg 828x473 46kB)
/XSG/ help me out here. After the 19th with Coinbase halting trading I'm shit out of luck. Jew York laws make it difficult to buy crypto. I want to top off my stack to a nice even 30k but I'm waiting for it to dip a little more. Should I just buy what I can on the 18th then forget about all of this until February, or is there another way to accoomulate while the lawsuit is going on?

1 hours later 26064688 Anonymous
>>26064358 >>26064164 Just in actually using crypto, XRP is superior by miles in both speed and cost to ETH. I currently have $3 USDC and in order to get it out I have to pay either $11 ETH to transfer it to Coinbase or $70+ ETH to convert to another coin. Hilarious. >>26064432 Like I said on the other user, he never gave any relevant details, so I don't consider it likely he was telling the truth. Still, try to not have too many tiny transactions, immediate withdrawal requests, make sure your bank info is correct before submitting it, don't use a VPN, etc. Just don't do anything suspicious. I'd guess you'd be able to get funds faster if liquidating, but I'm not entirely sure. That's sort of the issue with most exchanges though. If you go to Trustpilot, nearly all of them have low ratings and horror stories about getting money out. Bottom line - only put in as much as you can afford to live without for what might seem like an unreasonable amount of time.

1 hours later 26064709 Anonymous
>>26064544 NTA but I'm just tired of the larpers and their fans. Every time one of their prophecies busts, some excuse gets made up to keep the prophecy around. Once Q is proven to be a psyop and complete midwit bait on the inauguration we should start going after prophecyfags when their shit doesn't come true.

1 hours later 26064744 Anonymous
>>26064680 gatehub

1 hours later 26064782 Anonymous
>>26064688 Good advice, and checkd

1 hours later 26064802 Anonymous
>>26064709 and if its not a larp?

1 hours later 26064851 Anonymous
>>26064709 >>26064802 Best part is we find out within a week. If Biden gets inaugurated without issue, 99% of people still believing in Q will be done with it.

1 hours later 26064868 Anonymous (3jd.jpg 1222x219 92kB)
Trump will be the 19th president of the United States of America.

1 hours later 26064869 Anonymous
>>26064264 >UM, call me when the price is high, thanks Disgusting

1 hours later 26064907 Anonymous
>>26064802 Then I'll join the others who apologize to the Q people in thread

1 hours later 26064940 Anonymous
its over isnt it

1 hours later 26064946 Anonymous
>>26064688 >Just in actually using crypto, XRP is superior by miles in both speed and cost to ETH Yeah so XRP and flare have better tech, at least presumably because FLR isn't even out yet. But whats your point? Are you here to jerk off to tech or are you here to make money? Also eth 2.0 will be in direct competition with flare and flr wont replace eth overnight. If I need to explain these basics to you I really dont understand what the fuck youre doing on a supposed business board.

1 hours later 26065132 Anonymous
XRP always goes last......i believe but dont miss out on the other runs frens it will help you double your stacklets

1 hours later 26065176 Anonymous
>>26064940 You forgot to say “bros” you fucking drooling faggot

1 hours later 26065200 Anonymous
>>26064946 >Also eth 2.0 will be in direct competition with flare and flr wont replace eth overnight. If I need to explain these basics to you I really dont understand what the fuck youre doing on a supposed business board. It’s the condescension I can’t stand with you faggots. Always these retarded assertions when YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG. Eth 2.0 is years away, Flare is months away. By the time Ethereum 2.0 comes out, the flare network will have lapped it twenty times over, and it will still be considerably better than Eth 2.0, which is proof of stake, and therefore shitty.

1 hours later 26065216 1 28 128 (1609196291978.jpg 680x751 79kB)

1 hours later 26065289 Anonymous
Been reading and replying since xsg#1 and wanted to add what was said earlier about the “zeitgeist” of our threads. Buying xrp is not just about getting rich and fulfilling our dreams. We will be the shepherds that helping the flock make the transition easier during the coming transitions. Only just watched the Flare Finance introduction movie and the references are off the chart. Great reset, Trump, Q and much more. Either these guys are fucking with the XRP schizos or they are all part of the big plan. Either way it made me even more bullish on our future

1 hours later 26065349 Anonymous
>>26064946 >>26065200 >>26065289 Yep, this is bigger than money. If I miss out on ETH so be it. It's too risky with the Tether lawsuit looming and most mining being done in China. I'd rather not transfer my wealth into CCP hands willingly.

1 hours later 26065356 Anonymous (y-tho.jpg 680x792 77kB)
>>26065216 y tho?

1 hours later 26065473 Anonymous
>>26065200 >Eth 2.0 is years away Yes and no. They have announced they will be porting over eth2.0 elements to eth throughout the year, starting in the next few months. >>26065349 >It's too risky Heh, its a business board and apparently risk/reward is a concept that is beyond most of the nitwits here. When you know beforehand that if ETH dies(it wont in the short term anyway) then FLR wins. If ETH doesn't die, you still win. Yeah I think im done with this board. It seems I am arguing with 20 something year olds all day. Basic financial concepts are seemingly beyond people's comprehension. It's pathetic and comical all at the same time.

1 hours later 26065507 Anonymous

1 hours later 26065519 Anonymous
>>26065473 >It seems I am arguing with 20 something year olds all day. lmao cope harder grandpa

1 hours later 26065566 Anonymous
>>26065519 Wow high quality post right there buddy, you really changed my mind with that one.

1 hours later 26065630 Anonymous
/ghg/ - gainshaters general

1 hours later 26065857 Anonymous (4B4311A800000578-5627297-image-m-12_1524003533193.jpg 634x428 57kB)
>>26063229 that was Matthew Mellon, different guy than the Mellon/UHNWI thread OP insider guy but still important in XRP lore, possibly the first investor to become a billionaire off XRP (and a very important man in his own right, a friend of Donald Trump and JFK Jr.) in one thread it was implied that he had hidden his hundreds of millions of XRP in his family's collection of paintings by Dutch Masters. Da Vinci code treasure hunt spy novel shit like that gets me all hot and bothered

1 hours later 26065900 Anonymous (noNiggersnoJewsJustcomfy.webm 853x480 3119kB)
Comfy .webm for my schizo frens. I know the day looks dark but its always darkest before the happy day. Be comfy with me schizo's

1 hours later 26065935 Anonymous
>>26065289 Stfu retard

1 hours later 26065975 Anonymous
>>26065900 if i were an animal i would be a bird

1 hours later 26065997 Anonymous
>>26062984 >What wallet do I use? >Hot storage - XUMM or TrustWallet Is Exodus wallet a bad choice?

1 hours later 26066008 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODI vONHPqpk

1 hours later 26066013 Anonymous (34567821.png 259x194 7kB)
>>26065975 a comfy bird?

1 hours later 26066017 Anonymous
>>26064744 I'll look into it. Thanks fren

1 hours later 26066092 Anonymous
>>26064507 Post yamaka

1 hours later 26066135 Anonymous (2019375682756.jpg 230x219 9kB)

1 hours later 26066164 Anonymous
>>26066135 based

1 hours later 26066364 Anonymous (1605914439912.jpg 520x715 65kB)
>>26065857 The Mellon family aren't Rothschilds, they worked with the Rothschilds though, and founded BNY Mellon, one of the biggest investment banks in the country. They have also been tied up in spy stuff since way before the CIA was a thing, going back to the Pinkerton days or before. Fun fact: Billy Hitchcock Mellon gave fellow CIA asset Timothy Leary use of his family mansion in New York state, and also functioned as the banker for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love (CIA cutout used to distribute LSD nationwide to help create the 60s hippy counterculture and short-circuit the Vietnam protests) in between sketchy financial business with BCCI and Resorts International. If this type of stuff interests you, I highly suggest reading this series: http://visupview.blogspot.com/2012/ 10/the-house-of-mellon-part-i.html Matthew Mellon, the troubled (read: wildly crack-addicted and bipolar) Mellon heir who got famous after making a billy off XRP in 2017, notably claimed to have told his old buddy Trump about Ripple (and blockchain stuff in general) over lunch. He was also close friends with JFK Jr and JFK Jr's daughter, which should be a tantalizing bit of info for the Q-believers. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nathan vardi/2018/02/07/matthew-mellon-xrp -ether-crypto-cryptocurrency/ Mellon died under suspicious circumstances after traveling to Mexico to participate in a psychedelic ceremony intended to help him recover from addiction (he was an enthusiastic proponent of using plant medicines to address mental health issues). However, nobody really knows how he died- he was on the premises of the clinic, but hadn't taken any drugs, and it's not known for sure what happened to his large fortune in XRP. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nathan vardi/2018/04/19/the-last-days-of-b anking-heir-matthew-mellon/?sh=1321 56b45d52 >>26065975 good choice

1 hours later 26066391 Anonymous

1 hours later 26066397 Anonymous
>>26066364 Hear about that Rothschild who just got hillary'd? I wonder if that has something to do with xrp.

1 hours later 26066405 Anonymous
>>26065997 nah i like exodus. the UI soothes my crippling autism. though, that "CHING!!!" noise whenever i receive money in my wallet never fails to scare the shit out of me and I have to rock back and forth making nonsensical noises for a minute or two before I get back to baseline.

1 hours later 26066453 Anonymous (1604178457937.jpg 2856x1014 307kB)
>>26066397 Considering he was the director of the Edmond de Rothschild fund, which had invested in SBI bank (owners of 8.7 billion XRP and a key part of Ripple's Asian business strategy), I think you might be on to something there, fren

1 hours later 26066479 Anonymous
just went all in XRP

2 hours later 26066575 Anonymous (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg 680x780 78kB)

2 hours later 26066597 Anonymous
>>26066453 Schizo senses were going off seeing someone so very high up getting taken out this late in the game, and at a private residence to boot. 8.7B xerpies WOW thats enough to rule the world one day..

2 hours later 26066956 Anonymous
>>26066453 One of the previous /xsg/ threads had an argument between two anons, one who had a very similar vibe and feel to the rofschild poster who mentioned something pertaining to heart attacks. Anyone else remember that?

2 hours later 26066963 Anonymous
I think we’re in need of some hopium...

2 hours later 26067010 Anonymous
>>26066597 I wonder what happened to his XRP....

2 hours later 26067011 Anonymous (1610727587415.png 792x545 91kB)
>>26066963 who needs cope when you have frens?

2 hours later 26067034 Anonymous
>>26065216 Never stop posting this

2 hours later 26067076 Anonymous
>>26065935 Good reply, it’s not too late to invest and be part of the future. But again, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it...

2 hours later 26067090 Anonymous (567654.png 1200x675 215kB)
>>26066956 This is the first I'm reading about this?! I'm not sure if I wana look into this anymore lol

2 hours later 26067114 Anonymous (1609713102238.jpg 1690x1080 961kB)
Why did you fuckers tell me to buy this piece of shit instead of chainlink? I'm financially fucking ruined...

2 hours later 26067136 Anonymous
>>26067010 my guess is whoever had him heart attacked was in a place to seize it. Anon can you imagine that many xerpies???

2 hours later 26067194 Anonymous
>>26067136 isn't that like 16 trillion USD at $2k? Sheeeeeeeitt

2 hours later 26067270 Anonymous
What's the current switch flip memedate?

2 hours later 26067294 Anonymous
>>26067270 21st of January

2 hours later 26067325 Anonymous
>>26067294 Thanks, schizo

2 hours later 26067395 Anonymous
>>26063570 Get a wallet and move them to it.

2 hours later 26067482 Anonymous (A Boy and His Dog.jpg 1056x478 66kB)
>>26067114 Why is the current level of FUD going through the board right now only LINK vs. XRP? It's weird how coordinated FUDsters get when they attack this project. It's not even waving it's dick around like some other projects. So weird.

2 hours later 26067592 Anonymous
>>26067482 Scroll up. We had a guy shilling ETH insulting us all earlier in the thread

2 hours later 26067616 Anonymous
>>26066575 >>26065216 Stop posting this.

2 hours later 26067622 Anonymous
>>26067592 I meant if you check catalog there is a bumped thread about LINK vs. XRP. It doesn't make sense why you can't be in both projects if you're trying to make money. It's such obvious paid FUD agents.

2 hours later 26067627 Anonymous
>>26064868 The thing with this graphic is that the rest of it shows the Deep Swamp behind bars. Super sketch about Q personally, but that’s what the whole picture shows.

2 hours later 26067684 Anonymous
>>26066364 Ah so THATS why I get called a Q tard whenever I tell people to consider XRP when they ask me about crypto. >>26067114 You should have bought both. Diversify! Consider XLM and ALGO too. It's not too late.

2 hours later 26067765 Anonymous
>>26064384 >Flare will overtake ETH. Flare has an ETH virtual machine Nothing will overtake the original project that created the virtual machine. Cope. Eth will be the only place people care about for smart contracts.

2 hours later 26067789 Anonymous (234567843.jpg 1387x702 81kB)
>>26067194 enough to start your own independent micro-nation with comfy state mandated khazar milkers gf for everyone.

2 hours later 26067801 Anonymous
FRESH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ0 Wb-S3ibM

2 hours later 26067805 1 28 128
>>26067616 https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=997 &v=Mm3UKHCbHoU

2 hours later 26067863 Anonymous (1607660372103.jpg 735x407 83kB)
>>26067801 can you feel the comfy anon? Love this guy

2 hours later 26067866 Anonymous
>>26067294 Why the 21st? I thought tomorrow or Monday were due to the Pool drops on Twitter from the Price and Action tweets. If those don’t happen, my next guess would have been the 25th due to the Libor switch

2 hours later 26067924 Anonymous
>>26067866 133

2 hours later 26067943 Anonymous
>>26067866 I think the 21st will be an important date, maybe not the moon date but the start of the something, idk. Remember, Mr Pool retweeted his last tweet recently and it said 16,21,30 so who knows. Imo meme date (4 digits) will be sometimes in April

2 hours later 26067963 Anonymous
>>26067866 >if this memedate ends up a nothingburger there is another memedate just around the corner meanwhile years pass

2 hours later 26067979 Anonymous (46574356465123lg.jpg 573x531 25kB)
>>26067924 >He knows

2 hours later 26068084 Anonymous (1608602731524.jpg 540x960 62kB)
>>26066364 based, have a little brapper

2 hours later 26068096 Anonymous
>>26067963 Seriously, why are you here?

2 hours later 26068129 Anonymous (1610727211023s.jpg 59x125 1kB)

2 hours later 26068143 Anonymous
>>26066956 no, i don't. there was a Rothschild larper in here? i've seen people bringing up the Rofschild GLP insider thread and I've seen people saying mysterious cryptic shit with fancy elocution but i just figured it was some paid shill who was told to act that way. did they, you know, say anything worthwhile or make any kind of prediction that came true? whats this about a heart attack? >>26066963 Hester Pierce said in an official SEC announcement that assets which are securities in their initial offering can evolve to currencies. Gensler is going to drop the case against Ripple after clarifying that it is now a currency, probably by the end of the month, and then we will moon.

2 hours later 26068180 Anonymous
>>26066597 it sends a message, that's for sure. i'm skeptical about Q but it does seem like there are some things happening behind the scenes right now.

2 hours later 26068211 Anonymous (234565123456.jpg 300x168 6kB)
>>26068129 me trying to read that meme

2 hours later 26068219 Anonymous
>>26067924 and Schwartz liked that Dyson Sphere tweet that said "January 21st"

2 hours later 26068234 Anonymous
>>26068129 Nice thumbnail, faggot.

2 hours later 26068245 Anonymous (1510131833257.jpg 530x520 59kB)
>>26065900 We will all be comfy eventually.

2 hours later 26068282 Anonymous
when do we get our spark tokens?

2 hours later 26068291 Anonymous (xrpeepee.png 1522x1524 3698kB)
love u senpai. remember to take breaks and attend to real life. WAGMI

3 hours later 26068444 Anonymous

3 hours later 26068596 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY2 bf-a9lJ0

3 hours later 26068626 Anonymous (wots dis.png 277x195 63kB)
https://twitter.com/BankXRP/status/ 1350142527366717448

3 hours later 26068628 Anonymous (1600313854377.png 638x551 623kB)

3 hours later 26068682 Anonymous
>>26068628 soon

3 hours later 26068724 Anonymous
>>26068596 FTSO, as in Fatso? WGMI

3 hours later 26068764 Anonymous (InShot_20210116_111558724.jpg 1920x2343 1061kB)
Tick tock

3 hours later 26069035 Anonymous
yeah i think its over

3 hours later 26069049 Anonymous
get comfy boys its about to kick off

3 hours later 26069375 Anonymous (20210116_074703.jpg 1920x1920 141kB)
Riddlers... Infamous ... Hated... Loved

3 hours later 26069473 Anonymous (swastika2-1024x585.jpg 1024x585 135kB)
tfw buddha was a nazi

3 hours later 26069695 Anonymous
>kraken announces delisting >XRP +3% bullish

3 hours later 26069835 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210112-005451.png 1080x1439 169kB)
Waiting on the IMF to come play...

3 hours later 26069840 Anonymous
https://www.financemagnates.com/cry ptocurrency/news/german-company-use s-stellar-blockchain-to-issue-24-mi llion-bond/ Some more real world utilization of xrpl/xlm fundalmenntals. Tokenization of massive debt using xlm that Dave's bots suppress price at obvious increments of time 8pm, 1030) etc. Solo on sex (tokenization of stock markets) probably now being used for tokenizing bond markets :) I reckon the xlm charity foundation to helping poor misplaced migrants to get a foundation of section 8 housing. Xlm is now swallowing the bond market and section 8 housing. Bullish

3 hours later 26069906 Anonymous
Now that institutions got in, how likely it is for us to experience a 2017 type crash?

3 hours later 26070012 Anonymous
>>26069906 100%

3 hours later 26070107 Anonymous
>>26063818 Kraken They’re a bank And much bigger than uphold

3 hours later 26070199 Anonymous (ErzJiyVXYAMG22o.jpg 1079x382 108kB)

3 hours later 26070270 Anonymous
>>26070107 Kraken is delisting January 29th. Soon, uphold is the only big option left.

3 hours later 26070361 Anonymous
>>26069840 Xrp is the for the citadel and xlm is for the crank whores and da projects.

3 hours later 26070386 Anonymous
>>26070107 >>26070270 Right Kraken pulled the old "Bad news on a Friday night" trick last night

3 hours later 26070495 Anonymous
>>26070270 coinbase delists in 3 days, hoping for pump from that hopefully?

3 hours later 26070689 Anonymous
>>26067616 stfu

4 hours later 26070843 Anonymous
>>26070012 Cool

4 hours later 26070950 Anonymous (1595168777034.jpg 750x828 417kB)
>>26063036 S

4 hours later 26071027 Anonymous (ErzrDfjW4AASUaO.jpg 581x680 54kB)

4 hours later 26071074 Anonymous
>>26064868 What happens with q that makes it check off. ??

4 hours later 26071173 Anonymous
Thread full of fucking retards

4 hours later 26071287 Anonymous
>>26071027 He does this kind of message a few times

4 hours later 26071887 Anonymous
>>26071027 >inb4: it was all a riddle. January doesn’t mean January. February 1st doesn’t actually mean February.

4 hours later 26071907 Anonymous
>>26071027 https://www.babacugs.com/589/

4 hours later 26071942 Anonymous
>>26071173 necessary to keep the normies out mo its why we need to shit on anyone who seems smart and call them midwits

4 hours later 26072035 Anonymous (126333_bkij_3.jpg 800x600 58kB)
>>26069473 datejust bezel is from buddha's corona halo

4 hours later 26072145 Anonymous
>>26071027 >>26071887 I’m still gonna buy XRPUP on the 19th though, like the mug that I am.

4 hours later 26072298 Anonymous
>>26071907 Man. I hold a grudge and I hate larpfags, but that's on a whole other level.

4 hours later 26072310 Anonymous
>>26070361 Cheers from the citadel's sex dungeons after we got a few ladies into proper attire and accommodations in four years time

4 hours later 26072362 Anonymous
>21st makes sense What’s happening on the 20th? When would Ripple file its response, before or after the SEC’s new chair?

4 hours later 26072379 Anonymous
>>26072362 Biden's inauguration.

4 hours later 26072427 Anonymous
>22nd feb >222 lmao at retards taking the lawsuit seriously they're literally memeing at this point

4 hours later 26072440 Anonymous
>>26071907 I love the level of autism in this. 10/10

4 hours later 26072467 Anonymous (doublegrafics.jpg 452x347 39kB)
>>26071907 that's hate >>26072379 "inauguration"

4 hours later 26072520 Anonymous
Now that Gatehub will continue supporting XRP, should I transfer my coinbase XRP to them and keep stacking, or just leave what I have in Coinbase and just buy separately in Gatehub?

4 hours later 26072557 Anonymous
>>26072520 Not your keys, not your coin.

4 hours later 26072619 Anonymous
>>26072557 Sorry, what? I'm new to this.

4 hours later 26072620 Anonymous
>>26072520 Make a paper wallet

4 hours later 26072622 Anonymous
>>26072362 20th is day after XRP is delisted as well.

4 hours later 26072660 Anonymous
>>26072520 >>26072557 Yeah, if you're on Gatehub, you can use the XUMM wallet to buy directly on the ledger.

4 hours later 26072670 Anonymous
>>26072619 you need it in your own wallet, if you don't own the keys you don't really own your crypto

4 hours later 26072719 Anonymous
>>26072670 How do I do this?! I'm spooked now.

4 hours later 26072731 Anonymous
>>26070199 checked, 589, and the Flare shade in the lower right haha

4 hours later 26072734 Anonymous
Should I go to a financial fag after I make it, I wanna get a passive income through index funds and low risk etfs and other assets

4 hours later 26072756 Anonymous
>>26072719 Take a deep breath and learn. I got spooked trying to buy Bitcoin at 77 cents, and have regretted it for over a decade. Use this as your chance to learn.

4 hours later 26072820 Anonymous (904335_platinumfusi0n_pink-wojak.png 3000x2500 1033kB)
>>26072756 But the 19th is coming at me like a freight train. Fuck, I thought I could just let it sit in coinbase until the lawsuit was over.

4 hours later 26072827 Anonymous
>>26072734 what is your XRP stack? because depending on how much money you have a financial advisor could be good or very bad

4 hours later 26072853 Anonymous
do you fags think trump is gonna do something or are we going smoothly into a goodnight? whats your last date for something to happen?

4 hours later 26072856 Anonymous

4 hours later 26072867 Anonymous
>>26072853 Trump ain't doin jack shit

4 hours later 26072874 Anonymous
>>26064868 ...eventually. Anons have rightly pointed out that even if Biden's election is proven fraudulent. Trump's first term still expires on the 20th, without him being congressionally certified as reelected. We may be looking at a brief interim with no prez or military control while we cobble together a new election with blockchain voter ID

4 hours later 26072880 Anonymous
>>26067765 >Nothing will overtake the original project that created the virtual machine Says the DOS maxie

4 hours later 26072899 Anonymous
>>26072820 You can, and I have a lot, but there's a risk there. Download the XUMM app (as recommended in the first post) and go from there. It's the training wheels of XRP wallets. I honesty just downloaded it a couple hours ago for the first time.

4 hours later 26072901 Anonymous
>>26072719 self-custody is especially important at this stage in the game as we don't know what regulations will require. if we hold our own crypto keys we can decide if and when we want to re-renter the legacy financial sector. personally, i don't want to self-custody forever. i will shop around for the best option but self-custody allows me to have complete control over that process.

4 hours later 26072932 Anonymous
>>26072734 >Should I go to a financial fag after I make it Yes. Find a firm that to help you manage your wealth, find a firm to help you manage your taxes. There is a reason that UHNWI have teams managing their assets for them. They have an entire professional class of people at their disposal for a reason, anon, and unless you're already a tax and finance savant there's no reason to do it on your own. >inb4 muh jooos >inb4 muh turbotax Take your /pol/shit and nigger-tier thought process elsewhere. Anon has an actual clue in his head and is asking the right questions.

4 hours later 26072950 Anonymous
anyway to make XUMM convert XRP in to dollars in real time?

4 hours later 26072959 Anonymous
>>26072901 Right, and the phrase "don't put your eggs in one basket" has added meaning right now. I'll be stretched out over self custody and two exchanges.

4 hours later 26072965 Anonymous (1606559228110.jpg 225x225 8kB)
Anyone ever noticed the XX on Klaus Schwab's book cover?

4 hours later 26073017 Anonymous
>>26072734 I'm considering this, or keeping half my stack and pumping it through flare finance. I don't know, I never grew up with money so I'm not sure how to handle it really. Don't want to be one of those assholes that loses it all. I do have some wealthy friends, would probably key them in to what happened and ask for advice. Keeping my crypto an absolute secret otherwise, though

4 hours later 26073021 Anonymous (XRP klaus.jpg 250x71 4kB)
>>26072965 Sorry for the bad image quality. I'm sure other people must've noticed as well.

4 hours later 26073024 Anonymous
>>26072853 Trump is done. Biden will assume the office of the Presidency. He will not pursue actions against Trump, but the Congress and the rest of the DNC might push for it. There is no show, we are not in a movie, all the bullshit fanfiction and larp that gets posted here and on /pol/ is just that: fanfiction and larp. There's no point in going over this now, though, because people who have been subsumed by the Q psyop are incapable of letting go. Just wait until the 20th and watch for yourself.

4 hours later 26073025 Anonymous
>>26072932 depending on how much XRP he has and how much money he will have this might be a bad idea. Financial advisors rip people off all the time if people are in the low millions. Anything over 5Mil would be safe cause you can get lawyers. But if he only has 1-2k of XRP he is better at researching high yield dividend stocks and ETFs/Index funds for passive income.

5 hours later 26073094 Anonymous
>>26073024 You seem to have working brain matter, what do you think is a good timeline to sell all assets because of the inevitable deadly covid mutations that will arise? February, march, april?

5 hours later 26073151 Anonymous
>>26073024 >>26073094 >>>/lgbt/

5 hours later 26073269 Anonymous
>>26073151 you just confirmed we're 100% in line for a crash anon, im not against or for any political candidate, i just want to make my family safe

5 hours later 26073321 Anonymous
>>26073025 I'm sorry, but this is retarded. I have a lawyer and I'm not a millionaire. I also have a tax guy and a financial advisor. Let me say again: I have these things and I'm not a millionaire. I'm not saying that people don't get swindled, they absolutely do, look at Madoff, but then again look at what happened to Madoff, but a little common sense will see you through the day. Keep in mind you get what you pay for, so if you go to some shady looking place with one dude who works there that has no real searchable history then it's entirely possible you're going to get taken for a ride. If you don't have people you know and trust implicitly, then go for bigger firms. Go for places that have whales for clients and that do both high volume and big accounts. Those types of places are bonded, insured, and are less likely to disappear in the night with your assets. Also, be willing to take your time. They're your assets and you can take your time with things. You don't have to go in on the first deal offered. If you're made it, you can afford to be more fiscally conservative and go for low-risk, low-return investments that are harder to sink. At the end of the day, they're your assets and you have the final say in how they're used. >>26073106 >>26073151 If you're going to fuck that up, which you did, because you can't seem to figure out how to use an image board, at least be smart enough to get rid of the evidence that you're a fuckup. Delete the post you fucked up, retard. >>26073094 Why sell? As predatory and ghoulish as it is, the types of assets we're talking about here will only benefit from increased social instability. Unless you're worried about a scenario where there's a complete collapse. If that is the case, this is not the thread to discuss that.

5 hours later 26073369 Anonymous
>make a big point out of missing forward slashes >wrinkled brain pick

5 hours later 26073527 Anonymous (1527985329676.jpg 306x306 20kB)
>>26071907 What a fuckin tard

5 hours later 26073774 Anonymous (countdown ooxioo.png 596x594 162kB)

5 hours later 26073779 Anonymous
>>26073321 I'd mean stock market, will probably tank because of virus mutation panic

5 hours later 26073879 Anonymous
>>26064384 >>26063654 That AMA was great. Keep posting caps, very /comfy/

5 hours later 26073923 Anonymous
>>26073774 explain yourself doggo

5 hours later 26073953 Anonymous
>>26072899 >Download the XUMM app I just did it. Fuck man, I was sweating. So my shits safe now? Time to move over to Gatehub now? I want to keep stacking.

5 hours later 26074004 Anonymous
>>26063654 sad most people won't be able to decipher or be able to get the "work done" to get the secret sauce honestly took 10 years for me

5 hours later 26074023 Anonymous
>>26073923 LMAO is this doggo from the bird app

5 hours later 26074057 Anonymous (216-2161876_pepe-meme-rarepepe-gun-delete-pepe-cheers-hd.png 794x780 226kB)
>>26071907 why do people take Baba so serious kek, he might be a larp but he is pretty entertaining and he makes normans seethe all the time.. being this rent free just makes you the butt end of the joke desu

5 hours later 26074096 Anonymous
>>26073953 So here's the interesting thing. Once your XRP is set up in XUMM, you can go to "Other Assets" and add USD directly from Gatehub. I haven't done that yet, but I assume once you do you can buy XRP directly on the XRPL (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I don't have Gatehub and since Bitstamp does ACH for free I'm probably going in that direction, but for anyone already on Gatehub it seems like it should be easy.

5 hours later 26074160 Anonymous
>>26073779 Not pharmaceuticals. Not defense. Not intelligence. Not Amazon. Just put your money where it will appreciate.

5 hours later 26074294 Anonymous
>>26074096 I'm sorry. I'm retarded I I didn't understand any of that. What is XRPL? Are you trying to tell me that I can buy XRP with XUMM?

5 hours later 26074372 Anonymous
>>26074294 XRPL = XRP Ledger. That's where XUMM operates. It's non-custodial, so whatever is "in XUMM" is actually just on the ledger. And yes, I think the only reason to have "Other Assets" in XUMM is to buy XRP. But like I said, I haven't set mine up like that yet, so I'm not positive.

5 hours later 26074415 Anonymous
Trump lost! Biden won! Q is fake! Nothing is happening! Babacugs tweets from the toilet! XRP is the same price as XLM! It's the year 2021! Token most definitely NOT needed! Chainlink $1000 EOY! And most importantly... NEED TO REMOVE THE MELLON THREADS FROM THE OP!

5 hours later 26074440 Anonymous
>>26070199 that article on digital currencies is pretty interesting. sounds like they will be paving the way for more central banks to be able to issue stablecoins, possibly by creating some sort of worldwide regulatory body/commission. look for BIS to be involved. also they are talking about ordinary citizens opening accounts at central banks (instead of commercial banks)

5 hours later 26074449 Anonymous
>>26074294 >>26074372 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/xumm/ id1492302343?l=nl&ls=1 Yes, the third pic in the app store actually shows exchanging USD for XRP, so looks like you can buy/sell once you get USD set up.

5 hours later 26074455 Anonymous
>>26074372 I think I understand. I think. Fuck. I feel dumb.

5 hours later 26074482 Anonymous
>>26074449 I'm a euro though.

5 hours later 26074486 Anonymous
>>26071173 tbf i am viciously retarded you are right. but i just made some really good bean soup

5 hours later 26074543 Anonymous
>>26062984 Still trying hard shilling? I feel like OP is about to drop at 0.28 Ey?

5 hours later 26074571 Anonymous
>>26074482 Same deal with Euro. You're limited to Gatehub I guess, but your app might show other options I can't see.

5 hours later 26074641 Anonymous
>>26074571 Yeah I found it, they want more of my XRP to add an asset. What they mean by that is adding my bank card right?

5 hours later 26074731 Anonymous
>>26074482 Alright, anon, since you're new and since I'm in a good mood I'm going to spoonfeed a bit. Go watch this video, it's long but it sounds like this is part of what you need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK3 nJ6HFGYY That entire channel is good for spoonfeeding XRP and related topics. The videos aren't short, you're going to have to pay attention and actually learn, no zoomer smashcut shit here, but if you do that then you're going to be better off than many of the people posting in this thread. YouTube is a mixed bag when it comes to learning, there's plenty of good information on there but there's at least as much if not more trash and disinfo. Make use of the site, watch videos on topics you don't understand, read the comments, and let all that guide your research. DYOR means do your own research. It's an important skill and it's one you're going to need because the cryptospace isn't normiefied yet and it won't be a for a long while. That isn't to say there aren't normies in it, there obviously are, look at the BTC pump and the social media responses to Monday, but there aren't the guard rails to protect you from yourself like you find in other normie-approved spaces on the internet. You can do this, anon. You can. But you're going to have to put in the work to get up to speed so that you know what you're doing.

5 hours later 26074744 Anonymous
>>26074641 Haven't gotten to that point yet, so no idea. I'd guess you're linking the Gatehub account to the ledger, but obviously whatever the app says is what's really the case.

5 hours later 26074839 Anonymous
>>26074731 Thank you, Sanpai. Staring video now!

5 hours later 26074842 Anonymous
I need this to go to $1.80 today. make it happen ffs.

5 hours later 26074867 Anonymous
>>26074486 >good bean soup Portuguese? The last site I managed the logistics head was Portuguese and she made this amazing bean soup. Anyway, good soup is a great thing. I just had some chicken noodle and it was fantastic.

5 hours later 26074941 Anonymous
>>26062984 Alright guys >XRP will modify constitution by SCOTUS allowing a "private company" to issue money again >yeah CB's are private but they get a pass because schizo >"as technically the federal reserve earns value by issuing dollars... ...Companies [such as Ripple] could generate value by issueing currencies, the key is the monetary-policy and influence on exhcange-rates" yada-yada >sets jurisprudence for other governments as beacon of shared "liberal-democratic" guidelines and it becomes a currency that acts like a commodity, sort of >Slower price appreciation, beneficial for decentralization and catalyst for big crypto boom or >XRP can is kicked down the road, most likely to receive "Security-esque" status as bond, backed by either IMF/G7/20-council or centralized monitoring organization mainly designed as reflection of Trade-deficit and/or sovereign-debt, acquisition of said bonds allows things like Issuance of currency, revaluing existing currency, Speculation on commodity, retail, stockmarkets through agent-based "Decentralized" agreements. enjoy

5 hours later 26075030 Anonymous
>>26072853 i have the strange feeling that Trump has something up his sleeve. hopefully it's more along the lines of "massive declassification of elite crimes" and less "military coup" but who knows. My false flag sense is tingling with all this fuckery in DC. They apparently brought in another 6,000 National Guard? wtf

5 hours later 26075078 Anonymous
>>26072874 which would be a very good time for China/Iran to attack. in a related story, did you see the videos of the Iranian missile launch drill this morning? crazy shit.

5 hours later 26075105 Anonymous
>>26075030 Right, all his executive orders, the military, everything put in place to deal with exactly what's happening, but he does nothing? I'll only believe that if we get to Jan. 21 and nothing has happened. We shall see.

5 hours later 26075139 Anonymous
>>26074941 I think the US will eventually follow the UK on this and designate it an exchange token, which is essentially quasi-currency.

5 hours later 26075167 Anonymous
>>26073017 this is my plan too. putting part in Flare's staking/FTSO network, part in Flare Finance yield farming, and acting as an agent will essentially be my part-time job. I'm so fucking excited for Flare dude holy shit Anybody see that Flare Fusion thing on Twitter? looks a little bit less professional than Flare and Flare Finance but still pretty neat.

5 hours later 26075268 Anonymous
>>26075139 USD is reservecurrency and uses SWIFT as weapon for sanctions >Doing so and by-passing SWIFT without guarantee of not breaking sanctions will harm the political position of GB at a time that is least preferable same as all "medium-tier" economies desu

5 hours later 26075472 Anonymous
>>26074867 no i'm a burger. the bean soup was just a normal cajun red beans and rice type thing, but i put some nice spices in it and made it with homemade broth so it turned out pretty nice. the Portuguese know how to cook though.

6 hours later 26075551 Anonymous
How scalable is XRP? Will 1500 tps enough to be a global bridge asset?

6 hours later 26075559 Anonymous
>>26074941 >agent-based decentralized agreements and, through Flare, we become the agents. i like that second one. I had envisioned it basically as XRP replacing the IMF's XDR special drawing rights

6 hours later 26075950 Anonymous
>>26075472 >cajun red beans and rice type thing Red beans and rice is pretty great. Glad you enjoyed it. >>26072874 >Anons have rightly pointed out that even if Biden's election is proven fraudulent. Trump's first term still expires on the 20th, without him being congressionally certified as reelected. This is accurate and if, for some astronomical reason, which is absolutely not going to happen, were it to happen then the normal order of succession would take place. No President and Veep means that the Speaker takes over as Acting President, which is somehow distinct from President, but that's a whole other issue, which means that it'd be Acting President Pelosi. >We may be looking at a brief interim with no prez or military control while we cobble together a new election with blockchain voter ID >no prez See above. >new election with blockchain voter ID Absolutely 100% not going to happen. There is nowhere near the infrastructure necessary to make a blockchain backed election happen and there is zero grounds for a new election it to happen Constitutionally. The US isn't a Parliamentary system where you can just hold elections willy-nilly.

6 hours later 26076365 Anonymous
>>26068764 Synchronicities is happening, I was viewing the battle jiren vs goku yesterday and thinking in XRP OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO

6 hours later 26076478 Anonymous
>>26068764 what the BASED

6 hours later 26076510 Anonymous
>>26068764 dangerously based

6 hours later 26076933 Anonymous
>>26067866 1-21-21 adds up to 7. As per Christine Lagarde's love of 7's.

6 hours later 26076936 Anonymous
>mfw I have to sunwage for another month before price action finally starts

6 hours later 26077108 Anonymous
>>26072719 Buy a ledger or a trezor. Watch a YouTube tutorial if you need to. Buy from the website directly or the official Amazon store ONLY. I would say definitely site only, but edger had a recent info leak that has left me unsure.

6 hours later 26077235 Anonymous
>>26067943 I've thought about the 16,21,30 In december 16 BTC exploded In dec 21 nothing major happened other than the lawsuit I think the reason why pool retweeted is because the 21 refers to Jan 21 = 1/21/21 = 133 30 refers to Feb

6 hours later 26077341 Anonymous (1496553995360.jpg 351x351 26kB)
I've been sleeping 6 to 8 hours each 6 to 8 hours. Wake me up when XRP moons... >inb4 I wake up in the year 2525 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yes yhQkYrQM

6 hours later 26077359 Anonymous
>>26077108 Don't buy it from amazon or a third party.

6 hours later 26077503 Anonymous
>>26063036 what if he was rofschild?

6 hours later 26077600 Anonymous
>>26077235 Feb has 28 days

6 hours later 26077651 Anonymous
>>26077600 Hmmm I wonder what the 30 could signify Dec 30 was a nothingburger Jan 30th = 1/30/21 = 133 as well

6 hours later 26077834 Anonymous
>>26073774 We close?

7 hours later 26078141 Anonymous
>>26077834 We're so close, I can taste it.

7 hours later 26078228 Anonymous
its over guys i just sold all my xrp and bought algo

7 hours later 26078273 Anonymous
>>26078228 >its over guys Guys posting

7 hours later 26078276 Anonymous (1605765180033.jpg 461x578 35kB)
moon when

7 hours later 26078389 Anonymous
>>26078276 Unironically next week

7 hours later 26078649 Anonymous
>>26078276 sorry guys we haven't mooned yet cus I didn't stop cooming and i'm pretty sure i Have to not watch porn for 90 days for XRP to moon, i'm on a good streak now so lets hope for mid april but if we dont moon then I failed you guys again sry

7 hours later 26078671 Anonymous (EC0B492F-DC1D-48EA-BC85-03B75B3C7B88.jpg 5872x3380 3610kB)
Anon... we are 500 threads deep. You have watched frinkcoin, r-right? https://m.wcostream.com/the-simpson s-season-31-episode-13-frinkcoin

7 hours later 26078832 Anonymous
>>26078228 >not holding both >not holding both and XLM >not holding all three plus at least one normiecoin Overposter, what are you doing with your life?

7 hours later 26078886 Riddler
Pool, RippleRiddler, and BearableGuy123 (321) have provided clues regarding both a "moon" date and a true price date. If we believe XRP will "moon" we are expecting to see price action on exchanges. This is not the same thing as a flip of the switch. If they are to be believed, we should "moon" on 01/21/21. For those in the USA with their XRP on exchanges who have delisted the asset, they will need to transfer or hold. This "moon" is not PRICE. It is another shakeout. PERSEVERANCE is the common, recurring theme with all of the riddlers. In addition, it should be noted that David Schwartz is extremely interested space exploration. My belief is that we see a shakeout starting 01/21/21 and ending on 01/31/21. Afterward, there is a benefit for those who showed PERSEVERANCE. PERSEVERANCE is all that is needed. February 18 2021 2020 Mars Rover (Named Perseverance) is the 10th (X) craft from NASA to explore Mars. 2020 Perseverance Rover X = PRX = XRP 2020 Scheduled to land on Mars on FEBRUARY 18 2021

7 hours later 26078901 Anonymous
>>26071027 So whats the game plan? Ban XRP from every exchange and then moon it?

7 hours later 26078945 Anonymous
>>26078886 Should we leave the United States in the next 60 days?

7 hours later 26078984 Anonymous (EbW3ec7XQAAFcgc.jpg 900x1200 140kB)
>>26078886 >tfw got into xrp in December and skipped 3 years of suffering >tradeoff is I didnt accumulate all those years prior. Sanity for fortune or fortune for sanity? I'll take what I can get.

7 hours later 26078997 Anonymous
>>26078886 >This "moon" is not PRICE. It is another shakeout. This is some next tier goalpost shit right here.

7 hours later 26079027 Anonymous
>>26078997 He means it will go to $2-$3 to have everyone sell it all at once.

7 hours later 26079068 Anonymous
>>26078886 >>26078901 >>26078945 no you fucking idiots you just have to hodl till april and hope i dont coom without the help of my gf you idiots i just told you, ill keep you updated in other threads if i coom

7 hours later 26079125 Anonymous
>>26079027 It's still goalpost shit. That's never what mooning has meant and changing the definition in order to make a """prophecy""" more true and or accurate is larpfag 101.

7 hours later 26079142 Anonymous (1607919869585.gif 500x500 1576kB)
>>26078886 Based.

7 hours later 26079238 Anonymous (1594786860215.png 614x441 189kB)

7 hours later 26079260 Anonymous
>>26075559 that second-one is doomday NWO...

7 hours later 26079269 Anonymous
>>26079125 I’m not even into riddler fags but tbf they have always said the last shakeout would be a price increase. they could be saying moon because they like to say the opposite

7 hours later 26079272 Anonymous
>>26079238 >just be a vegan bro

7 hours later 26079338 Anonymous
>>26078832 AGI

7 hours later 26079398 Anonymous
>>26079068 virus mutations = crazy lockdowns = cant do shit without vaccine = camps = bad place to be an XRP holder what part of that do you not understand?

7 hours later 26079632 Anonymous
>>26079269 Sure, but when is mooning ever used to describe a valuation increase from tens of cents to dollars? It's not. Now, by percentage, that's a good ROI and it makes sense, that if there were some controlled valuation increase for the purposes of a shakeout, that would cause a selloff by many hodlers. But that's not a moon, at least as the term is used. All I'm saying is that playing with dates and definitions in order to feed larpfags and prophecyshit is trash. Even giving room for muh riddles, it's undeniable that there is goalpost shifting by the riddlers themselves and the people that desperately want the riddles to be true. Given how often those riddles have busted, there is a dwindling utility in giving them any consideration and increasing grounds for calling them for what they are: low-hanging fruit for people who need attention in the form of either (You)'s or social media points.

7 hours later 26079663 Anonymous
>>26079398 what kind of retarded bot are you thats got nothing to do with cooming

7 hours later 26079670 Anonymous
>>26079398 you again nigger >Back to poll If you take your vaccine you've already signed away your right of holding assets >and you're the superspreader of the mutated strain just use some of your XRP to bribe a bureaucrat, that's how it is, that's how it goes >use "corruption" against them >even though it's bribing people to do the right

7 hours later 26079741 Anonymous
>>26077834 I’m getting blue balls at this point

7 hours later 26079762 Anonymous
>>26079670 >>26079398 wtf am I the only human here?

7 hours later 26079829 Anonymous (1610655544780.jpg 512x504 18kB)
when moon

7 hours later 26079858 Anonymous (Dow_tacticalmarine_icon.png 360x450 175kB)
>>26079762 Not yet :3 >>26079829 Please fucking die

7 hours later 26079870 Anonymous
>>26078886 Now! That’s What I Call... Schitzo Thanks anon

7 hours later 26079991 Anonymous
>>26079670 this isnt about you, the vaccine, or anything that you're point to you dumbass, its about being able to leave where you are to somewhere that is more pleasant to live and isnt going through an apocalyptical scenario and you can be comfy you can try to bribe someone in USA, and then leave unvaccinated, sure, whether we can pull it off and leave thats another story who knows if it will require the bribing of multiple people, or if it will succeed, or if it will be forced idk if i will stay but i refuse to allow you simplify the future like that, you know there are big risks in staying even if you are to bribe people if you wanna go unvax, then maybe leaving the US before the shitstorm may be of benefit

7 hours later 26080005 Anonymous
>>26078886 so we sell on the 20th and dca back during 21 to 31?

7 hours later 26080016 Anonymous
>>26078886 >My belief is that we see a shakeout starting 01/21/21 and ending on 01/31/21. It ends when it begins Begins 01/21/21 = 133 Ends 01/30/21 = 133

7 hours later 26080166 Anonymous
>>26080016 how would that shakeout take place in your opinion? price would increase, hold, and then increase exponentially from there, or what do you think?

7 hours later 26080232 Riddler
Exactly. Why would financial institutions, those who will be utilizing the XRP asset for "the fastest, most reliable option for sourcing liquidity on demand," want to acquire XRP for $2-$3? Because the true value of each XRP asset is set. XRP was created to be valued at $10,000 per coin. We plebs are not supposed to own XRP, nor will we be able to trade it on exchanges like coins that are used as a store of value. XRP is a bridge coin and it is much more lucrative to own the bridge and collect taxes for crossing than it is to speculate on it. After the shakeout and the switch is flipped on the global financial reset, XRP is non-saleable. This is when the financial institutions, most likely the IMF, will issue a buy-back of XRP from those who showed PERSEVERANCE. My guess is the initial offer will be $1,500 to $2,000 per coin and will occur around February 18th, 2021. Most will sell at this point, but the final crux is RippleRiddlers images - the original. We all know that XRP has been said to be the phoenix. Well, the phoenix is also known as the Bennu symbol. Bennu is an orbiting asteroid and fits the path shown in the orbital diagram provided via the deciphering of the information shown in RippleRiddlers image. A current mission to Bennu (Osiris-Rex) discovered it is laced with gold and platinum. XRP is to be truly backed by valuable commodities and a store for those commodities as regulated by the IMF. The return journey for the Bennu collector is scheduled to depart Bennu in the first available window, 03/2021 = 321 = 123. Who in the world would riddlers trust for dates? If it were me and I was attempting to plan something over a multi-year timeframe and needed to propose relatively firm dates, I would trust the scientists. They project windows, dates, and are exact in their calculations. Perhaps the riddlers have used space exploration as a theme intentionally. My hypothesis is we see true, final value of XRP in March 2021.

7 hours later 26080271 Anonymous (pepescream.jpg 327x239 10kB)
Why the fuck does everyone around here keep changing the fucking dates so much? It will moon when it moons, just stop with all these riddles bullshit

7 hours later 26080336 Anonymous
>>26080232 A buyback? are you insane? who would sell ALL XRP for fiat? we can figure out exchanges selling it, it is no problem, it's only delisted outside the US

7 hours later 26080360 Anonymous
>>26080271 because there is no moon and everything written in these threads are just wishful thinking and larping, cant wait to see the day this shitcoin crash

7 hours later 26080387 Anonymous
>>26080336 delisted inside the US* unless they delist it everywhere also, but that makes no sense to do, or we could still find ways to sell it.

7 hours later 26080408 Anonymous
I wish one day I can sent XRP to my mortgage account to pay off my debt

7 hours later 26080442 Anonymous
>>26079991 Duh, mongoloid newfag, where are you? XSG, recluse horders anyway. make a prepping blog somewhere esle, member of the plebs.

7 hours later 26080446 Anonymous
>>26080336 >who would sell ALL XRP for fiat? I would sell 700 XRP for fiat asap at 2k

7 hours later 26080486 Anonymous
>>26080442 go be salty elsewhere nigger >>26080446 yes but not ALL, I hope.

7 hours later 26080498 Anonymous (angy.jpg 1833x1257 2356kB)
>>26080408 >tfw 60k left on mortgage FREE ME OF THIS JEWISH OWNERSHIP

7 hours later 26080507 Riddler
MeoWen Mewwwwn....

8 hours later 26080575 Anonymous
>>26080507 kek

8 hours later 26080608 Riddler
Anytime. Schizophrenia is nearly always accompanied by an extremely high IQ, major life accomplishments, and ability to think critically when others simply permit life to happen.

8 hours later 26080619 Anonymous
>>26080486 I am not even from the US

8 hours later 26080660 Riddler
If one believes the riddlers are truly who they claim to be, yes. This is the shakeout window.

8 hours later 26080661 Anonymous
>>26080507 I wish a catgirl sex slave purchased using my XRP would whisper this in my ear while I'm playing vidya.

8 hours later 26080666 Anonymous
>>26080232 Big problem Each XRP wallet has 20 xrp that cant be moved. If XRPs are so valueable , why whould they design a wallet to have 20 when they know ppl will just misplace them thinking they are worthless. Thats a lot fucking value lost Also, Ripple escrow will be worth trillions making brad and chris the most powerful ppl in the world. Whats the chance of this happening? the IMF must have a huge bag or some sort, right ?

8 hours later 26080694 Anonymous
>>26080619 tell you the truth you fucking idiot i know where to go and where to be to maximize enjoyment of XRP without being vaxx'd i only keep asking to see if i can extract this info from others to confirm what i have now go fuck yourself, you fucking pleb i am not staying here, nor where you are good luck to you negro

8 hours later 26080711 Anonymous
>>26080661 based

8 hours later 26080728 Anonymous
The 2000 is nice and all, But Im out at $10 With my bag I will be free of work for the rest of my life if i dont buy stupid shit like lambos

8 hours later 26080731 Riddler
My opinion is that we see a 1,000%+ increase and many XRP holders will sell. The question shouldn't be at what level or when should we sell, it is; who is buying at these levels and why?

8 hours later 26080802 Anonymous
>>26080694 another retard fell for the mansur/lolchild larping this is great this is why i come to these threads you guys are hilarious

8 hours later 26080805 Anonymous
>>26080731 FOMO nomies of course d

8 hours later 26080807 Anonymous
>>26080694 Same here newfag, Only Vaxx they can give me is a lead injection right between my eyes. what do you need to know? I can teach you how to make an energy-generating nuclear reactor from household irems

8 hours later 26080824 Anonymous
>>26078886 >>26080005 >>26080016 Wait, so is the shakeout a price drop or price increase?

8 hours later 26080854 Anonymous
>>26080731 Why would they have a moon when people can't sell if they are trying to shake out? > XRP goes to $3 next week > Americans can't sell You're a retard and none of your posts make any sense.

8 hours later 26080878 Anonymous
>>26080802 >same ID FUDding the coin is saying this bad hire

8 hours later 26080904 Anonymous
>>26080232 pure hopium but I love it :)

8 hours later 26080918 Anonymous
>>26080854 You can still use Uphold

8 hours later 26080923 Anonymous
>>26080802 also i'd say you come back because you're paid to come back, not because you want to but you idiots are very useful so i thank whoever's hiring you

8 hours later 26080933 Anonymous
>>26080854 Because the lawsuit will resolve before that.

8 hours later 26081010 Anonymous
>>26080933 The lawsuit will resolve before the delistings? In 3 days?

8 hours later 26081038 Anonymous
>>26080166 > XRP delisted on major exchanges > some event causes price action [Trump/Biden, Tether FUD, SEC drops case, etc] > XRP spikes to .70, sell off to .50 > XRP spikes to $1-3, sell off > XRP starts a downward trend from the sell off, use the post Flare snapshot chart as a reference > most normie bagholders sell > traders see the downward trend and sell Only then can XRP reach 2k.

8 hours later 26081060 Anonymous
>>26081010 You forget XRP is still traded by the rest of the world. Americans will have to think outside the box.

8 hours later 26081078 Anonymous
>>26080824 >price increase? That would my guess. The price drop already occurred if you look at the post snapshot XRP price chart

8 hours later 26081090 Anonymous
>>26080923 yeah i wish id get paid maybe you forgot these threads show up in the /biz/ catalog and anyone can see them, last warning you fearing cunt, buy LINK now or miss out forever

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