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2021-01-15 10:07 26005882 Anonymous XSN 70c WAITING ROOM (xsncar.png 480x480 55kB)
StakeNEETs get in here. We will smash right through 70c in the coming hours. If you haven't accumulated godspeed anon.

3 min later 26005956 Anonymous (xsngood.jpg 403x408 40kB)
thanks for making a thread to be comfy in with fellow stakeneets also nice picture

7 min later 26006016 Anonymous
>>26005882 I think most neets are running out of money so we can go sideways a little until Bitfinex whales comes to pump us to mars

7 min later 26006018 Anonymous
comfy comfy

18 min later 26006235 Anonymous (1C009F77-4F33-4E64-86A4-6E65C56BA766.png 1000x750 665kB)
Checking in, bags are packed

39 min later 26006717 Anonymous
Everyone post holdings

46 min later 26006905 Anonymous
>>26006717 180k

46 min later 26006913 Anonymous
No uniswap contract. I am dedz...

2.389 0.022