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2021-01-15 10:05 26005837 Anonymous Btc down, Alts up by $20B (10BA5D70-907D-41E5-A35A-80BF0C5092EB.jpg 1241x2684 1149kB)
Does this mean alt season?

2 min later 26005883 Anonymous
>>26005837 >Alts up by $20B where dou see this

4 min later 26005912 Anonymous
>>26005837 I made that screenshot

4 min later 26005938 Anonymous
>>26005883 >imagine being so low iq you can't into percentages

5 min later 26005950 Anonymous
>ALTS More than half of the 11.9B increase came from Ethereum.

6 min later 26005961 Anonymous
>>26005883 >>26005938 it's more like 15 billion though, in case you implied that

7 min later 26005984 Anonymous
>>26005883 Total crypto market is up by 1.18%, and I just noticed I made a mistake and misread that as 1.8%...so I mean up by a bit more than $10B: Total crypto market is $1T Total crypto market is up 1.12% That's about $11.2B But at the same time BTC is down. Thus that $11.2B (a little more, since BTC also went down rather than just stayed still) went into alts.

7 min later 26005985 Anonymous
yeah into a shitcoin and eth

9 min later 26006008 Anonymous
>>26005961 > more like 15 billion though Yes, you are correct, I was sloppy and misread 1.18% as 1.8% >>26005984

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