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2021-01-15 10:05 26005826 Anonymous Liquidated / done. It's finally over. (computer doomer.jpg 200x224 6kB)
I have been completely addicted to trading shitcoins for months. I wake up past 2pm most days, and go to bed at 4-6am, sometimes even later. I don't do shit all day but sit at my computer and look for "opportunities" to buy. I can't stop myself. My eyes are always red, have bags under them, and they sometimes twitch on their own. My stack ranged from just a few hundred bucks to as high as 14,000 in September, when I was able to actually own a whole bitcoin (I did not hold it). It's not enough to make it just investing in some coins, so I felt I had to trade it constantly and rack it up into 100K or more so I could actually make sizeable investments and hold. Well, that never happened. After a bunch of bullshit and bad luck with my trades, and just being 100% fed up with my lifestyle, I reached a new point of desperation. The entire market was mooning and I was missing out on everything, because instead of holding anything for long enough, I'd make trades on an hourly basis and end up with nothing substantial. Or worse yet, I'd constantly open shorts and even though my entries weren't bad, I'd still get fucked. I opened a futures account on Binance (burger, but with a VPN). I was strongly considering going long on 8x leverage at the bottom of the dip a couple days ago (ETH at 1050) and just holding until the bubble popped. I almost did it, but decided against it, wanting to wait for one more dip. Obviously that opportunity never came. Today I found myself gambling like a degenerate on 20x and 50x leverage. It almost worked for a while, but then I halved my stack 3-4 times in a row on unlucky / bad trades. At that point, I just let myself get liquidated.

0 min later 26005835 Anonymous
So yeah, there's my blog. Hopefully some of you can relate. I'm kinda hurting right now, but I also feel liberated. I can wake up tomorrow and do something else for once. I'm gonna miss this bull run but I guess it's alright. I already missed my chance to accumulate, and at these valuations it seems too dangerous to start now. I guess gambling is my vice, was never really a drugs or alcohol kind of guy, but between gaming and trading I could truly be occupied forever. I still have one ETH I bought in 2019. I paid $200 for it, and still haven't sold it. Ironically enough that simple $200 investment is going to outperform thousands and thousands of dollars I put into my "trading" stack that has officially been vaporized forever.

2 min later 26005864 Anonymous
>>26005835 I hope nobody can relate because you did the biggest mistake that people on this board warn against. Don't fucking trade. Get a job, stack money, DCA in. It's very simple. Ideally you do all that before a run starts. Traders lose.

2 min later 26005871 Anonymous
>>26005826 Stop playing in a dead market for one retard , next get a job.

3 min later 26005889 Anonymous
>>26005871 nocoiner, its rope dance time, go youtube the tutorial and live stream plz

3 min later 26005890 Anonymous
I hope you’ve learned your lesson dude. Swinging, margin, etc on crypto is pure gambling. You should stop chasing wins - take a 6mo break, buy some BTC and ETH when you’re back as we’ll have crashed by then, and hold and STOP LOOKING AT CHARTS. Ideally also setup a DCA from your wages. Holding is not a meme, it’s the only thing that works for degenerate gamblers.

4 min later 26005914 Anonymous
>>26005864 >>26005871 Yes, I know. I'm graduating college soon and have only had 12/hour jobs. I'm a CS major but struggling to find a job in my field. Regardless I'm confident I'll find one, and then at that point my salary will make all these losses meaningless.

6 min later 26005957 Anonymous
>>26005826 Easy trap to fall into Like any gambling vice, just buy a little on every 20-30% dip with whatever you can afford comfortably

8 min later 26005989 Anonymous
>>26005889 show me your whole BTC with a timestamp you retarded loser gambler i'll wait hahah

9 min later 26006011 Anonymous
>>26005914 You will take a decade to save up the amounts of money people have made in the last 2 years with less than your peak value (14k$) as investment. You realize some people who aren't retards are up 50,000% at this point? And they aren't even OGs. They started late, in 2017-18. You fucked up an easy head start in life

10 min later 26006029 Anonymous
>>26005826 >>26005835 post pnl or a screen of your last few trades or you're a larping faggot

10 min later 26006040 Anonymous
>>26005871 It’s actually the fastest growing market for the last decade, but ok copelet

11 min later 26006045 Anonymous (1607215151906.jpg 500x500 45kB)
>>26005826 Alright anon, you just witnessed a red candle. So what? Was that enough to scare you into submission? Currently there are so many shills, so many newfags and in the midst of all this madness, there is you. You already started to ask yourself a multitude of questions that do not really advance your personal cause in this market. Should I sell or buy more? Is this the top? Will it crash? If it crashes, where is the bottom? Just as you can see, nothing of value. Superficial nonsense that keeps only absolute amateurs awake. You on the other hand are no amateur anymore, or at least you are here long enough to understand what I'm saying. You know that the Bogs are not sleeping and keep a watchful eye on everything. It feels like a curse, you start to see gains, you buy more and it goes down. You see it goes down, you sell and it goes up. An everlasting frustration. Your mind is not even functioning properly anymore. You see numbers, hear them in your head, what do they whisper to you? Make no mistake, these are deceiving voices of greed talking. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you witness a strange figure. You barely recognize him. “who is that?” You slightly whisper. It is you anon, an archetype of a gambler. A literal degenerate that wastes his income on artificial pump and dump schemes. It should not be like this and you know it. You feel something is wrong here. It seems that you do everything right, but why do you never make it? The dream is front of you, you can almost grasp it and in that second it all fades away. It should not be like this, chasing something that is unattainable is lowering a vacuum over you. And all of this because of some red candle. Don't live in the now, but foresee oneself a healthy obtainable future. The end goal is not to amass more crypto or fiat, the goal is to be free. I sincerely wish good gains to your portfolio and Godspeed. We are all in this together

11 min later 26006051 Anonymous
>>26006040 even a tranny can dream , dilate

12 min later 26006066 Anonymous (I MADE IT.png 1676x834 117kB)
>>26005989 >>26006029 Why the fuck would I lie you fags. Here's a screenshot in September when I temporarily owned 1 BTC. It was the day after UNI got released, which I doubled my money on and sold near the top.

13 min later 26006087 Anonymous
>>26006066 hahaha that's how a homeless persons portfolio looks like , like i said go back to Wendy's

13 min later 26006089 Anonymous

14 min later 26006112 Anonymous
>>26005890 yeah man, thanks for the kind words. I'll find some way to put some money in eventually, never to sell for years. >>26006011 I mean honestly, I can save that up in 3 months. CS jobs even at entry level pay 100K a year. This money has mattered to me so far, but soon I know that it will be a blip in the radar. What I'm more upset about is the time I wasted and how bad it felt the whole time trying to sneak through the cracks when it was always impossible.

15 min later 26006124 Anonymous
>>26006066 because seeing peoples negative pnls and big losses gives me a chubby, so post it you fag

15 min later 26006136 Anonymous
>>26005826 There are still small alts that you can buy for 1000 dollars or so, not everything is lost friend. Just put 1k into one of those and for the love of god stop trading

17 min later 26006160 Anonymous
>>26005826 Well, you've learned your lesson now I hope. The bullrun isn't over though, just buy something safeish and hodl, you can still make some money. >>26005864 >I hope nobody can relate because you did the biggest mistake that people on this board warn against Where do you think you are? Like +90% of the people here can relate to it, that's why they warn others not to "trade".

20 min later 26006212 Anonymous (pnl chart.jpg 1227x759 82kB)
>>26006124 Sure, logged back in just for you. There's my spot trading pnl, which doesn't include the last couple days of margin trading but you already know what happened with that.

20 min later 26006229 Anonymous
The only difference between me and OP was that I knew to avoid margin trading, and did swing trades rather than hourly. That, and bought/held ten times more Ethereum at a similar price. In profit finally, but it's a small fraction of what I'd have had I just bought and held.

21 min later 26006241 Anonymous
>>26006112 I don't think you understand the point. People who put in 14k$ in 2018 now have 7 figures. You are fucking up in the start of the last golden bull. These opportunities will slip away from you and never return.

22 min later 26006267 Anonymous
Anon sell all your belongings and buy bitcoin and ethereum. Get a job and put all your money in the market. Live at home if you can to stack more money. All hope is not lost you can still recover and make money this year. You have 11.5 months. Put $100~500 in a micro cap like chonker.finance. Good luck.

23 min later 26006284 Anonymous
>>26005826 Can deeply relate, I sold my stack late last year and feel that I've missed out the run, in desperation I have been trading leverage down tokens to try make up for this feeling of loss. In the past few days I have been spending around 15 hours a day staring at charts, sleeping only a few hours and have lost a net of 6k on the way up on multiple bad trades trying to catch a big dump. It does hurt, but we live and learn. You are still young so you have many chances to make it all back and more, fight on OP.

23 min later 26006289 Anonymous (1602920968642.jpg 517x1024 50kB)

24 min later 26006313 Anonymous
>>26006241 ok genius, you are making the same mistake I did. In your mind, you would've cashed out my peak account value at the top and put it in something safe. Anyone can do that in hindsight. The only reason I even had 14k to begin with is that I 7x'ed my 2k stack by trading. You obviously see why I would keep doing it. I had no idea I'd start losing, even though yes it's obvious now. Also, it's not 2018. It's more like mid 2017. And 99% of coins from 2018 are worthless now. Most people who put in 14k in 2018 have 1k now or less, even if they bought after the crash and some.

24 min later 26006328 Anonymous
>>26005864 >Get a job, stack money, DCA in it's sad that this place has come to this. wagecucks thinking they're in good company, and they're probably right too we're clearly past the "late majority" adoption phase if not "laggards"

27 min later 26006369 Anonymous
>>26005835 >>26005826 Just buy PRQ and hold for a year

27 min later 26006371 Anonymous (qRZ8Dgg.png 475x102 9kB)
>>26005826 ya mate just stop or take a break. i was watching bao and other shitcoins when bao suddenly mooned. went back and looked at the amount. thats a years worth of wages lmao

27 min later 26006394 Chronos
>>26006087 >>26006124 You are cunts

27 min later 26006396 Anonymous
>>26006011 >You will take a decade to save up the amounts of money people have made in the last 2 years with less than your peak value (14k$) as investment. You realize some people who aren't retards are up 50,000% at this point? no one made 50000% in that time in crypto. To do something like this you have to buy every scamcoin known to man and hope some of them moon. You can't even do that for substantial profit unless you dumping like 100k in every single one of them

28 min later 26006403 Anonymous
50x leverage is suicide gambling. Some people get lucky, many get rekt. Do not recommend unless it's money you can absolutely afford to lose and/or you really know what you're doing.

28 min later 26006405 Anonymous
>>26006284 Thanks for the kind words. I might put some in but the thought of crypto kinda makes me sick at this point. Very unfortunate timing but we'll see. >>26006267 Yep, that's me. Especially when it came to shorting the market, over and over, because I missed out. It hardly ever worked and I lost most of my money that way. I knew it was wrong and stupid every time, yet I still did it. I could trade well every day, but after MONTHS of it I got so tired and fed up I eventually threw it away. I just had to so I could free myself, because I'd never let it go unless I was completely fucked.

29 min later 26006445 Anonymous
>>26006313 You're on biz, this place literally had 50% of the threads in the catalog be the project that went up 50x over the last two years. Not to mention defi this year. 50x from 14k is 700k Just don't be a retard and buy retard projects like vechain or nano

29 min later 26006447 Anonymous
>>26006241 >People who put in 14k$ in 2018 now have 7 figures Absolute bullshit

30 min later 26006454 Anonymous
>>26006313 This. That guy sounds like a total retard. Everyone was leverage trading in 2018 because all shitcoins became worthless.

30 min later 26006465 Anonymous
>>26006394 What's up dude, I made a thread that you posted in a few days back complaining about an XRP short that didn't work out (even though the market was dipping). Well, look at me now. Completely out.

31 min later 26006485 Anonymous
>>26006396 50k link at 0.2 is now worth 1mil$ from a 10k$ investment 10k$ isn't a lot and it's not far fetched (many people on biz did this with sums like that) Farming defi earlier this year could escalate those gains into astronomical numbers This happened

32 min later 26006511 Anonymous
>>26006447 Run the calculations yourself. See the shit that happened without even being far fetched lol. You realize a 10k$ investment in link in 2017-2018 is now worth a mil$?

32 min later 26006514 Anonymous
>>26006445 Uhh no it definitely didn't. There are so so many projects in the catalog that are cancerous scams. Also, biz totally missed out on SNX, AAVE, DOT, BNB, THETA, and so on. The only thing it got right was chainlink, among hundreds of random erc-20 garbage coins. I wasn't actually around for the beginning of defi unfortunately

33 min later 26006528 Anonymous (1601991414819.jpg 760x635 81kB)
>>26006394 >moralfag >namefag

34 min later 26006550 Anonymous
>>26005826 Sell the ether for feathercoin, thank me later

35 min later 26006566 Anonymous
>>26005826 thank you for funding the CCP via binance t. chang

37 min later 26006623 Anonymous
>>26006511 I don't have to run any calculations at all, I have been here far longer than that and in 99% of cases people have not turned 14k into anything close to a mil from 2018 to now. >LINK Yes, if you bought the bottom with 14k, didn't try swinging, didn't take profit, held until today, then you would have a mil. Not many people did that though. I know I didn't, because link was, is, and will always be, a fucking shitcoin.

37 min later 26006625 Chronos (20200701_034616.jpg 817x539 114kB)
>>26006465 You're not completely down and out until you kill yourself. When you're at the bottom the only way is up. You could try practice accounts with fake money. Maybe invest in commodities and Forex and see which you like most. Proper trading isn't fun or exciting tho cause you're not really gambling that much. Have a risk management plan of 1-3% that you'll let yourself use for leveraging. Set stop losses. Plan trades and make guesses about future prices even without having a trade on it. Just keep keeping on.

38 min later 26006655 Chronos
>>26006528 >>26006394

39 min later 26006669 Billy Pilgrim
>>26005826 Its ok dude. All of time has already happened. We laugh about this post a billion years from now on the astral plane.

40 min later 26006683 Anonymous
>>26006328 I don't work anymore. Because I saved up money and DCA'd into LINK in 2018. Keep coping though. You know it's the right strategy. The biggest winners are those that don't trade their crypto.

42 min later 26006733 Anonymous
>>26006160 Crazy, isn't it? You really only learn by doing mistakes on your own. I did some trading mistakes too and then stopped doing it. My last trade was in 2018. Coincidentally I'm also up almost 6000% of what I initially invested now after I stopped trading. When I was flipping shitcoins I barely broke even on my initial.

42 min later 26006734 Anonymous
>>26006511 >>26006623 Also, there are less than 600 link wallets worth over a million today. How many people do you think post on biz? less than 1% of biz posters could even theoretically made that much from link

42 min later 26006742 Anonymous
>>26006625 Yeah man. I guess. I honestly think trading is impossible. Not because you can't consistently profit off of it, or that there aren't 50+% value trades, but because it sucks you in and you lose your fucking mind. And then one day you snap, and you find yourself flushing it down the toilet. Just anything to go on with your life. Well, that's me anyway. Not the first time either. If you look at my pnl chart, you'll see a huge dip in September from 14k to 3k, I felt the same way that time, but I guess I didn't completely throw away my money. I ran it up back up again and then repeated the process. Fuck it.

46 min later 26006831 Anonymous
>>26006734 >How many people do you think post on biz? All of them? Link has been getting shilled here everyday for years

54 min later 26007038 Anonymous (sdfsdfsfsdfs.png 199x214 47kB)
>>26005835 sorry friend. i just lost alot to online poker tonight. gambling addiction sucks.. ended up buying into more crpyto. going to lay off bovada for a few days

55 min later 26007066 Anonymous
>>26005826 I’ve just started buying crypto and thank you for the blog mate.

56 min later 26007083 Anonymous
>>26006801 kek

56 min later 26007086 Anonymous
>>26007038 I feel you man. Poker is something I'd probably lose a lot to if it weren't for crypto.

58 min later 26007120 Anonymous
>>26006089 Don’t be like that.

1 hours later 26007227 Anonymous
>>26005864 Enough people have been successful trading too. If you're a midwit youre ngmi but if you're retarded (<85 iq) or smart (>135 iq) you can make it by trading shitcoins. I can't stress this enough if you're a midwit just hodl or learn to countertrade yourself.

1 hours later 26007248 Anonymous
>>26006045 Newfag here. So by dca'ing in and hodling? It's just find it so hard, I just want to make it like all of you who made generational money. You have all changed the outcome of your family tree, that's how significant this is.

1 hours later 26007328 Anonymous
>>26005826 Can relate, want happened tho? Didn't you have stop-losses in place or a mental stop loss to cut the losing trades? But anyways keep your head high anon, he's one of my favorite quotes when it comes to losing trades: "The way i see it is, I haven't lost an arm or lost a leg. You're never getting them back. Then i'll be crying. But i know i can make the money back tomorrow, or if not tomorrow, I can get in my head for two or three months and make it back.why worry about losses? Everyone loses, bruv. You've just got to deal with it." - Navinder sarao

1 hours later 26007348 Anonymous
to OP: Yes, you made a mistake. But let me tell you a lesson that I learned. It's okay to have an addictive personality. It's what drives us men to create and succeed and strive for more. It's literally our dopamine telling us to chase success. The secret is to use your addictive behavior on things that will BENEFIT your life in a positive way. That's the trick. Read the first chapter of Jordan Peterson's "12 Rules for Life" It changed my life. Godspeed Anon

1 hours later 26007351 Anonymous
>>26005826 it's ok anon, it's ok In 2017, I went through some of those emotion. BTC and the community make you think you're going to be rich and make it, you dream of making a million from scratch and buy a lambo. Most won't. Sure it can happens to a few lucky and skilled one but most won't. Big gainer are the vocal minority.

1 hours later 26007537 Anonymous
>>26006045 interesting post, thanks bro.

1 hours later 26007564 Anonymous
>>26005826 reddit

1 hours later 26007582 Anonymous
I experienced something similar a few years ago. Went from literally nothing to $1500. Then I tilted and pissed it all away. Felt really shit at the time, too. A week later I tried again, starting with $120, and went up to $8000. At which point I stopped and put it into BTC, then Link, and now I have a 7 digit net worth. Your biggest mistake was probably thinking that you have to gamble with your $14k. Granted how I might have still been lucky to have caught the crypto train back then, but $14k could have easily been enough at least 2 years ago when choosing a good shitcoin like Link and then maybe flipping it again.

1 hours later 26007585 Anonymous
>>26007328 yeah i had stop losses, but i kept getting chunked over and over on high leverage. the last trade was 300 bucks only so i just let it fall through. it just barely got liquidated before it went up 3% (aka 150%...) subconsciously, i let it happen.

1 hours later 26007612 Anonymous
>>26005826 >At that point, I just let myself get liquidated. Holy fuck man you didn't need to say that, shit.

1 hours later 26007625 Anonymous
>>26007582 that is absolutely based, well done. wish i has gone that route, but it is what it is now. i probably would’ve never actually went all in on link, i never took it that seriously back then.

1 hours later 26007628 Anonymous
>>26005835 After all this time, you learned what we were telling you from the very fucking beginning....acquire...and then hodl. Its literally all you have to do to get rich.

1 hours later 26007634 Anonymous
>>26006328 I've been wagecucking and stacking since 2018 anon. To escape wagecuckery you need to stack capital and crypto is one of my investments. I'll be retired when I'm 40 so I'm not bothered by it.

1 hours later 26007639 Anonymous
>>26007582 This man, not as successful as this cunt because I got moody and didn't keep accumulating LINK, but I'm 250x my ATL.

1 hours later 26007803 Anonymous (1610466285506.jpg 400x400 27kB)
>>26005826 >>26005835 Damn sorry to hear anon. I believe that you will make

1 hours later 26007824 Anonymous
Why get liquidated? Take whatever little btc you have left and hold in a wallet off the exchange. Disregard the previous usd worth because you're blessed enough to hold at a time when the market is outperforming you.

1 hours later 26007847 Anonymous
Imagine shorting anything when the money printers have been BRRRRRRing since march. Retard.

1 hours later 26007942 Anonymous
>>26005826 holy shit I did the same but instead of selling I just turned off binance and watched/read kaiji life is a gamble, anon. you can make it all back

1 hours later 26007984 Anonymous
you people are fucked in the head, seriously. literally just hold the holy trinity and power through. thats it.

1 hours later 26008001 Anonymous
>>26007984 newfag here whats the holy trinity?

1 hours later 26008045 Anonymous
>>26008001 put all the coins in an online randomizer and the three you get given are the "winners", so to speak. its a bogus faith test but people here take it seriously

1 hours later 26008067 Anonymous
>>26006733 Yeah it is. I lost 50% of my bitcoin on bitmex gambling, realized I'd go to $0 if I kept at it, so I just "forgot" about it and let it be, and voila, I'm in profit. Sure, I _could_ have made more money, but I also could have lost it all.

1 hours later 26008075 Anonymous
>>26005826 Yo fren I literally had the same experience like you last week, lost my whole daytrading stack I just layed off daytrading and continued holding coins It‘s basically gambling if you don’t know what you’re doing And even if you do, it is

1 hours later 26008091 Anonymous
>>26008001 btc eth link If you think you're too late on any of these, it just shows that you're a newfag.

1 hours later 26008116 Anonymous
>>26006328 Laggards yet less then 1% of the world own crypto

1 hours later 26008168 Anonymous
>>26005826 Good job. One of thousands who fell for leverage. All you had to do was hold. Now, make more money and get the fuck back in. I'd say you have a few months before dHEDGE (DHT) goes nuts but who knows.

1 hours later 26008174 Anonymous
>>26008001 yeah what >>26008091 said forget my previous post.

1 hours later 26008195 Anonymous
>>26008001 btc eth grt

1 hours later 26008342 Anonymous
I have been losing money gambling with day trading too still around 100 up but I feel OP. I'm getting to a point where I want to hold 80% but swing 20% of what I have. I can't resist the allure of flipping since they can add up but you need to always be squirreling away your gains so you always come out on top and can live with your losses. My goal is getting to 1k about 150 away. so we'll see how my story ends, today I did get fucked, did some dual saving scam put like 60 bucks of btc and I thought I'd get that back + interest turns out I got 67 usd so burned a good 60 bucks from my "wins" since I misunderstood the strike price i thought over i'd be settled in btc but got the vice versa.

1 hours later 26008416 Anonymous
>>26005835 Don't stop trading because you lost some trades, just trade better also We are at the beginning of an alt season and you are out? Are you fucking stupid???? Deposit some fresh dollars and start again

1 hours later 26008422 Anonymous
This literally happened to me today, and I came here hoping someone had the same shitty situation. Thanks for baking the bread OP, made me feel better

2 hours later 26008478 Anonymous (BBE8508F-429A-48E7-BDAC-B37F2981F51D.jpg 510x510 28kB)
>>26005826 You didn’t invest, you gambled.

2 hours later 26008521 Anonymous
>>26007582 haha, congrats fren

2 hours later 26008580 Anonymous
>>26006623 Mate I turned a 5k$ investment into a mil $ in 2020 alone. Bought statera in may, managed to decently sell the top and switched my peofits into BTC and ETH and just held. All it takes is one good trade

2 hours later 26008628 Anonymous
>>26005826 Anon, my sincere condolences. See this as tuition money. You paid tuition at the school of Bogdanov and they have actually thought you a very valuable lesson that might be worth the money 10x over somewhere down the line. Just don't let the tuition go to waste.

2 hours later 26008683 Anonymous
>>26008416 Normie detected

2 hours later 26008726 Anonymous (1478659429922.jpg 445x604 37kB)

2 hours later 26009086 Anonymous

3 hours later 26009868 Anonymous
>>26008726 Hahaha funny monkey

3 hours later 26009955 Anonymous
>>26005826 I hope you learned your lesson. Never fucking trade. How hard is it to just buy and hold? Is it really so difficult to just do one thing and one thing only?

3 hours later 26009981 Anonymous
>>26005826 >didn't simply choose to buy 1 btc and stay out of the way >he did trading without knowledge you realize you could have hodled and used your time in a more useful way?

3 hours later 26010045 Anonymous
>>26006328 This

3 hours later 26010070 Anonymous (1571078855645.gif 185x132 1596kB)
>>26005826 >Today I found myself gambling like a degenerate on 20x and 50x leverage. It almost worked for a while, but then I halved my stack 3-4 times in a row on unlucky / bad trades. At that point, I just let myself get liquidated.

3 hours later 26010121 Anonymous
>>26009955 Yea buy and hold and in 10 years this shit will tank and be worth 0 $ . Retard

3 hours later 26010134 Anonymous
>>26008726 if it makes you feel better I also bought GRT at 0.55Euro. I lost 10k Euros, three months of my salary. I learned my lesson of never buying during a hype and will hold GRT until they either disappear (cutting my losses) or make new announcements and get customers and the chart goes up. If there is a dump because of Tether or some other reason, I will fill my bags again (a bit more GRT, along with ETH, XLM and Ripple). Most important thing is to take it easy and save your health

3 hours later 26010197 Anonymous
>>26006396 Newfag detected.

3 hours later 26010275 Anonymous
>>26005826 Trading is the most retarded thing you could do. I was down to my last $200 during the spring of last year. Then went all in into STA, and started looking for opportunities in small cap shit coins. Accumulated about a 100ETH by now and I'm a relatively low IQ anon.

3 hours later 26010550 Anonymous
I've recently started looking at crypto going into stocks, but am not really sure how to approach it. The general consensus seems to be just grab bitcoin/etherium on a decent dip and then fuck off and forget about it in the hope it keeps perpetually rising long term? Am I correct in that? I can see BTC seems to be doing well recently, I'm tempted to wait and see if we get another crash, but I may be being optimistic.

3 hours later 26010617 Anonymous
>>26010550 *after going into stocks

3 hours later 26010694 Anonymous
>>26010134 thanks, you're right about the health bit I haven't been sleeping nor have I been eating a lot recently cause of shitcoin stress

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