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2021-01-15 10:01 26005753 Anonymous (1529529267737.webm 640x800 419kB)
I decided to start investing. Would it be smarter to buy stocks or start buying crypto?

1 min later 26005793 Anonymous (81BpRXdtqiL._AC_SL1500_.jpg 1500x1451 239kB)
Invest in pic related

3 min later 26005833 Anonymous
>>26005753 crypto's entire market is less than apple do what you will with that information

3 min later 26005844 Anonymous
>>26005753 Both

6 min later 26005892 Anonymous
>>26005753 She looks like my former girlfriend

47 min later 26006770 Anonymous
>>26005892 Gosling is that you?

49 min later 26006825 Anonymous
>>26005793 Not good for actual kneeling. The fabric will chafe the back of your knees while you're getting down low to stare up into his eyes while you're working the balls

50 min later 26006848 Anonymous

51 min later 26006861 Anonymous
>>26005753 time to buy was last year

51 min later 26006862 Anonymous
>>26005753 I went 50/50. My stocks didn't move except Tesla, my crypto doubled so my advice is to go all in on tesla and bitcoins

52 min later 26006890 Anonymous
>>26006825 speaking from experience?

54 min later 26006964 Anonymous
>>26005892 Gib her address and phone number anon right now

56 min later 26007003 Anonymous
i reckon ur a dude

57 min later 26007023 Anonymous
Crypto. Stocks are for boomers

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