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2021-01-15 10:00 26005731 Anonymous (1610666171288.png 750x1334 2121kB)
I sold my pokemon cards for chainlink

6 min later 26005856 Anonymous
good man. you will be rewarded

8 min later 26005900 Anonymous
>>26005731 why

10 min later 26005946 Anonymous
doesn't it feel good to grow up?

11 min later 26005953 Anonymous
>>26005900 The buyer didn't have the money, but he said if I held on to this chainlink I would surely have it within a week or two

12 min later 26005980 Anonymous
god youre such a stupid fucking retard. please dont tell me you bought at 18. this was the last pathetic pump link will have for months, years maybe. the entire crypto market is going to crash.

14 min later 26006019 Anonymous
>>26005953 how many linkies did you get

0.399 0.015