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2021-01-15 09:56 26005665 Anonymous Portfolio r8 thread (Screenshot_20210115-095550_Blockfolio.jpg 1440x2960 558kB)

3 min later 26005709 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115_085748.jpg 1080x1631 224kB)
I'm pretty poor (student). Wondering whether to buy PRQ or just keep accumulating stinks and ETH

37 min later 26006428 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115-173321_MetrICX.jpg 1440x2960 747kB)
All I've got. Moonshot or rope

39 min later 26006469 Anonymous
>>26006428 Holy shit, sick wallet name

39 min later 26006472 Anonymous
>>26005709 Sell everything for 1000 LINK No idea what's the point otherwise with your shitcoins

41 min later 26006513 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115-012954_Blockfolio.jpg 720x1600 214kB)
Finally in a place I can start investing. I can put 500 or so every 2 weeks into my portfolio. Was thinking 40 percent BTC 40 ETH and the other 20 split between XLM and GRT. Thoughts on this? Am I more retarded than the average biz poster

51 min later 26006720 Anonymous
>>26006513 Stop waisting your money on xlm. Use that to instead buy more of their other coins you mentioned, or add avax/link to your folio

51 min later 26006721 Anonymous
>>26006472 What if link gets fucked?

1 hours later 26007206 Anonymous
>>26006720 isnt XLM a decent longterm hold? it seems like it has a pretty understandable use

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