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2021-01-15 09:52 26005581 Anonymous (main-qimg-83672c97b1f638dd8ae4798142f1822b.jpg 1080x1080 93kB)
sold at $18.22, will rebuy around $14 too easy, thanks for the opportunity retards

1 min later 26005620 Anonymous
>>26005581 >$18.50 Kek

2 min later 26005633 Anonymous
bought at $0.3, not selling below $300 too easy, thanks for the opportunity retards

3 min later 26005653 Anonymous
>>26005620 not concerned by little movements like that, BTC will dump today and LINK will dump even harder

8 min later 26005744 Anonymous
>>26005633 checked and kekd

13 min later 26005854 Anonymous
>>26005620 what now?

20 min later 26005982 Anonymous
>>26005581 It's free money basically, I don't get why more people don't do this.

22 min later 26006007 Anonymous (1589934408809.jpg 774x850 201kB)

22 min later 26006024 Anonymous
Imagine the pump when ZEUS posts a new tweet

23 min later 26006044 Anonymous
>>26005854 I thought you weren't concerned with little movements

24 min later 26006071 Anonymous
>>26006044 I'm not but you guys are so it's fun to poke :^)

24 min later 26006072 Anonymous
>>26005854 What now OP?

26 min later 26006102 Anonymous
You do know that whales monitor this board and will grab the chance to fuck over every single swingie that posts on this board, right anon?

27 min later 26006111 Anonymous
Haven’t heard from management team for 2 weeks. Been working for Sergey for 2 years. Every morning at 9am for the past year we have a Zoom call to discuss various things, usually a waste of time but it’s good to keep up team morale I guess. It is now impossible to contact my manager or any senior management above him. No meetings and no emails for 2 weeks now. I’ve just been working on a project alone so don’t really need to talk to anyone. Just find it strange that I can’t get in touch with anybody and our morning meetings are no longer going ahead and with no information from management. Are there any other Chainlink employees on this board that are having the same issues? It’s a long shot I know, should have probably tried to make a few more connections with team members I suppose.

28 min later 26006127 Anonymous
>>26006071 >:^) stop seething, it's okay, we all fuck up from time to time.

33 min later 26006225 Anonymous
>>26006111 Are you trying to create new pasta?

36 min later 26006305 Anonymous
>>26006111 kek

39 min later 26006359 Anonymous
Please god smite down this degenerate swinglinker

39 min later 26006373 Anonymous (index.png 223x226 5kB)
>>26005581 >>26005982 >Chainlink is about to break through the 20$ ceiling. Let's sell. Did you geniuses also sell btc when it broke 20k?

43 min later 26006461 Anonymous
18.55 and gonna hit ath soon. You done fucked up

43 min later 26006463 Anonymous
>>26006373 >Chainlink is about to break through the 20$ ceiling it's a double top

44 min later 26006492 Anonymous (1.jpg 399x385 30kB)
lets keep this thread alive to laugh at OP all day

46 min later 26006548 Anonymous
>>26006111 Seems legit, trips prove it

1 hours later 26007081 Anonymous
>>26006373 No because Bitcoin keeps going up, link is a crab coin.

1 hours later 26007134 Anonymous
>>26006072 What now?

1 hours later 26007158 Anonymous
>>26007134 What now?

1 hours later 26007182 Anonymous
>>26005581 are you the same that sold yesterday at 17$? kek

1 hours later 26007188 Anonymous
>>26006111 ask for a biscuit

1 hours later 26007247 Anonymous
Who’s ready to go to $20 just to have this brainlet get reamed by his short?

1 hours later 26007256 Anonymous (400.jpg 585x396 148kB)
>>26006102 well hello mr.whales plz pump to new ath :3 I'll suck your cocks, ass to ass

1 hours later 26007308 Anonymous (1595786551372.gif 480x480 3682kB)
>>26006111 Fellow Chainlink employee, also working independently on a project. Anytime I want to talk to Satoshi I just text him I bought us some Big Macs. He shows up like 10 minutes later. He said you are a fag though, has you "working" on garbage and wouldn't trust you to code a welcome screen.

1 hours later 26007435 Anonymous (1596093573651.jpg 1600x1158 151kB)
>>26006111 Meanwhile, at management ...

1 hours later 26007545 Anonymous
>>26005581 holy shit...it's retarded.

1 hours later 26007584 Anonymous
>>26006373 Idiot

1 hours later 26007843 Anonymous
>>26007158 What now?

1 hours later 26007889 Anonymous
>>26005581 swingies win again kek

1 hours later 26007905 Anonymous
>>26005581 Sold some linkies at $18.50. Comfy profit taking

1 hours later 26007955 Anonymous
>>26005581 You will FOMO back in at $23.90 you fuckhead

1 hours later 26008009 Anonymous
>>26007955 Checked

1 hours later 26008104 Anonymous (BF0B055B-F82D-4543-A411-B5F59A85ED69.jpg 656x455 45kB)
Calmed down enough so I can sleep Zzzz brb 4 hrs

1 hours later 26008124 Anonymous
>>26007247 Not a short, smoothie. He is swinging

2 hours later 26008370 Anonymous
>>26006127 ;^)

2 hours later 26008486 Anonymous
>>26005581 I did the same thing and sold a part of my stack at $81000.

2 hours later 26008688 Anonymous
>>26008104 It's been impossible to sleep since the start of this bullrun, I'm just too excited.

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