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2021-01-15 09:50 26005525 Anonymous (sad.gif 220x220 119kB)
Well i thought my GF was different, but now she wants me to sell my crypto so her sister can put a downpayment on a new house. I have 20% in BTC and 80% in SNC waiting to moon, how do i explain that this is the worst possible idea? If i leave it in crypto it will go 2x and more within the year, but she wants to sell now cuz "bitcoin is high". She doesnt believe it will go to 100k and more later on. Why are women like that?

1 min later 26005556 Anonymous
Stop being a weak simp. Fuck her and her sister, iron hands

2 min later 26005575 Anonymous
i hope you're trolling if you aren't i feel bad for you. grow some balls and put your foot down its your money not her fucking sisters.

3 min later 26005603 Anonymous
>>26005525 Agree to do it but only on the condition that she agrees to make 10+ white babies with you. If you're not or she isn't white, then fuck off and die ofc.

3 min later 26005617 Anonymous
>>26005525 tell her no or ditch her, you will regret this decision

4 min later 26005626 Anonymous
>>26005525 if this isn't a troll then oh my God what the fuck is wrong with women

5 min later 26005651 Anonymous
>>26005525 Don't be a weak beta faggot. You're in control, you make the decisions, you're the man. Don't be a dick about that but just make it clear. Fuck her sister.

6 min later 26005672 Anonymous

6 min later 26005674 Anonymous
>>26005525 >Telling women about your money ngmi

6 min later 26005675 Anonymous
For her sister? Not even for you+her? Dude. Lmao. Let's play a little mental game. Imagine your male friend asked you to sell your crypto so his brother can buy a house. Imagine what you'd say. Now go and tell her that. Disclaimer - If you are a faggot and would say "Sure thing pal!" then I can't help you and neither can anyone else here.

7 min later 26005689 Anonymous
>>26005525 If this is true, dump her RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Reddest of red flags.

8 min later 26005705 Anonymous
>>26005575 >>26005626 i wish i was trolling, all the time i see posts like these and im like haha what a cuck, now it's happening to me i mean i get that they need the money, but its not like crypto money is just free to spend, its an investment, she's just scared it will magically drop to 3k again >>26005603 we already have one but wont have more than that probably due to some problems we had, i'd happily have 10 tho, we're both white ofc

8 min later 26005712 Anonymous
>>26005525 if not a larp. You are a pathetic loser what the fuck are you doing. Just tell her no faggot who cares if she leaves you its your money

9 min later 26005722 Anonymous
>>26005525 False. You're a shill trying to agitate men into avoiding relationships with women. You have multiple anti woman posts on multiple boards right now.

9 min later 26005725 Anonymous
>>26005603 Based. But a better counteroffer is to let your gf's sister live with you in exchange for breeding white babies

9 min later 26005730 Anonymous
>>26005525 How does your gf know you own crypto in the first place dumbass

10 min later 26005732 Anonymous
>>26005525 >SNC >SunContract is a blockchain-based company that aims to decentralize the energy sector what the fuck does that even mean anon ?

10 min later 26005734 Anonymous
>>26005525 why the fuck are you paying for her sisters downpayment on a house?

10 min later 26005736 Anonymous
>>26005525 explain to her it’s an investment, not your fucking savings account. you shouldn’t even have to explain yourself because not only is it YOUR money, it also represents the work, research, and risks you have taken to get here. just tell her it’ll be worth much more in the future and you will not cash out. period.

10 min later 26005742 Anonymous
>>26005675 >>26005672 i mean it would be just a loan, but meanwhile crypto will moon and i'll wanna kms

11 min later 26005760 Anonymous
>>26005525 Tell her you want a repayment of double the amount. Since it's a loan. You'll get a lawyer to draft up the legal documents. If they complain, you tell her you are covering your losses if your investments do go upwards while she is holding the money. If not, tell your gf she can take a loan for the money needed out of the bank, and her sister can pay for it.

12 min later 26005769 Anonymous
>>26005722 woah really - can you link one? i wanna expose this shill

12 min later 26005777 Anonymous
>>26005730 >>26005736 we were always very open about the money part, its all shared, but maybe i fucked up, she only works part time

12 min later 26005779 Anonymous
>girlfriend's sister Thought I misread, but no it's real cuck hours

12 min later 26005781 Anonymous
>>26005525 >Not even your wife, your fucking girlfriend Bro you will NEVER make it.

12 min later 26005786 Anonymous
>>26005732 You buy token and receive energy. You can also mine tokens to generate energy out of thin air using nothing but energy and time.

13 min later 26005800 Anonymous (1589458748339.jpg 294x349 16kB)
>>26005525 >It's another "I told people about my money and now they're mooching" episode

14 min later 26005809 Anonymous
>>26005732 its p2p energy trading, doesnt really matter, it's just undervalued and low mcap, but has more real users than powr, so if it goes anywhere near powr mcap i will get 4x out of it

14 min later 26005812 Anonymous
>>26005742 Ok, easy way out. Tell them you'll do it, AS A LOAN, but their interest payments track against the crypto market. Explain clearly this could mean that they might have to pay you 10-100x back. They won't want to do it. I mean. Don't actually do that, they will think you're an asshole. But at least explain to your GF that any reasonable loan comes with interest, and they'd be better off going to a bank because the interest they'd have to pay the bank is WAY less than what they'd potentially have to pay you. I'm trying to be pragmatic of course, in reality you should just say it's your money, your decision, and the answer is no.

14 min later 26005813 Anonymous
>>26005525 >GF wants you to sell your shit for her sister >not instantly dumping that bitch She isn’t even thinking about your feelings at all fuck her

14 min later 26005831 Anonymous
>>26005525 lmao larper crypto's are never gonna 2x anymore

15 min later 26005834 Anonymous
>>26005781 we have a kid together tho, thats kinda more than married-level

15 min later 26005838 Anonymous
>>26005525 >>26005742 Tell her to shut the fuck up. >>26005736 Is all you need to know. It's not her money, it's not her investment, and it's sure as fuck not her sister's lending fund. You WILL permanently ruin your relationship with your gf's sister and possibly your gf as well if you lend the money, have to fight with them to get them to pay it back, and realize at the end that you lost a shitton while you were out of the market. You having money does not mean that other people are entitled to it. If they need money so badly, then they can get it the same fucking way that you did. That doesn't mean be a dick about it or don't help out friends and family when they really need it, but putting a down payment on a house a year or two earlier than they would without your help is not even remotely close to a "need".

15 min later 26005847 Anonymous
>>26005722 For some reason this post gave me chills lol

15 min later 26005849 Anonymous
>>26005525 there's no reason why her sister should be entitled to your money, but what if he indication on price is correct? How would you feel if in two weeks your paper gains dropped by 50%?

16 min later 26005850 Anonymous
>>26005834 You’re fucked You fucked up so fucking bad telling her anything about your crypto

16 min later 26005855 Anonymous
>people still falling for this

16 min later 26005857 Anonymous
show pic of her sister then we will decide what to do

17 min later 26005874 Anonymous
>>26005857 Lol, the 4chan spirit can never be killed

18 min later 26005902 Anonymous
>>26005812 holy fuck thats actually a really great idea, i actually came to vent more than seek advice, but this is gold if they are willing to pay back whatever the value of these coins will be later, it will scare them a bit cuz they have no idea how crypto world works

19 min later 26005923 Anonymous
>>26005849 desu i'd just hold through and buy the dip

19 min later 26005926 Anonymous
>>26005525 please be a larp. If not, you should dump her with a text or maybe veen 100% instaghost her right away. First of all, it's your money and only you decide. Maaaybe if she tried to meddle because she really wants to you to buy a house for you two that would be kind of acceptable. But wanting you to sell to help her sister buy a house? The nerve on that is a sign that she values you much lower than her sister. She needs to go

19 min later 26005927 Anonymous
the fact that youre still thinking about it. FUcking end it you faggot. Cant believe you still need more persuading. YOU are a cuck, give her the money already, its embedded in your faggot ass dna to be poor for life.

21 min later 26005960 Anonymous
>>26005525 "buying my girlfriend's sister a house" is gonna reach "don't talk to me or my wife's son" meme levels

23 min later 26005995 Anonymous (0832477525.jpg 1227x707 89kB)
>>26005525 AHAHAHAHAHAH >girlfriend (not wife) wants to spend YOUR money on her SISTER for a HOUSE >OP can't say no AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH I don't know where you're from anon, but you white people are KEKED. Muslim women would never dare to play 21st century empowered woman bullshit like this. We have a strong understanding of what the role of a man and the role of a woman is in a household. >Man earns, manages the money, and provides for his family. >Wife wants money for HER OWN PERSONAL USE? She can actually take whatever she wants from the man's account WITHIN REASON (as agreed by the couple) >Wants more than what would be considered reasonable? She can go get her own job and do whatever the hell she wants with that money. You deserve to be cucked for even considering about putting up with this

24 min later 26006006 Anonymous
>>26005902 Helping anons since 2005 *puts on shades*

24 min later 26006020 Anonymous
>>26005902 they'll just accept without thinking and will force you to change the deal after it goes against what they thought it will go

26 min later 26006065 Anonymous
>>26005525 Why are women like that? They like to live in the moment. You think 'I'm gonna make it one day'. She thinks 'I want to have fun right now'.

28 min later 26006081 Anonymous (images.jpg 276x183 7kB)
>>26005525 you're that same guy who made that thread about his GF wouldn't let him trade and walked out in the middle of a diner after asking how much you lost today, and like 200 posts later admitted he was just larping while working from home for fun aren't you?

28 min later 26006086 Anonymous
OP's girlfriend >>master<< will dump his faggot ass after the money is secured, AND get raped by taxes afterwards, then proceed by coming here again and vent about it. This beta is a sub species of trannies

28 min later 26006096 Anonymous
>>26005927 i'll try this: >>26005812 i guess i'll make a post later on the outcome >>26006020 hope not, i mean they arent meme-level normies, they have some brains and im gonna be very serious about it so that will very likely work without coming off as an asshole

28 min later 26006097 Anonymous
>>26005722 Nobody needs to agitate 4chan into avoiding relationships with women

29 min later 26006103 Anonymous
>>26006020 100% this, if they can walk all over him like this ow they can to get out of their repayment when it booms

29 min later 26006114 Anonymous
>>26005995 he's baiting you fucking literal retard

29 min later 26006118 Anonymous
>>26005730 This. Shut the fuck up and do not talk about your money.

29 min later 26006120 Anonymous
>>26005742 "it would just be a loan" Without interest, without any legal ramifications if she doesn't pay and guess what, if there are legal consequences when she doesn't pay and you take the formal route, your gf will 100% side with her sister since she's pushing you on this in the first place I hope you're trolling op, otherwise get the fuck out of there or at least keep you and your gf's finances separate

30 min later 26006129 Anonymous (tenor.gif 220x179 13kB)
heres what happened; op told his gf who he has a kid with who already mooches of him and only has a part time job that he has internet money mooch gf tells retarded sister who doesnt understand the value of money that op has free internet money heres what happens; op refuses and retarded sister makes it her life goal to get in mooch gfs ear and ruin his life OR op caves and gives her the money of which one of two things will happen A she gets the house and never gives op his money which causes problems and op loses his money and his gf or B she gets the house and because is retarded fails to be able to make the payments and loses the house then op has no way of getting money back and gf blames op for just giving away his money like an idiot OH MAGIC 8 BALL IS OP GMI? For those of you playing at home, never tell anyone you have crypto, infact fud crypto at all costs MAGIC INTERNET MONEY NO THANKYOU I ONLY BUY GOVERNMENT BONDS

31 min later 26006152 Anonymous
>>26006129 Lmao, ok, based

31 min later 26006153 Anonymous
>>26005902 Don't fucking do this you absolute retard. If you don't have the balls necessary to deny this absolutely ridiculous request, then you won't be able to handle it when they inevitably refuse to hold up their end of the deal. Can you explain why you are even entertaining this idea ? What makes you think this request is justified ?

32 min later 26006158 Anonymous
>>26005525 Why does she know how much you have?

32 min later 26006163 Anonymous
What's your crypto net worth?

33 min later 26006176 Anonymous
>>26005705 Why doesn’t she want to keep the money for her own child?

33 min later 26006177 Anonymous
>haha just cuck yourself in exchange for white babies >sell all your crypto so your gf will have babies This is why pol will never make it.

33 min later 26006188 Anonymous
>>26005525 Never discuss finance with w*men their brains aren´t made for that. But it´s too late now so the only option now is not being a spineless faggot

34 min later 26006194 Anonymous
>>26005525 All women are whores.

35 min later 26006228 Anonymous
>>26005525 what the actual FUCK?? Why would you do this for your gf's SISTER?? I don't get it, are you really close to her family or something? Also just learn to say no now bro, otherwise your gf will see you as a doormat and so will her family, and they will keep asking for more. That's just how it is. I know its uncomfortable and you may feel like an asshole, but you're not. They're not entitled to your money, and you have to make a stand now or they'll just use you

36 min later 26006242 Anonymous
>>26006114 Nah I know enough cucked white people to think this isn't bait.

36 min later 26006244 Anonymous
>>26005525 >GF's sister >not even sister in law I would think twice about sister in law but don't be a miserable fuck op. It's your money and they are strangers.

36 min later 26006246 Anonymous
>>26005525 tell her hell no, for one you are dating her not her sister and for two it's still your money. If she dons't get this think about moving on.

36 min later 26006258 Anonymous
>>26005834 Tell your gf you need to preserve the money for the child. If the sister can’t afford to save for a down payment she’ll never be able to repay your loan and will default on the mortage. Don’t be a fucking idiot.

37 min later 26006272 Anonymous
Tell her you accidentally didn't buy bitcoin but XRP and you just now realized. Offer her the 2 dollars she now thinks you have on your portfolio. Be a hero in her eyes. Warning: DON'T LEND MONEY TO FRIENDS. ESPECIALLY WOMEN. Women will always fuck you over and just make you more miserable for your selfless deeds. You might see your money back in 20 years if you're lucky.

37 min later 26006282 Anonymous
>>26006097 This.

38 min later 26006296 Anonymous
>>26005525 You arent even married to the girl, and she wants you to pay for her family? Bro I would never. Maybe if I was married 10 years to her, and knew her senpai like that. I would think about it. But she's just a gf. You could break up in the next 1-2 years. And you'll regeret that decision if you make it. SO dont.

38 min later 26006302 Anonymous
>>26006153 they are ok people and real estate is not a bad investment, i wish for them to buy their own place instead of rent, but dont wanna lose potential crypto gains in this bull market >>26006163 about 60k >>26006176 we have enough, we're pretty frugal either way

38 min later 26006303 Anonymous
>>26005705 ok so if you have a Kid with her moving on may not be on the cards but you still have to play a strong hand, she needs to understand that liquidating now will effect her and your babies future negatively

38 min later 26006306 Anonymous
>>26005525 You could take a crypto backed loan on your btc but probably not worth it

38 min later 26006310 Anonymous
>>26005525 “ I forgot my password”

40 min later 26006343 Anonymous
>>26005525 If she's getting this involved in your funds, then you can bet that if it ever does drop, she's going to hold this moment against you forever. This honestly sounds like a completely shit relationship to be in, since she doesn't trust your judgement worth a shit.

41 min later 26006372 Anonymous
>>26005525 >but now she wants me to sell my crypto so her sister can put a downpayment on a new house. Are you fuckin retarded? Your GIRLFRIENND, OT WIFE, wants you to BUY HER SISTER A HOUSE!. Really, are you fucking retarded? How did this cunt even finish her sentence before you told her to fuck off. Which you did not do. Try to smarten up fast. Your cunt GF is gonna wreck you, if she hasn't already

41 min later 26006375 Anonymous
>>26005705 look at it this way, if you do liquidate it now how will she look at you once BTC has really mooned in a few years putting you and her in a position of financial freedom, believe me she won't blame herself. Women often have a defence mechanise of blame the man for failures, she will start to look at you as weak so don't do it.

42 min later 26006385 Anonymous
>>26006302 60k? Jesus fucking christ fucking no. Women are risk averse so she wants you to sell but stand your foot and don't let her. BY THE WAY if she is like this she will also act this way when/if you marry her so keep that in mind.

43 min later 26006413 Anonymous
>>26006302 >real estate is not a bad investment, i wish for them to buy their own place instead of rent You deserve this.

43 min later 26006414 Anonymous
OK EVERYONE, thanks for the talk, as i said i'll try with >>26005812 but i gotta run now so i'll update later on how it goes

43 min later 26006418 Anonymous
>>26005525 Literally and unironically dump her.

43 min later 26006429 Anonymous
>>26005705 Yeah so? It's not either of their money. What does it matter to them? Are you from some 3rd world shithole where yo take on the financial obligations of your cunt GF's family or something?

44 min later 26006451 Anonymous
>>26005809 it's a scam, though. you should keep all your BTC and sell part of your shitcoin stack to fund your girlfriend's boyfriend downpayment. you'll be glad in the long run

45 min later 26006462 Anonymous
Take a collateralized loan on Aave using your BTC. Let her pay the interest (plus extra) while you're holding the BTC in the contract. This only works if you want to hold spot and not trade (unless you use RAMP I guess).

47 min later 26006502 Anonymous
>>26006302 NEVER give her knowledge to your private keys and trading pc/phone. this is the moment, where you just say: "NO THATS OUR KIDS MONEY IN THE FUTURE". no matter what she cries about you being an asshole, just make sure, that you do the 'woman shit' like not talking to her anymore, no banging, make sure she understands in her ways that she is actually the fucking monster and in the wrong just for asking you this awful thing. its her fault, you should never have been asked this by her.

47 min later 26006515 Anonymous
>>26005777 yeah you fucked up with women, "your" money quickly becomes "our" money and they make fucking terrible financial decisions don't listen to her

48 min later 26006544 Anonymous
>>26006096 >they aren't meme-level normies they are women, just wait and see

49 min later 26006559 Anonymous
and if she is not completely batshit insane, she doesnt want to give them the money, too. its just because she is a woman, she cant tell her sister to fuck off with such a retarded begging. she wants you to say no and be the bad one of you, so she can reason to her sister, shes not getting any money

49 min later 26006564 Anonymous
>>26006065 >wanting to have fun right now >downpayment on a house it's a longterm commitment it fulfills women nesting instincts sharing resources makes sense in the woman perspective which is tribal and cooperative by nature crypto is abstract, volatile, high-risk; all red flags for women anon it's not like she's asked for op to sell his stack so they could travel the world. her request is perfectly reasonable from a woman's perspective. and the whole point of being a man rather than a cuck to calmly deny it without flipping your shit or hurting her feelings

50 min later 26006581 Anonymous
>>26005525 Funny thing, she is probably right

51 min later 26006604 Anonymous
>>26005525 Imagine being such a pussy that someone would even ask you to do something like this. OP I'm not being degrading, it's honestly advice, man the fuck up.

51 min later 26006608 Anonymous
>>26006564 >downpayment on her sister's house But you are right. Still better than the next pair of shoes.

52 min later 26006624 Anonymous
>>26005525 take out a personal loan and leave the btc at least the shitcoin is worthless

52 min later 26006632 Anonymous (1609767837414.gif 280x158 812kB)

53 min later 26006647 Anonymous
>>26006564 >her request is perfectly reasonable from a woman's perspective. Buying his gf's sister a home is perfectly reasonable from a woman's perspective? What kind of cunts do you hang out with or know? Every chick I know would think the gf was bat shit insane to ask such a thing.

54 min later 26006667 Anonymous
>>26005781 >Marry her so she can divorce you and take your crypto instead of just putting babies in her Nah YOU won’t make it, enjoy literally halving your net worth over some pussy bro

55 min later 26006691 Anonymous
>>26005742 >loan if you make this "loan" it will never get paid back. understand that. consider the money gone, it's never coming back

57 min later 26006735 Anonymous
>>26005525 Why the FUCK would you tell someone you know about your shitcoins? Keep that shit secret from everyone.

58 min later 26006755 Anonymous
>>26005525 >it's my investment and not your sisters >she does not have any say over it >do you understand? >yes? good >no? goodbye

58 min later 26006769 Anonymous
>>26005525 How cucked and retarded do you have to be in order to put a down payment on SOMEONE ELSE'S house? You're asking to be absolutely bent over by your mrs down the line. Be a fucking man and keep that shit.

1 hours later 26006808 Anonymous (good evening.jpg 1024x792 630kB)
>>26005525 >Telling anyone that you hold crypto... There will be so many loose mouthed anons getting kneecapped for their mnemomic when ETH is $100k.

1 hours later 26006894 Anonymous
>>26005525 Just no anon, there's now way your wife's sister can profit your hard earned money without doing anything Why doesn't she go to a bank like normies

1 hours later 26006922 Anonymous
>>26005525 LISTEN TO ME ANON, TELL HER TO FUCK OFF. Hell break up with her but don't fucking give her that money, SHE'S NOT YOUR FUCKING WIFE and if you just give that money without a contract and just a handshake deal, you're never going to get it back because then they wouldn't legally need to pay your ass and you'll just sit there regretting every minute while BTC moons. DON'T. FUCKING. DO. IT. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING BREAK UP WITH HER, YOU'LL GET ANOTHER GIRLFRIEND WHEN WE MOON! DON'T BE A FUCKING CUNT.

1 hours later 26006936 Anonymous
>>26005705 stop beeing a faggot. unironically. Dont pay for anything that isnt yours. Simple as that. She can pay for her sister if she wants with her own money. and dont tell me you both are always merge your money and finance together

1 hours later 26006953 Anonymous
>>26005995 This Jesus Christ op you really need a fucking support group to help you say no for such a retarded idea? You’re a cuck. Your gf owns you, she doesn’t respect you. My gf would never ever ask for this type of bullshit for fear of how disgusted I would be of her for even bringing it up. And to think you need a literal support group to talk you through how to say no. Jesus Christ.

1 hours later 26006977 Anonymous
>>26006414 They will accept and not be able to refund you you cunt, don't do it

1 hours later 26006992 Anonymous
>>26005525 what happens if they can't pay the house? the bank sell the house and get refund, you don't if they can't proof they can borrow money to the bank maybe they can't afford a house

1 hours later 26006998 Anonymous
>>26005742 nigger shit like that doesnt and wont work. she will just stop paying and there is nothing you can do. Your biggest fault was that you even told a roastie that you have coins

1 hours later 26007011 Anonymous
>>26005525 Why should you pay for her sisters house? Do you have sex with your girlfriends sister? I guess not, so you won't pay a single cent. It wouldn't be so cucked if your girlfriend wants to you buy a house for your and your gf to start a family there. But even then you decide if you cash out your crypto. Be a man, dont give in. If you give in, she will see you as weak and go further and maybe cuck you. If you tell her and her sister to fuck off, she might be pissed about it and maybe even leave you, but she will respect you at least. Your gf is a dumb slut, she doesnt know shit about btc and crypto in general. She doesnt know that there are people that bought btc for 100$ and sold it for 300$ thinking they are super smart. If you hold your btc long enough you can dump this slut and fuck a new hot girl every night with your wealth.

1 hours later 26007030 Anonymous
>>26006992 This, they will accept the money at any cost and as soon as you ask your money back : "anon I... I... You know it's not a big deal you have plenty of money"

1 hours later 26007046 Anonymous
>>26005525 she sounds smart. Women tend to make very sound investment decisions, you should listen to her advice

1 hours later 26007075 Anonymous (1584416166035.png 259x194 6kB)
>>26005525 If you are even thinking about doing it, then you deserve it you cuck.

1 hours later 26007078 Anonymous
I'm sorry....sell your crypto so you can give it to her sister? Why haven't you thrown her out?

1 hours later 26007090 Anonymous
Pay for her sisters house. Get a wagie job, so your gf and her sister can buy expensive useless shit they don't need. If you are really nice to her, maybe she will not cuck you with a black man.

1 hours later 26007102 Anonymous
>>26005525 Don't be afraid to lose your wife for such thing > Muh it's just money It's not about money it's about life principles

1 hours later 26007130 Anonymous
>>26005786 >mine tokens to generate energy wat?

1 hours later 26007205 Anonymous
>>26005705 You have kids with a woman who isn't your wife >we're both white ofc You're still a nigger.

1 hours later 26007269 Anonymous
>>26007205 Getting married is the biggest mistake a man can make nowadays.

1 hours later 26007287 Anonymous
>>26007269 But he already has kids...

1 hours later 26007318 Anonymous
>>26005525 OP do NOT give that stupid BITCH money. Women will do everything in their power to leech, you CANNOT enable this.

1 hours later 26007333 Anonymous
>>26005525 Do it don’t be so selfish anon, you exist to serve

1 hours later 26007357 Anonymous
>>26006096 its clear you cant command authority prepare to be assfucked on all agreements of the sort you talk about. Brutally.

1 hours later 26007477 Anonymous
>>26006414 >>26006977 no use, OP is, as always, a faggot and clearly mentaly retarded. He deserves this

1 hours later 26007609 Anonymous
>>26005834 If you have kids together tell her you're thinking what's best for the kid and make sure she can blame you if her sister gets mad.

1 hours later 26007644 Anonymous
>>26007609 Also >loan for a down payment no wonder the real estate market is inflated.

1 hours later 26007671 Anonymous
TELL HER TO FUCK OFF next thread

1 hours later 26007681 Anonymous (1581480276056.jpg 508x585 49kB)
>>26005525 >>26005705 >>26005742 So let me get this straight OP, you have a gf? As in she's not even married to you? And she wants YOU to sell YOUR APPRECIATING ASSET, so your non-married gf's sister who you will never interact with sexually—can buy HER OWN appreciating asset? NO. You get nothing in return. This is a crazy request. This is what happens when young people don't believe in the sanctity of marriage. Goofy ass shit like this. Now your gf figures you're as good as married and you should financially help her sister. If you were married I could see how your WIFE would ask you to help your sister-in-law. But if you're not married—your gf's sister is just a stranger who might be gone in your future anyways. Also: >letting your gf know about your Bitcoin First off, OP. You never tell significant others about Bitcoin. But you NEVER EVER tell a thot gf you have any crypto. You just need to tell her "I can't sell my appreciating asset so your sister can buy her own appreciating asset." But say it less autistic. You messed up big time. Now you're gf feels like you two are married and wants your money. OP, real question, do you live in a common law marriage state? She can actually get your money if she breaks up with you if your gf and you have been living together for two years in some states.

1 hours later 26007726 Anonymous
>>26005834 >we have a kid together tho well that explains why she's asking. Explain the asset thing I mentioned in this post ( >>26007681 ) and maybe do what this anon said ( >>26005812 )

1 hours later 26007731 Anonymous
>>26005525 You gotta dip dude, that girl's a hoe.

1 hours later 26007752 Anonymous
>>26007269 living with your gf in many states for 2 years equates to common law marriage. She'd have an argument in court to get some of your wealth even if not married

2 hours later 26008311 Anonymous
>>26005705 >i mean i get that they need the money Tell them to go get it then. Why they asking you

2 hours later 26008359 Anonymous
>>26005525 >so her sister can This isn't real, right? This is a carefully crafted bait post, right guys?

2 hours later 26008411 Anonymous
>>26005742 tell them to use the bank

2 hours later 26008442 Anonymous
Woman aren't actually like this. OP needs to cash out 25%, disconnect, get outside and meet real life people. 2x in a year isn't worth having to write reality fan fiction for attention on an anon img board

2 hours later 26008452 Anonymous
>>26007681 You actually think OP isn't a larp? Come on....

2 hours later 26008546 Anonymous
>>26008452 Could be a larp but this happens way too much it’s becoming harder to tell the difference

2 hours later 26008565 Anonymous (4ec.jpg 628x462 32kB)
>>26005674 this unironically

2 hours later 26008585 Anonymous
>>26008359 people act like that IRL, you know ... that's why you don't say you have money

2 hours later 26008600 Anonymous
>>26005525 It looks like you need a new GF...that's the issue here

2 hours later 26008625 Anonymous
>>26005812 She probably won't take him seriously on it but hope it scares her off. Godspeed OP

2 hours later 26008635 Anonymous
>>26005556 This. Tell her that you’d only sell if she allows a 3some with her sister. Best case scenario - is sex with sisters. Worst case - break up. It’s a win-win situation.

2 hours later 26008671 Anonymous
>>26005525 lol, imagine listening to anything a woman says regarding money. a woman making 200k/year will have a lower net worth than a man making 50k/year because women are retarded with money. cathie wood excluded, of course.

2 hours later 26008745 Anonymous
>>26008600 He was dumb enough to have a kid with her.

2 hours later 26008771 Anonymous
I hope OP tells us how it goes down because he's going to cave. I just feel it in my bones.

2 hours later 26008776 Anonymous (1545836827758.jpg 600x606 44kB)
>>26005742 I wanna kms myself just listening to your cucked story. Tell her no straight up, and don't be afraid to get physical if the bitch gets all up in your face or tries to guilt-trip you.

2 hours later 26008818 Anonymous
Disregard women, acquire currency. Also ask why the fuck are you gonna pay for her shit? You are an absolute faggot if you do that

2 hours later 26009027 Anonymous
>>26005902 You better get a lawyer to draft that up and make them sign up. Never do verbal agreements

2 hours later 26009129 Anonymous
>>26005525 >house for her sister Even if you have the money in USD and not crypto, if you do this you are a fucking cuck. Why should you buy a house for her sister??

2 hours later 26009164 Anonymous
>>26005525 You told your girlfriend? Damn i thought i was stupid for telling my parents

2 hours later 26009215 Anonymous
>>26005742 >it would be just a loan You will never see that money again if you do this

2 hours later 26009232 Anonymous
>>26007644 Still better to loan from friends without interest than from kikes. Of course there is no guarantee that she will repay it. Wouldn't do this for anyone other than very close family such as children.

2 hours later 26009295 Anonymous
>>26005525 >paying for your gf's sister, who probably fucks other guys that don't pay her anything Absolutely cuckolded.

2 hours later 26009305 Anonymous
>>26005525 Well then dump her you LARPing cuck.

2 hours later 26009320 Anonymous
you shouldnt have told her anything

2 hours later 26009353 Anonymous
BTC could be 5k by tonight man i'd just let her take the loan. you could be safeguarding a LOT of your money. the tether shit is extremely rattling. i sold at 35k and feeling VERY comfy about it. remember long term gains >>> short term. don't let yourself get greedy op. and help your future family

2 hours later 26009367 Anonymous
Woman are evil. Men are cucks. And OP is a fag. What more is there to discuss about this obvious larp?

2 hours later 26009395 Anonymous (cuckold.png 800x800 49kB)
OP I just wanted to let you know that you are the greatest cuck in existence and I don't even want to attempt to save you. To everyone else, let this be a warning. Don't be a boiled frog.

2 hours later 26009440 Anonymous
>>26006302 60k LMAO. U have no fucking money whatsoever just say NO

2 hours later 26009448 Anonymous
People think it's a larp but I know of people who do crazy shit like this for other people. People are generally horrible with money. It's taken me like four months to save up a 10% mortgage deposit from my shit job, it's not hard:/

2 hours later 26009482 Anonymous
>>26009353 You're a female.

3 hours later 26009551 Anonymous
>>26005525 I really hope you are trolling if not man the fuck up

3 hours later 26009574 Anonymous
>>26009482 mate it's called taking measures to protect my wealth. i've been reading a lot about tether and if i'm right you're going to lose 80% of your net worth if you're all in on btc. you ok with that? i'd rather keep my earned 80% buying power.

3 hours later 26009582 Anonymous
>>26006020 Absolutely this. He's gonna take the previous advice tho cos it gives him a get out of jail free card to cuck himself stupid and then come back later to complain about being "fleeced" lmao

3 hours later 26009714 Anonymous
nobody gives a fuck give her all your money and never come back here

3 hours later 26009746 Anonymous
>>26005525 I really hope you're a troll

3 hours later 26009782 Anonymous
>>26009574 Honest question - would people sell for fiat or trade for other projects like ETH?

3 hours later 26009801 Anonymous
Cuck maybe get her boyfriend a house as well cuck

3 hours later 26009848 Anonymous
>>26006302 > i wish for them to buy their own place instead of rent, Did they tried not being poor? Tell me more about them? Where do they work? How many childs they have?

3 hours later 26009852 Anonymous
>>26005525 I would drop her immediately. Imagine being such an entitled cunt. Dodge the fucking bullet. Brake up with that hoe.

3 hours later 26009881 Anonymous
>>26005525 just say no

3 hours later 26009899 Anonymous
Lol you're not even married. To What a cuck to even consider giving money to a girlfriend sister! Aaaaaahaha what afag

3 hours later 26009916 Anonymous (A7D6A10A-9082-4C76-84F4-57520E7684A3.png 1480x987 2235kB)
>>26005525 Just say No

3 hours later 26009927 Anonymous
>>26005525 She wants you to pay for someone else's house? Laugh her out of the room.

3 hours later 26010021 Anonymous
>>26005525 >My crypto Dont sell shit.

3 hours later 26010049 Anonymous
Lol of course /biz/ is full of bastard-spawning cuckolds. Of fucking course.

3 hours later 26010111 Anonymous
>>26005742 Do not ever loan money to friends or family. There is these financial services called banks specialized in giving out loans. Tell her to go there. Also, if your girlfriends sister needs a loan for the downpayment, she shouldn't be buying this house anyway as she can't afford it. Tell her to save money until she can actually pay down the fucking downpayment or get a smaller house.

3 hours later 26010151 Anonymous
>>26005525 >your crypto >her sister's downpayment Seems pretty fucking obvious what you should do.

3 hours later 26010189 Anonymous
Thinking your GF was "different" says nothing about her and everything about you. A "regular"person would never ask this of you unless you've provided nothing of value to the relationship other than your 1.2 btc -which will soon be .6 sats if you don't ditch the shit coin.

3 hours later 26010192 Anonymous
>>26005525 Dump the bitch and get a new one. YOu gonna be rich anyways why settle for a used up hole when u can get new ones

3 hours later 26010194 Anonymous
>>26010151 Yeah it’s obvious, he should marry both sisters. Problem though is sharia doesn’t allow that. This might be a case for Kleros.

3 hours later 26010233 Anonymous
call me schizo (i do have 10k XRP) but i swear i've seen this exact thread before. not just the OP but multiple replies to it

3 hours later 26010335 Anonymous (FDF87C01-252E-4AAC-9FF2-5C4C52EAD7FA.jpg 750x1365 365kB)
Get on my level OP. I bought a giant house and turned my boomer parents into my personal rentoids. And i dont allow my wine aunt sister to bring her boyfriend over and my rentoid parents cry about it.

3 hours later 26010364 Anonymous
>>26005525 >listening to women in 2021 >openly letting them parasite off you >letting them TAKE YOUR FUCKING GAINS HOLY FUCKING FUCK >NGMI sell everything simp

3 hours later 26010403 Anonymous
>>26006096 Use aave to loan them the money. There is a setting in there to give someone else a loan

3 hours later 26010404 Anonymous
>>26006020 exactly this, they will just say you scammed them and never pay it back

3 hours later 26010418 Anonymous
>>26005525 Tell her no, you dumb faggot.

3 hours later 26010449 Anonymous
>>26005525 tell her to cram it then look her in the eye while you scoop up some more arpa then lick your lips when you stake it for bella

3 hours later 26010452 Anonymous
>>26010335 cringe

3 hours later 26010491 Anonymous
>>26010452 Show tits roastie. You know the rules. Or back to rabbit.

3 hours later 26010534 Anonymous (1610300275538.jpg 2000x2000 188kB)
what the fuck are you even contemplating doing what your fucking female wltells you you absolute dickwat, sell because youre a fucking little crying pussy bitch with no cock. faggot

3 hours later 26010785 Anonymous
>>26005525 Wtf. Just tell her no. If she flips out let her and just do your own thing. She'll think you're alpha and will apologize later. If not then she is a cunt and it's good riddance.

3 hours later 26010821 Anonymous
>>26005525 pls be larp, YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S SISTER'S HOUSE? fuck whipped cunt

4 hours later 26010984 Anonymous
>>26005672 >inb4 his girlfriend dumps him after paying and he never hears from them again >>26005742 >family member "loan" absolutely LMAO. loaning a family member money is a bad idea and it's a fucking AWFUL idea when it's not even a direct family member. say goodbye to that money then because you are NEVER getting it back. be prepared for a string of >ah jeez not atm i'm going through a rough patch >you don't need it at the moment do you? just give me a few weeks >you're not still after that money? you have lots of it any way >stop being so mean! i thought it was a gift if they can't get a bank to front the money for it, there's no way in hell they are in a good spot to pay you back

4 hours later 26011007 Anonymous
>>26005556 fpbp

4 hours later 26011143 Anonymous
>>26005525 >girlfriend >girlfriends SISTER This is fucking ridiculous. You do understand that even if you do it (which you absolutely shouldn't) then she can dump on you at any time and Jamal and Tyrone will be fucking them both raw in the house you paid down for. This would be an ABSOLUTE KEK move, I seriously hope this a joke.

4 hours later 26011191 Anonymous
>>26005525 Fucking lol wait she wants you to sell tens of thousands of of YOUR assets. So her SISTER can buy a house. You need to be very fucking clear and say fuck you no it's mine. Her sister wouldnt do that for you.

4 hours later 26011247 Anonymous
Tell her to sell her crypto instead to cover her sister's expenses.

4 hours later 26011260 Anonymous
>>26005525 OP, did you selded?

4 hours later 26011262 Anonymous
>>26005651 Do be a dick about it, there is not even a decision to consider, some people have some fucking cheek to even ask.

4 hours later 26011294 Anonymous
>>26005742 You would never get a penny back I guarantee it

4 hours later 26011302 Anonymous
>>26005556 Actually not a bad suggestion. What you want is an out. It's your money not hers.

4 hours later 26011326 Anonymous
>>26005525 Dump the cunt

4 hours later 26011332 Anonymous
>>26005777 You can tell he's larping clearly now from this one, fucking cunt OP

4 hours later 26011361 Anonymous (77137B2C-9AA0-4B0B-9BD6-F96EB886A0E3.png 532x523 12kB)
>>26005603 t. Medi or slav

4 hours later 26011365 Anonymous
>>26005525 why would you buy your gfs sister a house? are you an idiot

4 hours later 26011369 Anonymous
>>26005525 If your gf is that demanding imagine if she became your wife

4 hours later 26011387 Anonymous
>>26005742 never loan money to family or friends like that if you ever want it back

4 hours later 26011410 Anonymous
>>26005525 Holy shit. Biz niggas really let their women make decisions for them lmfao

4 hours later 26011534 Anonymous (based ice.jpg 600x832 71kB)
200 posts and no-ones addressed the elephant. Where's her sister's man?

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