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2021-01-15 09:49 26005504 Anonymous PLTR Gang General (BB1D5283-C21A-4A6A-A854-04C406023C7A.jpg 313x388 29kB)
Anyone else hopping on this train? I’m setting a buy order for 25 but the overnight might stay so I might have to change it. What are y’all ordering at?

1 min later 26005531 Anonymous
how to into stonks and shit. I'm a crypto retard

3 min later 26005582 Anonymous
>>26005531 Just set up a TDAmeritrade man. Diversity is your friend. Invest in both stocks and crypto

5 min later 26005624 Anonymous (B6A2BA8A-A6A7-43BE-BA2D-C4165FC2182E.png 828x1792 275kB)
Will I wake up to money tomorrow? Or $200 poorer? Baby’s first options trade

5 min later 26005634 Anonymous
>>26005582 Am i limited to the amt of trades I do or a min amount invested? I diversify and play real conservatively by getting leads on 4chin and researching them. Is the start pretty much the same with WSB?

6 min later 26005646 Anonymous
>>26005582 >Diversity is your friend What a meme this is

6 min later 26005648 Anonymous
>>26005624 Probably wake up to money but I’m wondering why you called at 30$

7 min later 26005670 Anonymous
>>26005634 Yea pretty much, I use WSB for stocks and /biz/ for crypto

8 min later 26005690 Anonymous
>>26005648 Cause I have no idea what that price means and I saw an article that said it would go to $30 lol What should I use for strike price? Is it the strike price?

8 min later 26005691 Anonymous
>>26005670 thanks for your input anon. thoughts on robmehood?

10 min later 26005716 Anonymous
>>26005690 incoming RIP

24 min later 26005983 Anonymous
>>26005691 Fuck Robinhood. Literally a joke in the industry. Use any reputable broker like TD.

34 min later 26006171 Anonymous
>>26005504 I'll buy some more if it hits 24 I think, my current cost basis right now is 19.02 for 1000 shares. I think PLTR has good potential over the next few years but I'm somewhat disheartened by the crabbing, especially since the other 2 stocks I'm holding rn have been pumping hard.

37 min later 26006233 Anonymous
>>26005983 are there account mins for options. I just want to get my feet wet and not blow up my account.

46 min later 26006471 Anonymous
>>26006233 optionsprofitcalculator.com is an incredibly useful tool, especially if you're new to options trading.

49 min later 26006543 Anonymous
>>26005690 Omg dude, research what you’re doing

1 hours later 26006925 Anonymous (1607187652258.jpg 378x249 15kB)
>>26006471 appreciate the help anon. have a cat

1 hours later 26006997 Anonymous
Did the PLTR lockup end? >>26006171 >crabbing No reason for corporations to fight over 15% of the shares, they're waiting for lockup to end so they can buy the dip.

1 hours later 26007089 Anonymous
>>26006997 people said this exact same stupid shit about snowflake too

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