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2021-01-15 09:39 26005334 Anonymous /biz/ newfag (received_2436990626602953.jpg 657x602 29kB)
I dont usually come on biz too often and know fuck all about crypto trading. Can you please give me some tips or point me towards some good resources for learning please?

4 min later 26005407 Anonymous
>>26005334 Hi newfren. BTC ETH LINK everything else is gambling and will go to zero long term

5 min later 26005413 Anonymous
>>26005334 get a wallet to hold crypto. buy bitcoin. hold the bitcoin in the wallet. wait until the board's all green and stuff. profit.

5 min later 26005420 Anonymous
>>26005407 /thread

6 min later 26005427 Anonymous
>>26005334 btc eth hex

7 min later 26005441 Anonymous
>>26005407 this. also DOT seems okay but i only hold the /biz/ holy trinity: ETH LINK BTC

7 min later 26005457 Anonymous
>>26005334 You can do much more than trade. Learn about decentralized financing. https://youtu.be/pWGLtjG-F5c

17 min later 26005673 Anonymous
Thanks guys, i have some BTC ETH and link id really like to get more involved in it

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