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2021-01-15 09:38 26005304 Anonymous (1594773545541.jpg 1453x1614 122kB)
... All TA based on halving cycles indicate the top would be in Oct-Dec 2021, with a price in the 300k range. But normie sentiment analysis indicates the top is already almost in. If the normies are already in, the shoe shiners, Katty Perry, etc. who will buy the bags, and give it another x10? How the fuck could this sustain for 10 more months? Is this a new paradigm shift, or is it already over?

4 min later 26005386 Anonymous
this will be the end of the halving meme

7 min later 26005433 Anonymous
Developing third world nations haven't all bought in yet. The US is not the center of the world.

8 min later 26005452 Anonymous
>Implying a x10 bigger run wouldn't require x10 bigger hype The fact we're x2 ATH and still haven't reached 2017 hype means we accelerate to path to 340K EOY and might hit 500K.

9 min later 26005462 Anonymous
notice how the previous normie interest highs are a blip on the graph. Obviously with each bull cycle the overall interest in BTC grows. So 2 years from now I expect the 2017 100 high to be like a 60 or so, and this bullrun to be the new 100

10 min later 26005490 Anonymous
>If the normies are already in Wallets checking will show you that sub 0.5% of the first world citizens have any crypto and with average buying in of sub 300$.

11 min later 26005518 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-01-15 Google Trends (2).png 1152x771 87kB)
>>26005433 N

13 min later 26005548 Anonymous
>>26005452 >still haven't reached 2017 hype we reached it anon, what are you talking about it has been reported on the news, celebrities mentioned buying it, etc.. what do you want more?

14 min later 26005571 Anonymous
>>26005518 That's unironically just VPNs/TOR routed through the region.

17 min later 26005652 Anonymous
>>26005571 and they use vpn/tor to literally google "bitcoin"? this board lmao

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